1915 Rosters     



Fleetfoots : Chalmers SS/OF/3B/2B, Eutenier 1B/OF, Fiesel OF (also Rovers), Fraser O. C, Fraser R. OF, Hammond 1B/3B/SS, McKee OF/3B, McPherson 2B, Melquist 2B/OF/SS, Miller P/SS/OF/1B, Moliski SS, Mulligan P/OF, Neal 3B/OF/1B, Snell F. 3B/2B/C/OF, Steel 1B, Webb Cliff P/2B/1B (also Whirlwinds), Westlake MGR/3B

Rovers : Arthurs 1B (also Young Britons), Crawford L. OF/1B/2B, Cook Z. 2B/SS, Fiesel P/OF/2B/SS/C/1B (also Fleetfoots), French Garnet 3B/2B/1B, French George P, Friedgut 1B, Hilt OF, James OF, Kahre P/OF, Kain Bert P, McArthur C, McDougall Len MGR/SS/2B/3B, McDougall R. OF, McDougall W. P/OF/SS, Miller 1B, Richardson R. 2B/1B/OF, Stimpson 1B

Whirlwinds : Achtzener C, Anderson C/OF/1B, Bocz 3B/2B, Casey OF/2B, Cook Russell P/3B/SS, Gilmore OF, Godkin OF, McLellan OF, Moffat OF/SS/2B, Moody SS/OF/3B, Ralph P, Sprout OF, Staples Jack MGR/1B, Stewart V. 3B/OF, Strong 2B/OF/3B, Webb 1B (also Fleetfoots), Weber 3B/SS, Wilson OF

Young Britons :   Arthurs C (also Rovers), Baldwin A. 3B/C/OF, Baldwin W. C/2B/3B/SS, Carter OF, Clark 2B/OF, Craig 3B/OF/2B, Cunning C/3B, Ennis OF/3B, Gordon OF, Haldons SS, Hogarth 2B/1B, Matheson OF, Morrison 2B/C/OF/, Nichol C, Peacock 1B/OF, Scanland 3B/OF, Stewart Ed 1B/SS/OF, Stewart M. OF/2B/3B, Symons 3B/P/1B, Thompson P/OF/2B/1B, Zimcoski P/2B


Commercial Club (referred to as the Spars) : Beatty 3B/OF, Campbell SS/OF, Carney 2B, Casey OF, Connolly Charlie C/P, Davis P, Huelsman P/OF, Kells “Doc” P/OF (also Victorias), Kennedy SS/1B (also Victorias), McLean 3B (also Victorias), Parkinson OF/P (also Victorias), Quaine OF/2B, Ritter Fred 1B/C/OF, Rogers Heinie 2B/3B, Smith A. OF/SS, Spencer OF, Tait Jack OF/P, Tarves OF, Townsend MGR/OF/SS/C/1B, Vennels Bill 1B, Webb SS/OF/3B (also Victorias), White 3B/SS

Leaders (nicknamed the Typos) : Barker 1B, Dent OF/P, Hammond Oliver OF, Hastings “Miggs” P/OF (also Victorias), Hipwell C/OF, Humphries SS/2B (also Victorias), Lamb Jack 2B/3B/SS/P, Leathorn C/OF/3B, Lloyd P, Marshall Bill OF/2B, Martin C/OF, Mastel Frank OF/2B, Nelson Tommy 2B/OF (also Victorias), Norris “Fish” OF, North Art SS/3B, Quesnell OF/1B (also Victorias), Rowan OF/C, Smith “Mutt” P/2B/1B, Spencer 1B, Sturley Ed MGR, Williams OF

Victorias (usually called the Spiders) : Bracken OF, Corrigan OF, Fiesel C, Hastings “Miggs” P/OF (also Leaders), Humphries SS/OF (also Leaders), Kain Bert SS/3B/P/2B, Kain Chesty MGR, Kells “Doc” P/OF (also Commercial Club), Kennedy 1B/C (also Commercial Club), Lucas OF/3B, McAuley OF, McLean 3B/SS (also Commercial Club), McWilliams Archie C, Nelson Tommy 2B (also Leaders), Nicholl/Nicholls C, Orr Bert C/1B, Otton OF/SS, Parkinson OF/1B/P (also Commercial Club), Pond OF, Quesnell OF (also Leaders), Rehill P, Swayne SS, Traub OF, Scanlan, Stringer OF/1B/SS, Walker OF, Watt 1B, Webb C/1B/OF (also Commercial Club)


Cockshutt Internationals : Angus OF, Boucher P, Chapman, Dick OF, Freedguit, Glasgow, Hipwell C, Kilmer OF, Marshall SS/2B, McDougall 2B/SS, McLean 3B/SS, McLellan P, McPherson, Melquist 2B/OF/3B, Stimpson 1B, Twise, Walker 1B/OF, Williams OF

Law Students : Boyd OF, Carss OF/2B, Cathcart, Cathrea 2B, Connell OF, McKinnon OF, McQuaid 3B/OF, McWilliams P/C, Mutch 3B/OF, Patterson C, Peters 3B/P, Rehill P, Seale 1B, Stewart F. OF, Stewart H. SS/3B/P, Taylor OF/2B/SS, Traub C, Willoughby OF/1B, Zack P

Sherwood Imperial Oil (often referred to as the Sher-Imps) : Achtzener C, Anderson J. 1B, Anderson W. OF, Cook 2B, Harris 2B, Helm P/OF, Gillespie MGR, Johnston OF/3B/C, McCullough 2B, McRae OF/P, Neil 3B/SS, Nichol C., Nichol E. 1B/SS/OF/C/3B, Nichol M. 3B/OF, Nickerson, Norris SS/OF, Patterson SS/1B/3B/OF, Pelton OF, Pond 1B, Rae G. C/3B, Rake OF, Ritchie P, Roberts OF, Rowan 3B/P, Ryan OF, Thauberger 2B, Wherry SS/OF

