JD_Mah Managers / Rules                                    

League Rules: (JD_MAH was formerly AL_MANTLE)

1 -- Protect 17 players plus a rookie (protect a rookie and you forfeit your R-34 pick)

2 -- Following the 2010 season, members voted to return to a three division arrangement. Specifically :

3 -- Draft pick trades -- A 2016 pre-season vote eliminated the rule which had put a limit on the number of draft picks which could be traded.

4 -- Definitely no futures trades.

5 -- Executive : Jay-Dell Mah, Commissioner; Steve Lorch, Erwin Hunke, Al Tessmer, Executive Committee.

6 -- Protected lists - February 1st, 1200 hours.

7-- Both supplementaries last-to-first format in each round. Current year's MLB June draft picks & in-season international signings not eligible. Generally, if a player isn't eligible by the time our spring draft begins he won't be eligible until the following spring's draft.

8 -- Rookie limits - fewer than 50 innings, 130 ABs.

[During the 2008-2009 off-season, the members voted on a number of proposals :

During the 2009-2010 off-season, the members approved a one-year extension to the "one division" format.] At the end of the 2010 season, members voted to return to a three division arrangement.

In a 2015 pre-season vote, the members voted to eliminate the draft pick limitation and to maintain the 17 + 1 roster size. Members defeated proposals to - reduce roster size to 35 from 40; increase the number of rookie keepers to 4; allow current year June draftees and international signees to be eligible for supplementary drafts; to change the level of support needed to change to less than 75%; to allow any player (not just those on SS lists) to be selected in a specific draft. 

01 -- FUBAR, Steve Lorch, St. Thomas, ON  

Jim McCullough02 -- Rolling Thunder, Jim McCullough, Mississauga, ON. Married with Zero Tuitions left (Kevin and Kelly). One is teaching, the other is an animator now. I began playing Scoresheet in 1992, after 5 years of Roto Ball. Two trophies in baseball, both in AL Winfield. Plays in AL Winfield and AL Brett and AL Dickey. Favourite teams, '67 Cardinals, '75 Reds, and the '72 A's. Still working in the Insurance industry, managing a technical side of the business and have worked in this area for now 41 years. My goal is to beat Al Tessmer as often as possible, have fun, and to win another trophy as well. Always looking for a way to go into another league, but the wife says 4 is my limit, until I retire. Say hello to retirement. Follow my twitter account – james@keon2214, if you want some laughs.

Roger Morgan03 -- Prairie Dogs, Roger Morgan, Kincaid, SK. Not only a high school math, physics and computer teacher, but could add to his resume, town mayor, track coach, and captain of the Senior Hockey team. Also, appears to be the chief fundraiser for all the local teams (sign up for Roger's various pools and help out the kids). Married with two children, a daughter and a son.. Very active Scoresheet manager, who captured his first Mantle crown in 2007. Also a key manager in the 20-team SICO circuit.

04 -- Hit Parade II Denis Chabot, Quebec City, PQ. The HIT PARADE (Team 4) may well be our most established team (Denis' team has been going in four decades!). First, in the 70's, it was Strat-O-Matic, then 10 years of APBA, now 20 years of Scoresheet. Still remembered in Scoresheet as the manager who traded Randy Johnson for Glen Davis (of course, there also was the Ebbets Fielders who took Davis with its 1st pick in the 1993 draft). The MANTLE LEAGUE is Denis' favourite loop and he's re-tooling the HIT PARADE for a drive toward his 1st Scoresheet pennant. It's one of our more interesting teams -- lots of power and while Montreal still had a team he had a NO Expos policy (yep, if one of his guys got traded to Montreal off he went). A fantasy baseball veteran, married since the mid-70's. Denis works in a data processing centre in Quebec City. If you're in the area give him a call. He's looking forward to meeting Mantle League managers. One of the league's most active traders.

Pufferfish05 -- Pufferfish, Terry Kazakoff & Dean Young, Saskatoon, SK & Toronto, Ontario. A Scoresheet veteran since 1995, sToner has 6 trophies to his credit, the most impressive being a 3 year run from 1998 thru 2000 in AL Palmer. Decided then to concentrate on strictly combined leagues for the challenge. An original member of AL SICO (league champ in 2009) - essentially changing the way people play Scoresheet by drafting high end relief pitching early and often and winning the Lee Division first year against all prognostication. Then joining AL Kinsella in 2002, capturing the championship of then a 24 team league in 2005. sToner can be thought of as a Maverick, free thinker, never drafting a draft list, only scouting player to player digging deep with the philosophy of pitching first, with 1-0 victories being being his favourite outcome. Involved in music his whole life, has come full circle from starting in night clubs, and eventually playing to 60,000 people and now on the production end recording, producing young promising artists.

