1918 Game Reports / Alberta     


This three-team circuit abounded with youthful players and grizzled veterans as many of the established baseballers from earlier in the decade, who were still in their prime, were military men still engaged in the finishing stages of the Great War in Europe.

The triad of clubs played a split schedule with the Hillhurst Hustlers and the Columbus Club tying for first-half honors. The second-half barely got underway, with several roster changes, before league commitments slowed down to a crawl as exhibition games took over. Once things returned to normal, a shortened second-half proceeded and the Hustlers and Clubbers once again were deadlocked at the end of the schedule. Rather than staging a sudden-death clash for each half, a best-of-three series for the overall championship was arranged.

First Half

(May 1)  Before a crowd of 2,000 fans at Mewata Park, the Cubs defeated the Columbus Club 5 to 3 in the opening game of the City Baseball League. Erasing a 3 to 2 deficit, the Cubbies plated a three-spot in the sixth panel to secure the lead for good. Although the Clubbers recorded eight safeties to just four for the victors, winning moundsman “Mooch” Gill was, for the most part, able to foil his batting foes when bingles meant bacon. Not an extra-base hit was registered in the contest and there were no swatters from either bench who racked up plural hit totals.

Weagant (L) and Carvell
Gill (W) and O’Connor

(May 3)  Making their season debut, the Hustlers had little trouble in disposing of the Columbus Club nine 17 to 5. Tallying eleven markers in the first two frames sealed the deal for the Hillhurst aggregation. The Hibernians were catastrophic afield, committing 11 miscues, which made things easy for the Hustlers. Outer pasture patroller “Fat” Turner ripped three safeties in support of winning twirler “Scotty” Mitchell.

Mitchell (W) and L. Lewis
Bruce (L), Brown (3) and Carvell

(May 6)  Devouring the Cubs by an 11 to 2 count was a double-edged sword for the mighty Hillhurst Hustlers. On the one hand, it kept them undefeated in this infancy stage of the schedule. Yet cries began to abound that they were too powerful for the other two entries in the league and should trade or release some of their stronger players to the opposition forces to make things more competitive, keep fan interest alive and maintain reasonable attendance levels. No game details or batteries published in Calgary Daily Herald.

(May 10)  Hammering the horsehide in timely fashion, the Columbus Club upset the Hustlers 8 to 5 at Mewata Park. A seven-run second stanza by the Clubbers spelled the end for starting and losing flinger S. Guthro. Infielders Weagant and Isom smashed home runs for the victors while teammate Kinder, who sparkled defensively, drilled a double and single. Andy Baxter, “Dodger” Lewis and Joe Carnegie of the vanquished nine all hit safely twice with Baxter accumulating a brace of doubles and Carnegie one.

Davies (W) and Carvell
Guthro (L), C. Lewis (2) and L. Lewis

(May 13)  A late comeback fell just short as the Hillhurst Hustlers hung on for a narrow 10 to 9 verdict over the pesky Cubs’ aggregation. In arrears by a 10 to 4 count, the Baby Bears plated a deuce in the eighth and a three-spot in the ninth to make things uncomfortable for the league leaders. Both squads rang up 11 safeties in this swatfest that had five four-ply clouts sailing into orbit, two of these coming off the lumber of the Bruins’ McNabb. Also connecting for round-trippers were Hustlers’ initial sacker Joe Carnegie as well as Cocken and Larry Gillespie of the vanquished nine. Cocken also registered a three-bagger in the contest.

Mitchell, C. Lewis (9) and L. Lewis
Gray (L), Lang (2) and McNabb, Spence

(May 15)  The Cubs got past the Columbus Club 12 to 7 in a game was was plagued with continual wind, dust and rain. The weather conditions led to numerous errors by both teams and several of the hits garnered were of the scratchy variety. Five runs in each of the seventh and eights spasms did the trick for the Cubbies. No box score or batteries printed in Calgary Daily Herald.

(May 21)  The Columbus Club balltossers hit with authority in stopping the Cubs 11 to 6 at Mewata Park. The winners clipped the pill for 15 bingles while the Cubbies managed to rack up 11. The Cubs’ McNabb and Chuck Henderson of the Clubbers belted dingers with McNabb’s tater coming with the sacks full. Fly chaser Van Norman, in his first game of the campaign for the winners, had a banner night at the dish, clipping the apple for a triple, double and a pair of one-baggers.

