1907 Rosters     



Calgary Bronchos :  Barnstead Fred P, Barrett P/SS (also MH), Braudigam George SS, Chandler E. 3B, Driscoll C, Farrell 2B, Fidler Alf MGR,  Gouche/Gouchee Del C, Haley Fred P, Hopkins W. OF (also MH), Jansa 2B/C, Kinnear Bert P, McClelland SS, McDonough Charlie C (also MH), Merritt William Henry 1B/MGR, O'Donnell James 1B (also MH), O'Neill OF/2B (also LB), Quinn C, Rodgers Chester 1B, Rodosey/Rodosy Albert 2B, Russell William OF, Shine Milton SS/P (also MH), Sullivan George C, Sykes P, Taylor OF, Turner Lloyd C, Wheeler Fay OF, White William P (also Lethbridge)

Edmonton Capitals :  Adams George OF, Baker R.W. (Molly) 3B, Bennett Si OF, Blexrud Mel P,  Crist Charles RHP,  Erickson Edward P, Ford Clint (Kid) C, Grimes Jimmy(Dad) 3B/OF, Harper Alex SS, Lussi Bill 1B, McClair Eldred LHP, McGuicken Ed P, McLachlan Joe P, Moyne Arthur 3B, Nagle Phil (Lefty) OF, Pitman P (also MH), Wessler George 2B, Wheeler Fay OF, White William (Deacon) MGR/SS

Lethbridge Miners :  Boylan James 3B (also MH), Bues Art 3B, Egan SS, Fogarty John P, Foster William OF, Kippert Ed RHP, Mackin John 2B, Morrison John P/MGR, Nunzie F. OF, O'Brien WilliamJ.(Obie) SS,  O'Dea Arthur 1B, O'Neill OF (also CG), Rogers Fred C, Schurch Henry P, White William P (also CG)

Medicine Hat Mad Hatters :  Barrett P (also CG), Benny John B.(Jack) C/MGR, Boylan James 2B (also LB), Cook P, Donnelly, Fox P, Fueschel L. P, Hamilton/Hulen William 3B, Harris 3B/OF, Hollis George 3B/LHP, Hopkins W. OF (also CG), Lagore, McClain/McKain Brownie OF, McDonough Charlie (also CG) C, O'Donnell James 1B (also CG), Pennington P, Perry E.C. (Red) SS, Pitman (also ED), Shine Milton P (also CG), Totman Clarence OF, West Harry/William OF, Westcott Claire 3B, Works Ralph RHP, Zurlage Gus 1B


Winnipeg Maroons :  Bushelman Jack RHP, Cox Eugene(Chesty) RF, Crisp Joseph C, Finch Gordon 3B (also Dauphin), Gilday Eddie OF (also Dauphin), Giencke Ed LHP, Henderson Glen, Herr Ed MGR, King Peter 2B, Luderus Fred 1B, Munroe "Muggsy" LF, O'Neill W. OF/1B, Piper Larry CF, Sawyer Ken P, Sensenbach Fred SS, Terry Ralph P/OF, Voss H.L. "Doc" C (also Gilbert Plains), Wills "Rube" P, Zeider Rollie 3B



Lyceums : Belcourt P/OF, Bentley OF, Buggee OF,  Egan 2B, Flanagan 3B, German 2B, Gilday SS, Hession/Hdessian P/OF, Jacobs SS, Kane OF, Lambert/Lembert 3B, Robie OF, Roche Frank OF/P, Roche Wally 1B/2B, Roche William OF, Rodney OF, Rosasco 3B/C, Samson C, Weldon Barney P/OF

North Stars of Trinity Link :  Beck 3B/OF, Bickle OF, Congalton Jimmy OF, Dunlop 2B, Fillmore/Filmore P/OF, Gould OF, Hallock 1B, Harkness Billy C, Hewitt 3B, Holmes Bob P, Kane SS, Lee 3B/OF/P/SS, Neil SS, Nixon 3B, Peveritt OF, Rosasco OF/1B, Rose 2B, Slight OF, Smith SS, Solset OF, Tait Billy P, Tinney Doug OF, Tinney Fred 1B, Wilkinson 2B/OF  

