1922 Saskatchewan Game Reports     


Fawcett’s - (participated only in first-series of season)
Fifth Battalion - (dropped out part-way through second-series)
Telephones - (moved over from Saskatoon Mercantile League – joined City League in August following the departure of the Fifth Battalion from the second-series)


(May 17)  The Fifth Battalion and the Elks batted 11 innings at Cairns Field before the Soldiers took advantage of an error and came through with two singles to eke out a 3 to 2 win in the 1922 opener of the Saskatoon City Baseball League. Veteran heaver Frank Lyle of the Fifth and youngster Guy Poole of the Elks locked horns in a tight pitching tussle with Lyle, touched for just three hits while racking up 19 strikeouts, finally winning out. Leading off the bottom-of-the-second round of overtime, Norm Aiken reached first base safely on an overthrow, advanced to the hot corner bag of a single by Lyle and crossed the pan on a lusty single to the left garden by Les Leachman. Poole fanned nine and was nicked for ten hits in absorbing the complete-game defeat. Aiken and Lyle, each with a double and single as well as shortpatcher A. Leslie, with a brace of one-baggers, were best with the baton for the winners.

Poole (L) and Brown
Lyle (W) and Peters

(May 18)  In contrast with the well-played season-opener of just 24 hours previous, the second match of the City League campaign was a sloppy, uninteresting, seven-stanza exhibition of baseball in which the C.N.R. prevailed 9 to 5 over Fawcett’s. There were only nine base hits throughout the entire darkness-shortened contest, six by the victorious Trackmen, but an excess of dropped throws, missed grounders and wild pegs all contributed to an inflated score. In one inning alone, the Railway infielders went wild and five errors were chalked up against them. Merrill Falby did a creditable job on the hill for the Nationals, whiffing nine, walking two, and hitting one batter while yielding just three hits. He also had half of his team’s hits, stroking a double and two singles to emerge as the tilt’s lone multi-hit player.  Bruce Hill, making his debut in the City League, fanned ten, gave up two free passes and plunked one opposing batter in suffering the complete-game loss.

Falby (W) and Roebuck
Hill (L) and Preston

(May 19)  Behind the effective knoll work of slabster Jack Friessen, the Elks whitewashed the C.P.R. aggregation 10 to 0 in a City League encounter at Cairns Field, called after seven innings due to darkness. Backed up by a first-class defense, Friessen had nine strikeouts, gave up four walks and hit two batters in silencing the Cee Pees on three hits. Starting heaver Leo Sheedy of the Pacifics, shelled after three rounds, was tagged with the setback. The Antlered Tribe accumulated a dozen base blows as “Lefty” Fairbairn, Joe Brown and Orin Handy delivered two apiece.

Sheedy (L), Thomas (4) and Talbot
Friessen (W) and Brown

(May 22)  The Fifth Battalion and C.N.R. squads played ten innings at Cairns Field but had to abandon plans for any further bonus play when darkness curtailed the affair, leaving the matter in a 2 – 2 deadlock. The Nationals  had the better of the encounter, outswatting the Veterans nine hits to four, but were unable to push across a deciding tally. Lawson Atcheson struck out nine and walked two for the Railroaders. Alex Reid went all the way for the Soldiers, whiffing three while walking just one. Norm Roebuck and Ray Watkins of the Nats, as well as the Fifth’s Percy O’Donnell, all punched out a pair of singles.

Reid and Peters
Atcheson and Roebuck

(May 23)  Fawcett’s and the C.P.R. both banged out ten hits but the Trackmen outfumbled the Hardwaremen by a 7 to 3 margin and came away as 11 to 5 losers. A late-inning surge in which Fawcett’s plated a six-spot in the eighth episode provided the impetus for their victory. Bruce Hill, with 11 strikeouts, earned the mound verdict over the Pacific’s Bob Veitch who breezed seven. Third sacker Maynard Peterson lined a double and single for the victors while Hill and flychaser H. Fiske both singled twice. Earl Fuller, Pete Campbell and Bill Robillard all singled twice for the Cee Pee’s.

