1921 Saskatchewan Game Reports     


Probus Club
Rose Athletics
Success College
Winner’s Club

(May 16)  A plethora of hits, errors and stolen bases defined the Northside League opener at Park de Young that ended in an 18 – 18 tie between Winners and the Rose Athletics. The hitters had the upper hand over the pitchers as 29 base hits were banged out, 15 by Winners. Jack Rowand of Winners drilled four singles and drove in seven runs. The Athletics’ “Mutt” Smith also had four safeties, including a pair of doubles, and racked up six RBI’s. 

Symons, Kain (2), Dent (8), Smith (9) and Froste
Bannister, Purdy (6) and Blacklock

(May 17)  The Probus Club’s band of baseballers blanked Success Business College 10 to 0 in the first game of the new season for both teams. Winning pitcher Merrill held the Collegians to four hits while giving up an equal number of free passes. Success’ hurler Wilson went the route despite surrendering ten hits and nine walks. First baseman Cecil Browne belted a home run and single for the Clubbers, driving in a pair of runs.  

Merrill (W) and Parker
Wilson (L) and Irvin

(May 19)  Before a large crowd of fans at Park de Young, the Probus Club clipped the Rose Athletics 9 to 2. Russell Cook out dueled Ashley Parkinson for the mound verdict in a hook-up of veteran chuckers. The Clubbers had an 8 to 7 edge in base hits. A four-run first-inning set the Clubbers on the road to victory. The outburst came just after the Probus nine had escaped a top-of-the opening canto threat by the Athletics when they pulled off a triple play. Flychaser Bennett of the victors led all batters with a triple, double and single, good for a brace of RBI’s.

Parkinson (L) and McInnis
Cook (W) and Parker

(May 21)  Led by their catcher-manager Chum Irvin, who drove in four runs and scored one himself, the Success Business College defeated Winner’s 7 to 1 at Park de Young. Winning pitcher Lewis was an enigma to the vanquished nine. Although wild, he was extremely stingy with hits, allowing two all told of which one was decidedly scratchy. Irvin’s contribution with the cudgel comprised a booming home run, a double and a single. Bannister was nicked for ten hits in taking the loss.

Lewis (W) and Irvin
Bannister (L) and Leigh

(May 23)  The Probus Club broke up a close 3 to 2 game by running across four counters in the eighth episode to bounce Winner’s 7 to 2. Pete Gottselig hurled the complete-game victory, yielding seven hits, while Bannister, who suffered the loss, also went the distance and was tagged for ten safeties. Top hitter in the game was second baseman Heinie Rogers of the losers who picked up three safeties.

Bannister (L) and Blacklock
Gottselig (W) and Parker

(May 24)  The Rose Athletics broke into the win column by getting past Success Business College 10 to 7. Both teams stroked the spheroid for ten safe swats. In arrears by a 7 to 4 count after six stanzas, the Athletics broke through with a four-spot in the seventh and added a deuce in the ninth to seal the deal. Shortpatcher Jack Farquhar of the Rose diamond troopers lit up losing chucker Rittinger for three safe swats. Second sacker Cliff Slade of the vanquished nine also had a triad of base raps. Playing-manager Ted Kain of the A’s copped the heaving triumph with a complete-game effort.

Kain (W) and Stevenson
Rittinger (L) and Snell

(May 31)  In a replay of their tie game played on May 16, Winner’s trimmed the Rose Athletics 8 to 2 at Park de Young. Winning slabster Bannister tossed a three-hitter while losing heaver “String” McLellan/McLelland, derricked from the knoll after six innings, was wild, walking eight batters, hitting one and uncorking two wild pitches while surrendering four of the five safeties garnered by Winner’s. Outfielder Knowles of the triumphant nine was the lone player in the game to register a brace of bingles.

Bannister (W) and Wood
McLellan/McLelland (L), Smith (7) and McInnis 

(June 3)  The Rose Athletics moved into second place in the Northside League standings by nosing out Winner’s 16 to 15 in a sloppily-played clash at Park de Young. The Athletics scored 11 runs in the second stanza and appeared to have an easy victory in the bag but Winner’s refused to quit and put a seven-spot on the scoreboard in the sixth to make things much closer. Infielders “Mutt” Smith of the Rose aggregation and Jack Rowand of the vanquished nine had three hits apiece.

Lindsay (L), Bannister (3) and McInnis, Wood
Kain (W) and Stevenson

(June 7)   Success Business College knocked the Probus Club from the ranks of the undefeated with an 8 to 6 win at Park de Young. Winning pitcher Johns whiffed 14 batters in going the route. His batterymate, catcher “Chum” Irvin had three hits, including a bases-empty home run, and drove in a pair of runs. Shortstop George Hay swatted two doubles for the Clubbers. 

Johns (W) and Irvin
Tompkins (L), Gottselig and Parker

(June 11)  The Rose Athletics moved into a tie for top spot in the Northside Baseball League by handing the Probus Club a 10 to 7 defeat. The Athletics, taking advantage of losing twirler Russell Cook’s wildness, strung together a cluster of hits to run across eight counters in the sixth spasm and take control of the game. Russ White was the complete-game winner. The top hitters in the game, Howie Milne and George Hay, were both from the losing side. Hay connected for a triple and a double while Milne belted a pair of doubles. For the Athletics, Charlie Milne singled twice and had three RBI’s.

Cook (L), Gottselig (6) and Parker
R. White (W) and W. White

(June 13)  By defeating the Winner’s Club 8 to 7 at Park de Young, the Success College team created a three-way tie for first place in the Northside Baseball League. The contest was a see-saw affair in which the rivals fought back to tie the score four times. Success plated the winning counter in the bottom-of-the-ninth. After Fred Barker reached base on an error and stole second, he was driven home with the walkoff winner when pinch-hitter Suter came through with a clutch one-bagger. Winning pitcher Rittinger was touched for nine safeties while fanning 13 batters. Losing heaver Bannister was combed for a dozen base raps, one of which was a four-bagger by second baseman Cliff Slade. Leo Vineberg of the Collegians as well as outfielder Knowles of the losers both stroked a double and single.

Bannister (L) and Spence
Rittinger (W) and Irvin

(June 18)  Winner’s defeated the Probus Club 5 to 2  to further tighten the standings in the Northside Baseball League. Only a game-and-a-half separates the top and bottom clubs in the standings. Bannister earned the pitching win over Pete Gottselig in the six-inning tilt that was called because of rain. Catcher Stew Leigh whacked a triple, double and single for the victors.

