1909 Medicine Hat Mad Hatters, WCBL Champions     

1909 Medicine Hat

(After studying the photo, comparing other pictures and using facial recognition technology, out best judgment) Standing left - Tug Wilson. Standing right - Sam Davidson. Front row (left to right) - Wallace Childers, Bobby Campbell, Bert Dunn. Second row - Nelson, Si Bennett, Lloyd Zimmerman. Third row - Campbell (2B), Billy Hamilton/Hulen. Top row - Alex Harper, Ray Whisman.

[Photo from the Medicine Hat Archives, Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre, #Accession No.: 0067.0012]

1909 Medicine Hat

(Our educated guess as to the names).  Back row (left to right) - Ray Whisman, Lloyd Zimmerman, Paddy Welch, Nelson, Wallace Childers, Tug Wilson, Jimmy Grimes. Front row (left to right) - Sam Davidson, Alex Harper, Si Bennett, Bobby Campbell, Davey Ward   (On the reverse side of the photo names were listed but in no particular order.)

[Photo courtesy of David Eskenazi]

Medicine Hat Mad Hatters 1

Back row (left to right) - Lloyd Zimmerman OF, Bobby Campbell P, Billy Hamilton (aka Billy Hulen, with an eye patch protecting an eye injury) MGR, Whisman, Nelson. 

Middle row - Wallace Childers 3B, Lester "Tug" Wilson OF, Si Bennett 2B/OF, Campbell 2B. 

Front row - Sam Davidson 1B, Bert Dunn P, Alex Harper SS.

[Image from the Spalding Base Ball Guides collection, The Library of Congress]

Medicine Hat
Left to right - Si Bennett CF, Sam Davidson C, Alex Harper SS, Bert Dunn P-1B, Wallace Childers 3B, Campbell 2B, Lester "Tug" Wilson LF, Lloyd Zimmerman RF, Whisman P, Nelson P, Bobby Campbell P, Billy Hamilton (aka Hulen) MGR.

[Image published in the Lethbridge Herald, September 9, 1909]