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Scoresheet Baseball is a fantasy game in which you draft and manage a team of major leaguers in leagues with your friends and colleagues. It is very unlike Roto (where you accumulate points in a set number of categories such as stolen bases, home runs, ERA). Scoresheet is a simulation (computer based) in which actual games are the centrepiece (a full schedule of 162 games and, yes, you receive box scores of each tilt). Results come weekly (usually, there are six games each week). Your success is based on how well your players perform each week (stats used are those from the current season).

Managing includes trades and lineup decisions -- batting orders versus LHP & RHP, pitching rotations, whether to employ a closer, how much weight to give to defensive rankings, the difficulty of picking prospects.

There are a variety of leagues in operation. For example, I am in a 10-team NL league, a 10-team AL, a 12-team AL, an 18-team combined NL/AL, a 20-team combined NL/AL and an 18-team combined NL/AL Old-Timers loop (which uses players from other eras in an off-season competition). There are both single-season and perpetual leagues. In the former, you draft a complete team each season. In the perpetual leagues, you are able to keep a prescribed number (usually in the 13 to 15 range) of players after each season, filling in the rest with a pre-season draft. In addition, there are both standard and private leagues. Those which go private are able to set their own rules (with Scoresheet itself continuing to run the results).

In 2010, the USA and Canada SS offices merged into one operation, based in Grass Valley, CA

Scoresheet USA
Jeff & Dave Barton
PO Box 1097
Grass Valley, CA 95945-1097
530-470-1885 (fax)

There is an excellent source of Scoresheet information on-line. Brian Jones is one of the major participants in the original Scoresheet-talk group at Yahoo. Join here.