Gill (L) and Spence
Brown (W) and Carvell

(May 22)  Continuing to show marked improvement since “Red” Smith” assumed the managerial reins, the Columbus Club nine once again took the measure of the Cubs, doubling the Baby Bears 14 to 7 at Mewata Park. The losers were atrocious afield, committing 11 blunders which, along with 14 base blows by the Clubbers, sealed their fate. Nailing the horsehide for three safeties apiece were playing-manager Smith, keystone sacker W. Isom and outfielder J. L’Eveque of the winners as well as second baseman Cocken and Cal Spence of the vanquished nine. Clonie Tait, Canadian lightweight boxing champion, temporarily in the Cowtown for a pugilistic bout, played in the outer garden for the Hibernians.

Lang (L) and Nelson, Spence
Bruce (W), Weagant (7)  and Carvell 

(May 27)  Schoolboy phenom Lincoln “Dodger” Lewis, still believed to be in his mid-teens, swapped his catcher’s gear for a resin bag and assumed the role of a pitcher at Mewata Park. The transition was seamless as the backstop turned moundsman was brilliant on the bump as he threw a one-hit shutout in spearheading the Hillhurst Hustlers to a 5 to 0 whitewashing of the Cubs. The versatile youngster fanned seven in his winning mound chore, surrendering just a lone single when keystone sacker Cocken of the Cubbies planted the pill into the middle pasture in the third spasm. Lewis also collected three singles at the dish and swiped a base for extra measure. First baseman Andy Baxter also had a triad of base knocks for the winners, one of which was a double.

L. Lewis (W) and Henderson
Gill (L) and Starratt

(May 28)  Attendance was up remarkably at Mewata Park for the Columbus Club clash with the Hustlers and the well-played game which resulted had the Hillhurst nine prevailing 6 to 2. The winners chalked up ten hits to six for the Clubbers. Multi-hit batting performances came from “Dodger” Lewis and Charlie Huffman of the Hustlers, with a brace of safeties each, and second baseman W. Isom of the Hiberians who registered a tainted inside-the-park home run into the right garden amongst his three bingles.

Weagant (L), Davies (6) and Van Norman, Carvell
C. Lewis (W) and L. Lewis, Henderson (9)

(May 29)  The Columbus Club diamond pastimers climbed back on the winning track by recording an impressive 11 to 1 thrashing of the Cubs. An eight-run third inning pretty well sealed the deal for the Clubbers. Base hits abounded and the Cubs, in spite of scoring only once, managed to rack up eleven safeties while the Hiberians ripped the orb for 13. Winning chucker Brown belted the game’s only four-bagger and had a single as well. Infielder W. Isom of the victors led all swatters with three one-baggers. In addition to Brown, those collecting a brace of bingles were his teammates Harry Carvell and “Red” Smith as well as shortpatcher Martin, Cal Spence, first baseman Frank Gillespie and flychaser Bill Marshall of the Baby Bears.

Brown (W) and Carvell
Lang (L) and Webb

(June 3)  The slump-ridden Cubs continued to spiral downward when they were clobbered 16 to 5 by the Hustlers in City League action. Once again, the hitters had it all over the pitchers as 25 base knocks were banged out, 13 by the winning nine. Larry Gillespie of the Bruins and Hillhurst’s Joe Carnegie led all willow wielders with a foursome of safe swats each. Amongst Gillespie’s quartet of raps was a home run and a double while Carnegie’s total included a brace of triples.

Gill (L), Lang (4) and Weagant
Mitchell (W), Baxter and Knee, xxx

(June 4)  Showing an ability to clout the pill in the right place at the right time, the Columbus Club contingent accumulated 14 safe swats in taking down the first-place Hustlers 13 to 7. The fielding on both sides was ragged in this affair as offensive power dominated things. First baseman Chuck Henderson paced the C. C. batters at the platter, slamming a triple, double and single. Heading the nine-hit offense for the Hillhurst aggregation was hot corner guardian Joe Carnegie who stung the sphere for a triple and two-bagger.

