1918 Rosters     



Beavers :  Bellcourt OF, Brady F. C, Brady Tom P, Brunskill Cy 2B/OF, Hilldrup OF, Houlding Pete SS/C, Jones W. 3B, Saumwebber 3B/OF/2B, Schrader OF, Smith 1B, Swail P

Pilgrims :   Barnes Charlie 2B/OF, Brown Harley 1B, Chantry OF, Falby 1B/OF/2B, Harris Alex C, Lemery OF, McIntosh 2B, Peck 2B/OF, Richards Don P, Robillard 3B, Taylor Dave SS, Upton C

Quakers :   Barnes OF, Barrett SS, Borland OF, Brunskill Cy 2B/OF, Cummings P, Hilldrup C/OF, Jones W. 3B, Kelly “King” P, Lemery OF, Miller C, Peck 3B, Pinder Bob 1B/2B/P/3B, Sammwebber 2B, Smith Charlie OF, Taylor W. C, Wagner 1B, Walker OF/3B, Wilson OF 

Sutherland :   Barnes OF, Campbell 1B, Duffy P/SS, Guthrie 1B, Hamilton OF, Lemery OF, McOrmond OF, Pickard 3B, Poulin 3B, Reilly/Riley C, Ross P, Scobie C, Sheppard SS, Spence OF, Veitch 2B 


Capitals :   Allan/Allen J.(Babe) P/OF, Baldwin Bill OF, Batey C, Blacklock 1B/C, Collins “Spike” P/OF, Cook OF, Dent George OF, Downey Roy 1B, Gearhart 3B/2B, Hamilton OF (also Imperial Life), Harkins “Shorty” P/2B, Harrington C/OF, Hastings “Miggs” P/OF/1B, Holland SS, Knowles 2B/OF/SS, McTavish 1B/OF/SS/3B, Moroschan Pamfil “Casey” SS/P/OF/2B/3B/1B, Nelson Tom 2B, Nichols 3B, Quane Mickey OF, Smith Mathew “Mutt” 3B/2B/SS/P, Steinbach OF, Townsend Frank OF/2B/1B/C

Garrys :   Campbell Jack(Jersey) C/MGR, Cook Russell P/OF/2B, Crosby Gordon OF, Drescher OF, Farquhar Jack SS/P, Gray Dick P/OF/SS, Hinchey Ernie 2B/1B, Janzen Verne 2B/OF/C/3B/1B/SS, Kain Terence(Ted) P, Oliver 3B/2B, Otton Charley OF/3B, Parkinson HaroldA.(Ash) 1B, Parkinson Chester OF/P, Stevens Cy OF, Van Gorder OF

Imperial Life :   Arthurs 1B, Bennett Wilbur OF/1B, Cook C. 2B/SS/OF, Dickey/Dickie Harold P/2B, Dunstan Kasimer OF, Forrest 2B, Fraser Otis C/SS, Fraser Roy OF/SS/2B, Garrett Bert P/MGR, Hamilton OF (also Capitals), Holmes J. 1B/SS/OF, Kieley OF, Kitner 3B, Mastel Frank 2B, Medland OF, Middleton OF, Orr SS/OF, Patterson OF, Reimer “Casey” OF/C/SS/1B, Teipel P/SS/2B, Van Strome OF

Rosters of teams playing exhibition games against clubs from the Regina Northside League

Moose Jaw Robin Hoods :   Armstrong Al 3B, Erickson OF, Fennell OF, Henderson Cliff OF, Johnston/Johnson SS, Kent OF, Love Gordon C, MacDonald Jim 1B, O’Day William “Hank” 2B/MGR, Phillips OF, Smith Murray P/OF, Swannie/Swanney OF, Vold Oscar(Lefty) P/OF

Rouleau :   Armour OF, Cochrane OF, Farness P/2B, Johnston 2B, Jones SS/2B, Kuehl OF/3B/P, Lee 3B/3B, Munro C, Petersmeyer C, Sanborn 1B, Westbrook OF

Swift Current :   Borthwick Jim P/OF, Costello Jack P, Elliott Abe 2B, Emms Bertie OF/SS, Harrison C, Helmer Rosie 1B, Jackson SS/OF, Kauson P, McWilliams Archie C, Petersen Walter P, Reidler Angus(Gus) OF, Robinson “Rabbit” 3B, Ross OF,



