1916 Vancouver Arnold & Guigley     

1916 Arnold & Quigley 1

(The photo appeared in the paper as a panorama, making it a difficult fit here, so I simply divided the photo into two parts.)  There's a probable error in the IDs (it seems likely the guy far right in the suit & bow tie is Lou Jones the manager and not Morden) but that's the way the paper listed the names.

Left to right - Archie Arnold, R.Larson P, H.Larson, Ralph Dawson SS, Stephens 1B, Kerr C, Morden 3B.

Arnold & Quigley 2

Left to right - Lou Jones MGR, Cann 2B, Gray OF, Squair OF, Manson OF, C.G.Jones OF, Charles A. Quigley

[Photo from Vancouver Daily World , 20 May, 1916)