Game Reports 1913 Saskatchewan     


(June 6)   Rowdyism was the headline was Estevan traveled to Weyburn for a baseball contest of the great rivalry between the two towns. A keen interest was taken in the game and more than 200 Estevan supporters made the trek to make it even more interesting. Estevan came out with a 5-3 victory in a thrilling nine inning game in which several fights were started by the home team.

(July 13)   A serious injury occurred during the game between Mortlach and Morse. Louis Marden, one of the Morse players, was hit on the head by a pitched ball while batting and sustained serious injuries. A newspaper report from Swift Current, carried the headline "Player May Die".  The item said the injury was so serious Marden was rushed to hospital at Moose Jaw,. He was taken to hospital by train Saturday night. He remained unconscious until midnight and is now reported to be resting.

Rosters from later years (1917 and 1919) show Marden in the lineup for Morse, so he obviously made a good recovery. 

(July 24)   Weyburn came out on top this time over Estevan in another battle between the town rivals. Playing at home, Weyburn pulled out a tense 7-6 victory after blowing a 6-0 lead. Symes picked up the mound triumph with relief help from Hargraves.

Shupe (L) and Doughty
Symes (W), Hargraves and E.Mertz


(May 19)  Playing in weather that was more ideal for outdoor hockey than good baseball, the Peart’s diamondeers defeated the Leaders band of baseballers 8 to 3. Both teams stroked the sphere for five safeties but the Newspaper nine were atrocious afield, committing 12 miscues. Winning pitcher R. Conley had a brace of singles, as did fly chaser Bill Luff of the Leaders.

Smith (L) and Neil
R. Conley (W) and Rea

(May 20)  The Cockshutt aggregation dropped the strong I. H. C. team 9 to 3 in a Commercial League game plagued by a steady drizzle. Catcher Hipwell of the Tractormen paced the winners at the dish with a three-hit production..

McWilliams (L) and Carson
French (W) and Hipwell

(June 21)  Dominion Park was the scene of a Saturday doubleheader in which the C.P.R. nine got past the International Harvester contingent 7 to 5 to begin play while the Cockshutt club overwhelmed the Regina Municipal Railway team 9 to 3 in the afternoon finale. A five-run second frame ignited the Railroaders to victory in the opener. Catcher Baker of the victors topped the willow wielders with three safeties. 

McWilliams (L) and Rhinelander
T. Kelley/Kelly (W) and Baker

The second fracas was somewhat of a mismatch. Outfielder Davis led the Cockshutt nine at the platter, rapping a triad of knocks.  

French (W) and Hipwell
Lundean/Lundeau (L) and Blair

(July 14)  The fast Cockshutt team pulled out a come-from-behind 10 to 8 victory from the C.P.R. team in an interesting Commercial League tilt. The Tractormen erased a four-run deficit with a six-tally splurge in the eighth canto.

T. Kelley/Kelly (L) and Baker
Lloyd (W) and Hipwell

(July 15)  A four-run output in the third round powered the Leader nine to a 6 to 2 triumph over the I.H.C. aggregation. First baseman Barker led the Newsies with the baton, stroking three safe swats.

Rowan (W) and Neil
McWilliams (L) and Rhinelander

Standings            W     L      Pct.
Cockshutt            3     1     .750
Leaders              2     1     .667
Peart’s              2     1     .667
C. P. R.             1     1     .500
I. H. C.             1     4     .200
R. M. R.             0     1     .000

(July 31)  In a game defined by solid pitching and fast fielding, the Cockshutt squad held off a late C.P.R. rally to defeat the Trackmen 4 to 3. Winning tosser Lloyd punched out 18 of the Railroaders while hurling a three-hitter. Shortpatcher Marshall tripled and singled for the winners.

Lloyd (W) and Hipwell
T. Kelley/Kelly (L) and Baker

(August 2)  Doubleheader action saw the team representing the Regina Leader defeat the Cockshutt Plow nine 8 to 6 to start things off. This was followed by a scuffle in which the International Harvest Company prevailed 10 to 6 over the C.P.R.  In copping the opener, the Newspaper gang reeled off three double plays to back up winning chucker Smith. Leader first baseman Barker was the game’s top swatsmith, pelting the orb for a three-bagger plus a brace of singles.

Lloyd (L) and Hipwell
Smith (W) and Neil

The late tussle , while replete with plenty of scoring, featured just a combined total of six base knocks, four by the Internationals. Both pitchers of record fanned six opposition batters. 

McWilliams (W) and Rhinelander
McNeil (L) and Baker

(August 4)  With steady pitching the order of the day, the Peart Brothers Hardware grabbed a 4 to 1 verdict over the defensively-challenged R. M. R. nine. The Hardwaremen collected just two safeties but were helped out immensely as the Streetcarmen booted the ball ten times. Winning chucker R. Conley recorded 13 strikeouts while tossing a three-hitter.

Lundeau/Lundean (L) and Anderson, O’Neal
R. Conley (W) and C. Conley

(August 5)  Starting to peak at the right time, the Leaders continued their surge by defeating the R. M. R. team 13 to 5. The Newspapermen virtually won the contest in the top of the opening stanza when they plated seven counters. Winning flinger Martin limited the Streetcar Gang to just three safeties while fanning nine. Outfielder Dayment nailed a double and single for the winners.