Shamrocks :  Bell A. SS, Bell Norm P/OF, Bernier 1B, Cail Eddie 3B, Carrick C/OF, Cuthbert 2B, Finch Gordon 3B, Fleming 1B/OF, Flett Harry C, Gibbons A. 1B, Hall C/OF, Hallock 1B, Jones 3B, Just OF, Lawrie Jimmy SS, Lawson P, Lobdell Earl OF/3B/C, May OF, McAnce/McCance/McCant 2B/OF, McAnee OF, Morrison P/3B/OF, Neville W. OF, Roby/Robie/Ruby OF, Roos "Dutch" OF/2B, Sampson 1B, Still George C, Watt OF

Y.M.C.A. :  Adams OF, Bedford George P, Clewlo SS/P, Fairchild OF, Finlay OF, Ford P, Harper 1B, Harvey P, Higgins Frank 2B, Hooper 1B/OF, Jackson 3B/OF/1B, McNaughton OF, Ransby 2B/OF, Shepherd/Sheppard C, Siddall P, Stack OF/P, Stein Chester 3B, Taylor SS/3B, Young OF


Printers :  Finlay 2B, Fitzgerald OF, Harkness Billy C, Holmes Bob P, Marskell W.(Barney) SS, Stein 3B, Sturley OF, Tinney Doug OF, Tinney Fred 1B, Wardell OF


Strathconas :  Marskell Eddie 2B, Marskell W.(Barney)  SS


Clippers : Anderson OF, Brockie P, Daniels OF, Guay SS, Gullickson OF, Gunnlangson/Gunnlayson O. OF, Gunnlangson/Gunnlayson S. C, Kenton 3B, Lamb 2B, McKenzie OF/1B/P, McLean "Reddy" 1B/P, Mertel/Myrtle OF, Richmond C/SS, Smith 3B 

Ramblers : Brisbane/Brisbin OF, Brown SS, Bueker 3B, Curley OF, Currie OF/SS, Dodds OF, Downey OF, Evans OF, Fenwick 2B, Hoben 1B, Hood OF, Kelley/Kelly P/3B/SS, McGowan 1B, McKenzie P, Smith 1B/OF, Trumbell Cal C, Trumbell O. OF/SS, Wynn/Wynne 3B

Thistles : Baynton 2B, Darlington Dick OF, Darlington Joe C, Garrett 1B, Garrison SS, Hanna/Hannah OF, Johnson/Johnston 3B, Matheson P/SS, McGowan P, Mummery OF, Munroe 1B/OF, O’Brien 1B/OF, Petrick OF, Storey/Story P/SS, Westfall P/OF, Williams 1B/P/SS

1907 Inter-City roster

Brandon Maroons : Babe 3B, Baynton 3B, Currie 1B, Darlington Joe C, Fenwick SS, Foster P, Guay OF, Kelley P, Kelly Alan OF, Laidlaw Lorne  C, Lamb 2B, Magson SS, McCormick OF, McKenzie OF, McLaren/McLaurin 1B, O’Connor P, Ross 2B, Trumbell Cal OF

Saskatoon touring professionals : Bond P, Butler OF, Corrigan Frank OF, Corrigan Jack 1B, Corrigan Joe OF, Geist C, Kisting SS, McKinnon 2B, Miller A. 3B

Virden : Caldwell 1B, Clark OF, Crew H.A.(Jersey) C, Dalton P, McCartney 2B, McDougall SS, McLellan OF, Rothnie OF, Rountree 3B 


Dauphin : Ball OF, Barlow OF, Cinnamon OF, Finch 3B, Gilday OF, Gunning C, Herkmer 2B, Hutchinson OF/P, Kelly 2B, Lawrie SS, McMicken SS, Neal/Neil OF/C, Richardson OF, Spiesman 1B/SS, Tomlin OF, White E. P/OF, White J. P/OF/SS 

Gilbert Plains : Arenson P, Bradigan 2B, Corrigan 1B, Cory Jack. OF, Davis B. OF, Davis OF, Eagle S. OF, Green T. 1B, Haley OF/P, Healey P, Henderson SS, Miller Al SS, Miller Art OF, Owens 3B, Sheppard/Shepherd 2B, Smith 3B/P, Smyth OF, Voss H.L. C, Wills P/OF

Grandview : Beatty J.W.(Jack) SS, Brockbank OF, Caldwell C. 2B/OF, Cameron RoyD. OF/P, Edmonds/Edmunds Fred(Jerry) C, Fitzgerald A.L. 1B, Gilday Eddie SS, Hume P. OF/3B, Koopman/Kopman P, Morran George OF, O'Toole 3B, Priest OF, Rawson George 3B/C, Snavely H. P/2B, Thorne 2B, Vance W. OF