Bannister (W) and Leigh
Gottselig (L) and Parker

STANDINGS              W      L      Pct.    GBL
Success College        3      2     .600    ----
Rose Athletics         3      2     .600    ----
Probus Club            3      3     .500    0.5
Winner’s Club          2      4     .333    1.5

(June 22)  An 8 to 7 ten-inning victory by the Winner’s Club over the Rose Athletics further tightened the race for the Northside League pennant. Only one full game stands between the first and last-place teams. Winning pitcher Bannister knocked in the deciding run in the top-of-the-tenth frame with a timely double off the slants of losing twirler Terence Kain. Shortpatcher Vadis Lindsay of the victors was the individual star of the game. Lindsay had four hits, drove in four runs, stole three bases and accepted ten chances defensively without skipping a beat. 

Bannister (W) and Rowand, Blacklock
Kain (L) and Milne

(June 27) The Rose Athletics beat the fast-stepping Success College nine 9 to 7 to nudge in front of the Northside League standings. Both teams clipped the horsehide for nine base knocks. Winning chucker Russ White, who took over pitching chores in the second spasm, was inclined to be wild at the start but soon found the plate and registered 11 strikeouts. Ashley Parkinson of the A’s and Chum Irvin of the Success squad smashed home runs for their respective aggregations.

Rittinger (L) and Irvin
Kain, R. White (W) (2) and Stevenson, W. White (2)

(July 4)  Scoring all five of their runs in the fourth frame, the Rose Athletics defeated the Probus Club 5 to 4 at Park de Young to grab control of first place in the Northside Baseball League. The Probus baseballers were sporting a 4 – 0 lead when they lost starting pitcher Pete Gottselig to an injury in the third inning. Reliever Merrill was hit freely by the the A’s during his short time on the mound and was tagged with the loss. Russ White was nicked for ten hits in copping the pitching win. Charlie Milne was top dog with the lumber for the victors, stroking three singles.

R. White (W) and W. White, Molisky (5)
Gottselig, Merrill (L) (4), Hay (5) and Parker 

(July 6)  In a slow-moving affair at Park de Young, the Probus Club moved into second place in the Northside Baseball League by drubbing Winner’s 12 to 5. The Probus nine pulled off a triple play in the opening canto. Winning pitcher Pete Gottselig snared a popped-up bunt off the bat of Vadis Lindsay and fired the pill to second baseman Len McDougall, catching Gord Grassick off the keystone sack for the second out. McDougall, in turn, relayed the apple to first sacker Lewis, retiring Keith Drew. Every batter in the lineup for the victors had at least one of their 13 hits. Shortstop George Hay led the way with a triad of safeties, one of which was a double.

Kells (L), White (6), Bannister (8) and Spence
Gottselig (W) and Parker 

(July 11)  The Rose Athletics increased their thin lead in the Northside Baseball League by downing Success College 5 to 2 at Park de Young. Playing-manager Terence Kain pitched the Athletics to victory, yielding eight safeties while successfully escaping bases-loaded situations on more than one occasion. Ward started on the hill for the Collegians and lasted six innings. He gave up all five Rose counters and nine of their ten hits. Pete Nashburn drilled a double and single for the victors, driving in a pair of tallies.

Kain (W) and McInnis
Ward (L), Rittinger (7) and Irvin

STANDINGS              W      L      Pct.   GBL
Rose Athletics         6      3    .667    ----
Probus Club            5      4    .556    1.0
Winner’s Club          4      5    .444    2.0
Success College        3      6    .333    3.0

(July 13)  A 14 to 5 thrashing of the Winner’s Club diamondeers  gave the Rose Athletics a little more breathing room atop the Northside circuit. Mathew “Mutt” Smith made a rare starting appearance on the hillock for the Rose aggregation and, with a substantial margin of runs to work with, stayed out of any major trouble despite surrendering a dozen base hits. Winner’s used three different hurlers with starter and loser Bannister appearing twice. First baseman Ashley Parkinson of the Athletics and catcher Blacklock of the losers led their respective teams with four hits apiece, the big difference being that Parkinson’s safeties produced three RBI’s. Smith helped his own cause with a pair of doubles and a single. Teammates Charlie Milne and Norm McInnis both registered a double and a brace of one-baggers. Bannister of the vanquished nine drove in three runs with a triple and two singles.    

Smith (W) and McInnis
Bannister (L), Lindsay, Rowand, Bannister and Blacklock

(July 14)  Probus Club’s band of baseballers kept on the heels of the league-leading Rose Athletics by defeating the Success College nine 15 to 13 in another high-scoring Northside League event. 37 base blows were banged out, 22 of them by the losers, against an array of weak pitching. The Collegians, trailing 10 to 1 at one point, made a strong comeback effort in the late innings but it wasn’t sufficient to overcome the wide margin built up by the winners in the early stages of the game. Leading swatsmith in the slugfest was C. Brungage of the Success squad who piled up five base knocks, one of which was a three-bagger. Teammate Canty followed with a quartet of safeties, all singles.

Rittinger (L) and Irvin
Gottselig (W), Hay (9) and Parker

(July 18)  Probus Club’s baseball team went into a tie for top spot in the Northside League by defeating the Rose Athletics 13 to 6. The sixth was the big inning for the winning team when they clattered over the pan no less than seven times. Despite being lit up for 14 hits, George Holmes went all the way on the mound to secure the victory. Starter Russ White of the A’s absorbed the defeat. Shortstop George Hay led the 19-hit onslaught by the Probus swatsmiths, drilling five hits and driving in three runs. 

Holmes (W) and Parker
R. White (L), Smith (7) and W. White

(July 20)  With every one in their lineup cracking out at least one base hit, the Success Business College stalwarts scored a surprisingly easy 10 to 1 victory over the Winner’s Club balltossers at Park de Young. Fred Brundage led the way with the baton, cuffing a triple, double and two singles, good for three RBI’s. Teammate Webb Bird launched a home run to go along with a single. Heinie Rogers stroked three singles for Winner’s. Winning pitcher Grath struck out seven, walked four and gave up ten hits. Losing chucker Bannister was rocked for 17 base knocks while fanning 11 and issuing one free pass. 

Bannister (L) and Blacklock
Grath (W) and Irvin

(July 22)  An unexpected 8 to 5 decision over the Probus Club moved the Winner’s Club into sole possession of third place in the Northside loop and, at the same time, dropped the Probus nine down a notch into the runner-up spot. Vadis Lindsay went all the way on the knoll, surrendering seven safeties, in securing the win. Pete Gottselig, derricked in the eighth episode, was nailed with the setback. Gordon Grassick had three hits, including a double, and four RBI’s for the victors. Third baseman Baldwin drove in a pair of markers for the Probus diamond troopers on the basis of three singles. 

