NL-AL Dowbiggin Managers & Rules                                    

Glen McPherson1 Glen McPherson  NL finalist in 2011 and 2010, set a Dowbiggin record in 2011 with an NL ERA of 2.73! Almost pulled off another double in 2010 (to duplicate 2004) as he captured the AL but, after a sterling regular season in the NL, lost in the NLCS.   Incredible record since joining the Dowbiggin leagues in 1999 --  in his inaugural NL season, Glen captured all the marbles as he charged to a 90-win season, tops in the loop, and won the final in five games, and after seasons of 103 and 92 wins, won another 90 in 2003 and picked up his 2nd title and made it three in 2004 after a 103 victory campaign.  102 wins in 2010, 99 in 2011.  In the AL, division winner and second best over-all record in both 2007 and 2008. Wild-card winner in 2010. Glen has been active in Scoresheet since 1990 (an original, for example in AL Cobb and NL Bench).   Also a founding member of SICO (on-line league) which is now into its 16th season. Married, Glen  lives in London, a manager at London Life.  Graduated with a math degree from the University of Waterloo in 1992. Yes, brother of James (below).

2 Evan Dowbiggin

Michael Cohen3 Michael Cohen  Michael is in the technology industry and has enjoyed attending professional baseball and sporting events all over the world as a perk of his extensive international travel for his job. Go Lotte Giants! (Korean Professional Baseball League).

Michael used to make deals at 3 am on little sleep using IM which mostly worked until one fatal transaction scared him forever…. traded a early season slumping Johan Santana for a "playing over his head", Ken Harvey, many seasons back and learned his lesson. Been involved in Scoresheet for more than 20 years. Led his NL Dowbiggin team to a Championship in 2010 and 2014. His AL Dowbiggin team rid a hot September to capture the 2018 Championship. Not too shabby for small market team!

4 John Buchanan   AL_Dowbiggin winner in 2011 ! A Scoresheet Baseball owner since 1992 (original lineup -- Alomar, Molitor, Carter, Winfield, Ventura, Brett, Harper, Bichette, Weiss, and no pitching!).  Joined our NL and AL Leagues in 1995.  Also has a team in AL Ruth (much better than his Dowbiggin team but he's working on it) and is a regular in Old-Timers winter baseball.  A personal tax expert. New Zealand born (still doesn't understand why no wickets in baseball).  And, do not mess with John -- his father was once heavyweight champ of Canada, New Zealand, and Australia (and taught John all the tricks),  younger brother played football for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, Toronto Argonauts, and Hamilton Tiger Cats.  John has played hockey, football, and soccer -- and known as the brains of the family!

Gord Dowbiggin5 Gord Dowbiggin A Scoresheet manager since 1988! League founder (he is entitled to a special plaque in the builder's section of our Hall of Fame)! Very accomplished manager. Owns the AL -- thirteen pennants and eight league championships). It's been awhile in the NL but still has four pennants and a league title. Born in Edmonton, fourth of five boys! (Bruce is #3). Married Carolyn in 1986 and has 3 grown kids. Has lived in Montreal, Sherbrooke, Burlington, Toronto, and Vancouver. Has played every SS game except hockey. Favourite teams: Orioles, Expos (R.I.P), Celtics, Bruins, Colts. Favourite players: Ted Williams, F. Robinson, Bird, Orr, Manning. Favourite sports moment: still Paul Henderson's goal 1972. Ambition: Win a pennant in NL again with prospects. Pet Peeve: unloading guys who become superstars elsewhere (CarGo, Adam Jones, Sizemore, Ethier, etc.) Pet Peeve II: "Hey, heard you on the radio the other day!"

Mike HaganAnand Sinha6 Anand Sinha   Anand is a computer geek who's loved baseball since he saw Brooks Robinson in the '70 World Series. He's been been playing Scoresheet since 1990, winning 7 titles over a number of leagues. Also with his share of stinkers, ending up last 5 times. During his period his 2 year old daughter has grown to a young woman, and the Sinhas have added three more children!  Favourite player of all time? Robbie Alomar. Or maybe Steve Rogers. And Tom Seaver. Oh yeah, Rodney Scott, and Jim Palmer, and Brooksie. Of the more recent players, Mark Prior and Vladdy. 

Jay-Dell Mah7 Jay-Dell Mah   Loves the NL as there is one less player to worry about.  Still believes he has Koufax & Drysdale and thus doesn't have to get any more pitching.  Became the league's webmeister after having learned to smoke and type at the same time.  Once a CBC radio and TV reporter who lasted for decades as he was the only one who could explain Market Value Assessment.  Trading triumphs included sending Pedro Martinez to Ken for ... Willie Greene.  Seven-time NL champ.  Managed the AL squad to first to worst to first to worst over the last few season seasons.  Has won at least once in each other league played - Mantle (now JD_MAH), Gaedel SICO, and captured the title in the USA/Canada Scoresheet Tournament in 2011. Now a resident of the former Wacky Bennett Land after more than 30 years in Toronto.  Had a nice 2010 outside of SS with induction into the Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame and naming to the Toronto Sun's Top 100 in Canadian Baseball (in at a Gretzyish #99).

