1921 Vancouver CPR, the Cee Pees     
Vancouver CPR

Front row, left to right - J. Tyrwhitt, N.Cross, Howard Proctor MGR, A. Irvine, G. Scott, L. Mowat, A. Amos, G. Suckling, G. Fitch, J. Duncan, Aubrey Tennant Mascot. The two players in the back row were not identified.

Vancouver CPR

Front row, left to right - Unknown, G. Suckling, A. Amos, G. Scott, Howard Proctor MGR, G. Fitch.

In the back rows - between Amos & Scott in the CPR hat is A. Irvine. Others, Unknown.

1921 C.P.R. roster : Amos OF, Brown Harold 3B, Cross 1B, Devlin P, Duncan C, Finlay OF, Finch Charlie OF, Fitch 1B, Hooper OF/P, Irvine OF/SS, Mowatt OF, Mills P, Proctor Howard SS/MGR, Purdy 3B, Scott 2B, Suckling 3B/2B/P, Tyrwhitt P/3B, Westwood OF, Whiteside P

[Photo originals from the Vancouver Archives, Reference - CVA 99-3337 & 99-3347. Photos by Stuart Thomson]