Gottselig (L), Holmes (8) and Parker
Lindsay (W) and Leigh, Blacklock (4)

(July 25)  Success Business College tightened up the race in the Northside Baseball League by knocking off the Rose Athletics 9 to 5 at Park de Young. Fred Barker paced the 12-hit Success batting attack with a pair of doubles and a single. Catcher “Chum” Irvin ripped three singles while Fred Brundage added a home run. Keystone sacker Dick Irvin nailed a double and a brace of one-base raps for the Athletics, who banged out 14 safeties.

Lewis (W) and Irvin
Hall (L), Smith (9) and Timmis

(July 27)  The Probus Club got back on the winning track by downing Success College 8 to 2 at Park de Young, a win that moved them in front of the pack by a half-game. Outfielder Dutkowski, batting in the leadoff spot, poked out four safe swats. including a couple of doubles, to lead the 12-hit offense for the Clubbers. George Holmes pitched a six-hitter to earn the complete-game victory. Fred Barker was the top threat with the lumber for the Collegians, blasting a four-bagger, a double and a single.

Holmes (W) and Parker
Rittinger (L), Drost (5) and Irvin  

STANDINGS              W      L      Pct.   GBL
Probus Club            8      5     .615    ----
Rose Athletics         7      5     .583    0.5
Winner’s Club          5      7     .417    2.5
Success College        5      8     .385    3.0

(July 29)  The Rose Athletics moved back into a first-place tie in the Northside League standings by walloping the Winner’s Club 12 to 4 at Park de Young. Winning heaver Russ White breezed 11 batters in going the route. Losing chucker Vadis Lindsay was kayoed from the knoll in the second stanza. Ashley Parkinson and Dick Irvin picked up three hits each for the A’s while Stew Leigh ripped a pair of doubles for the vanquished nine.

Lindsay (L), Bannister (2) and Leigh
R. White (W) and W. White

(August 1)  The Rose Athletics broke the existing tie for first place in the Northside League by defeating the Probus Club 6 to 4 in a fine exhibition of baseball at Park de Young. The Clubbers got to winning twirler Russ White for four runs in the opening canto but were blanked the rest of the way. White struck out 14 and allowed but four hits after the disastrous first. George Holmes started on the slab for the Probus squad but lasted only three innings before Pete Gottselig relieved him. The A’s managed to tie the score in the fifth and went into the lead for good in the seventh. Ashley Parkinson was the batting star for the victors. 

R. White (W) and W. White
Holmes , Gottselig (L) (4) and Parker

(August 8)  Success College took the measure of the Probus Club 5 to 2 at Park de Young. Lewis, on the mound for the Collegians, limited the Clubbers to five hits while whiffing 13. Shortstop George Hay, with a two-run homer and a single, was the only Probus player who presented any difficulty for Lewis. George Holmes, nicked for eight safeties, was tagged with the loss. Outfielder C. Brungage of the Success squad touched Holmes up for a double and three singles.

Lewis (W) and Irvin
Holmes (L) and Parker

(August 9)  Pete Gottselig spun a six-hitter, struck out five  and walked two in pitching the Probus Club past the Rose Athletics 11 to 4 at Park de Young. The Clubbers got to losing twirler Terence Kain for seven of their 11 runs before reliever Hall took over. Second sacker Bennett of the victors stroked three singles while teammate Cecil Browne registered a home run and single. Catcher Timmis of the A’s also blasted a four-bagger.

Gottselig (W) and Parker
Kain (L), Hall (6) and Timmis

(August 11)  Four runs in arrears as they came to bat in the bottom-of-the-eighth episode, the Winner’s Club responded with a six-spot and went on to outlast the Probus Club 12 to 10 at Park de Young. The Probus nine out hit the Winner’s aggregation 13 – 11 but costly errors at critical times, coupled with timely hitting by their opponents relegated them to the short end of the score. Jack Rowand, with two doubles and a single, paced Winner’s at the dish. Clubmate Keith Drew followed with a two-bagger and one-base hit. For the vanquished nine, George Hay registered a double and a pair of one-baggers, Cecil Browne delivered three singles and outfielder Dutkowski walloped a homer and a single.

Holmes (L) and Parker
Bannister (W) and Edge

(August 15)  The Rose Athletics practically clinched the Northside Baseball League pennant at Park de Young by grabbing a 9 to 7 win over the Winner’s Club. The Rose contingent out hit the Clubmen 10 to 5 over the course of the nine-inning event. Ashley Parkinson, the elongated portsider, mounted the slab for the Athletics and did a good job up until the eighth episode when “Mutt” Smith was summoned to ascend the knoll to quell an outburst by the losers. Flychaser Dave Pentz had three of the five safeties acquired by Winner’s while George Dent, Dick Irvin and keystone sacker Cook all cuffed a brace of bingles for the A’s. 

Bannister (L) and Blacklock
Parkinson (W), Smith (8) and McInnis

(August 17)  Garnering just five base hits, the Success College balltossers took advantage of every break offered them and trimmed the front-running Rose Athletics 3 to 1. Great defensive work by the infield of the Collegians allowed Webb Bird, who allowed seven base raps and four walks, to cop the pitching verdict over playing-manager Terence Kain of the Rose troupe of diamondeers. Outfielder Rittinger of the victors, along with “Mutt” Smith and Ashley Parkinson of the A’s, each stroked a couple of one-base hits.

Bird (W) and Irvin
Kain (L) and McInnis

(August 19)  The Winner’s Club eliminated Success College from the Northside League pennant chase by clipping the Collegians 9 to 6 at Park de Young. For most of the contest, it looked like a Success victory but a four-run rally in the seventh spasm, wherein the largest ingredient was a two-run homer by Heinie Rogers, turned the tide of the battle the other way. Vadis Lindsay went the route on the hillock for Winner’s while starter Webb Bird of the Students was rocked with the defeat. Fred Brundage of the triumphant nine and second baseman Scannell of the Clubbers both had three base raps. Brundage’s sum of swats included a triple while Scannell’s triad of knocks accounted for three RBI’s. 

Bird (L), Drost (8) and Irvin
Lindsay (W) and Leigh

(August 25)  The heated pennant race in the Northside Baseball League remained unsettled after the leading Rose Athletics and Success College battled to a darkness-shortened, eight-inning 11 – 11 draw. The Collegians combed 16 base hits off three Rose twirlers while the A’s managed 11 safeties off Springfield, who went the route, struck out 16 and stroked four base raps. Charlie Milne led the Athletics offensively with a triple and two singles.

Kain, Moroschan (5), Hall (6) and McInnis, Timmis
Springfield and Irvin

(August 26)  Thanks to a 10 to 5 conquest of the Probus Club by the Winner’s baseballers, the idle Rose Athletics were able to lay claim to the 1921 Northside Baseball League pennant. Winner’s took a 10 – 3 led after three innings and were worthy victors, outplaying the Probus tribe in all departments. First baseman Keith Drew of the triumphant aggregation stroked three singles in support of winning tosser Vadis Lindsay.  