James McPherson8 James McPherson  Part of the McPherson baseball dynasty, brother of Glen (above). Builder supreme. His AL nine went from 46 wins in 2010 to 74 in the 2011 campaign. His team names -- Nowell, Ends Well and Sevrin' Heads give pause for alarm, but he seemed so nice! 

Al Buchnea9 Al Buchnea  Looking good in that bridesmaid's dress. Led the NL in wins 2007 & 2008, only to lose in the finals. Best record in the AL in 2009, but fell in the finals. AL champion in 2003 (the second time in four seasons)Scoresheet manager non-pareil. Wonders why DH's don't get any at bats in the NL. Believes it's possible to win Scoresheet without watching any games and without knowing who most of his players are. The team name Gweilos is Cantonese for either "foreign devil" or "ghost" depending on who you ask. He hears a lot of it in Hong Kong, hence his inferiority complex, that manifests itself with a heavy handed approach to games. Television producer/bon vivant now based in Hong Kong.  Frequent trips to Bali and other exotic vacation resorts. (In the 2000 AL, sparked a major investigation after his Gweilos scored a stunning upset in the finals after finishing 14 games back in the regular season.)

Ken Warren10 Ken Warren  Powerhouse in the NL. Between 2001 and 2009 either a division winner or runnerup eight of the nine years. NL champ in 2005. AL title in 2002. Ken is a former accountant at Ontario Hydro.  Has left the "working world" for work and play -- now playing Bridge professionally on a full time basis and has begun to market his sports projections.  Two time Canadian open pairs champion in bridge ! Has played Scoresheet baseball since 1989!  (Also been in SS hockey and football.)   Also has a title in AL Dowbiggin,  winner of four titles in AL Mantle,  and has captured titles in AL Gehrig, two in hockey and another in football ! 

2017 Al & Michael


Managers in AL-Dowbiggin are the same as NL-Dowbiggin, however the team numbers are different.


AL Lineup

Team 1 Jay-Dell Mah, Team 2 John Buchanan, Team 3 James McPherson, Team 4 Michael Cohen, Team 5 Gord Dowbiggin, Team 6 Mike Hagan / Anand Sinha, Team 7 Evan Dowbiggin, Team 8 Ken Warren, Team  9 Al Buchnea, Team 10 Glen McPherson. 


Above - the dynamic duo in Hong Kong, October, 2017. Al & Michael celebrate.

Pick# Team# 2022 DRAFT ORDER Pick# Team# 2022 DRAFT ORDER
1 2 Charlie Manuel Transmission 1 4 Hammerin' Hanks
2 6 Lyin', Cheatin', Stealin' 2 7 Kyle Seager's Silver
3 4 Maori Mashers 3 3 Nowell Knights
4 9 Gweilos Too 4 6 Cork, Tar, Emery
5 5 Noble Rotters 5 2 Kiwi Klubbers
6 8 Sevrin' Heads 6 9 Gweilos
7 10 Mama Kit 7 5 Lancaster Pilots
8 7 Ebbets Fielders 8 10 London Calling AL
9 1 London Calling NL 9 1 Ebbets Fielders
10 3 Cool Papa Bells 10 8 Ballpark Figures

* Ties broken by 1) head to head, 2) run differential
In the case of a pure Scoresheet, on line draft, picks will alternate in the case of ties (Team A goes first in one round, Team B first in the next).

League Rules

baseball_bullet 10 team league, two divisions.  The two division winners and a wild-card team make the playoffs.

baseball_bullet  Draft combines a live draft, the on-line, SS draft program (with the possibility of an email portion to cover the "pre-draft").

baseball_bullet  The leagues now use the SS supplemental draft system.  Any player under contract to a major league team is eligible to be selected.

baseball_bullet  Each team protects a maximum of 15 players plus up to 6 rookies.   Teams may protect fewer than 15 (there is NO minimum).   Teams with fewer than 15 protects will draft up to the 15 level BEFORE those will full rosters have an opportunity to draft. (This compensation portion will be held before Draft Day). Protected lists due - TBA.

baseball_bullet  No crossovers.  Players who change leagues go to the "paired" team in the other league. In NL Dowbiggin, no player with an AL number shall be eligible to be on a team roster or drafted during the season. In AL Dowbiggin, no player with an NL number shall be eligible to be on a team roster or drafted during the season.

baseball_bullet  The new (2010) rookie limits - 50 innings, 130 ABs