1912 Nakusp, BC      

Nakusp 1912

The Nakusp baseball team and supporters at Comaplix (Nakusp won, 14-3, August 4, 1912).

Team members (bottom two rows). Back row, left to right - Walter Magoon, Dave Bulger, Butler, Henry Bohart, Not known, Not known, Not known, Not Known, Not known.

Front row - Carsey Bush, Roy Anderson, Not known, Val Bulger, Johnnie Gillespie, Not known

The supporters included - Sandy McDonald, Bill Picard, Ben Parkinson, Percy North, George Stephen, Mr. Mosher, Margaret McDowall, Ken Fyfe, Murphy, Les Smith, Milly Smith, Belle Lyness, Miss Holland, Lena Vipond, Katherine Bulger, Sid Leary, Naomi Vipond, Ed Picard, Olive Davidson, Isobel Davidson, Tom Davidson, H.L. Rothwell, Bessie McWhirter, Beryl Bulger

[Photo courtesy of the Arrow Lakes Historical Society, 2014.003.139]