Hill (W) and Preston
Veitch (L) and Fuller

(May 24)  The Saskatoon City Baseball League staged a rare triple-header on the Victoria Day holiday at Cairns Field. No less than 77 hits, 74 runs, 57 strikeouts and a bundle of errors were part of the action which provided plenty of action for the fans.

The morning game, in which the Elks outlasted the Fifth Battalion 13 to 10, was the most interesting of the trio. After getting away to a bad start, the Horned Horde broke loose in the bottom-of-the-fourth frame for a seven-spot to take control of the fracas. Both starting heavers, Steve Martin of the Wapiti and the Battalion’s A. Price, were the pitchers of record. The opposing O’Donnell’s were by far best hitters for their respective teams. Lorne O’Donnell of the Antlered Tribe stroked four base raps, all singles, while Percy O’Donnell of the Fifth was even better with the baton, registering five base knocks including a double.

Price (L), Reid (4) and Alexander
Martin (W), Poole (7) and Brown

Fawcett’s and the C.N.R. engaged in the afternoon encounter, a comedy of errors in which the Nationals ran away with a 20 to 5 decision. Ten counters for the Railway nine in the fifth frame and six more in the next stanza salted the victory away. Merrill Falby went the route, yielding nine hits and fanning eight, to post the hillock win. The Hardwaremen made things easy for the Nationals by booting the ball 11 times. Middle pasture patroller Art Roblin led the Nats’ 19-hit attack with a triple and three singles. Teammate Ray Watkins followed with a three-bagger and a brace of singles.

Hill, Lee (L) (4), Schroeder (8) and Preston, Fiske
Falby (W) and Roebuck 

In the evening set-to, the Elks made it a most prosperous day with their second triumph, blasting the winless C.P.R. contingent 11 to 5. The Railroaders jumped into a 5 – 0 first-inning lead but, after that, winning twirler Guy Poole of the Elks slammed the door on them while his mates got to work in erasing the deficit against Charlie Abbott. After four frames, they had done just that, moving in front 6 to 5. They added five insurance counters in the eighth and final canto to seal the deal. Joe Brown, the young catcher for the Elks, was the hitting star in the game, poling a home run, triple and single. Outfielder “Lefty” Fairbairn followed with a double and a brace of one-baggers. Abbott was his club’s best offensive weapon, clipping the horsehide for a double and triple. 

Poole (W) and Brown
Abbott (L) and Talbot

(May 26)  An extra effort in the sixth frame was just enough to boost the Fifth Battalion past the C.N.R baseballers 6 to 5 at Cairns Field. With a high wind blowing across the diamond throughout the contest, winning tosser Frank Lyle and losing chucker Lawson Atcheson each managed to dole out no more than seven hits, none of which were for extra bases. In arrears by a 5 -1 count as they came to bat in the sixth spasm, the Veterans found life and, with the help of some infield miscues by the Railroaders, ran across a five-spot to take a one-run lead, a margin which held up for the remainder of the game. Shortstop Suter of the Fifth, along with outfielder Percy O’Donnell, each stung the spheroid for a brace of one-base raps, a feat replicated by  Atcheson, Merrill Falby and Roy Forsythe of the Nationals.

Atcheson (L) and Taylor
Lyle (W) and Peters

(May 29)  Coming from behind, Fawcett’s scored five counters in the seventh session to register a 6 to 3 win over the C.P.R. Portsider Bruce Hill survived an 11-hit attack by the Railroaders to claim the mound victory over newcomer Oliver L’Ami who had the Hardwaremen eating out of his hand for the first six frames. The basement-dwelling Cee Pee’s were unable to come through offensively in the pinches, stranding 14 baserunners. Third baseman Murray Little had three of the victors’ ten safeties while Earl Fuller of the Trackmen paced all willow wielders with a four-for-four batting performance.