Y.M.C.A. : Anderson 2B, Barker 1B, Bennett OF/1B/C, Bowles OF, Burrell SS, Campbell SS/C, Chauvin 2B/SS/OF/1B, Corrigan OF, Dent OF, Dickie P/OF/SS/2B, Downey 2B/SS/1B/OF, Hicks OF/2B, Jones MGR/OF, Kennedy 1B, Martin C, McArthur C, McInnis OF, Merrill Bing P/2B, Salmon OF/3B/1B, Steele 3B


Kent & Browns :   Armstrong SS/2B, Belleghem P/1B, Brown OF, Erratt OF/SS, Finn 2B, Green Dave 1B, Hansen, Hetherington 3B, Johansen C, Kinder OF, King 2B, Leask OF, MacDonald Jim MGR/P/2B, Mapes OF, McMann OF, Mills C/OF, Wilder SS/2B, Zavitz OF

Maybee-Kennedys :   Brown OF, Coleman MGR, Coggan Brother P, Colling OF/3B, Davison 2B/OF/C, Emerson C. C, Graham C, Hartley 2B, Hay OF, Henderson OF/1B, Hollinquist 1B, Kent OF/P, McCarger OF/SS, Morton Lou P/3B/SS/1B, Nairn OF/3B, Pascoe Pallie SS/3B/OF, Paul OF, Rorison C/SS/2B/OF, Scott 3B/SS/2B, Stranahan OF/P, Tucker SS/P/1B

Old Timers :   Bryan 3B, Carter Rolly 2B/OF, Clarke MGR, Ellis Charlie C, Emerson W. “Bill” 1B, Gammon P, Goudie SS/2B, Hartley C, Hawthorne Jim OF/1B/3B, Law Jim OF, McCartney Bob SS, McKinley C, McMillan 3B/OF, Price P, Prosser Charlie 2B, Smith SS/OF, Symington Bill OF, Thompson C, Whitlock OF


Britannias :   Bryan P, Hartley C, Jenner C, McClellan P, Seymour

C.P.R. :   Graham C, Mapes P

Latham’s Hardware :   Adams C, Napper P

Robin Hoods :   Kent P, McMillan C


Catholic Club : 

Saskatoon Young Liberals :  Andreen C, Brown Doug SS, Brown J. P, Clarke Boville(Stub) 1B, Freer Freddy 2B, Handy OF. Houlding OF, Hunter OF, Jones C, Lyle P, McKeller SS/OF, McNab OF, Skinner Rube 3B

Sutherland : 



Boosters  :  Black “Doc”, Daum “Ivory” OF/1B, Emmerson, Emms Bertie SS/C, Hutchinson F., Hysop C, Labree OF, Knowles, Mann “Beecher” SS, McDaniels “Speed” P/OF, McCrum/McRum OF, Moreau OF, Ross “Spike” OF/3B, Ross “Tanny” P/MGR, Timmins/Timmons 2B, Wartchow OF, Wilson 3B

Elks :  Carter Nick SS, Christopherson 3B, Dougherty Jack C, Dreyer O. B. OF, Elliott, Ford Walter(Zowie) P, Jamieson, Ross “Doc” P, O’Sullivan OF, Sprague 1B, Stirrett “Doc” , Walkenstein OF, Walkinshaw Archie P/3B

High School :  Armstrong OF, Buttery P/3B, Cameron Dunc 2B, Cathro OF, Edmonson, Greenblat C/SS/P, Kite Glen OF, Kite Warren P, Reidler Gus C, Richards OF, Taylor OF, Wilson 2B, West 3B

Swift Current City League All-Stars :  Armstrong OF, Cameron Dunc 2B, Daum “Ivory” 1B, Dougherty Jack C, Dreyer OF, Emms Bertie SS, Ford Walter P, Nairn 3B (also Moose Jaw), Ross “Spike” OF


Giants :  Alexander SS, Amey 3B, Cramolin C, Lougheed OF, McManus P, Peck J. 1B, Smith 2B, Sneddon OF, Stewart V. OF, Wingham M. OF

Red Birds :  Banks C, Forester MGR, Glenn SS, Hendickson 1B, Hersberger 2B, Johnson/Johnston J. OF, Keith 1B, Marlin OF/SS, McLellan A. OF, Phillips OF, Stevens OF, Stewart A. P, Stewart M. 3B, Wasam 2B

Tigers :  Cottingham 1B, Driscoll SS, Gallinger 2B, Houghtailing 2B/P, Hutchison OF, McDole 3B, Peck D. C/OF, Powers OF/1B, Sellers P, Sherman J. C, Sherman Joe OF


Corinne :  Bahr C/OF, Clark 3B, Collins C. OF, Collins E. OF, Cook 3B, Gilchrist P, Jackson 1B, Johnston 3B/2B, Kersey OF, Kirkpatrick C, Lafoy P, Nuoffer 2B, Squires SS/P

Dummer :  Bahr (also Corinne), Collins OF, Hunter OF, Knutson P, LaFoy 3B (also Corinne), Ogilvie 1B, Olson OF, Scott 2B, Squires SS (also Corinne),

Gray : Boesch OF, Eichenberger OF, Gillis 3B, Kalina G. 2B, Kalina M. 1B, Lafoy B. OF, Lafoy C. OF/1B, Lafoy J. 2B, Lafoy W. P, Marlin SS, Rakestraw C, Tremblay OF

