1916 Winnipeg Maroons, Northern League     

1916 Winnnipeg Maroons

Back row -  Warren "Babe" Adams 1B, William Moore C, Red Donovan P, Lefty Gervais P/OF, E. Berger OF, Hank/Hack Miller OF, Ed Miller. Kneeling - Joseph Nagle 2B , Clarke P, Murphy 3B, Jack Sheehan 2B/SS/MGR

[Photo from the Winnipeg Tribune, 9 May, 1916, thanks to Brian Morrison)

Winnipeg Rosters, 1916 :  Warren "Babe" Adams 1B, Harry Benton P, Heine Berger C/OF, Hal Brokaw OF, Jeff Clarke P, W.(Bill) Conroy OF, Bud Cronin 3B, , Red Donovan P, Bill Fortier OF, Lefty Gervais LHP, Lawler 2B, Ed Miller P, Hank/Hack Miller OF, Charlie Moll Owner, William Moore C, Murphy 3B, Joseph Nagle 2B, John Radloff LHP, Jack Sheehan SS/MGR, Les Stevenson P

And, more below.  First two more photos of the 1916 team, one with names, the other without, and a third photo of what appears to be a mix of Winnipeg and St. Boniface players (none identified as yet).  Then, some group pictures along with some educated guesses of the names in the pics. The bottom five photos courtesy of author/collector David Eskenazi.

Winnipeg Maroons

Winnipeg Maroons

Winnipeg & St. Boniface

Sheehan, Nagle & Adams

(Left to right, above) - Not known, Jack Sheehan, Joseph Nagle and Babe Adams.

Below, left to right - Not known, Red Donovan, Not Known, Les Stevenson, Not Known.

Donovan, Stevenson, others

Below, left to right - William Moore, Heine Berger, Not Known, Hank Miller, Bill Conroy.

Moore, Berger, Miller, Conroy