Mitchell (L), L. Lewis (6) and Henderson
Brown (W) and Carvell  

(June 7)  The Columbus Club continued their recent mastery over the top-dog Hustlers by decisioning the Hillhurst nine 5 to 2. The win for the C. C. nine was their third conquest of the Hustlers this campaign. Both teams cuffed the horsehide for eight base raps in this joust with only one extra-base hit being recorded, a three-bagger by Hillhurst’s Joe Carnegie. A less-porous defense afforded by the Hibernians aided immensely in their copping of the clash. Rival third basemen led the way offensively for their respective clubs with Carnegie cuffing a pair of base raps in a losing cause while the Clubber’s Van Norman stroked a trio of singles.

Atkins (W), Brown (3) and Carvell
Mitchell (L) and L. Lewis 

(June 10)  With some new faces in the lineup, the Cubs surprised the recently vulnerable Hustlers, grabbing a 10 to 8 City League verdict. The Baby Bears roared out of the gate, accumulating four counters in each of the opening and second cantos and, in the process, sending losing chucker Napper for an early shower. His successor, versatile “Dodger” Lewis, stemmed the tide for the most part over the course of the final seven frames, breezing a dozen along the way. Winning tosser “Mooch” Gill was nicked for a dozen safeties with most of them coming late in the contest. Cocken, normally an infielder but patrolling the outer garden in this fracas, slammed two doubles and a single for the victors. Joe Carnegie and Andy Baxter both doubled and singled in a losing cause.

Napper (L), L. Lewis (3) and L. Lewis, Henderson (3)
Gill (W) and Potts 

(June 12)  Cashing in on their eight base hits with timely execution, the Cubs won their second in succession, a 14 to 4 lambasting of the runner-up Columbus Club squad. While his teammates were piling up a bevy of tallies in the later innings of this skirmish, winning flinger Lang of the Cubbies quietly tossed a five-hitter. Providing long-distance support for their chucker were F. Gillespie and second baseman Barhan who both went yard. In addition to their four-ply dingers, the duo also had a one-bagger each. Flychaser Kinder was best with the baton for the Hibernians, drilling a brace of singles.

Davies (L), Weagant, Brown and Carvell
Lang (W) and Potts

(June 21)  Playing-manager “Red” Smith’s Columbus Club brigade of balltossers doubled the Hustlers 12 to 6 to edge past the Hillhurst nine into top spot in the Calgary City Baseball League. It was a seven-run explosion in the seventh panel that won it for the Hibernians. A grand-slam home run by outfielder Ed L’Eveque was the most telling blow of the outburst. Both teams were credited with 7 base hits. Hillhurst outfielder J. Freeman led the baton swingers with three bingles while L’Eveque, infielder W. Isom and catcher Harry Carvell of the winners all lit up a brace of Hustler chuckers for two safeties. One of Carvel’s base knocks was a four-ply blast.  

Brown, Van Norman (W)(6) and Carvell
Mitchell (L), C. Lewis (7) and Knee, L. Lewis, Henderson

(June 24)  The Hustlers climbed back into a tie for first place in the City League by dumping the Cubs 14 to 4. The game was in doubt up until the sixth frame when the Hillhurst nine pounded losing hurler “Mooch” Gill for eight runs to put things on ice. Teenage twirler “Dodger” Lewis rang up 14 punchouts in grabbing the mound decision. Infielder S. Guthro of the Hustlers had three of his team’s 11 safeties with one of his raps being a double.

L. Lewis (W) and Knee
Gill (L) and Potts

First Half 
Final Standings    W       L        Pct.
Hustlers           8       6       .571
Columbus Club      8       6       .571
Cubs               5       9       .357

(June 26)  The Bassano ball team took a 7 to 4 decision over the Hustlers in the opener of an exhibition twin-bill. The second game ended in a 12 – 12 draw after the Hillhurst squad made a late comeback. The matinee contest was controlled by the pitchers of record, each surrendering just four safeties.

B. Graham (W) and Burley
Turner (L) and C. Lewis

In contrast, the sunset event was a slugfest with the twirlers being lit up for 31 base knocks, 20 by the visitors.

B. Graham, Burroughs and Burley
Turner, C. Lewis, L. Lewis and L. Lewis, C. Lewis

(June 27)  Effective twirling by “Scotty” Mitchell, who tossed a three-hitter, was instrumental in the 5 to 1 exhibition game win by the Hillhurst Hustlers over invading Vulcan.