Tim Tasker06 -- Tight Shoes, Tim Tasker, Toronto, ON. After 20 years as a TV cameraman, Tim was the Assignment Editor for the CBC's local TV news unit in Toronto before moving on to a producer's spot in the National Newsroom. A SS manager since 1991. Co-owner of the winning Mantle team in the league's inaugural season. Took over Mantle Team-6 in 1995. Mantle finalist in 1998, four-time champ in AL Gaedel. Loves fishing - catches little! He's the guy who hesitated when offered Randy Johnson for his Neifi Perez !

07 -- Sakura Shinobi, Hiro Yamashiro. A physician in the Toronto area and a Scoresheet veteran (starting in 1991). Member of AL Kinsella, AL Hannam, AL McGhee and NL Banks. Likes a challenge, including rebuilding projects. Loves to chase the day's hot prospects. Has some trophies on his shelf, including the 2008 title in AL Kinsella. Tough break in 2010 as team kingpin, Stephen Strasburg suffered a season ending injury. While waiting until 2012 for Stephen, he may revert back to team name, Imperial Warriors.

Tim Callan08 -- Hip Flexours, Tim D. Callan, Guelph, ON. Tim is proud to be a founding member of Mah/Mantle. Though it took a very long time, Tim was very proud to win it all in 2012 - it took almost as long for him to settle on a permanent team name - Hip Flexours (inspired by player injuries, tongue in cheek hipster sensibilities, and a predilection to replace words ending in "or" with "our" as frequently as possible). After a 20 year career working with youth in conflict with the law, Tim is about to enter his second decade of work in the Employment Services field - he's fortunate in that he really enjoys his work as a Team Leader at an Employment Resource Centre in Kitchener Ontario. A long time baseball fan, Tim still likes breaking out his table top baseball games and flipping those Fact Action cards/rolling those 10 sided dice (he doesn't miss getting Scoresheet results by mail, mind you). He's visited Cooperstown, the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame and he's been to Spring training in Florida. In August 2017, Tim enjoyed a tour through New York state, attending multiple minor league games, capped off with the entertaining NY-Penn League All Star game in Troy.

Gord DowbigginMike Mueller09 - The Vikings, Michael Mueller (Venice, FL, Kirkwood MO) and Gord Dowbiggin (Burlington, Ont.) Gord, a veteran, trophy winning manager, has played Scoresheet since 1988 !  Founder (with brothers Bruce and Stewart) of the Dowbiggin AL & NL Leagues (in the AL he's been a division winner 17 of of the league's 27 years, taking home the championship nine times). He'll ride shotgun with Scoresheet newcomer Michael Mueller has recently been introducted to the Scoresheet game playing the winter game. " ... Retired in 2011, I have always been a baseball fan. After my wife retired last year, we are splitting our time between Venice FL and Kirkwood MO. We have Cardinal season tickets in St Louis, and also Cardinal spring training season seats in Jupiter. If anyone is looking for good seats to those games, let me know. Been playing Roto fantasy for many years, starting in the 80’s, keeping all the stats on my own spreadsheets. But now looking forward to playing ‘serious’ fantasy baseball, now that Gord has introduced me to Scoresheet."

Jay-Dell Mah10 -- Ebbets Fielders, Jay-Dell Mah, Nakusp, BC. Retired from the CBC after 25 years as a reporter (Radio & TV) and manager. After 35 years in Toronto, moved in 2001 to BC. My how time flies - both grandsons now university graduates (the oldest with his Masters). Now trying to run five teams (with at least one championship in each league and in 2011 became the first Canadian entry to win the All-Scoresheet Tournament). Now you know why he's easily confused. Co-owner (with Tim Tasker) of the first Mantle championship team in 1992. Former compiler of various rookie reports, often accused of hoarding all the old guys. Spending much time in retirement researching and writing about the history of semi-pro and amateur baseball in Canada. 

Michael Rosenswigon Dawe11 -- RMT Taxsavers, Michael Rosenswig & Jon Dawe, Toronto. Michael (left) has a background in both law and accounting and is still involved with the accounting firm he founded in 1980. He joined Scoresheet in 1991 and enjoys sharing 6 teams with Jon. Michael and his wonderful wife of 46 years live in Toronto and are blessed with 4 grandchildren. Jon (right) is a lawyer in Toronto with a criminal appellate practice and an adjunct law professor at U. of T. He has two kids, two dogs and two cats (but only one spouse, who is very tolerant of his Scoresheet addiction).