Columbus Club :  Atkins P, Brown P/OF, Bruce Bobby P/2B, Carvell Harry C/MGR, Davies P, Dolingham/Dollingham P/3B/2B, Folkard SS/2B, Fortier 1B/2B, Henderson Chuck 1B, Hoar 2B, Huffman Charlie OF (also Hustlers – first half), Isom W. 1B/2B (also Hustlers – second half), Kinder OF, Kundall OF, L’Eveque Ed OF, Mastel Frank OF/2B, Mooney 2B/OF, Pinneo P, Smith “Red” SS/MGR, Stone C, Tait Clonie OF, Van Norman OF/3B/C/P, Watts Fred 3B/OF, Weagant L. P/SS/OF (also Hustlers – second half), White OF

Cubs :  Barhan 2B, Brown P/OF, Cocken SS/2B/3B/OF, Cook OF/2B, Folkard 3B, Gill “Mooch” P, Gillespie Frank 1B, Gillespie Larry OF/MGR, Grant “Buck” SS, Gray P/OF, Hand OF, Lang “Lefty” OF/P/3B, Lindsay OF, Lewis L. P/3B (also Hustlers), Marshall Bill OF/1B, Martin OF/SS/3B, McKay 2B, McNabb Carl (Mickey) 3B/C/OF/2B, Moult/Mount OF, Nelson C/OF, O’Connor C, Potts C/2B/OF, Sharatt A.(Ching) 2B/C, Sibbett Alva 3B, Spence Cal 3B/C/OF/MGR, Turner Lloyd OF/1B, Weagant C, Webb C/OF

Hillhurst Hustlers :  Baxter Andy 1B/P, Carnegie Joe 3B/1B/2B/MGR, Freeman J. OF/C/3B, Guthro S. 1B/P/OF/2B/3B, Henderson F.(Slim)C/OF, Huffman Charlie OF (also Columbus Club – second half), Isom W. 1B/OF (also Columbus Club – first half),  Knee V. OF/C, Lepper Fred SS, Lewis Clifford(Stiffy) P/OF, Lewis Lincoln(Dodger) C/P/OF/1B/SS (also Cubs), Miner OF, Mitchell R.(Scotty) P/OF/SS/2B, Mowery P, Napper P/OF, Smith 2B, Turner C.(Fat) OF/P/3B, Weagant L. OF (also Columbus Club – first half), Wright OF 


Moose Jaw Robin Hoods :  Armstrong 3B, Henderson Cliff OF, Johnston/Johnson SS, Jones “Buster”P, Love Gordon C, MacDonald Jim 1B/P, O’Day Hank 2B/MGR, Robertson Jack OF, Shannon OF/1B, Smith Murray OF, Swanney C/OF, Vold Oscar(Lefty) P/OF

Calgary City League All-Stars :  Baxter Andy OF, Brown “Lefty” P (added to roster from Vulcan), Carnegie Joe 3B/1B/OF, Fortier C (added to roster from Bassano), Gill “Mooch” P, Guthro OF, Haynes Lester(Slim) P (added to roster from Stavely), Henderson Chuck 1B, Lepper Fred SS, Lewis Clifford(Stiffy) OF, Mitchell R.(Scotty) P/OF, Pinneo P, Sharatt/Sharratt C, Smith “Red” 2B/SS, Turner Lloyd OF, Van Norman 3B, Watts Fred OF

Bassano Bear Cats :  Billy, Burley C, Burroughs/Burrows P, Calverson 1B, Craig Percy 2B, Culberton, Currie OF, Fortier Bill C/1B/3B, Furlatt OF, Graham Bill P/OF, Graham Harry “Chief” P/1B, McCaugherty OF, Oderkirk 2B/SS, Pinneo P, Sommerville OF/C, Steneil SS, Williams Steve 2B

Edmonton Journal :  Marskell W.(Barney) LHP/2B

Gleichen :  Alstot OF, Benton OF, Graham 3B, Lapp 2B/SS, McArthur B. C, McArthur J. OF/P, McArthur R. 1B, Shayer, Williams SS/2B, Wilson OF/P

Innisfail :  Craig OF, DeLong 1B, Denny 2B, Keller P, Kirkham SS, Marse OF, Mayberry 3B, Raycroft C, Shaw OF

Maple Creek : Dickey OF, Grice OF, Harrington C, Hastings 1B, Hoffman 3B, Lutz OF, McIlhinney 2B, Purcell P/SS, Robison SS/P

Stavely :  Allan Alex C, Crumley Clint OF, Godfrey G. 3B, Haynes Lester(Slim) P, Hopper SS, Jenkins Marc 1B, Jenkins Roy 2B, Watts OF, Webster OF     