Martin (W) and Neil
Lundean/Lundeau (L), Anderson (1) and O’Neal

(August 11)  The Peart’s aggregation played a stellar brand of baseball in taking down the International Harvesters 4 to 1 in Commercial League action. Winning chucker R. Conley limited the Harvesters to three hits and was ably supported by three double plays pulled off by his mates. Second baseman Charley Otton  had two of the three safeties, both slashing doubles, off the slants of Conley while outfielder Bray, with a pair of one-baggers, led the winners’ 8-hit offensive thrust. Bray also made a sparkling defensive play in the fourth panel when he snared a liner off the bat of McLaughlin and fired the pill to the keystone sack in time to double up Otton. 

R. Conley (W) and C. Conley
McWilliams (L) and Rhinelander

(August 12)  Moundsman Lloyd fired a four-hitter and whiffed a dozen in hurling the Cockshutts to a 9 to 3 triumph over the winless R. M. R. nine. The Plowmen essentially put the game on ice with a five-run outburst in the second frame. Shortstop Marshall stroked two hits for the victors.

Anderson (L), Lundean/Lundeau and O’Neal
Lloyd (W) and Hipwell

(August 16)  The Peart’s Brothers Hardware took over the lead in the Regina Commercial Baseball League by clipping the third-place Cockshutt nine 6 to 2 at Dominion Park. The loss for the Tractormen, their third of the campaign, eliminated them from the 1913 pennant chase. Only the Leader squad, with a single setback, still remains in contention with the Hardwaremen for the pendant. Expected to be more of a pitcher’s duel, this contest evolved into an offensive match with the winners collecting 11 hits to 9 for the Plowmen. Top swatter in the clash was outfielder Rea of Peart’s who ripped a brace of doubles. Second sacker Steele of the vanquished nine was right behind, clipping the pill for a two-bagger and single. 

R, Conley (W) and C. Conley
Lloyd (L) and Hipwell

Standings           W     L      Pct.
Peart’s             5     1     .833
Leaders             4     1     .800
Cockshutt           5     3     .625
I. H. C.            3     4     .429
C. P. R.            1     4     .200
R. M. R.            0     5     .000

(September 3)  Peart’s “Rely-Ons” took care of business, edging the lowly R. M. R. aggregation 5 to 4 in an exciting battle that was limited to five innings. Both teams confined their scoring to the second inning and both ended the game with just three base hits. Catcher O’Neal of the Street Railwaymen had a wind-assisted home run off winning flinger R. “Lefty” Conley.

R. Conley (W) and C. Conley
Hillman (L) and O’Neal

(September 4)  The Leaders, behind the two-hit chucking of moundsman Martin, blanked the C.P.R. nine 5 to 0, setting up a winner-take-all final game in the Commercial League schedule against the Peart’s diamondeers. The Newsies scored a trio of counters in their first turn at bat and were never in danger of losing the lead. No batter from either squad was able to amass plural hit totals.

McArthur (L) and Baker
Martin (W) and Neil

(September 6)  The two leading teams in the 1913 Regina Commercial Baseball league, the Peart’s and Leaders, duked it out in a wild finale for the Peart Cup and the league pennant. With both nines having tasted defeat only once during the season, the Leader baseball club staged a late comeback in this showdown joust to edge the Peart’s aggregation 13 to 12. The Hardwaremen had a 12 to 10 lead after eight innings were in the books. In their ninth-inning rally, the Newspapermen got life when catcher Neil reached base on a dropped fly ball. Charley Otton followed with a mighty two-base wallop which scored Neil. Barker was walked by losing chucker “Lefty” Conley who was showing signs of stress. Fly chaser Bill Luff ended the affair in walkoff fashion when he singled off Conley to drive in both Otton and Barker. Playing-manager Jim Habkirk had a key hit for the winners earlier in the fracas, a two-run triple.

R. Conley (L) and C. Conley
Martin (W) and Neil

(September 1)  The Allan-Cummings, champions of the Moose Jaw City League, sprung a surprise on the hosting Regina Province team, edging the Queen City nine 4 to 3 before 1,200 fans at Dominion Park. The Province aggregation had won handily in their first meeting in the Mill City the previous week. The game was marred by considerable wrangling.

Lamb (W) and Crook
Costello (L) and Ritter 


The champion Allan-Cummings nine went undefeated against City League opposition.


May 13)  Blaine Lake  16 - Prince Albert  14

(May 17)  Shellbrook  5 - Blaine Lake  2

(May 21)  Prince Albert  14 - Shellbrook  4

(May 24)  Blaine Lake  9 - Shellbrook  2

(May 28)  Shellbrook  10 - Prince Albert  9

(May 31)  Prince Albert  11 - Blaine Lake  8

(June 4)  Prince Albert  8 - Blaine Lake  6

(June 7)  Shellbrook  11 - Blaine Lake  8

(June 10)  Prince Albert  8 - Shellbrook  4

(June 18)  Shellbrook  6 - Blaine Lake  1

(June 21)  Prince Albert  7 - Shellbrook  4

(July 1)  Prince Albert  2 - Shellbrook  0

(July 5)  Prince Albert vs Blaine Lake – rained out

(July 16)  Prince Albert  5 - Shellbrook  4