1917 Rosters     



Bawlf Grain :  Breckon “Rusty” OF/P (also Imperial Life), Brown SS/OF (also Rovers), Chapman R. MGR, Dell OF, Fiesel 1B, Krause P (also Imperial Life), Leigh Stew C (also Rovers), Molisky Bill 3B, Moroschan Pamfil “Casey” P/OF, Nashburn Pete SS/OF, Newblatt C, Rogers Heinie 2B, Smith “Mutt” OF/P, Thauberger Pete OF, Townsend Frank 1B/MGR, White Norm OF, Zech OF

Imperial Life :   Bennett Wilf OF, Breckon “Rusty” OF/P (also Bawlf Grain), Coakley 1B, Dickey Harold 3B/P, Farquhar Jack SS/P, Gilbault OF/3B, Hipwell C/OF, Krause P (also Bawlf Grain), Lindsay OF, Marshall Bill MGR/OF/2B, Martin C (also Rovers), Mastel Frank 1B/2B/3B, McLean Al SS/3B/OF, Parkinson Chester P/1B/ss, Sigurdson P, Steele OF, Traub C

Rovers :   Adamson P/3B, Allen OF, Baker P, Bowman 2B/OF, Brown MGR (also Bawlf Grain), Burrell, Crawford OF/2B/SS/C/3B, Dennis SS, Dwyer OF/1B, Ellison 1B/OF, Falls OF, Fisk OF, Fraser Otis C (also Whirlwinds), French 1B/C, Gawman,  Gray P/OF, Hamilton OF, Hammond Alvin OF/2B/3B, Hentges 3B, Humphries OF/SS, Jacobson 3B, Leigh Stew C/OF (also Bawlf Grain), Leslie OF, Martin C (also Imperial Life), McArthur “Bull” OF, McDougall SS/P/3B, Mulligan P, Pluess OF, Rennebohn OF/3B, Robinson 1B/3B/P/2B, Scanland OF, Stimpson 1B/OF, Traub “Puss” C, Wall 3B/P/SS

Whirlwinds :   Arthurs OF, Barker Freddie 2B, Campbell OF/SS/C, Cook Russell P/2B, Drescher OF, Fraser Otis C (also Rovers), Fraser Roy OF, Garrett P, Kain Terence P, Kelly 2B, Lofts Robert SS, McArthur C/OF, Parkinson Ashton OF/1B, Staples Jack MGR, Stoddard 3B, Strong 2B, Webb Cecil OF, Webb Cliff 1B/OF, Wilson “Butch” OF


Lajord :   Hanson OF, Harkins P, Hesla SS, Marks C, Parkins John 1B, Reid 2B, Schuman 3B, Schupe OF, Smith OF

Moose Jaw :   Armstrong 3B, Carmichael OF, Henderson OF, Hinchey 1B, Love C, Johnson SS, MacDonald OF, O’Day Hank 2B, Vold “Lefty” P

Morse :   Helmar 1B, Herrington OF, Hewer Ernie C, Marden OF, O’Day Hank SS, Robinson 3B, Thielman Jake P, Tripp 2B, Vold “Lefty” P/OF       


Stavley :    Fortier Bill C, Haynes Lester (Slim) RHP, Meyers Ace, Otto Percy SS, Vaughn Tom


Winnipeg All-Stars :   Bostrom 3B, Brown, Burgess, Chisholm 3B, Flanagan MGR/OF, Gladu OF/C, Hessian OF, Hudson C, Shannon OF, Sheppard C, Siddle “Snake” 2B, Sigurdson P, Smith Murray P, Stevenson P, Rondarff 1B, Weber SS

Winnipeg Alaska Bedding :   Cathness A. iB, Halfrick W. OF, Handt B. OF, Hood Frank 2B, Hutter F. 3B, Kiddall G. SS, Mowbray OF, Rennie G. OF, Thorenson T. C


Vancouver Commercial League

Arnold & Quigley : Cann Hec 2B, Evans P, Finnson SS/3B, Fyfe OF, Gibson SS/OF, Goldberg 3B (also National Biscuit Company), Larson P/SS, Manson 3B/SS/OF, McLeod “Skig” OF/P, Morden SS/OF, Quinson 3B, Robertson OF, Somerville/Sommerville C/OF, Squair OF, Stephens/Stevens 1B, Wyard Jack C/1B/2B

Malkin’s : Cawker/Cowker P/OF, Collins P, Crann OF/2B, Currie 2B/3B/SS, Delcourt Camille P/1B, Delcourt Fred SS/3B, Doyle OF, Ewart A. OF, Finch C. OF, Foley Lorne C, Hume OF, Johnston B. 2B/OF, McConvey C. 3B/P, McCord SS/OF, McLean C. 1B/3B, Raferty R. OF, Sager P/OF, Scott OF, Sinclair/St. Clair OF, Thurston SS, Turnbull 1B/OF

National Biscuit Company :  Andrews 3B/OF, Brown/Browne P/OF, Bullard SS, Choate P, Elmer OF, Feeney George 2B, Finch C, Leach C/1B/OF, Goldberg (also Arnold & Quigley), McLean OF/C, Monk C/OF, Moran 2B/3B/1B/OF, North OF, Pascoe 1B, Porter OF, Quinn OF/C, Richardson P, Solloway A. OF, Westwood George OF, Williams Bob OF

Purdy’s : Blochberger OF, Dawson OF, Douglas 1B/OF, Gourlay P/1B, Greenwell P/SS, Hollingsworth C, Inch P/OF/2B/C, Irvine OF, Joliffe Ernie SS/P, Jones W. “Bill” OF/MGR, Locheed/Lougheed OF, London OF, May OF, McDonald P/OF, McGirr 3B, McRae OF, North 1B, Richardson C, Taylor 1B, Watters 2B/SS, Willis 1B

Snider & Brethour : Armstrong OF, Blochberger C, Boynton 3B, Brethour Ira P, Brown OF, Buchanan OF, Clayton P/SS/OF/3B, Jardine 2B/3B/SS, Kemp OF, Pringle 1B, Whyte Syd C/SS/3B/OF/P, Wilson 2B, Wintemute 3B

1917 exhibition game opponents

New Westminster : Archambeault P. C, Hastings P, Lange C

Powell River : Geddes P, Gribble C, Hanson P

Seattle Duthie Shipbuilders : Bankhead OF, Boldt OF, Coltrin 2B, Guigni/Giugni 3B, Holling SS, Murphy P, Nelson 1B, Newman C, Stokke C, Taeffe OF

Seattle Schmutz Construction : Blackburn 1B, Brinker Dode OF, Callahan OF, Cunningham Tom C, Dawson 2B, Goldie 2B, Kuntz C, McIvor W. “Kid” P/OF, Million Ten OF, Morse “Hap” SS, Murphy 3B, Schmutz Charley P, Whiteside OF