Holmes (L), Gottselig (2), Hay (3) and Parker
Lindsay (W), Bannister (5) and Blacklock

FINAL STANDINGS         W      L      Pct.    GBL
Rose Athletics         10      7     .588    ----
Probus Club             9      9     .500    1.5
Winner’s Club           9      9     .500    1.5
Success College         7     10     .412    3.0

SOUTHERN SASKATCHEWAN CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES  Regina Rose Athletics vs Moose Jaw St. Joseph’s

(September 3)  A pair of well-deserved victories, by scores of 10 to 6 and 14 to 5, got Regina’s Rose Athletics off on the right foot in their southern Saskatchewan senior amateur championship series with Moose Jaw’s  St. Joseph’s band of baseballers.
The Northside League champions broke open a close first game at Park de Young by running across six counters in the bottom-of-the-eighth episode. Pamfil “Casey” Moroschan scattered nine hits and fanned five in going the route for the slab verdict. Roy Mapes, a pickup from Latham’s, the first-half pennant winners in the Moose Jaw circuit, was combed for 11 safeties by the hosting Rose contingent. Ashley Parkinson, “Mutt” Smith and Bill Molisky all nailed a double and single for the victors. Outfielders E. Hinchey and Gallant both stroked a pair of singles for the Joes.

R. Mapes (L) and Craigen
Moroschan (W) and Timmis

The second bout, abbreviated to eight innings because of darkness, was a hard-hitting affair which saw the Athletics out hit the invaders by a 15 to 10 count. Once again, an offensive outburst in the late innings provided the impetus for the Regina victory. Mathew “Mutt” Smith and catcher Timmis each picked up three hits, good for two RBI’s, for the winners while keystone sacker Dick Irvin drove in four runs with a double and single. Hot corner custodian Duncan led the vanquished nine with the baton, stroking a triad of one-baggers. Both pitchers of record, winning twirler Hall and losing chucker O’Coyne, went the route.

O’Coyne (L) and Craigen
Hall (W) and Timmis

(September 5)  The Regina Rose Athletics, champions of the Northside League, completed a a four-game sweep of their series with St. Joseph’s of Moose Jaw in a Labor Day doubleheader. The Athletics came from behind in the ninth inning of the matinee event to prevail 6 to 4 and annexed the twilight tilt in seven innings 9 to 6.

The Reginans successfully used a pair of pinch hitters in their final turn at bat in game three of the series. Four tallies in that ninth canto, aided by errors of commission and omission by the Saints, were the result. Playing-manager Ted Kain of the Rose aggregation was the beneficiary of the late surge, gaining credit for the win although reliever Hall pitched the bottom-of-the-ninth. Roy Mapes was the hard-luck loser, absorbing his second setback of the series. Bill Molisky and middle pasture patroller “Babe” Webb each had two of the nine base raps garnered by the Queen City titlists. One of Webb’s knocks was a double. First sacker Phillips, with two singles, led the seven-hit offense generated by the Mill City nine.

Kain (W), Hall (9) and McInnis
R. Mapes (L) and Craigen

The visitors had the fourth and final clash of the series pretty well sewed up from fifth inning on after breaking a 4 – 4 tie with a three-spot. Regina slabster Hall, who heaved in relief in the ninth inning of the day’s first tussle, stayed on the hurl the entirety of the late encounter, yielding eight hits while ringing up seven strikeouts. George Wilson, raked for 11 base hits, was tagged with the loss. Ashley Parkinson paced the A’s at the dish with three safe swats, one of which was a two-bagger. Teammate Charlie Milne delivered a brace of bingles. For the vanquished Moose Jaw aggregation, Wilson, batterymate Hugh Craigen and flychaser Gallant each registered a couple of one-base hits.

It does not appear that any challenge for provincial honors will be forthcoming from Saskatoon as the Hub City amateurs have initially indicated they will be unable to compete this late in the season.

Hall (W) and Timmis
Wilson (L) and Craigen


As the Saskatoon senior amateurs were unable to challenge, provincial honors were up for grabs between the St. Joseph’s team, champions of the Moose Jaw City League, and the Regina Northside League pennant winners, the Rose Athletics

(September 3)  St. Joseph’s of Moose Jaw travelled to the Queen City and were soundly thumped in a provincial playoff doubleheader. The Rose Athletics pummelled the Mill City invaders 10 to 6 in the matinee tussle and then hammered the visitors 14 to 5 in the follow-up match, giving the Reginans a two games to none lead in the best of seven series. Casey Moroschan struck out five and gave up nine hits in capturing the opening game mound decision. Bill Molisky, Ashley Parkinson and “Mutt” Smith each rapped a double and single for the Capital City crew.

R. Mapes (L) and Craigen
Moroschan (W) and Timmis

The Rose Athletics pounded out 15 hits in their second-game win, making things easy for winning chucker Hall. Catcher Timmis and shortstop “Mutt” Smith both laced three singles for the victors while third sacker Duncan of St. Joe’s had a double and a pair of one-baggers.

O’Coyne (L) and Craigen
Hall (W) and Timmis

(September 5)  Playing games three and four of the series in the Friendly City didn’t slow down the Regina Rose Athletics as they again swept a playoff twin-bill from the Moose Jaw St. Joseph’s entry, this time by scores of 6 to 4 and 9 to 6. The double win meant a four-game sweep of the showdown by the Northside squad and the 1921 provincial crown. The Queen City Northsiders overcame a two-run deficit and pushed across four ninth-inning runs to take the opening contest. Regina outfielder Webb had a double and single to lead all hitters.

Kain (W), Hall (9) and McInnis
R. Mapes (L) and Craigen

In the twilight fixture, a seven-inning affair, the Regina crew was never behind and sealed the deal with a three-run output in the fifth frame. Hall picked up his second complete game win of the series, tossing an eight-hitter. First baseman Ashley Parkinson was best with the willow for the winners with a double and a brace of singles.

Hall (W) and Timmis
Wilson (L) and Craigen 


Fifth Battalion

(May 16)  It was all C.N.R. as the competing duo of Saskatoon Railroaders squared off in the opening game of City League play. The darkness-abbreviated game was called at the end of the sixth inning with the score 11 to 3 in favor of the C.N.R. nine over the C.P.R. baseballers. Winning heaver Merrill Falby fanned 11 and stymied the Cee Pees on just three hits. Shortstop Jack Art banged out three hits for the victors, two of them home runs.