Vulcan :  Brown “Lefty” P, Buckley SS, Burpelt C, Duckett C/OF, Fortier C/1B/2B, Gibson OF, Godfrey 3B, Graham 3B, Gray Shorty 2B/OF, Lapp 2B, Schroeder OF, Starr C. OF, Starr B. 1B, Williford/Wilfordson "Pep" LHP



Arenas :  Baker OF, Bateman Garfield(Buck) SS/2B/OF, Bingham E. P/OF, Burgess OF, Casey Pat OF, Chisholm 3B/C, Collins OF, Congalton Jimmy OF, Cuthbert Laurie P, Cuthbert Stuart(Fuzz) 1B, Davies P, Galbraith Billy 3B, Jones “Casey” P, Maxwell Fred “Steamer” OF/SS, May Sid P, McDonald Avon P, McKim P, McLennan Alex 1B/OF, Neil Connie 3B/SS, Nelson 2B/OF, Nott Ivan 2B/MGR, Phillips Art(Tiny) OF, Robertson C. OF, Robertson Homer SS, Robertson Jack SS/OF/1B, Ross Alex P/OF, Scott H. P, Shannon Tommy OF, Spracklin John OF, Thorarinson Thor C/1B, Warren Fred(Bunny) OF

Catholic Club :  Brodeur A. P, Burgess OF, Burke SS, Cann Pat , Cantwell Dan OF, Cantwell Pete P, Chisholm Billy 3B, Gibbons C, Gilchrist OF, Hessian Bert(Lefty) OF/P, Knight Bill SS/2B, Lapp OF, May Herb 1B, Roche Wally 2B, Ross P/OF, Shannon Tommy OF, Shepard/Sheppard Stuart C, Sigurdson Hank, Smith OF, Spence 3B /SS, Stevenson P, Williams 2B

Dominion Express :  Barton C, Baynham OF, Bussler P, Caithness C, Craig Percy P/OF, Donnelly OF, Franks Carl OF, Frick Art P, Frick E. OF, Gladu A. C, Guarnera Gus SS, Hart OF, Hipfel P, Hood Tommy 2B, Irvin Alex 1B, Jones Buster P, Kendall "Sig" B, Mathewson OF, Nestor Victor P, Perlman Sam C, Russell 1B, Samson Ab C, Stokes Ernie 1B, Terry W.(Bill) OF, Tompkins SS

Granites :  Baynham R. P, Burgess Hunter OF, Eadie 1B, Fidler Alex 2B, Flannigan Doc OF, Goodman Mike OF/3B, Helfrick W.(Dutch)3B, Hudson Gordon C, Lawrie Jimmy SS, Lexier Nap Mascot, McKeown 3B, Ross Alex P/3B, Ross Milt OF, Scott W.J. C, Sigurdson Hank P, Sigurdson Sam OF, Singbush Ronald(Singy) C, Smith Billy SS, Tinney Doug C, Tinney Fred 1B, Vogan "Lefty" OF, Wynant Oscar UT



American Can Company  (referred to as the Cancos) : Andrews OF, Cahill OF/1B, Clark/Clarke OF, Crooks OF, Ferguson R. 3B/1B/SS/OF, Fitzpatrick A. C/OF, Fitzpatrick B. 2B/P/C, George P/SS, Gustafson 1B/P/2B/SS/OF, Hughes 2B, Jack 3B/C/P, Judge, Mattix P, McCullough C (also Delmonico Cafe – Commercial League), McGuigan 1B, Mundie 3B, Newton C, Raftery SS/3B/OF, Richardson D. 1B, Richardson G. OF, Richardson H. 2B/OF/P, Roberts OF, Ross R.(Bobby) C, Ruben, Ruth C/OF/2B/3B, Simpson 1B, Webster SS

Coughlan’s : Baker C, Barber OF, Brown/Browne D. 1B, Brown/Browne J. OF, Brown/Browne M. OF, Diebel 2B, Fox 3B/SS/P, Gemmell OF, Harris 3B/P, Heise C, Henderson, Holt C, Lewis P, McKay A.(Dutch) OF, Nahanee P/C, Sayer(s) SS/2B, Stickney P

Hudson’s Bay (dropped out in late July) : Almas OF, Black Jack OF/SS/C, Blackburn Phil SS/OF/P, Campbell C/OF, Ferguson 2B, Jeffers 3B/OF, Jopson 1B/OF, McLean C/2B/OF, McInnis, McKillop OF/3B, Mills OF, Phillips P/SS/OF/3B, Shean C, Shillingford Joe C, Stewart 1B/OF, Vater "Choppy" 2B/C /SS