Lang :  Campbell 2B/3B, Clark H. OF, Clark/Clarke C, Downing OF, Elder MGR, Elliott 1B, Geig J., McDonnell SS, McIntosh OF, McLeod OF, Ranson E. P, Ranson H. 2B/OF, Thompson 2B, Whiting OF

Milestone :  Alexander SS/OF, Amey 3B, Cole 1B/3B, Cottingham 1B/2B/OF, Cramolin C, Driscoll OF/SS, Ford P, Gallinger OF, Glenn SS, Hendrickson 1B/2B/SS, Hersberger M./T. P/2B, Houghtailing 2B, Hutchison 2B/OF, Keith OF/2B, McDole OF, McManus OF/P, O’Sullivan OF, Peck 1B, Smith 3B/OF, Wingham OF/SS 

Rouleau :  Armour OF, Cochrane 2B, Craig OF, Dickson 3B, Eastman SS, Heywood P, McPherson OF, Plank C, Seaborn 1B

Wilcox :  Erickson 1B, Graham/Gram OF, Harper P/3B/OF, Hock C, Jesse OF/P/3B, Kuehl/Kubel 3B/P, Metz Moy 2B, Metz N. OF, Morrison SS, Rhodes/Rohdes SS, Stinson C, Wallace OF

Yellow Grass :  Brown P, Cathcart OF, Christenson OF, Cooper C, Jaques OF, Jones “Slim” P, King 1B, Wilkinson 2B, Williams SS


Independents :  Bradshaw P, Claggett James(Jim) P, Danielson O. C, Hussie C

Mechanics :  Clark C/P, Gillespie C. C, Gillespie O. P

Merchants :  Ackerman M. C, Motz P


Melfort  :  Bradshaw SS, Danielson N. OF, Danielson O. 1B, Gillespie OF, Hussie 2B, Liepert C, Motz 3B, Stewart Dunc P, White T. OF

Pleasantdale :  Moss B. 2B, Graham T. OF, Redman T. 1B, Robson W. OF, Sheery B. OF, Shervin E. SS, Stewart D. P, Young A. C, Young B. 3B

Pleasant Valley :  Clark 3B, Howell OF, Jansen OF, Liepert P, McFadden 1B, Redman J. OF, Redman T. 2B, Travis C, Viende SS

Silver Park :  Griffin 2B, Hetchler E. P, Hetchler W. OF, Kilshy 3B, Newman E. OF, Newman R. OF, Ticken M. SS, White J. 1B, White W. C

Spalding :  Espseth A. C, Featherstone E. OF, Laravere P, Lunsford H. OF, Lyons H. 2B, Myers 3B, Parker C. 1B, Parker E. OF, Tucker SS

Star City :  Garrison E. 3B, Garrison F. C, Hemmingway SS, McKee 1B, Montgomery Ab 2B, Porterfield OF, Radloff C. P, Radloff K. OF, Schwitzer OF


Athletics :  Fineham P, Hallet C, Haskamp SS, Heidgerken George OF/P, Hutt 1B, Malone OF/1B, McIntosh 2B/3B, McKinnon 2B, Palmer OF, Schaefer OF

Quakers :  Bailey SS, Bruns 2B, Crerar Brit 3B, Down 1B, Fineham OF, Jordan OF, Sampson C, Stone OF, Yoerger Russell P

Tigers :  Brown OF, Connell OF, Elliott 1 B, Flory C, Fournier 3B/1B, Gasser E. 2B, Gasser J. P/SS,Gasser P. SS/OF, Hall C. P, Hauser 3B/SS/OF, Stockall OF, Yoerger W. OF


Cubs :  Boyer, Brannan, Brown, Eckhart, Gleeson, Hawthorne, Markham, Tackaberry, Walls

I.H.C. :  Davis, Doole, King, Matheson P, McKay, Tait Frank, Tait H., Whitford, Wylie


Holdfast :   

Imperial  :   

Liberty :  Freeburg 2B, Friese OF, Heald C, Larson OF, March P, McLean 3B, Mettes SS, Nicholson/Nikolson OF, Smith 1B


Prince Albert :   Brennan OF, Gallineau 1B, Leach/Leitch 1B/OF, McAnnaly OF, McEwen OF,Neubaur SS/2B, Olliver SS, Pridham C/OF, Swain 3B, Taylor C, Thompson P, Warren Bunnie 2B/P


Caron :   Forsyth E. 3B, Forsyth J. OF/1B, Gray OF, Green P, Hall 2B, Miller 1B/OF, Phillips 2B, Powell D. OF, Powell E. OF, Smart 2B, Smith SS, Thomas C , Thompson OF

Estevan :   Freid OF, Hicks 3B, Higgs SS, Holengren OF, Leon “Slim” P, Johnstone 1B, McPherson OF, Shrader C, Shupe Wally 2B/1B, Stewart OF/2B

Moose Jaw City Leaguers :   Davison, Emerson C. C, Emerson W. “Bill”, Green Dave, Henderson C. , Love, McKinley, Price P, Shuster Jack MGR/1B, Scott, Tucker

Mortlach :   Stevenson J. P, Stevenson W. C

Regina City Leaguers :   Humphries SS, Lamb Jack P/OF, Leathorn SS/OF, Martin C, McLean Nelson Tommy 2B, North Art 3B, Ritter Fred OF, Rogers Heinie 1B, Smith “Mutt” P/OF, Webb OF



Crists (also known as the Hamanders) :  Baxter A. 1B/P, Baxter H. 3B, Bride P, Broome Bill OF, Carnegie OF, Crist Charlie MGR, Crist Jim P/3B/1B, Davies P, Edwards “Spike” P, Hannigan OF, Hoar Gordon(Red) OF, Irwin 3B, Lamb 3B/P, Lepper SS, Ludington C/2B/3B/OF, Marshall George 1B/C, Rogers C/1B, Stokes Percy OF, Vivian Sammy 2B/OF

