Western Canada Baseball, Player List     


AdobeThe roster lists are now in separate pdf files and require a suitable program to read the material.  Click the Adobe icon to download the popular Adobe pdf reader (free).

The rosters are divided two specific groups - Western Canada and Basin League. Rosters are divided into decades, with an arrow (>>>) at the right to indicate the player also participated in the following decade.

Not all players that we have listed on the roster pages are shown on the Player List. For a way too many we have only last names so we've begun sifting through to eliminate some of those for whom we have just a last name and who played for just one season.  Of course, we'll continue to keep a file of all names hoping that in time we'll be able to further identify more and more of them. 

Also, some work now needs to be done to ensure these roster files now match the year by year rosters shown on the yearly roster pages. Over time, some spellings have changed and first names added which are reflected here, but not always on the yearly pages. That's a project for another day.

As of the latest update we have listings for just shy of 50-thousand different players.

The colour coding has been revised with non-dominant colours showing the player had played in a previous decade.

It would be a good idea to keep the code page open while studying the roster pdf pages.

Western Canada Baseball 1900-1909.   3.269 players listed.  1900 A to L, M to Z

Western Canada Baseball 1910-1919    3,348 players listed.  1910 A to L, M to Z

Western Canada Baseball 1920-1929   11,727 players listed. 1920 A to E, F to L, M to R, S to Z

Western Canada Baseball 1930-1939   11,800 players listed. 1930 A to E, F to L, M to R, S to Z

Western Canada Baseball 1940-1949   10, 379 players listed.  1940 A to E, F to L, M to R, S to Z

Western Canada Baseball 1950-1959    8,806 players listed.  1950 A to E, F to L, M to R, S to Z

Western Canada Baseball 1960-1969    3,2010 players listed.  1960 A to L, M to Z

Western Canada Baseball 1970-1979    1,954  players listed. 1970 A to L, M to Z

ManDak League 1950-1957    Gary Fink's compilation showing the players of the ManDak League during its run from 1950 to 1957. It shows year-by-year stats, positions played, teams, whether they played inĀ organized pro ballĀ and/or the Negro Leagues, and a few tidbits of information about specific players.  ManDak 1950-1957

Basin League 1953-1974  (South Dakota, Nebraska) 

1940s_A-Z   69 players listed

1950-59_A-L, 1950-59_M_Z   755 players listed

1960-73_A-L, 1960-73_M_Z   1,336 listed

1970s_A-Z    755 players listed

South Minnesota League    

1940s_ A-Z   302 players listed

1950s_A-Z  M-Z   776 players listed

1960s _A-Z   96 players listed

Ontario InterCounty League    

1940s_A-Z   124 players listed

1950s_A-Z   355 players listed

1960s_A-Z   336 players listed