1900 Manitoba Game Reports      



Winnipeg had a three-team Commercial Baseball League -- Banks, Grain Exchange, Loan Companies. And there were more than a half-dozen other senior teams mentioned in the newspapers, teams without leagues or playing in unknown circuits -- Capitals, Griffins, Maples, Northern Pacifics, Palaces, Unions, Zephyrs

(June 25)   In an abbreviated contest, St. Boniface crushed St. Jean 27-2. The game went just six innings. St. Boniface scored four times in the first inning and put the game out of reach with a 12-run outburst in the second.

Vaudale (L) and A.Gauthier
J.Gingras (W) and Harrison

(July 3)   Winnipeg traveled to North Dakota Tuesday and came away with a 6-4 decision over Grafton.  The home squad appeared to have the game in hand, with a 4-2 lead after seven innings. Winnipeg took the lead with three runs in the eighth inning and added an insurance run in the ninth.  Gregory was the winning pitcher for the visitors.

Gregory (W) and Harrison
Wilcox (L) and Ballantyne

(July 27)   Carney, of the Grafton, North Dakota, baseballers tossed a no-hitter Friday at Fort Garry Park to stymie the Winnipegs in an 8-0 triumph for the Americans.  Grafton took a four-run lead in the first inning and cruised to the win as R.Ford and S.Ford each poked a pair of hits. S.Ford scored three times.

Carney (W) and Ballantyne
Gregory (L) and Harrison

(August 3)  The Winnipeg Capitals downed the Winnipeg Zephyrs 9-4 Friday. 

McCormick (W) and Wilson
Porte (L) and Chubb

(August 6)   The Unions capitalized on sloppy work in the field by the Griffins to post a 4-1 victory on Monday. The losers made 11 errors. In the shortened, five-inning, encounter, Call fanned 11 in picking up the pitching win.

Call (W) and xxx
xxx (L) and xxx

(August 16)   The Unions made 13 errors, with everyone in the team's lineup with the exception of right fielder Lewis making at least one boot, but still managed to top St. Boniface 16-7 on Thursday. Winning hurler Call led a 10-hit attack with three safeties and catcher Chubb and left fielder Harkness each added a pair. Marcoux had two hits for the losers.

Call (W) and Chubb
J.Gingras (L) and D.Harrison

(August 22)  In a five-inning affair Wednesday, the Unions defeated the Capitals 11-3.