Empires (renamed Orphans in late June) :  Bracken 3B/P, Burr 3B/P, French 2B, Hawkins P, Hedigan Tom OF/1B/MGR (also News-Telegram), Johnston/Johnstone C/P/OF/3B, Kidder P, Lang OF, Leveque OF, Mahoney SS, McNabb Carl OF/C, Pittman P/3B, Riley Jimmy 1B/C, Riley W. OF/3B/C, Rodgers/Rogers C, Stewart C 

Moose Orphans (disbanded in mid-June) :  Belisle OF, Bevan C/OF, Black OF,  Chandler 3B/OF (also News-Telegram), Channell OF, Dixon OF (also New-telegram), Edwards 2B/SS/P (also News-Telegram), Flanagan Jimmy 1B/C/MGR (also News-Telegram), Grand SS, Isbell OF/1B/P/SS (also News-Telegram), Kennedy OF, Lamb SS, Lang P (also Empires/Orphans), Lezie Phil P, Malour/Melour, Miller 1B, Nichols SS/2B (also News-Telegram), O’Rourke OF/2B, Racine 2B/OF, Richmond SS, Scott P, Skinner OF/P/SS, Spence OF, Stuart C

News-Telegram :  Beattie/Beatty 2B, Berrill/Burrell OF, Britton P, Chandler SS, Connelly/Connolly SS/2B/3B, Dixon OF, Dowell P, Edwards 3B, Estaman 2B/C/OF/SS, Flanagan 3B/2B, Hedigan Tom OF/P/MGR (also Empires), Helmer 1B, Isbell OF, Kolb, Lang P, Miller 1B/OF/3B/SS, Nelson P, Nichols 2B/SS, Overman P/OF, Parsons OF/P, Piette SS/2B, Piper 2B/OF, Rutle SS, Sharratt/Sharrett C/2B/OF/SS, Simpson OF/1B/2B, Wade C


Athletics :  Boyce OF/P/SS, Bryant Fred P/1B/OF, Carnegie Joe P/3B/1B/OF, Carvell C/OF, Corbett OF/C/P, Dawson A. 3B/SS, Donnelly A. P/2B/3B/SS, Donnelly F. OF/SS/C, P, Frairey P, Henderson Chuck 1B, Holmes 2B/SS/OF, Irving 2B, Jenkins P, Main 3B, Manarey SS (also Cubs), McCaig Jimmy 3B/1B, McDonald SS/OF, McLean “Tango” OF/P/C/SS/1B/2B, McSpadden OF, Moore OF, Mowary/Mowbray P/OF, Steele 1B/2B/OF, Walsh OF/3B/C, Watts 2B/SS, Wells

Cubs :  Adams “Smokey” P/2B (also Hustlers), Avis P, Black 2B, Dawson E. 1B, Fraser Jack C/OF, Gill “Mooch” P/2B, Gillespie SS, Grant OF, Langlands OF, Lawson 1B, Louden Orley OF, Manarey 2B/MGR (also Athletics), Rhodes OF, Rudolph OF/C, Sarglands, Smith 3B/2B/OF

Hillhurst Hustlers :  Adams “Smokey” P (also Cubs), Kipling P/OF/3B, Lewis Earl 2B/MGR, Lewis Frank OF/C, McCoy P/2B/OF, Miller 2B/OF, Parker OF, Ross “Squib” OF/2B/SS, Spence Cal SS/OF, Stoddart 3B, Turner OF, Ward Chuck C, Ward Newt 1B/P, Watson OF, Weir Walter P/OF/1B, White Abraham(Ab) P/OF

Iroquois :  Black SS, Cummings 2B, Cuthbert 2B, Enright P, Fletcher P, Fookes 3B, Irvine 3B, L’Eveque OF, McCrystle “Babe” 1B, McEwing P/OF, McKellar OF/2B/SS/P, McTeer Gord C/1B/OF, McTeer R./D. SS, Millican OF, Miller OF, Mooney P/SS, Morton SS/P, Oliver OF/SS/C/1B/3B, Robertson Bobby 3B/P, Spence F. 3B, Stuart, Streib Julie MGR, Tetlock, Venini OF/SS, Wark Arnold OF/3B


C. P. R. :  Andrews George OF/C, Botsford P/1B, Dean 1B/SS, Dobbin E. OF, Dobbin H. OF, Doyle Paddy C, Dunn OF, Halverson 1B/3B/SS/P, Hartley P, Heighton OF, Hitchcox OF, Judson SS/1B, Machan P/OF, McCracken 3B/2B/C, Muir James MGR, Muir OF, Parish/Parrish 2B/SS, Richmond OF, Robertson OF/2B, Scott OF/1B, Sinclair OF, Squance 3B, Wheeler OF

Conservatives :  Atwood S. OF/P, Clark/Clarke Jack OF, Conrad C/P, Lund P, Lussier 2B/3B, Meeker Frank OF, Miers P, Moore “Doc” OF/MGR, Moore Glen(Tar) 2B, Munroe SS, Patterson Maynard C, Patterson Tom P, Smeaton 1B, Smith Pete OF, Weiler OF/3B

Liberals :  Agnew OF, Connors OF, Cooper Earl 2B, Cooper Ed SS/OF, Cory Milt P/3B/OF, Cory W. C, Edington Jack OF/C, Herbert 1B, Laidlaw Lorne C/OF, Lang Wils MGR, Miller 1B/OF, Purdy “Lefty” P/OF, Reem 3B/P, Rutherford OF/C, Sanderson OF/1B/3B, Teel OF