Vancouver Province : Calder OF, Gardner OF/C/2B, Gordon 2B/SS, Herbsman OF, Hunter OF, Malley Charlie 3B/OF/P, Masle 2B, McKillop OF, Murray “Duck” SS/1B/2B/OF, Roblin K. C, Smitheringale W. P, Stedham 1B, Turnbull Bill 3B, Wilson OF, Worley SS/1B

Vancouver Sun : Boe Charles OF, Boe Chester 1B, Bradbury “Bum” 3B/2B, Crawford OF, Farquhar Jimmy 2B/SS/3B, Fitzpatrick OF, Harrison P/OF, Lewis P, McKenzie OF, Masi S. C, Payne OF, Shafer Bill SS, Stewart B. OF, Stewart M. C, Thurston Jerry 3B/P/OF, Vanison OF

Vancouver World : Basiern/Basireau D. P, Blake OF/P/3B, Brouse C, Bryant P, Clark/Clarke W. C/P/SS, Hughes 2B (also Purdy-Centrals – Commercial League), Mattix SS/2B, Nash G. 1B/3B, Phillips C, Pippes P/OF, Prowse G. 3B/OF, Richardson SS, Ross E. SS, St. Claire H. P/OF, Torey A. OF, Torey L. 2B, Vernon E. OF, Vernon Sid 2B/C/3B/1B/MGR, Walker R. OF, Young Ralph OF


Central Club (generally called the Centrals) : Brethour Ed MGR, Brethour Ira P/OF, Browne OF, Buchanan Al OF/2B/C, Freshfield Dean 3B/OF (also Delmonico Cafe), Fuller 2B, Jardine Tommy 2B/SS/P, Mayfield OF, McGregor R. SS/P, McLean Cy C, Muskett OF/2B/1B/3B, Pringle Johnny 1B/P/C, Rickson OF, Rodgers/Rogers P/OF, Somerton OF, Thorpe OF, Woods Ernie 3B/OF/C/1B

Coughlan’s : Brand Bill P, Brown Joe 2B/OF/P, Bullard Russ SS/3B (also National Biscuit Company), Corbiere Art P, Durfee/Durofee P/OF, Finch Charlie C (also National Biscuit Company), Hanifan/Hanifin/Hannifan 3B/C/2B/OF, Hastings Joe P, Hedigan Tom OF/1B, Kelly OF/C, Lewis OF, Lochead Jack C/OF/2B, Lochead Tommy 2B/OF/P, McDonald Ivan/Ivy P, McGregor A. OF, McSorley OF, Moran/Morin 2B/SS/1B, Neilson Andy MGR, Paepke Ernie(Dutch) 2B/P/3B, Rogers 1B/C/3B/OF, Stinson

Delmonico Cafe : Bertram, Boe OF, Butler SS, Cann Hec 2B, Chapman, Dawson OF (also Purdy’s), Ferguson C. OF, Ferguson G. 2B, Ferguson R. OF/P, Fogleman OF, Freshfield OF/2B/SS (also Central Club), Fyfe Herb OF/1B/2B, Gibson 2B/OF, Giguere W.(Bill/Jiggs) 2B/SS (also Purdy’s), Gourlay Art P/3B (also Purdy’s), Hainsworth P, Johnson/Johnston P/2B/SS/OF, Jones Lou MGR, Krueger 2B, Larson Rudolph(Tat/Skinny) P/SS/1B, Leach LeslieM. 1B/C, Lochead W. OF/2B, Manson OF/SS, McCullough C/OF (also American Can Company – City League), Shakespeare P, Silver OF/2B, Somerville/Sommerville C, Stewart OF, Storme P/OF, Sutherland, Tatman Paul 3B/P, Windblad/Windhead 2B/1B, Wyard Jack 1B/C/SS, York OF

National Biscuit Company : Andrews Jack 1B/OF, Archambeault Joe OF, Balcom P, Blochberger Walter C/OF, Bullard Russ SS/OF (also Coughlans), Crowe OF, Elmer Sis OF, Ewart OF/1B/P, Finch Charlie C (also Coughlan’s), Finnson P, Foley Lorne OF/1B/C, Gourlay Art P (also Purdy-Centrals), Guichon P/2B, McConvey 1B, McGregor R. SS (also Centrals), McKenzie Dan MGR, Nordman P/OF, Ralston JimmyC. 2B/SS, Richardson “Minnie” P/OF, Scott OF/C/1B, Solloway Leo 3B, Sparks “Lefty P (also Purdy’s), Stewart, Stoddart P, Watters Jimmy 2B/OF (also Purdy’s), Whyte Sid, Williams OF, Wilson OF/2B/C/1B

