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Frank Howard
Frank Howard
Topps Card

Tom Seaver
Tom Seaver
Topps Card

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Carl Yastrzemski
Carl Yastrzemski
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Cito GastonJim Palmer

Cito Gaston 1971 Topps, Jim Palmer 1972 Topps

Pete RoseMike Marshall

Pete Rose 1970 Topps, Mike Marshall 1969 Topps







The 2007-2008 editions marks the 18th consecutive season for our Old Timers circuit. Players who suited up in the years 1969 to 1972 are our winter warriors for this off-season.

Last winter, Bill Johannessen (NL) and Danny Laflamme (AL) survived incredible playoff series (both league finals were tied 8-8 in games with the winner decided by runs scored). Erwin Hunke and the Eliot Kolers/Chris Cosgriffe combo were the hard luck losers.

Bill's Brooklyn Bombers captured the World Series. 16 teams competed.

Johnny BenchRod CarewFergie Jenkins

Topps 1969, left to right - Johnny Bench, Rod Carew, Fergie Jenkins.


               W-L  SV  IP   ERA     
Tom Seaver    25-7   0  273  2.21    
Jerry Koosman 17-9   0  241  2.28    
Gary Gentry   13-12  0  234  3.42    
Tug McGraw     9-3  12  100  2.25    
Ron Taylor     9-4  13   76  2.72   

Bob GibsonThurman MunsonCoco Laboy

Topps 1969 Bob Gibson, Topps 1972 Thuman Munson, 1970 Kellogs Coco Laboy