Falby (W) and Taylor
Reid (L) and Burns 

(May 18)  Fawcett’s opened their season with a 3 to 1 triumph over the Fifth Battalion in a game limited to six stanzas because of darkness. Maurice Menlove, a newcomer to the City League circles, copped the pitching win over Frank Lyle. Both heavers gave up just four hits. Menlove issued four free passes and had eight strikeouts to his credit while Lyle delivered no free passes and breezed four. Fawcett’s grabbed an early 2 – 0 lead when Pete Campbell singled to drive in a brace of first-inning counters. The Vets got one back in the fourth when on an RBI-single by outfielder Conrad. In the bottom-of-the-fifth, the victors tacked on an insurance counter on Menlove’s sacrifice fly. 

Lyle (L) and L. Hunter
Menlove (W) and Preston

(May 23)  The C.N.R. band of baseballers nosed out Fawcett’s 5 to 4 in a fast, seven-inning City League contest. Winning moundsman Lawson Atcheson held the Hardwaremen to five hits while fanning six and walking one. Losing heaver Holmes also pitched well, giving up six safeties, walking three and whiffing an equal number. Catcher Wally Taylor of the Railroaders boomed a solo four-bagger while teammate Jack Art was the lone player in the match to acquire a brace of bingles. 

Holmes (L) and Preston
Atcheson (W) and Taylor

(May 30)  Avenging their opening-game loss with an early flare-up, the C.P.R. diamond troopers swamped the C.N.R. 8 to 0 in City League action. The result was virtually decided in the opening canto when the C.P.R. crew ran wild and lit up complete-game loser Lawson Atcheson for six hits and all eight of their markers. Abbott and O’Donnell both had a brace of RBI’s during the outburst. Winning chucker Alex Reid gave up four hits and fanned four in posting the shutout. O’Donnell and Jack Leachman had two safeties each for the winners.

Reid (W) and Burns
Atcheson (L) and Taylor

(June 1)  In spite of being outhit by a 9 – 5 margin, the Fifth Battalion evened their record at a win and a loss by clipping Fawcett’s 7 to 4 in an abbreviated six-stanza affair. Frank Lyle copped the complete-game knoll victory, striking out ten batters while walking two. Losing flinger Holmes whiffed six and gave up four free passes. With the score tied at 3 – 3 in the fifth frame, catcher Ed Peters of the Veterans stepped to the plate and delivered a two-RBI single to put the Fifth in front for good. Second sacker Roy Allan of the Hardwaremen had three hits in a losing cause. Clubmate “Curly” Weldon followed with a triple and single. Lyle singled twice to aid his pitching efforts.

Holmes (L) and Talbot
Lyle (W) and Peters 

(June 3)  Errors at inopportune times in the game prevented the C.N.R. squad from winning their City League encounter with Fawcett’s. The Trackmen wasted a solid two-hit pitching effort by Merrill Falby and fell 4 to 1 to the Hardwaremen. The Railroaders had only three base raps off winning twirler Maurice Menlove but were unable to take advantage of the eight opportunities afforded them on fielding miscues while the reverse was the case for the winning nine. Both pitchers of record had eight strikeouts.  

Falby (L) and Taylor
Menlove (W) and Talbot

(June 3)  Trailing 7 to 6 in the final session of their six-inning clash with the C.P.R. balltossers at Sutherland, the Fifth Battalion took advantage of an outfield misplay on a long, fly ball to score three times and emerge with a 9 to 7 triumph. Price occupied the mound for the Fifth and Alex Reid did the heaving for the Railroaders.

Reid (L) and xxx
Price (W) and xxx

(June 10)  Lawson Atcheson struck out ten batters and yielded six hits in pitching the C.N.R. to a 9 to 5 win over the C.P.R. at City Park ball field. The Nationals started in the first inning by scoring twice and continued a run-gathering rampage well into the final frames. Losing slabster Alex Reid was nicked for ten of the winners’ 12 hits and eight of their runs before departing after the fifth round. Catcher Wally Taylor tripled and singled for the victors while clubmate Cliff King stroked three singles. First baseman Abbott of the vanquished nine belted a triple and double.

Atcheson (W) and Taylor
Reid (L), Murphy (6) and Burns

(June 13)  Fawcett’s held a 9 to 8 lead over the Fifth Battalion when their City League game was terminated with one out in the bottom-of-the-sixth inning because of an over-abundance of wind, dust and rain. Maurice Menlove, clipped for six safeties, grabbed the pitching win over the Vets’ Bouchard who was combed for ten base knocks. Shortpatcher McCullough went three-for-three for the Hardwaremen in the abbreviated contest, connecting for a home run and two singles. Catcher Lyle Hunter led the Soldiers offensively, spanking the spheroid for a triad of one-base hits.

Bouchard (L) and L. Hunter
Menlove (W) and Preston

(June 15)  Swatsmiths from the Fifth Battalion slugged three home runs as the Veterans blasted the C.P.R. 11 to 5 at City Park. Flychaser Davie launched a brace of four-baggers for the winners while teammate Lyle Hunter cuffed the other one. Frank Lyle fashioned a six-hitter in going the distance on the hill for the win. Youthful Murphy, the lanky starting heaver for the Railroaders, struck out five and walked five in 5-2/3 innings before he was given the hook. Hunter added a pair of singles to his round-tripper while Davie also stung the pill for a one-bagger to go along with his circuit-jacks.

Murphy (L), Reid (6) Burns, Fuller
Lyle (W) and Peters

STANDINGS             W       L       Pct.    GBL
C.N.R.                3       2      .600     ----
Fifth Battalion       3       2      .600     ----
Fawcett’s             3       3      .500     0.5
C.P.R.                2       4      .333     1.5 

(June 17)  Fawcett’s edged past the C.N.R. baseballers 6 to 5 to move into second place in the City League. Both teams registered nine base hits in the hotly-contested affair. The Hardwaremen scored all of their runs off starter Merrill Falby, who was forced off the mound at the beginning of the the fifth frame, in arrears by a 6 – 2 margin, because of a fingernail problem on his pitching hand. Winning tosser Holmes went all the way, fanning five and walking two. Outfielder Hawley drilled a double and single for the Trackmen to pace all hitters. 

Holmes (W) and Talbot
Falby (L), Atcheson (5) and Taylor

(June 20)  A 7 to 2 verdict over the C.N.R. boosted the Fifth Battalion into a half-game lead atop of the City League standings. Winning twirler Frank Lyle held the Railroaders to four hits, punched out eight and walked three. Portsider Hawley  lasted on the hill for the losers until the fifth frame when he was lifted after giving up seven of the nine hits accrued by the Vets and six of their seven runs. Second baseman Bill Foy of the Soldiers was, by far, the top swatsmith in the contest, banging out four bingles. 

