1910 Rosters     



Brandon Angels :  Bitting Dan SS, Borleske Raymond P, Bues August 1B,  Cooper John C, Crawford P, Dollstream Guy OF (also Lethbridge), Earl Charles P., Grayson P (also Lethbridge), Hartford LeoD.(Jocko), Hinrichs Henry (Lefty) P,  Hodges Everett M. 2B, Holmes M.C. (Ducky) 3B (also Winnipeg), McDonald OF, McDonough Thomas OF (also Regina), Miner 2B, Morrow William C, O'Brien William SS (also Winnipeg), Quigley William 2B (also Moose Jaw, Edmonton), Ring Dan RHP, Risk OF, Rodosy Albert 2B (also MH & MJ), Seymour P, Shultz William OF/C, Smith T. P, Sullivan Clarence OF, Thelan Art P, Thompson Cecil 1B, Traeger Charles MGR, Triplett J. 3B (also MJ), Woods Monte P

Calgary Bronchos :  Carney Bill OF/MGR,  Chandler H.J. 2B/SS, Clynes Jack OF, Connors William 2B, Duggan Clarence SS/C, Flanagan James C/OF, Flanagan Pat OF, Gaddy George P,  Geehan Ed P, Hannah James (Truck) C, Kellackey Hugh 1B,  Manning Del P, Paddock Del P/SS,  Smith Wally 3B, Standridge Pete P,  Stanley Matt C, Tallant Frank OF (also MH)

Edmonton Eskimos :  Barnstead Fred P/OF (also Lethbridge), Baxter John (Moose) 1B, Brennan Jack 3B, Burridge Harry, Cox Eugene (Chesty) OF (also Lethbridge, Regina), Dell William (Wheezer) P, Deller Phil RHP, Dretchko Alvin P, Gouche/Gouchee C/OF, Grady Jack P, Hickey Jack P, Houston Sam P (also Regina), Lussi Bill OF, McClair Eldred LHP, Mills Roy(Rube) OF, Morse Pete SS, Olson OF, Owen P, Quigley William 2B (also MJ, Brandon), Samuels Lee P (also Lethbridge, MJ), Shultz Sam 2B, Spencer Frank (Stub) C, Walters Louis(Roxy) SS (also Regina), Ward Davey C (also Lethbridge), White Wm. (Deacon) MGR 1B/2B, Willard C

Lethbridge Miners :  Avery W. P, Barnstead Fred P (also EDM), Bird OF, Brogan John OF, Chick Fred SS, Corrigan Joseph OF, Cox Eugene (Chesty) OF/MGR (also Regina, EDM), Dollstream Guy OF (also Brandon), Dudley Roy SS/OF, Englebretson P, Grayson P/OF (also Brandon), Grimes Paul P (also Regina), Head Claire 3B, LaRue OF, Lezie Phil P, Lynch Joe C/MGR, Mackin John 2B, Miller Joe P (also Winnipeg), Murphy P, O'Hayer Harold 1B, Olson J. OF/P (also Winnipeg), Oriet William INF, Pieh Cyrus P, Rich P, Samuels Lee P (also MJ), Van Ward SS (also Winnipeg), Ward Davey C/OF (also EDM), Zimmerman Lloyd OF (also MH)

Medicine Hat Mad Hatters/Saskatoon Berrypickers :  Anderson Arch C/OF (also Winnipeg), Bennett Si OF/MGR (SK), Childers Wallace 3B/2B, Claflin Hal P, Costello 3B, Davidson Samuel C, Dunn Bert P/OF, Gordon Paul P, Hamilton/Hulen Billy MGR, Harper Alex SS, Hewer Ernie OF, Jones 2B, Maguire P,  McCarter Dan 2B, Miller, Nelson J. P, Paige 2B/C (also MJ), Rodosy Albert INF (also Brandon), Schaefer (Bugs) 1B, Sturgeon W. (Rabbit), 3B, Tallant Frank OF (also Calgary), Whisman Ray P, Wilson Lester W. (Tug), Zimmerman Lloyd OF (also Lethbridge)

Moose Jaw Robin Hoods :  Bell Ralph SS,  Bliss Art C, Brooks C, Brown Ray RHP, Crocker L. OF, Davis William OF/MGR, Earle OF, Elsey Charles OF/1B (also Regina), Gilchrist W. P (also Regina), Grigware 3B, Hartman OF, Huber OF, Hurley William 1B/C, Irby Charles OF, Jones 2B, McIntosh OF/C (also Regina), Paige 2B/C (also MH), Parker OF/3B, Quigley William 2B (also Edmonton, Brandon), Rodosy Albert 2B (also MH, Brandon), Samuels Lee P (also Lethbridge), Skeels Dave (Chief) P/OF (also Regina), Smithson Edward P, Starkel Con P/OF, Taylor O. MGR, Triplett J. 3B (also Brandon)