L’Ami (L) and Talbot
Hill (W) and Fiske

(May 30)  The defending-champion C.N.R. diamond troopers annexed an easy 12 to 2 win over the Elks in City League play at Cairns Field. Bases-on-balls, wild pitches and hit batters plagued losing heaver Guy Poole and his sixth-stanza replacement Steve Martin throughout the scuffle. Winning chucker  Lawson Atcheson breezed to the victory, effectively spacing six bingles while fanning eight. Ray Watkins and George Taylor each had a double and single as part of the Nationals’ 13-hit offense. Martin delivered a triple and a double for the Antlered Herd.

Poole(L), Martin (6) and Brown
Atcheson (W) and Taylor

(May 31)  After four straight losses, the C.P.R. band of baseballers finally broke into the win column when they defeated the Fifth Battalion 11 to 7. The Railroaders played splendidly afield behind the 11-hit pitching of Grant Murray, committing not a single error. Six runs were scored by the Cee Pee’s in the first three innings against losing heaver Pitman and only two hits were needed to account for them. In the last spasm, the Fifth came to life and shoved five counters across the pan but it was a case of too little, too late. Les Leachman and Mel Kerr of the vanquished nine were the hitting leaders of the evening, each player accumulating three bingles with one of Kerr’s blows falling in for a double. Roy Allan paced the eight-hit C.P.R. attack by slamming a triple and single.
Murray (W) and Talbot
Pitman (L) and Peters

(June 1)  The Elks scored a pair of protested runs in the fifth frame and went on to shade Fawcett’s 3 to 2 in a City League affair at Cairns Field. Jack Friessen, using a submarine delivery, effectively scattered five hits and whiffed eleven in going the distance for the knoll victory. Leo Sheedy, formerly of the C.P.R., served the twisters for the Hardwaremen. He fanned three while being touched for eight safeties including a double and single by leadoff hitter “Lefty” Fairbairn and a brace of one-baggers by Friessen. 

Sheedy (L) and Preston
Friessen (W) and Brown

(June 2)  The lowly C.P.R. nine hit the horsehide hard and often in nosing out the exalted C.N.R. aggregation 13 to 12 in a hectic joust at Cairns Field that produced 29 base blows, 16 of them by the victorious Pacifics. Lawson Atcheson and Merrill Falby, two of the premiere slab artists in the circuit, were the victims of the Cee Pee onslaught with second-inning reliever Atcheson being tagged with the loss. The hotly-contested scuffle went right down to the wire with the C.P.R. squad rallying to send three markers across the dish in the bottom-of-the-ninth session to pull the victory out of the fire. Oliver L’Ami survived a six-run barrage by the Nationals in the opening canto, persevering to the end, in copping the complete-game hillock decision. Cee Pee catcher “Rube” Talbot delivered the winning blow, his third safety of the fracas, a two-out single that plated Earl Fuller. Talbot stung the spheroid for a double and another one-bagger in addition to his game-deciding swat. Teammate Joe McCullough also clipped the orb for a two-bagger plus a brace of one-base raps. Roy Forsythe tripled and singled for the Nats.   

Atcheson (L) Falby (2) and Taylor
L’Ami (W) and Talbot

STANDINGS              W       L      Pct.
Elks                   4       2     .667
C.N.R.                 3       2     .600
Fifth Battalion        2       2     .500
Fawcett’s              2       3     .400
C.P.R.                 2       4     .333

(June 5)  A 4 to 0 blanking of Fawcett’s boosted the Fifth Battalion into a second-place tie with the C.N.R. in the City League standings. The Hardwaremen were guilty of some shoddy defensive play behind losing heaver Bruce Hill, who fanned ten and walked three, was nicked for just six hits and charged with surrendering only one earned run. Winning tosser Pitman effectively spaced seven base raps, all singles, while whiffing seven. He did not issue a single base-on-balls. The Battalion Boys squeezed out single tallies in each of the first, fourth, eighth and ninth panels. Outfielder Mel Kerr had a brace of bingles, swiped two bases, scored once and drove in another tally for the Fifth. Teammate “Bunny” Clouston played an outstanding defensive game at the shortpatcher position.

