1950 Delisle Gems     

Delisle Gems 1950

Back row (left to right) - George Orchard (Exec), Bennie Griggs, Joe Hollin Chretien, Ernie Vogel (Exec), Murray Coben, Doug Gostlin, Jim Shirley, Bill Orchard (Exec), George Cosgrove (Secretary).

Front row (left to right) - Arlo Goodwin (batboy), Max Bentley, Eddie Brown, Dick Piper, Bev Bentley, Dick Butler, Doug Bentley, Reg Bentley.

And, another version of the 1950 Gems.  Front row - XXX, XXX, Eddie Brown, Doug Gostlin, Max Bentley, Dick Piper, XXX, Doug Bentley, Bev Bentley.  Back row - XXX, XXX, XXX, Dick Butler, Jim Shirley, Bennie Griggs, XXX, XXX, XXX, XXX

[Photos courtesy of Max Weder, SABR, Vancouver]