1908 Rosters     



Alexandras :  Cory Joe OF, Duff S. OF, Kain Chester P/3B, Lamont 2B, McAdam 1B, McCullough OF, Moore “Midget” 2B/OF/3B, Norris OF, Ray SS, Reid 3B/P, Ritter C, Shibley 2B/OF

C.P.R. :   Andros “Heavyweight” OF, Brown C, Bull 3B, Dayment OF/2B, Gilmore 2B/OF, Holden OF, Howard 3B/P/2B, Humphries SS, Lobsinger 1B, Marshall SS, McCready OF, Orr Bert P, Reff OF/SS, Ryan 1B

Greys :  Cummings OF/3B/C, Duff H. 1B/OF, Gillespie 2B, Hamilton C/OF, Hastings P, Laird OF, Miller OF, Nelson SS, Paquette 3B, Robinson OF, Woodcock OF, Young 1B

Internationals :   Adshead OF, Douglas 1B/P/2B, Graber OF, Hendershot SS, Henry P/1B, Lanz P, Parry F. OF, Parry R. OF/3B, Schillinger J. C/2B, Schillinger P. 3B/OF, Spellicy C, Swift 2B

Other : 

Caron :   Burke P, Gray OF, Hawthorne C, Martin, McDowell 2B, Myalli OF, Swickard 1B, Thomas OF, Thompson 3B, Ward SS ( Caron was considered by many as the strongest nine in southern Saskatchewan during the 1908 campaign)


St. Mary's :   Anderson Fred OF, Branston 1B, Cassidy OF, Daniels P/OF, Each 3B, Foote 2B, Hiseler Jimmy P, Howard SS/2B, Hower 1B/SS, Lucy 2B/OF, McMurray OF/1B, Rouleau C, Sheely OF

Wholesalers :   Barton C, Buchanan OF, Clarke 2B, Gauge 1B, Goodwin 3B/OF, Graves SS, Horne OF, Lockhart SS, Nesbitt OF, Thompson 3B, Wark P

Calgary Young Liberals :  Crist Charlie P/OF, Donnelly Bill 2B, Fidler C, Gow OF, Guay 3B, Hoar OF, Laing OF, Minkler 1B, Pascoe OF, Sloper SS, Tarrant F. OF, Tarrant T. 2B, Weir OF, Wilson P

Y.M.C. (Methodist) :   Anderson SS, DeLong 2B, Kirkham P/OF, McFarland OF, Mills OF, Orr OF/P, Pearson 1B, Stringer 3B, Tait C

Y.M.C.A :   Ballantyne OF, Burnett C, Davison 2B/P,  Fridel OF, Goodwin 2B, Kirkham 3B, Lepper SS, Irving 3B, Lydiatt 1B, Mantelle 2B/P, Richards P, Shackleton OF, Weir P


Camrose :  

Edmonton Young Liberals :   Campbell OF, Deeton 3B, Garrison, Maguri C, Miller P, Parvey OF, Schultz SS, Vining 2B, White 1B, Whitecroft OF

Strathcona :  McLaughlin P, Miller C

Wetaskiwin :  Barrett 2B, Gilbertson OF, Lepper SS, Martin 1B, Mills P, Murray L. 3B, Murray S. OF, Nelson, O'Keefe C, Silver P/OF


Claresholm :   Brown 1B, Burton P, McCartney 2B, Noble P, Pirie OF, Reynolds OF, Ross C, Wannamaker OF, Wilkinson 3B

Nanton :   Brainard P, Featherstone 3B, Hawk 2B, McKay OF, Ragain OF, Rounds H. SS, Shields H. P, Shields R. OF, Tripp C, Williams 1B


McCarthy :   Anderson OF, Connell C, Davison 2B, Fridel OF, Hiseler OF/P, Howard 2B/SS, Irving OF, Kirkham 3B, Lepper SS, Mills P, Pearson 1B, Richards C, Weir P

Medicine Hat :   Andrews 1B, Ardell P, Biette OF, Dean OF, Douglas C, Lemieux SS, McFarland 3B, Sinclair 2B, Snowden OF,


Professional baseball took over in Brandon in 1908 as the expansion Greys (they were never called the Angels in 1908 within the Brandon Sun) became the champions of the class D Northern League. With the heavy emphasis on the pro product, coverage of senior amateur baseball suffered accordingly and virtually disappeared.

Brandon City League

Clippers : Gunnleugson C, McKenzie P

C.P.R. : Jones, Walton

Ramblers : Cuff, Kelly P, Williams

Thistles : Darlington C, Mason, Petrick, Storey P, Wilson


Brandon Greys/Angels :   Custer Joe C, Dahlgren Cy P, Fay George OF, Leighty Jimmy SS, Livingston Lorne 2B, McGraw Frank OF, Meneice Sam OF, Mills Dad OF, Nelson L. P, O'Dea Arthur 1B.MGR, Smith Max P, Summers Frank OF, Wagner Frank 3B