Pitman (W) and Peters
Hill (L) and Preston

(June 7)  Cold weather hampered the arms of City League hurlers at Cairns Field in a game won by the C.P.R. 9 to 5 over the Fifth Battalion. The victory for the Cee Pee’s was their third straight and moved them out of the basement position in the circuit, a half-game in front of Fawcett’s. Four pitchers, two by each squad, had difficulty getting loose and were generally ineffective in stemming the tide of bingles that resulted. Two home runs, a solo blast by Pete Campbell and a two-run shot off the bat of Charlie Abbott, both coming in the sixth stanza, sent the Railroaders into the lead for good after the squads had fought to a 5 – 5 stalemate through five frames. Les Leachman  of the Soldiers had previously swatted a two-run circuit-clout during a three-run fifth round. Sixth-session reliever Grant Murray was credited with the pitching win at the expense of the Fifth’s Alex Reid. Earl Fuller and Campbell, who had a two-bagger and a one-base rap in addition to his round-tripper, picked up three safeties each for the Trackmen. Outfielder Mel Kerr singled three times for the Battalion Boys. 
Reid (L), Price (6) and Peters
Barrett, Murray (W) (6) and Talbot

(June 8) A bases-empty circuit-blast by Orin Handy in the top-of-the-seventh stanza broke a 7 – 7 deadlock and led to an eventual to 10 to 7 victory for the front-running Elks over Fawcett’s at Cairns Field. 22 base hits were collected by the foes, 12 of them by the Antlered Herd. Former C.P.R. heaver Leo Sheedy started on the slab for the Hardwaremen but was given the hook in the seventh spasm after serving up the meatball to Handy. The Wapiti cemented their lead with a brace of insurance counters in the ninth off reliever Bruce Hill. Guy Poole surrendered ten hits while breezing an equal number in acquiring the complete-game knoll decision. “Hobb” Wilson of the B.P.O.E. nine and Fawcett’s Bob Burns each had three singles during the nine-inning fracas.

Poole (W) and Brown
Sheedy (L), Hill (7) and Preston

(June 9)  In the battle of the Railroaders at Cairns Field, the C.N.R. aggregation prevailed 8 to 6 over the C.P.R. nine. Up until the eighth episode, everything was pointing to a victory for the Cee Pee’s. In that fateful panel, however, the Nationals were able to plate a pair of unearned tallies on a crucial error by keystone sacker Charlie Abbott of the Pacifics. Hard-luck loser Oliver L’Ami was touched four just four base hits, half as many as winning tosser Merrill Falby surrendered, but control issued paged him throughout. L’Ami walked six and hit two batters while Falby issued just one free pass. Both twirlers registered ten strikeouts. Joe McCullough of the vanquished nine was the only willow wielder in the game with multiple hit totals, spanking the sphere for three singles.

L’Ami (L) and Talbot
Falby (W) and Taylor

(June 12)  Garnering 14 hits off two slabsters, Fawcett’s hopped out of the City League cellar by chalking up a well-deserved 10 to 3 victory over the Fifth Battalion. The Hardware Crew played almost perfect ball behind southpaw Bruce Hill and, while the Vets got ten hits, they also slashed six errors on the scoresheet. From the second spasm on, Fawcett’s held the lead. Three-spots in both the fifth and sixths sessions put the result on ice. Losing chucker Pitman and his fifth-inning successor, A. Price, were both slapped around for seven of the winners’ safeties. Flychaser McLeod checked in with three of those base raps for the victors. Mel Kerr, with a double and two singles, was the swat king for the vanquished Fifth.

Hill (W) and Preston
Pitman (L), Price (5) and Peters

(June 13)  In a sloppily-played skirmish at Cairns Field, the Elks defeated the Fifth Battalion 10 to 6. Neither of the teams fielded with anything like their usual vigor, dragging down the quality of the contest far from its expected level. The B.P.O.E. Boys took a 2 – 0 lead in the opening canto and never trailed. Steve Martin copped the heaving victory, toiling on the clay heap until one had been retired in the seventh spasm. Alex Reid of the Veterans, shelled in the third round, was nailed with the defeat. Only one multi-hit player emerged from the fracas, that being third baseman Johnny Black of the Antlered Herd, who registered a double and two singles.

