1917 Vancouver Malkins     

1917 Malkins

1917 Malkins. No IDs available.

Players known to have performed with the W. H. Malkin’s entry in the 1917 Vancouver Commercial Baseball League - Cawker/Cowker P/OF, Collins P, Crann OF/2B, Currie 2B/3B/SS, Delcourt Camille P/1B, Delcourt Fred SS/3B, Doyle OF, Ewart A. OF, Finch C. OF, Foley Lorne C, Hume OF, Johnston B. 2B/OF, McConvey C. 3B/P, McCord SS/OF, McLean C. 1B/3B, Raferty R. OF, Sager P/OF, Scott OF, Sinclair/St. Clair OF, Thurston SS, Turnbull 1B/OF

(An edited version of the original - in which the image was reversed, showing most of the players as left-handed. Photos of team officials have been cropped from the image.)

[Modified from the original image, City of Vancouver Archives, CVA 99-5088, photo by Stuart Thomson]