1915 Seattle Giants, Northwestern League     

Seattle Giants

The Seattle club is important for Western Canada purposes as so many of the Canadian players also suited up for teams in Washington.  From the 1915 club, Barth, Brooks, Smith, Eastley, Morse and Juney all played for teams in Western Canada and Raymond was a frequent visitor to Vancouver with his Bellingham teams.

Back row (left to right) -  Horton (Secretary), Walter Cadman, Elwyn "Peggy" Barth, Bill Rose, Charles Brooks, Bill McIvor, Walter Mails.

Front row - Jack Smith, Hunky Shaw, Pat Eastley, Mascot (Ed), Tealey Raymond, Harry "Hap" Morse, Frank Juney (Guigni/Giugni)

Seattle Giants

Back row (left to right) - Bill McIvor, Al Bonner, Charles Brooks, Walter Mails. Middle Row - Jack Smith, Walter Cadman, Bill Rose, Elwyn "Peggy" Barth, Hunky Shaw. Front row - Frank Juney (Guigni/Giugni), Hap Morse, Tealey Raymond, Unknown

[Photos, edited for presentation, courtesy of David Eskenazi]