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Eddie Gaedel
Eddie Gaedel
3'7", 65 lbs

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Eddie Gaedel's uniform
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the first, the Browns sent up a pinch hitter -- a 26 year old rookie -- 3' 7", 65 pound Eddie Gaedel. 

Eddie -- in a borrowed uniform (made for the son of one of the owners) -- and a toy bat, faced Detroit left-hander Bob Cain.  Cain threw four pitches to the crouching Gaedel.  Four balls. 

It's said that Veeck had told Gaedel that he had a sniper in the stands and he would fire if Eddie swung at a pitch.  Gaedel was replaced by a pinch runner. It was his only appearance in the major leagues.

Gaedel died in 1961. 

The uniform -- number 1/8 -- is in the Hall of Fame.

Founded in 1998, Gaedel is going into its 24th season. 

Michael & Jon's RMT Taxsavers, with the third best record during the regular season topped Victor Kerr's defending champions in the final for the crown, their fourth championship.

Kerr, in his 14th season in Gaedel, had captured his first title in 2019 scoring the winning run in the bottom of the ninth inning of the seventh and deciding game.

The Victorious Nine led the loop during the regular season with 77 victories, after having won the pennant in 2019.

Michael/Jon champs

Gaedel expanded to 12 teams for the 2001 season and owners competed in three divisions (Pete Gray, Moonlight Graham, Bert Shepard) with names in the Gaedel theme. 

The loop contracted to 10 teams for the 2009 campaign. It's a perpetual league with teams allowed to protect 15 players (plus 4 rookies) from year to year.

ESPN story on Gaedel. Aug 2001
Short on size, long on history 

August 19, 1951

Eddie Gaedel Edward Carl Gaedel (guh-DELL) was the centrepiece of Bill Veeck's (Veeck as in Wreck he would say) best remembered stunt. It was August 19th, 1951. 

The second game of a twinbill -- St. Louis Browns against Detroit Tigers. Bottom of