Knox :  Bond C, Campbell Jimmy 3B, Dunsworh Marcus OF/SS, Hansch 1B, Johnson OF, Livingstone SS, McPhee 2B, Nelson OF, Robison OF, Sang Bert P/OF/MGR, Williams George OF/P

North Lethbridge :  Dunsworh L. OF/3B, Gillis A. OF, Gillis C. OF, Gillis Joe P/SS/C, Green SS/P, Hammond SS/OF, Munro/Munroe SS/P, Olson A. 1B/P, Stafford J. C/1B, Taylor 3B, Turcotte L. 2B, Turcotte Ted 1B, Vaselenak OF/SS/3B

United Commercial Travellers : Bertrand SS/P/3B, Evans SS, Green 3B/SS/MGR, Henderson Harold(Toots) P/1B, Henderson W. OF, Lombard 1B/P, Lund P, Powell OF, Putnam 2B, Scott OF/SS, Serbey OF, Whitney OF, Wise OF, Wray C 


Blackfalds :  Johnson Colin P, Sorenson Alfred C

Lacombe : Bullis Ray OF, Danner Guy SS/P, Fleming Walter 1B, Frizzell Max OF, Garland Del 3B, Hill James OF, Metzer R. 2B, Miller B. P, Trayne C

Ponoka :  Hambly D. P, Hambly F. P, Hambly R. C, Stevens P

Red Deer :  Bannock OF, Braton S. C, Edington Guy 1B/P, Hamley N. SS, Malcolm C. 3B, Malcolm #2 OF, Mann James P, Marclay 2B, Markell/Markle P, Murphy OF, Smith P, Tickner C


Barons :  Folden Stan, Imeson Billie, Leadbetter E., Moore Bill, Rutledge Harold, Rutledge Orville, Schlosser George, Welsh Skymor, Welsh Stan

Magrath :  Card C, Mercer P

Nanton :  LaClair Harvey, LaClair Tom, Marshall John, Nixon Lloyd, Phillips Charles, Smith Orval E., Truill Earl, Truill Jesse, Trull Lou

New Dayton :  Bundy 3B, Gillis C/P, Gorrill A. OF, Gorrill E. P/C, Mealey SS/P/C, Moe OF, Moreland OF, Robinson C, Skeith 2B, Turcotte 1B

Raymond :  Brewerton G. OF, Brewerton L. 1B, Card P, Love OF, Nolder SS, Roberts C, Spackman 3B, Stevens 2B, Strong OF

Taber Crescents :  Cook 2B, Fuller OF, Lee A. SS, Lee R. 1B, Lewis C, Nichols 3B, Rylea OF, Stokes P, Tuftland “Tuffy” P, Williams OF 

Warner :  Berg Oscar 2B/P, Crawford, Graham OF, Jennings P, Knox OF, Luker C, Mayberry OF, Melham/Millham SS/C, Tinney 3B, Whitney 1B


Borden Club Bearcats :  Bagley OF/2B, Bissett 2B/SS, Brown SS, Brunner OF, Burns P.X. P/OF/1B, Calavan 3B, Chipman OF/C, Coleman 2B, Davidson 1B, Drayton Frank OF/1B/MGR, Dunlop C, Ellis P, Grant Louis OF/2B, Hanson P, Jackson 2B, Marskell Eddie 3B, (also Wholesalers), Patterson Pat P/2B, Perry, Van Norman 1B

City Dairy :  Bentley, Blades Logan OF/C, Burwash SS, Ervin Jack P/3B, Gallagher OF, Gilbert “Lefty” P/OF, Grant Henry OF/P/3B/C, Grieder C, Hall 3B/OF/SS, Lapp OF/3B, Loomis P/OF, Martin “Red” 2B, McAllister P/OF, Pickering OF/P, Shesely C, Spiesman 2B, Stack OF, Starky John P/3B/SS, Tardiff, Thompson OF, Valentine MGR, Vance 3B, Worth Sid 3B/1B 

Knights of Columbus :  Chapman 2B/OF, Conway OF, Dolighan SS/C, Dooley 3B, Dusseault OF/3B, Gallagher, Geddes P, Glebe P, Hanley Bill MGR, Howard OF, Joudry C, Kootenai “Chief” P, Langlands OF/3B/1B, Londkoski SS/2B/OF, Maloney P. 2B, Maloney Tom 1B, McDougall C/2B/OF, Muirhead OF, Murphy Pat P, Powers P, Reid Jim 3B, Spencer C, Stanley MGR, Steele OF/2B, Tait C. OF, Ward C. C/SS, Ward N. 3B, Whalen C, Wright SS 

Wholesalers :  Abrams OF, Anderson OF/P, Binder OF, Blades OF, Burgess 3B/2B, Campbell “Shorty” OF/2B, Clark OF/P, Clements OF, Diffenderfer OF/P, Duncan 1B, Garrison 2B, Gerrie Franklin OF, Gosnell C, Gribben P/3B, Harryett P, Johns P, Joudry 3B, Keating C, Kirkness OF, Marskell Eddie 3B (also Borden Bearcats), Mitchell 2B, Morewood OF/3B, Rootes C, Tait W.(Bill) OF, Tice Heinie SS, Whitelaw Wilkie P/3B, Warren OF/C


Hudson’s Bay :  Black OF, Campbell 3B/P, Christie OF, Cragg 2B/3B, Crealock 1B, Gautchier OF, Hargraves SS, Muirhead 2B, Platt OF, Rankin OF, Rootes C, Taylor SS, Teasdale “Slim” P,

Journal :  Barron OF, Dodge P, Kelly C, Kramer OF, Marskell 2B, Robertson 3B, Shea SS, Wilson OF, Young 1B

