1973 Manitoba Snapshots     

Bob Thompson



Right - Bob Thompson of the Brandon Cloverleafs.


Below - Dave Rottman was a star on the mound and at the plate leading the Manitoba Senior League East All-Stars to a 7-0 victory over the West Stars at Kinsmen Stadium at Brandon.

Rottman fired a six-hit shutout and knocked in the winning run with one of three singles.

The teams were competing to represent Manitoba in the Canadian championship to be held in Edmundston, New Brunswick. Dave Rottman

Below - Rick McFadyen of Brandon hustles across home plate with the tying run, much to the delight of teammate Dave Bender (15) and the disappointment of Dauphin's Vern Nichol (16) and Lyle Gallant (13). Later in the eighth inning, Bender stroked a single to score Bill Chapple with the winning marker.

McFadyen scores

Jamieson hotbox


Moffatt buntHunter & Bremer

Williamson & Wiebe

Manitoba Senior League Records to 1973

 Year Pennant Winners          Playoff Champions
 1961 Hamiota Red Sox          Dauphin Redbirds
 1962 Hamiota Red Sox          Hamiota Red Sox
 1963 St. Lazare Athletics     Hamiota Red Sox
 1964 Hamiota Red Sox          Hamiota Red Sox
 1965 Hamiota Red Sox          St. Lazare Athletics
 1966 Brandon Cloverleafs      Brandon Cloverleafs
 1967 Hamiota Red Sox          Brandon Cloverleafs
 1968 Souris Cardinals         Riverside Canucks
 1969 Riverside Canucks        Brandon Cloverleafs
 1970 Souris Cardinals         Brandon Cloverleafs
 1971 Minot Merchants          Brandon Cloverleafs
 1972 Binscarth Orioles        Brandon Cloverleafs
 1973 Binscarth/Dauphin (Tie)  Binscarth Orioles
The league has captured the Manitoba Senior "A" championship five times - 
Brandon in 1966, 1969, 1970 and 1971 and Binscarth in 1972.  In addition,
Riverside won the Western championship in 1968 and  Brandon captured
the Canadian title in 1071. 
 Year Batting Champion          Top Pitcher               Most Valuable Player
 1961 Bill Berezinski BIN .549  Neil Amy HAM 7-1
 1962 Bob Kabel DA .424         Gary Van Buskirk HAM 6-2
 1963 Tommy Town BR .436        Bill Cundiff STL 9-4
 1964 Gord Lyall HAM .447       Gary Van Buskirk HAM 7-1  Cliff Seafoot RIV
 1965 Oscar Walker STL .452     Jack Denbow HAM 8-3       Dick Limke SOU
 1966 Tommy Town BR .426        Dick Limke SOU 9-4        Dick Limke SOU
 1967 Al Robertson HAM .395     Dick Limke SOU 10-1       Dick Limke SOU
 1968 Claude Lambert STL .375   Dick Limke SOU 9-3        Bob Thompson BR
 1969 Barry Moffatt RIV .481    Dick Limke SOU 7-3        Dick Limke SOU
                                Glennis Scott HAM 7-3
 1970 Bill Carpenter SOU .385   Dave Rottman DA 7-2       Cliff Seafoot RIV
                                Ron Ramsey HAM 7-2
                                Bernie Graner SOU 7-2
 1971 Rich Carrier MI .368      Bernie Graner SOU 8-3     Mark Fisher RIV
      Gene Cory RIV .368
 1972 Cliff Seafoot RIV .394    Bob Thompson BR 7-2       Bob Thompson BR
 1973 Dale Gies BIN .404        Les Lisowski BIN 8-1      Grant Everard RIV