Hawley (L), Falby (5) and Taylor
Lyle (W) and Peters

(June 22)  A short-handed C.N.R. squad was no match for the C.P.R. aggregation, falling 7 to 0 to their railway rivals. Winning heaver Alex Reid had the Nationals buffaloed in trying to connect with his benders, limiting the Cee Pee’s to just three hits, all singles. Complete-game loser Merrill Falby was nicked for eight safeties, including a double and two singles off the bat of outfielder Jack Leachman. Fellow C.P.R. flychaser O’Donnell came through with a triple and one-base rap. 

Reid (W) and Burns
Falby (L) and Taylor

(June 23)  Fawcett’s won a hard-fought 5 to 3 battle over the C.P.R. in a City League game played at Sutherland. Both teams registered five base hits. Winning heaver, Tom Brady, although wild at times, struck out nine of the Railwaymen. The foes were locked in a 3 – 3 deadlock after seven stanzas before the Hardwaremen broke through with a deuce in the eighth episode to wrap up the victory. Third baseman Watkins clouted a home run for the winners.

Brady (W) and Preston
Reid (L), Clouston (8) and Burns

(June 24)  The Fifth Battalion band of diamond pastimers increased their narrow lead atop the City League standings with a come-from-behind 7 to 6 victory over Fawcett’s. The Soldiers, in arrears by a run, plated single tallies in each of the seventh and eighth chapters to pull off the win. The contest was a sloppily-played event with both teams racking up six errors, one of which allowed the winning run to score. The Hardwaremen had a slight 9 to 7 margin in base hits. Top hitters in the game were both from the vanquished nine. Flychaser Hank Hilldrup connected for a home run and single while teammate McCullough delivered a triple and one-bagger.

Menlove (L) and Preston
Lyle (W) and Peters

(June 27)  The front-running Fifth Battalion doubled the defensively-inept C.P.R. band of balltossers 8 to 4 in City League play. The Cee Pee’s took an early 3 – 0 lead but, by the time four frames were in the books, the Veterans had forged ahead 5 – 4, a lead they never relinquished. Frank Lyle yielded six hits, including a triple and double garnered by first baseman Abbott, in securing the mound win over newcomer Guy Poole, a call-up from the high school ranks, who was nicked for 11 hits in losing his debut in senior company. The youngster did have a slight eight to seven margin in strikeouts over his more-experienced hillock opponent. Orin Handy, Len Hunter and “Toad” Art each stroked a brace of bingles for the winners.

Lyle (W) and Peters, L. Hunter
Poole (L) and Burns

(June 29)  Fawcett’s, with a number of new players in their line-up, retained their hold on the runner-up spot in the City Baseball League with a 7 to 3 conquest of the C.N.R. pastimers. A four-run outburst in the fourth chapter sewed the win up for the Hardwaremen who were out-hit 6 to 5 over the course of the contest. 18-year old Mel Kerr, playing in his first City League engagement, drove in three runs with a home run and single for the winners.

Atcheson (L) and Taylor, Webb
Ireland, Menlove (W) (3) and Preston

(July 4)  With Lawson Atcheson and Frank Lyle, two of the City League’s leading twirlers, engaging in one of the best curve-artist affairs seen in some time, the C.N.R. band of diamondeers prevailed 4 to 3 over league-leading Fawcett’s at City Park. The Railwaymen opened the scoring by plating a deuce in the second spasm and led throughout. Atcheson fanned ten and walked two while Lyle whiffed nine and issued one free pass. First sacker Jack Gillies of the Nationals swatted a double and single. Teammate “Tiny” Dickensen picked up a brace of singles as did losing heaver Lyle.

Lyle (L) and L. Hunter
Atcheson (W) and Taylor 

(July 6)  Twelve extra-base blows, including three home runs, were pounded out when the lowly C.P.R. nine trounced Fawcett’s 16 to 12 in a City League affair. In spite of yielding 13 base hits, youngster Guy Poole went all the way on the hillock for the Trackmen and, in the process, established a new record for City League hurlers when he sent 14 of the Hardwaremen down on strikes. The Cee Pee’s garnered 15 base knocks, 11 of them coming off the slants of starter and loser Tom Brady. Top swatsmith in the tilt was shortpatcher Kelly of Fawcett’s who connected for a home run, triple, double and two singles. Infielders Earl Fuller and “Bunny” Clouston were best with the baton for the winners, each spanking the sphere for three safeties. Clouston’s total included a triple and Fuller’s sum a two-bagger. Teammate Jack Leachman socked a four-bagger and a single while teenager Mel Kerr belted a round-tripper for the vanquished nine.    

Poole (W) and Burns
Brady (L), Shawkey/Shockey (7) and Talbot

(July 8)  Fawcett’s gained a notch on the City League leaders, the Fifth Battalion, when they downed that club 9 to 8 in one of the hardest-fought games of the season. Errors were conspicuous by their absence during the early stages of the encounter but, in the ninth canto, two costly miscues by the Soldiers did play a role in giving the Hardwaremen the victory.  

Price (L) and xxx
Menlove (W) and xxx

(July 8)  The baseball contingents representing the two great railroads within the country and city of Saskatoon faced each other in a clash at Sutherland but the battle was extremely one-sided as the C.N.R. balltossers smothered the C.P.R. nine 17 to 1 in the contest mercifully reduced to six innings. The Nationals hammered the pill for 20 base blows including a home run and three singles by Merrill Falby. Catcher Wally Taylor was next in line with a double and a brace of one-base raps. Winning flinger Lawson Atcheson added a triple and single.

Atcheson (W) and Taylor
Reid (L), O’Donnell and Burns, Fuller

(July 11)  The cellar-dwelling C.P.R. squad knocked the Fifth Battalion out of first-place in the City League with a 6 to 2 upset win over the Veterans in a six-inning, rain-shortened City League tilt. High-schooler Guy Poole limited the Soldiers to three hits, two of which were acquired by catcher Ed Peters, while the Railwaymen got to losing tosser Frank Lyle for six base raps. Earl Fuller doubled twice for the winners.

Poole (W) and Burns
Lyle (L) and Peters 

(July 13)  A 4 to 3 victory over the Fawcett’s by the C.N.R. baseballers closely bunched the top three clubs in the City Baseball league, leaving them separated by a mere one game. The Trackmen grabbed the lead in the seventh stanza and from then on travelled to their haven with the upperhand. Merrill Falby, with a six-hitter, grabbed the heaving decision from Maurice Menlove of the Hardwaremen who was touched for eight base raps, including a brace of bingles by shortpatcher “Tiny” Dickenson.