Ramsey’s :  Garvin OF, Halliburton OF, Harford P, Hepburn 1B, Laughlin/Loughlin OF/3B/P/SS, McLeod 2B/OF, Morewood SS/P, Murray OF, Ramsey T. OF, Skelton 2B, Smith OF, Spencer C/2B, Twitchell 3B/OF

NORTHWEST ALBERTA (aka Grande Prairie & District Baseball League)

Beaver Lodge :  Allen Hugh 1B/P, Burt P, Carroll Ralph C, Jacque H. 3B, Johnson/Johnston J. SS/OF, Jones E./T. OF, Lee Percy P, Neugard/Newgard H./P. C/OF/3B, Roderick H. 2B, Sherk G./M. OF/C, Walker OF

Buffalo Lakes :  Carter SS, Cole C, Davis 1B, Edgar 2B, Graham OF, Johnson/Johnston P, Lewis OF, MacNeil OF, Wagar 3B

Deep Creek :  Anderson E. OF/P, Boyd E./F. OF, Bentley/Bently W. 3B, Carveth J./P. SS, Carveth Rube P, Hegler R. C/OF, Johnson OF, Mattinson F./H. 3B/2B/C, Sprague B./D. 1B, Vance N. 2B, Warden E. OF

Grande Prairie :  Beard OF/1B, Benard/Bernard Barney SS, Ford Fred C/2B/SS, Gill Roy OF/SS, Harris C, Luddington/Ludington Ed P/1B, Miller C/2B, Nelson Ike OF, Oblinger #1 2B/1B, Oblinger V. OF, Robb J. OF, Salmond W. OF, Shapiro L. 2B/1B, Wilson Fred 3B, Wishart Dan 1B/OF/P

Lake Saskatoon :  Anderson OF, Douglas C. C, Douglas F. 1B, Douglas M./U. P, Eaton OF, Johnston Ralph OF, Lambert 2B/OF, McGill H. SS, Roberts 2B, Stewart SS, Stokes 3B


Calgary Hillhusrt Hustlers :  Adams “Smokey” P, Carnegie, Lewis Earl 2B, Lewis Frank OF, Ross "Squib" OF, Spence Cal SS, Stoddart 3B, Turner OF, Ward Chuck C, Ward Newton 1B, Watson OF, White Abraham(Ab) P

Edmonton Borden Bearcats :  Bagley OF, Bissett 2B, Burns P.X. P, Calavan SS, Chipman OF, Davidson OF, Drayton 1B, Dunlop C, Grant OF, Marskell Eddie 3B, Patterson Pat P 

Laombe :  Bullis OF, Calkins OF, Danner C. OF, Danner #2 SS, Fleming 1B, Garland 3B/P, Hill OF, McClair Mickey 2B, Metzgar/Metzger P,Miller P, Train/Trayne C

Medicine Hat :  Andrews C/OF/3B, Clark OF, Cory M. 2B/3B/P, Cory W. C, Dean OF, Hartley P, Judson 2B/SS/OF, Lussier OF, Miller OF, Moore 2B/OF, Parrish 2B, Purdy “Lefty” P, Reem SS/P, Smeaton 1B



Arenas : Borland Billy OF, Brodeur A. P, Carl Gordon 1B, Gilliis Earl OF, Lloyd Bert C, Manson Dave P, Maxwell Fred OF/2B, McDonald Avon P, McLennan Alex 1B, Miller Dave 3B, Nott Ivan 2B/OF, Schollenberg Charlie SS, Singbush Ron C

Catholic Club : Ardell 1B, Bell N. OF/P, Brodeur A., Cantwell Dan P/OF, Cantwell Pete 1B, Chase 1B/C, Chisholm F. C, Chisholm W.(Billy) 3B/2B, Cochrane Tommy P, Crisp OF, DeGagne OF, Fulford 2B, Hammond 1B, Kane J. OF, Kruspe OF, Loughlin Clem SS, May Sid, Morrison OF/P, Osborne OF, Russell SS, Siddle, Stainsby Bert OF

Elmwood Giants : Baker OF/2B/3B, Collier C/OF/2B, Franks Carl C, Freeman OF, Galbraith Billy 3B, Gates 2B/SS, Green P, Kennedy 3B, McLaughlin C/OF/SS, Muirhead Walter 1B, Neville OF/P, Raymond OF/2B, Russell SS, Scott 1B/3B/P/OF, Shannon Tommy OF/SS/P, Shorey Lefty P, Taylor OF, Wheeler 2B/OF

Granites : Anderson 1B, Esau 2B, Henry Brock SS/OF, Hessian Bert P/OF, Johnson OF, Latimer SS, McCallum 2B/3B, McKendry 2B, Morton F. 1B, Morton Jake P/OF, Murray Billy 2B/OF, Ross Alex P/OF, Wilson 3B/OF, Yates F. C

Knights of Pythias : Anderson OF, Argue, Bingham E. P/OF, Borwick 3B/P, Collins OF, Cuthbert OF/C, Dow 3B, Edginton P/OF, Finkill Billy 1B, Hunter P, Jones P/OF, Lavine SS, Lawrie Jimmy SS, McLeod OF/P, McVey 2B, Morris OF, Mowbray Fred OF, Rooney OF, Samson Ab C, Tighe Roy C, Weaver OF, Wood OF

Norwood :  Auger H. P/OF, Bibeau 3B/P/C, Cail C. P/OF, Dion Henry 2B, Gantz SS/OF, Gladu A. OF, Hood OF/3B, Hussey OF, Marshall OF, May Herb C/3B, May L. OF, May W. 2B/3B, Poucher 3B/P, Rankin OF/SS, Reardon 1B, Strong C, Wessels OF/C


