1913 BC Telephones     

1913_BC Telephones

Believed to be the 1913 or 1914 edition of the BC Telephones squad. It's an edited version of the original photo (which had even more bystanders showing up in the background).

No IDs yet available. 

Only known 1913 roster names for B. C. Telephones team (gleaned from Vancouver Daily World)
Biddle, Hadley E.B., Lemmon C, McDougall #1 P, McDougall #2 C, Reichard P

Only known roster names for 1914 B. C. Telephones team (from issues of Vancouver Daily World)
Biddle P/OF, Fraser, Lemmon C, McDougall P, Morlock, Mowat, Reichard P

Modified from the original, Vancouver Archives, Reference -CVA 99-52, Photo by Stuart Thomson]