SS-Notes, Boxscore Shorthand                                    

shorthandScoresheet Shorthand

SH means sac hit (bunt)

F means the batter was out while trying and failing to sacrifice (so the runner does NOT advance)

SF means sac fly (the lead runner moving up a base.)

A + before the main symbol means the man on base moved up on a steal.

A + after the main symbol means one baserunner moves up an extra base on the play. For example, if a man is on first base and the batter has a 1B+, this means the batter goes to first and the runner goes to third; one base for the single and one base for the +. ++ means 2 baserunners each move up an extra base.

A - sign before the main symbol means the baserunner was caught stealing.

/ means the other team changed pitchers. (Actually, there are three different symbols for changing pitchers. A / means the other team's pitcher got yanked because he reached his hook number. A | means the pitcher got yanked for a pinch hitter, and \ means the pitcher had to leave because he ran out of innings. In the NL, if your pitcher is going to run out of innings he automatically goes out for a pinch hitter.

A * stands for how many baserunners scored during that play (not exactly a RBI since there is a star even if a run scores on an error or a DP). No star is given for the batter's run on a HR, it is obvious he scores on a HR. The star is just to make it easy for you to tell when runs are scored, and we do also keep an official total of RBI's for each of your players.

An 'O' followed by a number means that corresponding fielder made an 'outstanding' play.

'p' stands for passed ball ‘w’ stands for wild pitch. (Outstanding plays are just based on a fielder's Scoresheet fielding range. In the standings section, RS stands for run support (runs scored per game) and OP shows the number of outstanding plays.

In Scoresheet there are different types of errors. A leading +e means a catcher made an error on a steal attempt, an E before the main symbol means the pitcher made an error on a pickoff attempt in both cases the baserunner goes from 1st to 3rd. An e after the main symbol means there was a throwing error, everyone moves up a base.

An e1, e2, e3, e4, e5, or e6 means that fielder made an error on a hit ball - the batter gets to 1st and all baserunners move up one base. An E7, E8, or E9 means that OFer made a fielding error - the batter gets second base, and all runners move up 2 bases.

At the bottom of each game there is a line showing your team's 'fielding range bonus'. This is the amount that your fielding lineup is above or below the 'average' team fielding range. This fielding range bonus is for your whole lineup, weighted by playing time in that game - a guy who only plays half the game only counts half as much towards that total as a guy who plays the whole game. Even if you have the same staring lineup in 2 games that bonus number could be different, depending on who came in late in the game as pinch hitters or defensive subs are used. The line after the last game of the week shows what your opponents hit and pitched in the majors during the week, weighed by how much they played against your team (essentially giving you a quick reading on whether you faced hot or cold teams).

GIDP stands for Grounded into Double Plays, OSB stands for Opposition Stolen Bases (bad), and OCS stands for Opposition Caught Stealing (good). These last 2 stats are based on what the opposing basestealers did that week in the majors, and also on your catcher's throwing arm. Like fielding range, a catcher's throwing arm is based on what he did the last 2 years - which are the numbers printed next to his name in the draft packet.

On your roster, the dash (-) next to certain players means they either got less than 8 at-bats the previous week in the majors (for hitters), or had zero innings pitched in the majors (for pitchers.) Players on your rosters are sorted by season long playing time, so between that sorting, and use of the dash, we figure you should be able to get a pretty good idea of how many active players each team has.

Also, on your lineup printed each week at the top of your report, a * means that player bats/pitches left handed, and the # means he is a switch hitter.