Brandon Maroons :  Brown SS, Burgess SS/2B, Conway OF, Cornell “Happy” OF/P, Crawford P/2B, Falconer OF, Hornibrook OF, Latimer SS, Livingstone 1B, Matheson OF, McCallum 2B, McInnes C, Reid C, Scott 3B, Trumbell Cal C, Williams Bill 1B

Brandon Nationals :  Case 1B, Conway OF, Cowan MGR, Hamlin OF, Hudd OF, Irving OF, Johnson C, Kirkham SS, Lewis, Livingston 2B, Manson OF, McKay, McNeill 3B, Mummery P/OF, Robinson P/OF, Smith P, Swinton OF, Thornton P

Virden :  Babb OF, Beihl 2B, Conroy 1B, Houghton SS, Leight OF, Murphy C, Simpson 3B, Stoetzel P, Warren OF/3B, Williams OF, Zeigler C


Grandview :  Allen OF, Anderson OF, Beaudry SS/OF/3B, Blakely B. 1B, Blakely R. C/OF, Bowes OF/3B, Dalzell #1 OF/2B, Dalzell R. SS, Davis OF, Hume P. 2B, Kendrick W. P, McBride SS, Pearce 3B/OF/SS, Sweezy J. C

Morranville :  Brinkman A. P, Brinkman P. OF, Brinkman W. OF, Jeffrey SS, McFarlane D. 3B, McFarlane E. 1B, Morran F. OF, Morran George 2B/C, Morran T. C/2B

Umatilla :  Berry A. OF, Cairns P, Henry R. OF, McDermott 1B, McRae C, Robb 2B, Steven 3B, Tarzwell SS, Thompson OF

Valley River :  Bradley OF, Brown 3B/1B/C, Buie W. 1B/OF, Hebner A. C/SS, Hebner W. 2B, McIntyre D. SS/1B, Palmer Jim P/3B, Peters OF/P, Williamson OF


Baldur :  Cramer C. 3B, Fowler M. 1B, Huffman A. C, Huffman R. P, Johnson B. SS, Johnson F. OF, Johnson Tom P/2B, McKay #1, McKay #2, Miller, Sexsmith E. C, Sexsmith W. OF, Wilson OF

Cypress River :  Burgess, DeRoo P, Knight, McCreary Bill P, Young Mat P

Glenboro :  Christie C, Curry P, Galloway P, Johnson B., Kennedy, Lyall D., McGillivray P


Fingerville :  Betts P, Broderick OF, Cardoni A. 2B, Cardoni Louie 1B, Ferguson OF, Finger SS/3B, Fisher OF, Laveture OF, Linklater OF, Marlatt OF, McCaskill 3B/P, Metcalfe OF, Ray 1B, Renton P/3B, Thurston C, Van Brugh OF

Maroons :  Cantrell Bill 1B, Davidson 2B, Dupas 3B, Joyal OF/2B, Lafontaine Albert OF/SS, Langan/Langen J. OF/2B, Mercier OF, Oulette 2B, Pelletier Art P, Pelletier Jack C/OF/2B, Rhan OF /C, Smith OF

Town :  Arndt C, Arnott OF/2B/1B, Boyd 3B, Easton 1B/OF, Harrison P, Hughes R. OF, Hughes W.(Billy) OF, Kelley 2B/SS, Masterson OF/SS, Pilgrim P/OF/2B, Powell OF, Rice P, Thompson P/2B, Winters SS, Wolf P/OF/2B


Dauphin Farmers :  Cruise W. C, Esplen J. P

Dauphin Plains :  Beattie E. P, Chute S. C, Clawson J. P

Gartmore :  Miller Bill C, Miller Bob P, Strang P

Wilson River : Boughen A. C, Hassard George 1B, Hayes P, Quinn P 



B. C. Telephones : Biddle P/OF, Brett C, Brown SS, David P, Fitch 1B, Foran OF/P, Fountain OF, Fraser Jack 2B, Joliffe OF, Land/Lund C, Lemmon/Lemon OF/1B, London OF, McGougan 3B, McGregor SS/OF, Pascoe 1B, Pim 2B/OF, Reichard P, Smith 1B, Sparks P/OF/1B, Wood P/OF

Crescents : Armstrong SS, Bell H. 2B/OF, Blochberger Ted OF (also Snider & Brethour), Bradbury OF/3B, Harbottle P, Johnson P, Jones 1B, King P, Lowrey/Lowry P/OF, McDonald OF/C, McGirr 2B/C/3B/SS, Milne OF/2B, Smirl P/SS/OF, Sykes 3B, Taylor, Thompson OF, Vernon C, White 1B

Firemen : Buchanan OF/P, Caldwell OF/P, Douglas OF, Enright OF, Foley L. C/SS, Foley W. 2B, Jackson 1B, Ledwell OF, Loftus SS, Mahlman 2B/3B/C/OF, Miller OF/C, Robertson SS/P/1B/OF, Sullivan P/1B/3B, Taylor 1B, Thompson OF/2B, Thurston P, Watson C

Malkin’s : Ball OF/3B, Boyce OF, Clark/Clarke K. 3B, Delcourt C. P, Delcourt F. 2B, Ewart A. 1B/OF, Ewart N. C/OF, Falconer OF, Doyle Billy C, Harris OF, Jardine Ed OF, Macken Bill SS, Muskett 3B, Ross OF

National Biscuit Company : Andrews Jack 1B, Bullard L. OF, Bullard Russell SS, Leach Leslie C, Lindsay Stewart 3B/1B, MxKenzie Don MGR, McWhinney John P, Painter Joe C, Patterson Austin P, Pease OF, Ralston James 2B, Richardson T.H. P, Solloway Harold OF, Solloway Leo 3B/SS, Solloway Russell OF, Westwood GeorgeC. OF

