1928 Game Reports / Alberta     



(May 14)   Calgary Hustlers – 0  @ Calgary Athletics – 6
                  Walker (L), Mathieson (5), Sears (8) and Henderson, Hides
                  Lucas (W) and McGolderick

(May 16)   Calgary Hustlers – 2  @ Claresholm – 3
                  Walker (L) and Hides
                  Lewis (W) and L. Scott
                  game called after 6 innings – dust storm

(May 21)   Blackie – 10  @ Stavely – 3
                  Dulhurst (W) and Hess
                  Niles (L), Haynes (4) and Allan

(May 21)   High River – 5  @ Calgary Hustlers – 0
                  Heim (W) and Frumerie
                  Sears (L), Walker (5) and Hides
                  home run – Heim (High River)

(May 24)   Calgary Athletics – 6  @ Calgary Hustlers – 9
                  Kilen (L) and McGolderick, Goggins
                  McKenzie (W) and McDermid
                  home runs – Martin (Athletics), Goggins (Athletics)

(May 24)   Stavely – 5  @ Claresholm – 7
                  Niles (L) and Allan
                  Achenbach (W) and L. Scott
                  home runs – Yanosik (Claresholm), Flaherty (Stavely)

(May 27)   Blackie – 10  @ Claresholm – 12
                  Benaud (L), Jenkins and xxx
                  Achenbach (W) and xxx

(May 28)   High River – 2  @ Calgary Athletics – 4
                  Heim (L) and Frumerie
                  Kilen (W) and Goggins
                  home runs – Thompson (High River), Martin (Athletics)

(May 29)   Claresholm – 5  @ High River – 16
                  xxx (W) and xxx
                  xxx (L) and xxx

(June 1)    Claresholm – 9  @ High River – 1
                 Lewis (W) and L. Scott
                 Heim (L) and Frumerie

(June 1)    Blackie - 3  @ Stavely - 1  (ten innings)
                 Speers (W) and Hess
                 Haynes (L) and Allan

(June 2)    Claresholm – 7  @ Blackie – 5
                 Achenbach (W) and xxx
                 xxx (L) and xxx

(June 6)   Stavely – 4  @ Calgary Hustlers – 3
                Haynes (W) and Allan
                R. McKenzie (L) and Hides

(June 11)  Claresholm – 4  @ High River – 5
                 Achenbach (L) and xxx
                 Heim (W) and xxx

(June 13)  Stavely – 4  @ Calgary Hustlers – 3
                 Haynes (W) and Allan
                 R. McKenzie (L) and Hides
                 home run – Borgens (Hustlers)

(June 15)  Claresholm - 2  @ Stavely – 0
                 Siler (W) and Scott
                 Niles (L) and Allan

(June 20)  Stavely – 0  @ High River – 5
                 Niles (L) and Allan
                 Heim (W) and Frumerie

(June 23)  High River – 9  @ Calgary Hustlers – 1  (game 1)
                 P. Heim (W) and Frumerie
                 Clancy (L) and Hides                 

                 High River – 20  @ Calgary Hustlers – 1  (game 2) 
                 C. Heim (W) and Frumerie
                 Walker (L), Mathieson and McKenzie
                 home run – Foss (High River)

(June 26)  High River – 8  @ Claresholm – 3
                 Gressett (W) and Frumerie
                 Lewis (L), Achenbach (3) and Scott

(June 27)  Blackie – 8  @ High River – 1
                 Speers (W) and Jenkins
                 C. Heim (L), Gressett (4) and Frumerie

(June 27)  Calgary Hustlers – 2  @ Stavely – 16
                  R. McKenzie (L), Matheson (9) and McDonald
                  Haynes (W) and Allan

(June 28)  Blackie – 0  @ Claresholm – 12
                 Espey (L) and Jenkins
                 Lewis (W) and Scott

(July 4)     Stavely – 4  @ Blackie – 0
                 Niles (W) and xxx
                 Crotty (L) and xxx

(July 9)     Stavely – 10  @ High River – 12
                 Niles (L), Flaherty (3) and Allan
                 P. Heim, C. Heim (W) (4) and Frumerie
                 home run – Flaherty (Stavely)

(July 17)   Claresholm – 5  @ Stavely – 14
                 Achenbach (L) and Scott
                 Niles (W) and Allan
                 home run – Cameron (Stavely)

(July 18)   Claresholm - 0  @ Blackie – 9
                 Lewis (L) and xxx
                 xxx (W) and xxx

(July 24)   Claresholm – 9  @ Blackie – 11
                 xxx (L) and xxx
                 Espey, Crotty (W) (3) and xxx

(July 25)   Stavely – 6  @ Claresholm – 5
                 xxx (W) and xxx
                 Siler (L) and xxx
                 home runs – C. “Tiny” Thompson (Claresholm) (2) 

(August 9)  Claresholm - 5  @ Stavely – 2
                   Achenbach (W) and Scott
                   Haynes (L) and Allan
                   home run – C. “Tiny” Thompson (Claresholm)


Final Standings       W    L   Pct. 
Chevrolet Cubs *     14    3   .824
Young Liberals *     10    7   .588  
Stockyard Bulls       7   12   .368
Native Sons           5   14   .263

League Finals * (first and second place finishers qualified to meet in a best-of-seven final series)

(August 10)  The pennant-winning Chevrolet Cubs took the opener of the Edmonton Senior finals with a 5 to 3 win over the Young Liberals. Norm Dodge pitched for the winners and had the game in hand all the way. He allowed six hits and fanned an equal number of Grit batters. Infielder Stan Moher paced the Garagemen with the stick, belting a double and a pair of singles.