Purdy’s : Blochberger Ted OF, Clarke 1B, Dawson Ralph OF, Dolphin OF, Giguere OF (also Delmonico Cafe), Gourlay Art P, Holt C/OF, Joliffe Ernie SS, Jones Bill 1B/MGR, McDonald M. P, McDonald Ira OF, McGirr 3B, McLeod 1B/SS, Parnell/Parsell 2B/OF, Richardson Harry C/OF, Sparks “Lefty” P/OF (also National Biscuit Company), Watters Jimmy 2B

Roster of amalgamated entry

Purdy-Centrals : Brethour Ira P, Buchanan Al OF/C, Dawson Ralph OF, Gourlay P (also Delmonicos) , Hawkins Bert MGR, Holt OF, Hughes (also Vancouver World – City League), Jardine Blair 2B, Joliffe Ernie SS, Joliffe Percy OF, McDonald M. OF/P, McGirr 3B, Pringle Johnny 1B, Richardson Harry C, Shaver Bill 1B, Ward OF, Wood Herb OF/3B

Rosters of 1918 exhibition game opponents

Anacortes WA : Baker OF/3B, Bowcher 1B, Bray C, Cox OF, Johnson 2B, Lewis SS, Monks OF, Rocky P, Stephens 3B/OF

Camp Lewis WA : Altermatt 3B, Arnspiger C, Bigbee P/OF, Borton OF, Cooney P/OF, Freshfield OF, Hawkes OF, Judd OF, Kibble 2B, Kraft SS, McHenry 1B/OF, Reuther Walter(Dutch) P/1B*, Sullivan 2B/OF

*MLB player 1917-1927 serving in U.S. military during 1918

Victoria Cubs : Balcom Bill P, Brown SS, Campbell OF, Cottet OF, George C, Green 1B, Green #2 3B, Holness Jimmy P, McKay P/OF, Milne OF, Straith Alex P, Townsley Theo C, White Bob 2B


Asahis :  Furumoto Ted, Hayami Gakuto(Jack), Horii(Kitagawa Y.) Yutaro Yo, Iakata, Ito Junji(George),Kasahara Bariki(Kiyoshi), Kitagawa Eddie, Kitagawa Hatsu(Mickey), Kitagawa Y., Kitamura Ken, Kumita, Matoba Niichi(Tom), Matsumiya Sotaro, Matsumoto T., Miyasaki Sanzoku(Harry), Miyata Tom, Nagano Frank(Lefty), Niimi Joe, Uchiyama Yuji, Wakabayashi T.,Yoshioka Masajiro(Happy)

Empress Manufacturing : Boe 1B, Callaghan 3B/OF, Chapman OF/1B/2B, Clark/Clarke OF, Cooper C, Duckworth OF/2B, Farquhar 3B, Hunter P, Milling OF, Pearse 3B, Phillips P, Raftery B. 2B, Raftery C. SS, Richardson G. 2B/SS, Roberts 1B, Shaver C/3B/SS, Smith C, Storey OF

Hanbury’s : Bouchard A. 3B/2B, Brown J. P, Calder Ralph OF, Coyle OF/P, Daniels JohnnyS.(Red) C, Goodall Roy 1B, Inch Ferdie P/OF, Jones M. 2B/OF/SS/3B, Lewis OF/P, MacIntosh 2B/OF, Mills R.(Bobby) OF/2B, Mortimer SS/1B, Randall OF, Smith OF

Ross & Howard : Abran P, Beath 3B, Clark P, Elliott 1B, Fox C, Lewis T. OF, Masi A. SS, Masi S. C, Salmon OF, Sinnons OF, Thurston P, Worley 2B

Rosters of 1918 exhibition game opponents

Britannia Beach : Campon SS, Carson 3B, Dunn OF, Ferguson P, Johnson 1B, King OF, McTigue C, Oka OF, Priest 2B

Powell River : Clibier P, Gribble C

New Westminster Manufacturing :  Butler C., Butler R.(Dick), Cherry R., Cruver Earl(Captain), Grimston Doug, McDonald R. MGR, Murray R., Stoddart H., Thompson J.

Enderby :  Dill Ed, Dill Frank, Farmer Percy, Forster Bob, Frevel Clarence, Grant Elmer, Johnson Buck, Mack Ed, Patten Ian