Mitchell (W) and xxx
Brown (L) and xxx 

(July 1)  More than 2,500 people showed up for an exhibition game in Vulcan that turned out to be a cakewalk for the hosts who ran roughshod over a disappointing Calgary Hustlers nine 15 to 4. The Cowtowners used four chuckers including two of their position players on the slab but it proved disastrous as the Vulcanites ran up a 9 to 1 lead after three innings were in the books. Catcher Burpelt went 5-for-5 at the plate for the winners.

Mitchell (L), Van Norman, L. Lewis, Turner and C. Lewis
Brown (W) and Burpelt

Second Half

(July 12)  The Cubs pounded a lacklustre Hustlers nine 18 to 4 in a one-sided City League game. Larry Gillespie poked a triple for the winners, the longest blow of the game.

Mowery (L), C. Lewis and xxx
xxx (W) and xxx

(July 15)  By posting a 9 to 3 win over the Cubs, the Columbus Club baseballers got off to a rousing second-half start.

Gill (L) and Potts
Davies (W) and Carvell

(July 17)  “Scotty” Mitchell was on his game, yielding just five hits, as he pitched the Hustlers to a 4 to 2 doubling of the Columbus Club. Only two batters, Andy Baxter of the victors and the Clubbers’ catcher Stone, were able to garner two hits. Chuck Henderson hammered a first-inning solo dinger for the C.C.’s.

Dolingham (L) and Stone
Mitchell (W) and L. Lewis

(July 29)  Plating a pair of tallies in the bottom-of-the-ninth round, the Cubs nosed out the Columbus Club 9 to 8 in an exciting City League skirmish. Both teams managed to acquire six base hits with infielder Sharatt of the Cubbies and catcher Stone of the Hibernians collecting two apiece.

Pinneo, Van Norman (L) (9), Dolingham (9) and Stone
Brown (W) and Potts

(July 31)  The Columbus Club had a four-run fifth canto which enabled them to triumph 8 to 5 over the Hillhurst Hustlers. The Clubbers outhit the losing squad by an 11 to 8 margin. Infielder W. Isom stroked three bingles for the victors while teammates Chuck Henderson and Van Norman each had a pair. Losing flinger “Scotty” Mitchell, Fred Lepper and Charlie Huffman all registered a brace of safe swats for the vanquished nine.

Mitchell (L) and Knee
Davies (W) and Carvell

(August 2)  In a high-scoring fiasco at Mewata Park, the Hustlers outlasted the Cubs 16 to 13. Bats were booming throughout the scuffle as the Hillhust nine outswatted the Baby Bears by a 17 to 12 margin. Joe Carnegie and flychaser Miner collected four hits each for the Hustlers. Leading the pack offensively for the Bruins was “Mickey” McNabb with a trio of bingles.

Gill (L) and Potts
Weagant (W) and Henderson

(August 14)  The Columbus Clubbers dropped both ends of a three-team twin-bill, losing 8 to 3 to the Cubs in a matinee game and then falling to the Hustlers 6 to 1 in the late affair. The Cubbies scored in each of the first four stanzas of the opener assuming a solid lead which they never relinquished. Catcher Sharatt led the way with the stick for the Baby Bears, stroking a double and two singles. Moundsman “Lefty” Lang gave up eight hits and struck out six in earning the hillock decision.

Lang (W) and Sharatt
Davies (L), Pinneo (6) and Carvell 

Young “Fat” Turner took a rare turn on the rubber for the Hillhurst nine in the follow-up fracas  and came through with flying colors, surrendering a run in the opening round but blanking the C.C.’s the rest of the way.