Snider & Brethour : Blochberger Ted OF (also Crescents), Brethour Ira P/OF, David P, Dawson SS, Esplaine 2B, Finch C, Jamieson, Jardine R. 1B, Kent OF, Larson 3B, McMahon OF/C/2B, Poupore A. 3B, Poupore W. P, Pringle OF, Proctor 2B/SS/OF, Rogers P, Smith OF, Somerville C, Stevenson C, Thorstensen OF, Thurston C


Kelly-Douglas : Blochberger Walter SS, Conroy OF, Cranston 3B, Pope OF, Van Elzinger 1B, Venning OF, White C, Wilson 2B, Wintemute P

Leckie’s : Digby OF, Finch C, Gourlay 3B, McDonald SS, Perrin OF, Stewart 2B, Thurston P, Watson OF, Woodyatt 1B


B. C. Electric Repair : Johnson, Knox, Manson, Mullen, Paepke, Shadwell, Silver, Whyte, Wyard

Fraser Mills : Brand Bill P, Doyle, Gay August, Gay Jack, Hyde, Lang, Williams Bob, Winblad, Wintemute

I. O. L. Company : Dodson, Gentry, Horn, Leeper, Marmont, McConvey, Myers, Neilsen O., Shay, Summers


BAPCOS :  Campbell OF, Cummins/Cummings Jim OF, Cummins/Cummings John OF, Fuller P, Lalonde Newsy OF, Lane 1B, Mackie C, McGregor P, Milne 3B, Rafferty P, Taylor P, Thoransen C, Wakely 2B, 

Hawkins Cubs :  Balcolm Art P, Brown 2B, Burns OF, Gravelin/Gravlin SS, Green 1B, Ledingham OF, McDiarmid C, McDougall 3B, McGregor OF, Moore Frank P/2B, Straith Alec P/C, Townsley C

Merchants :  Johns C, Straith G. P

Victoria West : 


Nanaimo Federals :  Beattie OF, Boyce P, Kielein “Pug” 3B, Little SS, Martin SS, Piper Phil C, Ramsay OF, Shepherd P/2B, Week OF

Victoria :  Gravlin SS, Mackie C, McGregor P


Beacon Hill :  Burnett SS/2B/OF, Copas 3B, Irving OF, Livingstone C, McAdam OF, McClusky, Mesher OF, Nicholson 1B, Ross R. C, Slater D. 2B/SS, Slater P. P, Yates OF, Wright P

Nippons  :  Fujimori C, Kasahara P

North Ward :  Bigham SS, Curtis #1 2B, Curtis H. OF, Dinsdale SS, Kerr C,  Lamphere 3B, Menzies 1B, Milne OF/P, Plows #1 OF, Plows #2 OF, Purdy P/OF, Quinn C/OF

Victorias :  Aird 2B, Baker OF, Brown OF, Carne 1B, Gillingham OF/P, Goldie, Heyland Tommy 3B, Hamburger SS, Hopkins C, James OF/3B, Parfitt Ray P, Wheeler SS/2B


Beavers :  Gosse C, Prescott Cliff, Stewart Jock P

Maple Leafs :

Outer Wharfs :  Donaldson P, A. Robertson C



Courtenay :  Anderton Leo, Bailo P, Downing C

Cumberland :  LeClaire P, Westfield C


Armstrong :  Barnes OF, Ferguson P, Fisher “Steel” 2B, Freeman C, Graham Johnston C. 1B/P, Murray OF, McCallum SS, McCullough “Doc” P, Woodward 3B, Worsley OF

Enderby :  Black Elmer OF/SS, Dill Ed OF, Dill F. 2B, Fravel Dean OF, Gilman OF, Johnson H. 1B, Johnson/Johnston “Buck” C, LaForge Jack 3B, McKay SS, Patton P


C.P.R. : 


Giants : 

High School : 

Pirates : 


Cranbrook :  Adamson 1B, Brault D. SS/P, Brault #2 C, Casper A. 3B, Crowe A. P, Crowe E. C, Crowe L. 2B, Dallas W. OF, Deacon H. 2B, Finley W. OF, Hurry H. 1B, Lajoie Medley OF, McNabb Carl C/OF, McNabb Cliff 3B, Phillips E. OF, Phillips J. P, Sullivan George SS, Watson Bob OF

Creston :  Arrowsmith B. OF, Boffey P. OF, Cameron J. C, Goodwin J. P, Hendron P. 1B, Hendron S. SS, Indian A. OF, McPeak C. 2B, White A. 3B

Erickson :  Botterill E. OF, Craigie E. OF, Craigie G. SS, Embree Clarence C, Long J. OF, Long W. 3B, Maxwell C. P, Stocks Roy 2B, Telford R. 1B,

Fort Steele :  Chisholm A. C, Crister P. P, Crowe B. OF, Dennison H. OF, Henderson G. OF, Judd George 2B, Lum P. SS, Tannhauser J. 3B, Whelpley W. 1B

Wardner :  Bohart H. OF, Crisler P, Fletcher A. 2B, Lund P, Masberg V. OF/P, Moore T. 1B, Smith W. 3B, Swanson V. SS, Thompson E. OF, Thompson F. P,  Thompson T. C


Fort William-Port Arthur Canucks :  Dancy Keith 1B, DeRose Julius OF, Fortier William OF/UT, Fusner Bud C, Griffin Westley RHP, Hawkins Lawrence, Hewitt Robert LHP, Huggins Cecil P, Lorenzen Adolph LHP, Noble James P, Sullivan Dr.Dennis 1B/MGR, Weidell William SS, Wertzi Dwight 2B, Wines Fred 3B