12 -- Jarry Park, Bob Miller, Canton, Michigan.  I've recently retired from a 30 year career teaching and coaching tennis at the club, high school and collegiate levels. At the same time, I stepped back from a part-time gig covering US college hockey for The Wolverine Magazine/the and US College Hockey Online (USCHO). Married with two adult children (one who is also a Scoresheet baseball enthusiast), I've played Scoresheet baseball for over 20 years. I try my best not to be a prospect hound, but usually fail. :) I reside in Canton, Michigan and have been a Southeast Michigander except for the three years I spent at Brock University in St. Catharines, Ont. Long story ... t was a hockey-related thing. Long-time Detroit Tiger season-ticket holder who adopted the Cubs as my NL team way back in 1972. I look forward to a long run in AL JD MAH!

Ken Warren13 -- Let's Play Two, Ken Warren, Delaware, ON. 2004 Mantle champ (from the wild-card slot). Had earlier ridden the arm of Greg Maddux to three Mantle League titles. Former accountant at Ontario Hydro. Has left the "working world" for work and play -- playing Bridge professionally and his own sports projections. Two-time Canadian open pairs champion in bridge. Has played Scoresheet baseball since 1989. (Also been in SS hockey and football.) Has also captured titles in AL Gehrig, two in hockey and another in football! 2011 Champ

Erwin Hunke14 -- Lost Tribe, Erwin Hunke, Edmonton, AB. League champion 2011, his fourth title. Erwin is another Scoresheet veteran, having played since 1989 in NL Snider with Gale Wetmore. Obsession grew, and at one time held 7 teams. Championship trophies include 5 in NL Snider, 4 in Mantle, 2 NL Seaver, 1 AL Palmer, 1 in AL SICO. Follows Cleveland philosophy, score runs, what pitching matters, too? Long-time Giant fan, grew up playing wiffle ball, Juan Marichal and Willie McCovey versus Yankees. Former shortstop and centre fielder, now turned to marathon running, 13 to credit, including NYC, Prague and Madrid. A CA, turned semi techie, now working for IBM. Recent travels to Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Czech Rep, Hungary, Australia, USA, and Maritimes, trying to keep up with child bride and unearth prospects that JDM has not yet heard about.

Al Tessmer15 -- Tess' Twinkies, Al Tessmer. In May, 2005, we lost our diminutive giant when Shane passed away after years of incredible medical struggles. He was an inspiration to all. Our premier division is now the Shane Mills Division. Shane's good friend Tess carries on with the Twinkies. Tess, a lawyer in St. Catharines (and part-time Crown Attorney) for more than thirty years. Married to Joanne, two grown kids, Brenda and Kris. One grandchild, Chloe. Also in the family, two dogs (Bianca and Macy) and two cats (Colesy ad Rob) AND the tortoise Sammy! Still making the trek south for Spring Training. 2011 marked the 21st year in Fort Myers watching the Red Sox and the Twins.  A veteran of the APBA, Strato and Scoresheet baseball. A Scoresheet player since 1989!

John Campbell16 -- We The North, John Campbell, Burlington, Ontario.  A Scoresheet veteran, John is coming off a league-leading 100 win season in the 22-team SICO circuit. You might recall his early days in the Dowbiggin leagues - on the AL side, for example, he won division titles in six of nine seasons, taking home a championship trophy three times.  After 30 years as a Programmer/Analyst in the business community, he's retired from the work force and has also stepped aside from his active sports life in baseball, basketball, ball hockey, squash and curling.  He's cut down to bike riding in the summer and long walks in the winter.  Since retiring, he now spends a fair amount of time investing and as a volunteer tax preparer through the CVITP (Community Volunteer Income Tax Program).

17 -- Enchanted Jock Strap, Dale Hogg, Charlottetown, PEI.  A Scoresheet veteran who joins our loop fresh from a 2016 victory in AL SICO, a hugely competitive, 22-team, circuit of which Dale was the founder. For the last 15 years (since the demise of AL Yount) he's been a one-team owner/manager.  He's been playing Scoresheet since 1989, almost exclusively in baseball (although he is said to enjoy European Football).  An expert rebuilder, going from nowhere to champion in 2016 SICO. He works in the telecommunications industry out of Prince Edward Island and can be found at every Pearl Jam concert in Canada east of Manitoba. Be careful with your "tells" in trade talks, he's a competitor in No Limit Texas Hold'em !  

18 -- B Ball Deluxe, Danny Laflamme, Nanticoke, ON. Dan is a systems analyst with Burlington Hydro. The good-looking ones in the family are wife Sandy and the kids! Gets a kick researching baseball on the net where, he says, he has developed an unparalleled knack for getting "duped" by rookie hype! Spends much time with kids coaching baseball. Division title in Mantle in 2001 (just a game back in 2002) and a charge right to the finals in 2002 and 2004.