Dodge (W) and McHugh
Robinson (L), Coatte (7) and Runge

(August 12)  By taking the long end of a 12 to 3 score in the second game of the Edmonton Senior Amateur finals, the Young Liberals are again on even footing with the Chevrolet Cubs. The contest did not bear any resemblance to a high-class ball game as defensive play was sloppy and countless errors were made. Ray Coatta hurled a fine brand of ball for the winners, holding the Chevy sluggers to six bingles. Hot corner artist Hugh John MacDonald paced the Politicians at the dish with a two-bagger and a brace of singles.

Coatta (W) and Runge
Thompson, Hall (L) (3) and McHugh

(August 13)  “Speedy” Wilson traded his regular shortstop slot for a turn on the hill and stood out prominently in leading the Chevrolet Cubs to an 8 to 0 whitewashing of the Young Liberals in the pivotal third game of the City showdown. Only three hits were garnered by the Libs from his pitching offerings, all singles, while six batters were retired as whiff victims from his slants. Outfielder Phil Maher had a double and a pair of one-baggers for the Cubbies.

Wilson (W) and McHugh
Williams (L) and Runge

(August 16)  In the best-played game of the series so far, the Chevrolet Cubs scored their second shutout triumph, a 4 to 0 blanking of the Young Liberals, to advance another notch toward the Edmonton crown. Norm Dodge, veteran Cub hurler, silenced the Politicians’ bats by tossing a two-hitter. The Chevies combed losing twirler Ray Coatta for seven safeties. The game was without a lone extra-base blow and not one player from either team had more than one hit.

Coatta (L) and Runge
Dodge (W) and McHugh 

(August 17)  The Chevrolet Cubs were crowned Edmonton Senior champions following their 3 to 2 win over the Young Liberals in the fifth game of the final series. Darkness and rain halted proceedings after six innings had been played. The Grits counted single tallies in both the first and second frames to take an early 2 to 0 lead. The Cubs countered with a lone run in the fourth and took the lead in the fifth with a brace of counters. “Hub” Thompson’s fine work on the mound proved a great help for the winners. He allowed only two hits, both to Bud Williamson, and fanned nine batters.

Thompson (W) and McHugh
Williams (L) and Runge 


(It is evident that the player personnel of the two finalists is made up of those who also performed in the Edmonton Senior Amateur League).


Rosters used in seven-game playoff finals

Journal : Bell Bill 1B, Berg OF, Brown P/OF, Dodge Norman P, Duggan Ken 2B, Eaton P/OF/2B/3B, Lammie OF, Melnyk OF, Moher SS/OF, Morrison “Lefty”P/OF, Runge C, Webber C, Wilson SS, Young “Pep”2B/3B

Ramsey’s : Beattie OF, Clark Chuck SS/3B, Coatta Ray P, Dame George 3B/P, Ducey John 1B, Hall Al P/SS/OF, MacDonald 3B, Maher Phil OF, McGillis OF, McHugh Ed C, Patterson 2B/OF, Spencer OF, Sweeney 2B, Thompson “Hub” P, Trudeau OF 

Final Series Game Results 

The Ramsey’s Department Store nine defeated the Edmonton Journal team four games to three in the best-of-seven Mercantile League final series.

(August 20)  Journal  8  Ramsey’s  5
Morrison (W) and Runge
Coatta (L) and McHugh

(August 22)  Ramsey’s  6  Journal  9
Hall (L), Dame (5) and McHugh
Dodge (W) and Runge

(August 24)  Journal  4  Ramsey’s  6
Brown (L) and Runge
Thompson (W) and McHugh

(August 27)  Ramsey’s 5  Journal  4
Patterson (W) and McHugh
Morrison (L) and Runge

(August 29)  Journal  9  Ramsey’s  10
Dodge (L) and Runge
Dame (W) and McHugh 

(August 31)  Ramsey’s  4  Journal  7
Thompson (L) and McHugh
Morrison (W) and Runge

(September 9)  Journal  3  Ramsey’s  7
Dodge (L) and Webber
Thompson (W) and McHugh 


Without a single entry vying for the 1922 senior Alberta crown, attention gravitated to the quest for the intermediate tiara which now essentially encompassed what many felt was the de facto senior championship of Alberta. Sixteen teams from throughout the Wildrose province, including clubs from Lethbridge and Medicine Hat, threw their hat in the ring. Conspicuous by their absence were any teams from Alberta’s two most populous urban centres.
An imbalance of entries from southern Alberta necessitated the bracketing of teams into a somewhat skewed format. Cardston from the Southern Alberta Baseball circuit and Carstairs of the Rosebud League emerged as the two combatants in the 1928 final series. The Temple City nine reached the finals after eliminating teams from Pincher Creek, Blairmore, New Dayton and Medicine Hat while Carstairs had knocked out the Acme and Innisfail representatives.

Game Reports
1928 Final Series (best two-out-of-three)

(August 27)  With the superb pitching of Ab Cahoon being the main factor in the series opener, Cardston edged past Carstairs 3 to 2 on the losing squad’s home turf. The game was close throughout with Carstairs leading until the seventh inning.

Cahoon (W) and xxx
xxx (L) and xxx

(August 30)  The Cardston baseball team annexed the provincial baseball championship in the intermediate division when they knocked off the Carstairs nine 8 to 3 in the Temple City. The Maple Leafs grabbed the best-of-three series in two straight games. Cardston chucker Allred tossed a splendid game, punching out 17 Carstairs batters on strikes while yielding six hits. The visitors began to mount a threat in the seventh inning and had plated a pair of runs but a triple play by the homesters put a quick damper on their comeback hopes. The winners compiled ten base blows off a pair of Carstairs’ hurlers. Cardston shortstop Ab Cahoon and outfielder L. Hanson both singled twice as did infielder C. Cook of the runners-up.

Matheson (L), Casey (5) and Wiggins
Allred (W) and McKenzie