1904 Game Reports     



The two most populous centres in the District of Assiniboia, Moose Jaw and Regina, operated local circuits which ran over the course of the spring and summer of 1904. Moose Jaw had a four-team loop while Regina’s intra-city association of baseballers consisted of six clubs. As well, each of the rival municipalities put together a team of select players from their home-grown talent pool for inter-town competition, generally augmented with an import or two to increase the odds of their winning.
Interestingly, pitcher Bert Orr, by then the most sought-after mercenary along the C. P. R. main line, wound up pitching for both Regina and Moose Jaw in 1904. It appears that Orr, the preeminent pitching talent on the prairies during the initial part of the first decade in the twentieth century, not only honed his skills occasionally hurling for Regina against outside opposition, being referred to as the team captain by the Regina Leader, but that he also spent a bit of time in the Queen City as a member of the C. P. R. team in the City League.
Orr’s presence in the lineup of the Moose Jaw nine came to light in a late-July account of a recent match between that city’s diamondeers and Portal, North Dakota for which the Moose Jaw Times had the following to say:

“Bert Orr did the twirling for Moose Jaw and he is certainly on the job. Bert is an easy workman who uses his head and saves his arm, and his work in the box is certainly up-to-date pitching. He is very accurate and seldom has a wild throw to his credit, and he was a puzzle to the Portal outfit at all stages of the game. His work in covering first base on hits between first and second was very smooth and pretty to watch.”

Regina City League

(May 31)  The Quill Drivers defeated the Fire Brigade team 14 to 10 in a five-inning game on the Athletic Grounds. The Fire Brigade plated eight runs in their first turn at bat. In the last inning, Greig, their centre fielder, made a remarkable running catch behind second base which was the defensive play of the game.

Burley (L) and Brown
Ault (W) and Gordon 

(June 3)  The Clerks baseball team had matters their own way from start to finish, laying a harsh 16 to 3 beating on the McCarthy Company outfit on the Athletic Grounds.

(June 6)  In one of the best games of the season, the Real Estate nine defeated the C. P. R. contingent and ace chucker Bert Orr by a 9 to 6 margin. Defensive play on both sides, but especially by the Realtors, was of excellent quality.

Ross (W) and xxx
Orr (L) and xxx 

(June 7)  The last-place McCarthy Company absorbed another crushing defeat, this time a 24 to 7 pasting by the Quill Drivers.

(June 24)  It was the same old story for the McCarthy Company team of diamond pastimers as the Fire Brigade team had little trouble in rolling over them 14 to 3 in a seven-inning contest. In its summary of the one-sided game, the Regina Leader devoted much of its column to the recognition of a loyal baseball fan with the surname of Stubbs.

“The grandstand crowd was not so large as usual but it cannot be said that, on this account, there was no rooting. For Stubbs was there. The good and faithful Stubbs was on hand and, from his place of vantage in the grandstand, was rooting lustily at intervals of every few moments. A baseball match without Stubbs to root would be as barren and devoid of interest as a home without a mother-in-law.”

Oliver (L) and Merwin
Ault (W) and Hepburn

(July 15)  Overconfidence, plus a number of costly errors, contributed to the surprise 9 to 3 defeat by the previously unbeaten Clerks at the hands of the Quill Drivers.

Burley (W) and xxx
xxx (L) and xxx

(July 19)  The McCarthy team was blanked 13 to 0 by the C. P. R. club at Railway Park.

Standings           W    L     Pct.
Clerks              6    1    .857
Real Estate         5    1    .833
C. P. R.            4    2    .667
Quill Drivers       3    3    .500
Fire Brigade        1    5    .167
McCarthy Co.        0    7    .000 

1904 District of Assiniboia inter-city games

(May 24)  The Medicine Hat baseballers travelled to Maple Creek for a Victoria Day joust and were stung with a 12 to 8 loss by the Creekmen.

Taylor (L) and Henry
Burnett (W) and Regan

(July 1)  A Dominion Day nine-inning baseball match in Railway Park in the forenoon was played and, at the end, the score stood 12 to 8 in favour of the visiting Moose Jaw aggregation over the Regina nine. It was in the fourth inning that the Moose Jaw team pulled away when they piled up seven runs. Bovee, in left field for the Reginans, made a splendid dash for an eighth-inning fly ball and succeeded in securing it before it reached terra firma.

McCartney (W) and xxx
Ross (L) and Stewart

(July 29)  Portal ND baseballers were silenced 6 to 1 by “Captain” Bert Orr and his Regina mates in a nine-inning joust at Railway Park.  Orr was in splendid form in the box and was given strong support by every member of his team.

Gilmour (L) and Alberts
Orr (W) and xxx



(July 1)  Results of 1904 Saskatoon Dominion Day baseball tournament for prizes of $60, $40 and $20:

Round 1
Prince Albert defeated Craik 13 to 8
Saskatoon beat Dundurn 18 to 12
Rosthern defeated (a team identified in the Saskatoon Phenix as) Minnesota 13 to 11

Round 2
Saskatoon beat Rosthern 13 to 3
Prince Albert – bye

Prince Albert beat Saskatoon 6 to 3