Divisions, JD_MAH, 2018

    2018 DIVISIONS 2017 2017
      W L
14 Lost Tribe 101 61
3 Prairie Dogs 89 73
10 Ebbets Fielders 83 79
16 We The North 74 88
2 Rolling Thunder 73 89
12 Jarry Park 64 98
4 Hit Parade II 101 61
8 Hip Flexours 89 73
5 puFFerFish 80 82
7 Sakura Shinobi 77 85
17 Enchanted Jock Strap 70 92
1 FUBAR 68 94
11 RMT Taxsavers 99 63
13 Let's Play Two 92 70
15 tesss twinkies 80 82
6 Tight Shoes 79 83
18 B Ball Deluxe 70 92
9 The Vikings 69 93

* Ties broken by 1) head to head, 2) run differential

Preliminary Draft Order, JD_MAH Spring, 2018

1 12 Jarry Park 64 98
2 1 FUBAR 68 94
3 9 The Vikings 69 93
4 18 B Ball Deluxe 70 92
5 17 Enchanted Jock Strap 70 92
6 2 Rolling Thunder 73 89
7 16 We The North 74 88
8 7 Sakura Shinobi 77 85
9 6 Tight Shoes 79 83
10 15 tesss twinkies 80 82
11 5 puFFerFish 80 82
12 10 Ebbets Fielders 83 79
13 3 Prairie Dogs 89 73
14 8 Hip Flexours 89 73
15 13 Let's Play Two 92 70
16 11 RMT Taxsavers 99 63
17 4 Hit Parade II 101 61
18 14 Lost Tribe 101 61

* Ties broken by 1) head to head, 2) run differential
In the case of a pure Scoresheet, on line draft, picks will alternate in the case of ties (Team A goes first in one round, Team B first in the next).


Ol' Frankie has moved on to a higher league. Frank Whipple, our friend and competitor passed away at Saint John, New Brunswick at the age of 89. He was one of the league originals making Barry Bonds his top pick in 1992. As one of the oldest of the owners, Frank surprised many with his knowledge of the youngsters, selecting key prospects such as Chipper Jones in 1992 and Carlos Delgado with the first pick over-all in 1993. Frank was long retired from a life of "everything from dishwasher to newspaper editor to caddy in Florida". Included was a stint in the military where he coached his Canadian team in Korea. A Little League coach in the Maritimes, Matt Stairs was one of his youngsters. A life-long Giants fan, his fantasy teams reflected the association - his Mantle team was the Pologrounders. We'll miss his forceful, good common sense, good humour and keen competition.

13 March, 2009 We've lost our friend and colleague Dennis Pepper - Touch 'em all Joe. What a shame ... a heart attack ... he was just mid 50s. Our condolences to wife Kathryn and daughters Andrea and Ashley. The league has made a contribution to the Galbraith Optimist Camp for Kids in Dennis' name. Dennis and his father-in-law had been involved with the camp. He had been such a strong component of Mantle ... we are still at a loss at what to do.

20-21 May 2005

We are deeply saddened by the loss of a teammate and friend. Shane Mills died during the night just hours after sitting in on a regular gathering of the guys of Scorecard Harry's, one of the original Scoresheet leagues. Shane was an inspiration in our baseball hobby and in life. It is beyond me how he managed to maintain such enthusiasm and good spirits while in such pain and fear of breaking something else. May he circle the bases forever (a single to right, steals second, steals third, edges off third ... breaks for home ... the throw ... SAFE!).

Al Tessmer, Shane's partner in Mantle, was with the diminutive giant last night and sent out the sad news to Mantle colleagues :

" ... We had seen Shane Thursday evening and shared a few beer and winks and sodas, and enjoyed talking and wheeling and dealing with our Scorecard Harry's teams. We were all pleased to see Shane and he was in bright spirits ... he had just purchased a 2005 Nissan Pathfinder and was excited and wished to show us his new wheels ... he and Barry Fader were discussing a trip to see a game ... Shane was very proud to be a member of the Mantle League and enjoyed the camaraderie ... he was a good baseball man who enjoyed scouring the minor leagues for the next great phenom. He was an original owner in the Scorecard Harry's leagues since 1989 and always was willing to help or give you the shirt off his back. Discussions of amputation of his leg had taken place during the winter because of the many fractures he has suffered because of his osteoporosis (at least 65 fractures and popped his Achilles 4 or 5 times). He was an amazing fellow who always kept a positive attitude despite the many health problems ... we will miss Shane greatly and maybe we all can toast Shane tonight. He was a good man, a fine Scoresheet owner and a great friend."