1907 Winnipeg Maroons, Northern Copper Country League Champions     

1908 Winnipeg

(Left to right) - Larry Piper CF, Ralph Terry P/OF, Ed Giencke LHP, Peter King 2B, Rollie Zeider 3B, Fred Sensenbach SS, Joseph Crisp C, "Muggsy" Munroe LF, Ken Sawyer P, Ed Herr MGR, Fred Luderus 1B, H.L.(Doc) Voss C, "Rube" Wills P, Chesty Cox RF. Lamb (Mascot)

The photograph was taken pre-season. Voss and Wills were released in late May to meet the 12-man roster requirement. Voss, who went on to be playing manager of the Gilbert Plains club, returned to the Maroons near the end of the season.

[Photo courtesy of David Eskenazi]