1909 Tournaments / Exhibitions     


1909 is thought to have been the first year of what became the Saskatoon Exhibition Tournament. Of the eleven teams originally entered only seven teams showed up - Viscount, Delisle, Biggar, Govan, Asquith, Perdue, Davidson, and Saskatoon - with Unity being added during the competition.

(August 3)  Viscount whipped Delisle 7-1 behind the solid hurling of left-hander Pete Maguire. 

The wavy wafting of Pitcher McGuire of the Viscount ball nine and the able support he received, coupled with the masterly battting of that same set was quite sufficient to put to route Delisle's athletes 7 to 1 in the opening battle of the fair tournament last evening at the grounds. The failure in general of the Goose Lakers to find the southpaw's delivery and particularly in pinches, notably in the eighth, and some very costly boots tells the negative side of the tale, so very sad to sou'westers. Gossipers and free information dispensers said the teams were the best entered in the tourney, and sure enough they put up a class of ball that was tasty, and with a few torn edges.  McGuire is a heaver of some account and he kept the enemy always worrying, although the latter had a couple of chances, particularly in the eighth, let us repeat, when they might have stood the game on the other end, but this is all over now and Viscount march foreward in the tourney. (Saskatoon Daily Phoenix, August 4, 1909)

Maguire (W) and xxx
Bigelow (L), Robinson (7) and xxx

Viscount :  Garvey 2B, Hanson 3B, Hardy RF, Johnson LF, Maguire Pete LHP, Marceaux CF, Stacey SS, Wolfe C, Wolfe F. 1B

Delisle :  Benalkin 1B, Bentley 3B, Bigelow P,Deare C, Flock SS, Gordon RF, Munro LF, Robinson 2B, Stewart CF

(August 4)   Centre fielder Campbell punched out a double, triple and two singles Wednesday to lead Govan past Biggar 5-4.  Winning pitcher Dalton helped the offense with a triple and single.  Dalton allowed nine hits, as did losing hurler Benner.  Both fanned eight.   

Dalton (W) and Datton
Benner (L) and Wales

Because they fielded in a manner more clean than Biggar, Govan won their contest Wednesday afternoon in the fair baseball tournament, 5-4. The Govan athletes swatted no harder and appeared to be just a trifle less accomplished at the game than their foe, yet they were frugal in their gleanings and this fact gave them the victory. Biggar made bum heaves at times that were fatal and although they made a rally in the closing stanza with two down the odds were too great and after bringing their score sheet up from two to four they were extinguised, lacking the single run that would have tied. The contest was even snappier than that on the previous day when Viscount sunk the Delisle crew on a cruel and rocky reef.  Biggar seemed to really have the best of the contest but their fielding was weak and when they commenced to aeroplane in the third Govan ran into a trio that was sufficient with the one in the last to send them forward in the tourney. (Saskatoon Daily Phoenix, August 5, 1909)

Perdue was awarded a victory when Asquith failed to show. Grandora dropped out of the event with Unity to take their place.

(August 5)  Davidson scored four times in the fifth inning to secure victory over Saskatoon. The final count was 8 to 3. Whynnery held Saskatoon to six hits in pitching the victory. He whiffed seven and walked none. W.Armstrong gave up just five hits in taking the loss.

W.Armstrong (L) and J.Armstrong
Whynnery (W) and Mogan

Saskatoon :  Armstrong J. C, Armstrong W. P, Bedford SS, Brooks 3B, Creighton RF, Koyle LF, McGechie CF, Spence 1B, Wilson 2B

Davidson :  Hawthorne 1B, LaBarn SS, McAlpine LF, McLellan 3B, McRae CF, Mogan C, Rolts 2B, Whitford RF, Whynnery P

In a game which went just four innings, Viscount thumped Perdue 11-0 behind an 11-hit attack. Perdue further hurt its chances making six errors.

J.Marcoux (W) and J.Wolf
Hicks (L) and W.Scollon

Viscount :  Garvey 2B, Hanson 3B, Hardy RF, Marcoux B. CF, Marcoux J. P, Rutherford LF, Stacey SS, Wolf F. 1B, Wolf H. C

Perdue :  Black CF, Gilman 1B, Gurnon SS, Hartell 2B, Hicks P, Johnson RF, Mills 3B, Scollon J. LF, Scollon W. C

Viscount whipped Perdue 11-0. Aberdeen was awarded the contest with Unity as Unity was found to have used players from the Biggar team.

(August 6)  Aberdeen shaded Govan 5-4 leaving Aberdeen, Viscount and Davidson in the running for the money.

Viscount won first money of $200 with a victory in the tournament final.