1916 Vancouver Malkins     

Vancouver Malkins

Vancouver Malkins Postcard
The 1916 Vancouver Amateur Champions - Malkins. Above taken from the postcard version (left) courtesy of Mike Doyle, Eilfred's son.

IDs not available, except for the player on the far right, pitcher Camille “Lefty” Delcourt and Wilfred J. Doyle, 5th from the right.

1916 Malkin’s Commercial League roster - Ball Mel 3B/2B, Clarke K. “Casey” 1B/P, Delcourt Camille P/1B, Delcourt Freddie 2B/3B/SS/OF, Doyle Wilfred J. OF/C, Esplen 2B/OF, Ewart OF, Falconer OF, Foley Lorne C, Foley W. OF, Hughes OF/C, Jardine OF, Lochead/Lougheed SS/C, Kingsley 3B, Macken Kenny SS/OF, McConvey 1B/OF/SS, McLean C (also Snider & Brethour), Ross 2B/OF, Sager P/OF