Turner (W) and Henderson
Pinneo (L) and Carvell

(August 19)  What practically resolved itself into a duel between rival chuckers “Lefty” Lang of the Cubs and Bobby Bruce of the Columbus Club ended in favor of the C.C.’s 4 to 3 after ten innings of splendid play. The teams were deadlocked at 2 – 2 after nine rounds and when the Cubs came to bat in the top-of-the-tenth episode, they went ahead by a single counter after Potts singled and moved around to score on Sharatt’s drive to the outer pasture. When the Columbus crew took their turn at bat in the bottom-half of the overtime session, Van Norman led off with a burner to shortpatcher “Buck” Grant who was unable to handle it in time to catch the runner at first. Cubbies’ initial sacker Frank Gillespie then muffed Dolingham’s sacrifice bunt and both runners were safe. Chuck Henderson turned the hero stunt of the night when he hammered out a double, scoring both passengers. Bruce hurled a fine 8-hitter and received excellent defensive support in copping the hillock triumph. He also aided his cause with a run-scoring double and single. Henderson had another double plus a single in addition to his game-winning two-bagger. 

Lang (L) and Sharatt
Bruce (W) and Carvell

Special City League Series
Returned Veterans’ Medals

(August 20)  By virtue of their 12 to 8 victory over the Columbus Club, the Hustlers earned the right to meet the Cubs for the Returned Veterans’ Medals. The Hillhurst nine plated deuces in each of the final three cantos to earn the victory. C. “Fat” Turner and Joe Carnegie had a brace of safe swats each for the Hustlers with one of Turner’s drives being a triple and a double being part of Carnegie’s sum. 

C. Lewis (W) and Freeman
Pinneo (L) and Carvell

(August 22)  Medals donated by the returned veterans of the Ogden Convalescent Home will adorn the breasts of the Hillhurst Hustlers after they blasted the Cubs 11 to 2. A six-spot in the eighth panel put the game on ice. 

Gill (L) and Sharatt
Turner (W) and Henderson

(August 23)  A 9 to 4 defeat at the hands of the Hustlers eliminated the Cubs from second-half laurels in the City League. Former teammates C. Turner and L. Lewis battled it out for mound supremacy with Turner emerging as the winner. W. Isom slammed a home run for the victors to go along with a one-bagger.

Mitchell (W) and Henderson
L. Lewis (L) and Sharatt

(August 26)  Five runs in the third spasm carried the Columbus Club to a 10 to 3 victory over the last-place Cubs.

Davies (W) and Carvell
Gill (L) and Sharatt

(August 28)  Timely hitting along with a shaky Hustler defense combined to propel the Columbus Club to an 11 to 6 conquest of the Hillhurst nine and a share of first-place in the final second-half standings of the Calgary City Baseball League. The winners were outhit 10 to 7 by their foes but made the best of the scoring opportunities presented to them. The game was a see-saw affair for the first six innings but a six-spot in the seventh panel did the trick for the Hibernians. The most productive swatters, W. Isom and S. Guthro with three hits each, came from the losing bench. The two rivals will now lock horns in a best-of-three series for the league tiara.

Bruce (W) and Carvell
Turner (L), Mitchell (7) and Henderson

Second Half
Final Standings             W      L       Pct.
Hustlers                    7      5      .583  
Columbus Club               7      5      .583
Cubs                        4      8      .333


(September 4)  The Columbus Club nosed out the Hillhurst Hustlers 4 to 3 in the opening game of the City League final series. Slabman Bobby Bruce scattered eight Hustler hits effectively to grab the hurling decision. Trailing 3 to 2 in the eighth, the Clubbers responded with a deuce to take the lead. The Hillhurst squad threatened in the ninth when C. “Fat” Turner, who relieved starter “Stiffy” Lewis on the bump, nailed a two-out triple. A foul pop-up by J. Freeman followed which C.C. catcher Harry Carvell muffed, creating even more tension. Finally, however, Freeman hit a sizzler to the hot corner which Van Norman coolly handled in tossing to first for the final out. Carvell had three safeties, all singles, to lead the hit parade.

C. Lewis, Turner (L) (8) and Freeman
Bruce (W) and Carvell

(September 6)  Although both teams registered nine base knocks, the Hustlers parlayed their swats into significantly more runs as they swamped the Columbus Club 16 to 7 before 2,000 fans to tie the City League championship series at a game apiece. Compounding the clutch-hitting woes of the Hibernians was their shoddy display afield wherein they booted the horsehide on ten occasions. The game was close until the later stages when the Hillhurst crew ran across five-spots in both the seventh and eighth rounds. Leading all willow wielders in this contest was the versatile Van Norman of the C.C.’s who clipped the apple for a quartet of safeties, one of which was a round-tripper. Top dog offensively for the victors was shortpatcher Fred Lepper who had a double and a brace of one-baggers.

