Scoresheet Tournament of Champions                                    

Each fall, since 1998, Scoresheet has run a Tournament of Champions. It is up to individual owners to enter teams in the competition.

SS Tourney Champions
Champion Finalist
2018 Michael Vogel John Byrne
2017 John Byrne David Lengel
2016 Anand Sinha Kevin Crenin
2015 Jim O'Donnell Roger Odiso
2014 Dave Merwin Michael Vogel
2013 Bill Frank Brian Jones
3012 Grant Syverson Lucas Tate
2011 Jay-Dell Mah  Ari Houser
2010 Jess& Tim Polko Rob Ragusa
2009 Danny Breigner Jr. Doug English
2008 Danny Breigner Jr. Jeremey Holley
2007 Larry Hayes Andy Cleary
2006 Todd Melander Lew Stansby
2005 Andy Cleary Rick Brooks
2004 David Karpis Chuck Bellinger
2003 Owen Jones Mark Dailey
2002 Dan Young Peter Byrne
2001 Jerry Seidenwurm Evan Shochat
2000 Theron Skyles Win Murray
1999 Gary Johnson Jim O'Donnell
1998 David Williams Bruce Pawlowski