Menlove (L) and Talbot
Falby (W) and Taylor

(July 15)   By defeating the Fifth Battalion 6 to 2, the C.N.R. drew on even terms with Fawcett’s for first place in the City Baseball League. The loss for the Veterans dropped them into third spot, a half-game off the pace. The Nationals banged out a dozen safe blows to seven for the Soldiers. Flychaser Alex Turnbull led the way with three singles while winning twirler Lawson Atcheson clubbed a double and one-bagger.

Atcheson (W) and Taylor
Bouchard (L) and Peters

STANDINGS             W       L       Pct.    GBL
C.N.R.                7       6      .538     ----
Fawcett’s             7       6      .538     ----
Fifth Battalion       6       6      .500     0.5
C.P.R.                5       7      .414     1.5

(July 18)  A three-run homer in the bottom-of-the-ninth session by second baseman Charles Abbott, his fourth hit of the game, lifted the last-place C.P.R. aggregation of diamond troopers to a well-earned 10 to 8 win over Fawcett’s at City Park. After jumping out to a 2 – 0 lead in the first inning, the Cee Pees remained in front of the free-scoring joust until the top-of the-ninth canto when the Hardwaremen plated a deuce to leave the Trackmen one counter in arrears. Aside from his round-ripper, Abbott led the 11-hit C.P.R attack with an additional triple and two singles. Clubmate O’Donnell stung the spheroid for a double and one-bagger. 

Menlove (L) and Preston
Usher (W) and Leachman

(July 27)  Putting up six-spots on the scoreboard in each of the third and fourth innings, Fawcett’s ran away with 16 to 7 verdict over the Fifth Battalion in an offensively-charged City League encounter at City Park. The Hardwaremen punched out 15 base knocks including three each by Roy Allan, Mel Kerr and Pete Campbell. Kerr’s triad of swats included a two-bagger. Catcher Ed Peters was a one-man show for the Military Men, accounting for four of his team’s eight safeties. Peters belted a triple and three singles.
Menlove (W) and Preston
Price (L), Bouchard (5) and Peters

(August 1)  Rationing out five hits with a meagre hand, Lawson Atcheson pitched the C.N.R. squad to a 9 to 3 victory over Fawcett’s, increasing the leadership of the Railwaymen atop the City League to a game-and-a-half.  The blond youngster allowed only one walk while sending a dozen of the Hardwaremen down on strikes. The Nationals swatted the leather-covered bit of cork for 13 base blows with Jack Gillies, Alex Turnbull, “Tiny” Dickenson, Wally Taylor, Ray Watkins and Jack Art each acquiring two of them.

Atcheson (W) and Taylor
Shawkey/Shockey (L) and Talbot, Preston (5)

(August 3)  The Fifth Battalion suffered a sixth straight setback when they fell 7 to 4 at the hands of the front-running C.N.R. diamondeers. The Trackmen, outhit by a 6 to 5 margin, made the best of their scoring opportunities, riding the steady twirling of Merrill Falby to victory.  Catcher Ed Peters of the Vets, with two singles, was the lone batter in the contest with a plural hit output.

Lyle (W) and Peters
Falby (W) and Taylor

(August 5)  In spite of being outhit 11 to 8, Fawcett’s made the most of their timely hits and went on to edge the C.P.R. band of baseballers 7 to 6 in a darkness-shortened, seven-stanza affair. Two-run circuit-clouts by Mel Kerr, an inside-the-park blow, and shortstop Kelly highlighted the offensive attack by the Hardwaremen. Kelly also had a double and single to lead the winners with the baton. Maurice Menlove went all the way on the knoll to earn the win while fourth-frame reliever Usher was tagged with the defeat.
Reid, Usher (L) (4) and Fuller
Menlove (W) and Preston

(August 8)  The league-leading C.N.R. took an early lead and finally prevailed 6 to 5 over the C.P.R. when the two railways squads clashed at City Park. The Nationals held a 12 to 8 advantage in base hits over their locomotive brethren. Merrill Falby recorded a dozen strikeouts in securing the complete-game mound verdict over the Cee Pee’s Usher. Ray Watkins and Art Roblin both poked three singles for the winners. Clubmate Roy Forsythe added a triple and one-bagger. Shortpatcher Clarence Robinson was best with the lumber for the losers with a somewhat tainted four-bagger and a double. 

Falby (W) and Taylor
Usher (L) and Burns

STANDINGS             W       L      Pct.    GBL
C.N.R.               10       6     .625     ----
Fawcett’s             9       8     .529     1.5
C.P.R.                7       9     .438     3.0
Fifth Battalion       7      10     .412     3.5

(August 10)  Effective pitching by Frank Lyle gave the Fifth Battalion their first City League win in their last seven starts when they humbled Fawcett’s 14 to 4. The game was called at the end of the eighth inning on account of darkness. Lyle was firing peas in the one-sided affair and established a season-high City League strikeout record by whiffing 15 of the Hardwaremen. In addition, he yielded but four hits while losing slabster Maurice Menlove was far off his usual form, being combed for 15 base blows including three each by outfielder Suter and shortstop Leslie. Teammates Len Hunter and J. Dickenson both had a brace of safeties including home runs. First baseman Hank Hilldrup of the Fawcett’s squad was the lone thorn in Lyle’s side, collecting a triple and double off the Vets’ twirler.

Lyle (W) and Peters
Menlove (L) and Preston

(August 12)  The Fifth Battalion took a firm hold on third place in the City Baseball League when they clobbered the cellar-dwelling C.P.R. nine 18 to 9 in a five-inning slugfest, mercifully ended by darkness, at City Park. The Railroaders appeared to be well on their way to victory when they put a seven-spot up on the scoreboard in their first turn at bat. That lead vanished by the third session of play, however, as the Military Men went in front 11 – 7. Frank Lyle procured the hillock decision over starter Guy Poole of the Cee Pees who was derricked during a seven-run fourth frame. Jack Hunter led the Veterans at the plate with four base hits, all singles. Lyle punched out a triad of one-baggers while catcher Ed Peters belted a home run to go along with a one-base hit. Flychaser O’Donnell tripled and singled for the losers.

Poole (L), Reid (4) and Burns, Robinson
Lyle (W) and Peters

(August 15)  Atrocious defensive play on the part of the C.N.R. infielders during the late stages of a five-inning, darkness-shortened City League affair led to the league-leaders dropping an 11 to 8 decision to Fawcett’s. In the final frame alone, no less than nine errors were chalked up against the Railroaders, allowing the Hardwaremen to garner seven counters. Both combatants had eight base raps as newcomer Jim Crilly emerged with the pitching win over Merrill Falby. Another first-time player for Fawcett’s, initial sacker Swartz, led his new team by stroking three apparent safeties, one of which would have been credited as a triple except for the fact that he failed to touch first base in circling the sacks. Roy Forsythe, with a double and one-bagger, was best with the baton for the Nats.