Pinneo (L), Davies (6) and Carvell
Mitchell (W) and Freeman

(September 9)  The Hilhurst Hustlers annexed the 1918 Calgary City Baseball League championship with a 9 to 7 conquest of the Columbus Club in an exciting third game for which the final result was questionable until the last out was made. More than 3,000 fans were in attendance for the finale. The game was tied 5 – 5 after six innings were in the books but the Hustlers collected deuces in both the eighth and ninth stanzas while the Hibernians were able to respond with just singletons in each of those spasms. A bottom-of-the-ninth rally by the Clubbers, who held a 9 to 6 margin in base hits, fizzled out after a promising beginning. R. “Scotty” Mitchell had two doubles for the winners while outfielder Watts led the vanquished crew at the dish with a double and a pair of one-baggers.

C. Lewis (W) and Freeman
Dolingham (L) and Stone


(September 12)  Failing to play anywhere up to their full potential, the Calgary City League All-Stars were dumped 11 to 2 by a classy aggregation of Moose Jaw Robin Hoods before a record crowd of 3,100 at Mewata Park. Both squads stroked eight base blows but the Mill City nine were far more adept with ducks on the pond. In addition, the wheels came off for the Cowtowners defensively, especially in the seventh panel, when the Flourmen plated six counters. However, the hosts did manage to reel off a nifty triple play in the third panel. Shortstop Fred Lepper of the Calgarians was the shining light in the base hit department, cracking a double and two singles.

Vold (W) and Love
Gill (L), Mitchell, Pinneo and Sharatt

(September 13)   The Calgary City League All-Stars jolted the Moose Jaw Robin Hoods twice at Mewata Park, downing the Millmen 6 to 4 in an afternoon affair before completing the sweep with a narrow 6 to 5 win in the evening tussle.  With Lester Haynes, a pick-up from Stavely, on the slab and catcher Bill Fortier, an addition from Bassano, behind the platter in the opener, the fortified Cowtowners were able to even the series even though outhit by a 7 to 6 margin.

Jones (L) and Love, Swanney (1)
Haynes (W) and Fortier

Andy Baxter’s two-run single in the final frame plated the tying and winning tallies for the Calgarians in the finale as a pair of portsiders, Brown and Vold, battled tooth-and-nail on the bump. Brown was recruited from Vulcan for the series and proved to be a valuable reinforcement.

Vold (L) and Love
Brown (W) and Fortier

(September 15)   Lester “Slim” Haynes proved that he is indeed an iron man when it comes to durability on the mound in back-to-back challenges. The big righthander, seconded from Stavely by the Calgary City Leaguers for their series against Moose Jaw, pitched all but 1/3 of an inning in a doubleheader which wrapped up the series. The Moose Jaw invaders took the first game 6 to 3 when Haynes pitched well enough to win but was the victim of frequent bungles by his teammates. With just a half-hour of rest between games, Haynes was summoned to the hillock once again, this time as a first-inning reliever for starter Pinneo in the second contest after the Cowtowners had fallen behind 1 to 0 and only one Robin Hood batter had been retired. Not only did Haynes pitch the rest of the way, he did so without relinquishing a hit as the Calgarians went on to triumph 13 to 1. Murray Smith was sharp on the Hill for the Mill City crew in the opener, limiting the Stars to 5 safeties, two of which were garnered by Andy Baxter. The visitors had eight safe swats which were enhanced by a half dozen Calgary errors. Top dogs with the hickory for the Flourmen were playing-manager Hank O’Day and flychaser Jack Robertson who both singled twice.

Smith (W) and Love
Haynes (L) and Fortier

Moose Jaw manager Hank O’Day gambled by sending first-game winner Murray Smith back to the hill in the late affair but the move backfired as Smith tired badly in the middle frames and was derricked, along with a second Moose Jaw chucker, in the fifth panel when Calgary ignited for nine runs. The imported battery of Haynes and catcher Bill Fortier both connected for home runs in the onslaught while Joe Carnegie contributed a triple and double.

Smith (L), Jones (5), McDonald (5) and Love
Pinneo, Haynes (W) (1) and Fortier