1918 Vancouver Delmonico     

1918 Delmonico

Players who performed for the 1918 Delmonicos of the Vancouver Commercial League :  Bertram, Boe OF, Butler SS, Cann 2B, Chapman, Dawson OF (also Purdy’s), Ferguson C. OF, Ferguson G. 2B, Ferguson R. OF/P, Fogleman OF, Freshfield OF/2B/SS (also Central Club), Fyfe OF/1B/2B, Gibson 2B/OF, Giguere 2B/SS (also Purdy’s), Gourlay P/3B (also Purdy’s), Hainsworth P, Johnson/Johnston P/2B/SS/OF, Jones Lou MGR, Krueger 2B, Larson “Tat” P/SS/1B, Leach 1B/C, Lochead W. OF/2B, Manson OF/SS, McCullough C/OF (also American Can Company – City League), Shakespeare P, Silver OF/2B, Somerville C, Stewart OF, Storme P/OF, Sutherland, Tatman Paul 3B/P, Windblad/Windhead 2B/1B, Wyard Jack 1B/C/SS, York OF

[Modified from the original photo, Vancouver Archives, Reference -CVA 99-5191, Photo by Stuart Thomson]