Regina Bonepilers :  Brookins Richard (Dick) 3B, Bues August 1B/C/3B, Collins Harold (Bowery) SS/OF, Cox Eugene (Chesty) OF (also Lethbridge, EDM), Daschbach Frank SS,  Donovan William (Bill) P, Elsey Charles 1B (also MJ), Gilchrist W. P, Grady P, Grimes Paul P (also Lethbridge), Gurney Frank 3B, Hoffman Joseph 2B (also Winnipeg), Hooker John P, Houston Sam P (also EDM), Letcher Tom MGR/OF,  McDonough Thomas C/OF (also BR), McIntosh C/OF (also MJ), McNutt C/OF, Sage George P, Skeels Dave(Chief) P/OF (also MJ), Townsend F.W. 1B, Voss (Doc) C, Walters Louis SS (also EDM)

Winnipeg Maroons :  Anderson Arch C/OF (also MH),  Beatty J.W. Jack 1B, Beers Johnny SS, Cierzan Pearl P, Collins Johnny P, Edmonds/Edmunds Jerry C, Feaken/Falkern P, Fosberg Ernie P,  Hoffman Joseph 2B (also Regina), Holmes M.C. (Ducky) 3B (also BR), Isbell Albert OF, Kreitz Ralph (Red) C, Kreuger William 2B, Larson P, Lohr Frank MGR/OF,  McCutcheon P, Menzel C.W. P, Miller Joe P (also Lethbridge), Moore OF, Olson J. OF (also Lethbridge), O'Brien William SS (also BR), Piper Larry OF, Plass Forrest 2B, Rossbach Henry P, Rowland Clarence (Pants) MGR/C, Smith Tommy, Speiser Frank P, Syfert Harry P, Vandine Dow 3B, Van Ward 3B/P (also Lethbridge), Wilson Carter P


Boharm :   Crewes/Cruez Harold 1B, Elsom OF, Green A. OF, Green B. P, Green J. 3B, Tanner SS, Thomson A. 2B, Thomson B. C, Thomson G. OF

Millers :   Devine SS, Fayer 2B, Grant OF, Kempman 3B, Kring C, Mills 1B, Roller P, Ruttle OF, Steele OF

Stanleys :   Campen 3B, Clarke 1B, Emerson Jack P, Gammon P, Hamilton OF, Hayes 2B, Henderson OF/SS, Hysop C, Law OF/2B, Leask OF, Riddell OF, Rorison SS/1B

Y.M.C.A. :   Beesley OF, Ellis C, Emerson Bill, Emerson T. 2B, Hinchey Stan SS, McDonald OF, McIntyre OF, Symington 1B, Young B. 3B, Young M. P

Young Giants :   Emerson “Tough” C, Kern OF, Knight OF, Mapes OF, McCullough 2B, Pascoe 3B, Paul SS, Rutherford “Husky” 1B/SS, Spicer P


1910 Brandon City League rosters

Clippers : Boatch OF, Brockie P, Gunnlaugson O. OF, Gunnlaugson S. 3B, Kelley OF, McCallum 2B, Simons C, Smith 1B, Watts SS

Maple Leafs : Burgess 2B, Coolts/Cootts OF, Evans 1B, Kelly N. C, Marshall 1B, McNeill 3B, Smith OF, Speers SS/OF, Trumbell OF/SS, Williams P

Maroons : Chambers OF, Coleman 1B, Crawford 2B/P, Ferrier 2B, Kirkham SS, Latimer C, Main 3B, Matheson OF, McEwan OF, Philip 1B/C, Rutherford P, Strome OF

Thistles : Darlington D. OF, Darlington #2 1B, Elwood C, Gray OF, Johnston 3B, Kelly P, Petrick OF, Ritchie SS, Sutherland 2B



Beaver Athletic Club : MacDonald, MacDougall P, Rafferty, Rollings C, Shattick P, Storey P

Clovers : Alberts OF, Andrews SS, Carruthers E. 1B, Carruthers W. 2B, Fraser OF, Galloway 3B, Grassie 1B, Holmes OF, McGarrigle P, Moir OF, Robinson P, Shaw C, Smith G. OF, Smith #2 P 

Mainlands : Corbiere #1 P, Corbiere S. 3B, Crookall C/P, Hannifan OF, Hill 1B, McLean OF, Paepke SS, Scott P/OF, Sutherland OF, Vernon C, Vicars 2B

Wolten’s : Fisher P


Daily World : Bryan M. 3B, Bryan W. SS, Burns OF, Fraser 2B, Harlan “Stet” P/1B, Lowthian Mike/Jimmy P, Turner OF, Vernon C

Fruit Merchants :

Johnson Bros. Dry Goods : Alberts P

Spencer’s : McFarland P


Empress : Milling C, Robertson P

Kelly-Douglas : McGarrigle P, Venning C

Mac & Mac Harware : Gourley P. C, Smith G. P

W. H. Malkin Co. : Bishop C, Delcourt P


Phoenix : Strutzel J.J. P, Perkins W.X. C, Kelver W. 1B, Miles H.C. 2B, McKay H. 3B, Merrill C. SS, McKelvey L. OF, McAstocker C. OF,

Grand Forks :  Biner G. OF, , Haverty, Lamb OF, Lang, Reid, Wright P, ,

Greenwood :  Brown P, Russell, Thomas OF, Thompson,