Crilly (W) and Preston
Atcheson (L) and Brown

(August 17)  Playing in frigid weather made worse by a bitter wind, the front-running C.N.R diamond troopers notched three runs in the final stanza to snatch a hard-earned, come-from-behind 7 to 5 victory over the Fifth Battalion at the City Park diamond. Both winning heaver Merrill Falby and losing tosser Bill Foy were nicked for nine safeties by opposition batters during the error-free contest. Art Roblin smacked a four-ply clout and a single for the winning Trackmen while clubmate Roy Forsythe singled twice. Catcher Ed Peters and outfielder Orin Handy both had a brace of safe swats for the Battalion with one of Peters’ blows going for a triple.

Falby (W) and Taylor
Foy (L) and Paters

(August 19)  A stinging 10 to 1 setback at the hands of the C.P.R. balltossers eliminated Fawcett’s from the City League pennant race and allowed the idle C.N.R. squad to clinch the bunting. The Hardwaremen, outhit by a 10 to 4 margin, were erratic on defense while the Cee Pees played flawlessly afield. Guy Poole surrendered four hits and fanned eight in claiming the win over Maurice Menlove. Earl Fuller and “Bunny” Clouston each registered a double and single to pace the Railroaders’ ten-hit offense. Hank Hilldrup accounted for the lone tally by Fawcett’s with a solo home run. 

Menlove (L) and Preston
Poole (W) and Talbot

(August 22)  The Fifth Battalion escaped the basement position in the City League and pushed the C.P.R. baseballers into sole possession of that unenviable spot with a 13 to 10 conquest of the Railroaders at City Park. It was a hard-hitting affair with nine extra-base blows being cracked. Len Hunter, in his initial pitching assignment of the campaign for the Battalion, survived a 11-hit barrage by the Cee Pees to cop the knoll decision. Alex Reid, the C.P.R. starting heaver, was tagged with the defeat. “Toad” Art, Orin Handy, Ed Peters and Hunter all registered two base knocks for the Veterans with Art clubbing a home run while Handy and Peters delivered triples as part of their safeties. Earl Fuller and Charles Abbott led the Trackmen with a triple and two singles each.

Reid (L), Poole (4) and Talbot
L. Hunter (W) and Peters

(August 24)  After staying in contention during the first five innings of the contest, the Fifth Battalion weakened in the sixth and crumbled away in the eighth episode, allowing the pennant-winning C.N.R. aggregation to run away with a 10 to 1 win. Lawson Atcheson tossed a five-hitter for the win with a bases-empty home run by Len Hunter in the seventh spoiling his bid for a shutout. Starting pitcher Woodman of the Military Men, kayoed from the hill during a disastrous eighth round, suffered the loss. Roy Forsythe had three of the victors’ nine hits, one of which was a double. Hunter had a single to go along with hid four-ply clout.

Atcheson (W) and Taylor
Woodman (L), Leslie (8) and Peters, L. Hunter

(August 26)  Tail-end C.P.R. led all the way in defeating Fawcett’s 6 to 2 in a rather listless City League tilt that terminated after seven stanzas. Guy Poole of the Railroaders and the Hardwaremen’s Jim Crilly engaged in a pitcher’s battle with each being nicked for just two hits. Poole had 12 strikeouts and issued two free passes in recording the win while Crilly whiffed six but was inclined to be wild, walking five batters and hitting three others.

Poole (W) and Talbot
Crilly (L) and Preston

(August 29)  Displaying the batting prowess that has characterized their play of late, the pennant-winning C.N.R. contingent defeated the Fifth Battalion 7 to 2 in an offensively-charged display at City Park. Charley Wagner, picked up from the defunct Regina Senators of the Western Canada League, performed on the hillock for the victors, yielded four safeties and fanned eight in recording the win in the darkness-abbreviated, six-inning joust. Seven of the nine players in the lineup for the Trackmen registered base hits. Leading the 13-hit offensive thrust of the Nationals against losing chucker Bill Foy and reliever Len Hunter was Roy Forsythe who stroked three singles. Teammate Jack Leachman had a home run and single while Ray Watkins and Wagner both delivered a double and single. Orin Handy singled twice for the Battalion.

Wagner (W) and Taylor
Foy (L), L. Hunter (5) and Peters

(August 31)  The season’s final chapter of the Railway wars took place at City Park where the C.N.R. balltossers broke open a close struggle with a late thrust of tallies to defeat the C.P.R 10 to 3 in a six-inning tussle.  Portsider Charley Wagner won his second in succession since joining the Nats from the pro ranks, yielding five hits. Loser Guy Poole pitched reasonably well for the Cee Pees, surrendering seven safeties, but received poor defensive support from his mates who committed eight errors. Jack Art hit his third home run of the season for the pennant-winners while Pete Campbell delivered a double and single for the Pacifics.

Wagner (W) and Leachman, Roebuck
Poole (L) and Talbot


The pennant-winning C.N.R. club was acclaimed as champion of the 1921 circuit and engaged in a three-game exhibition series against an all-star squad selected from the remaining three teams in the loop, losing two of the three tussles.



Canadian National                       
Mounted Police                               
Success College :        

FINAL STANDINGS        W      L     Pct.    GBL
Mounted Police        10      1     .909    ----
Success College        7      3     .700    2.5
Canadian National      3      7     .300    6.5
Y.M.H.A.               1     10     .091    9.0 


FINAL STANDINGS        W     L      Pct.   GBL
Quaker Oats            8     2     .800    ----
C.N.R.                 8     2     .800    ----
Ashdowns               6     4     .600    2.0
Wholesale Grocers      2     8     .200    6.0
Bankers                1     9     .100    7.0

(September 1)  All-round good play and execution gave Quaker Oats a 7 to 3 victory over the C.N.R. and the championship of the Mercantile Baseball League. The Cereal Men took the lead by scoring a singleton in the second spasm and remained in front throughout the darkness-abbreviated, seven-inning tilt. Winning heaver Jim McPhedran struck out eight, walked one and gave up eight hits. Losing chucker Watkins escaped a bases-loaded situation in the opening canto when speedy outfielder “Lefty” Fairbairn saved his bacon with an outstanding running catch. Watkins went on to walk three, surrender nine hits and whiff eight.  A three-run sixth session put the game on ice for the Quakers. Flychaser Kemp stroked three singles for the victors while shortpatcher Joe McCullough delivered a double and one-bagger. Roy Forsythe was prominent with the willow for the C.N.R. nine, punching out a triad of one-base raps.

Watkins (L) and Brown
McPhedran (W) and McKinnon     


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I. H. C.
John East Foundry


Pleasant Hill Beavers








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