Martin (W), Pool (7) and Brown
Reid (L), Peters (3) and Peters, Alexander (3)

(June 14)  Muffing fly balls, booting grounders and unloading wild pegs on ten occasions, the Fawcett’s band of baseballers were easy prey for the C.N.R. squad who prevailed 8 to 3 in a City League clash at Cairns Field. The victory for the Railroaders moved them into a first-place tie with the idle Elks. Winning twirler Lawson Atcheson limited the Hardwaremen to four bingles and two earned runs. Two runs in the first frame off new Fawcett hurler, Sanderson, started the merry-go-round and the contest was all C.N.R. until the end. Shortstop Art Roblin picked up three, all singles, of the nine hits garnered by the Nationals while clubmate Jack Leachman delivered a triple and single.

Atcheson (W) and Roebuck
Sanderson (L), Sheedy (3) and Preston

(June 15)  The C.P.R. band of balltossers did the unexpected by knocking off the Elks 6 to 4 in an 11-inning encounter at Cairns Field. With the win, the Cee Pees climbed into third place in the City League while the B.P.O.E. aggregation dropped into second spot, a half-game behind the idle C.N.R. nine. For eight episodes, the Pacifics labored against tough-luck losing heaver, “Lefty” Fairbairn, scoring only one run. In the top-of-the-ninth, however, some shoddy fielding by the Antlered Tribe plus a couple of key hits by the Railroaders, in particular a two-run single by Roy Allan, allowed the Trackmen to tie the score at 4 – 4. In the second round of overtime, a couple of errors, a hit batsman and a fielder’s choice produced a brace of counters for the Cee Pees and a hard-earned win. Winning slabster Grant Murray, nicked for seven hits, was slow getting started but got stronger as the game progressed. The Railway squad managed only five hits off Fairbairn. Steve Ayres of the vanquished nine was in a class by himself with the willow, pummelling the horsehide for four safe swats, two of which were doubles.

Murray (W) and Talbot
Fairbairn (L) and Brown

(June 17)  In the replay of a protested game of June 1, the Elks had no trouble in disposing of the shorthanded Fawcett’s nine 10 to 2. The Hardwaremen were competitive for the first four frames but then weakened and it was all downhill thereafter. Guy Poole looked sharp on the bump for the Horned Horde, whiffing eleven batters while yielding five hits. Elmer Shockey made his pitching debut in the City circuit, going the route for Fawcett’s.
The big inning offensively for the victors was the fifth frame when they sent six runners across the pan. Catcher Joe Brown, with a triple and two singles, topped the swatsmiths for the Antlered Tribe while infielder Art McNair ripped a double and single for the losers.

Elmer Shockey (L) and Preston
Poole (W) and Brown

STANDINGS              W       L      Pct.
C.N.R.                 5       2     .714
Elks                   6       3     .667
C.P.R.                 4       5     .444
Fifth Battalion        3       5     .375
Fawcett’s              3       6     .333

(June 19)  Oliver L’Ami spun a five-hitter as the rampaging C.P.R. aggregation crushed Fawcett’s to the tune of 15 to 2. The Cee Pees got to losing heaver Leo Sheedy for eight tallies during his 3-1/3 innings on the knoll, driving him for cover in the fourth frame when they plated ten big counters to put the game on ice. The Pacifics racked up 15 base knocks as Charlie Abbott led the way with a triple, double and single. Fellow trackmen, Hank Hilldrup, delivered a triad of one-baggers.
Sheedy (L), Bigelow (4) and Bigelow, Preston
L’Ami (W) and Talbot

(June 20)  After losing three straight, the Fifth Battalion perked up and administered a 9 to 7 setback to the fast-moving Elks team at Cairns Field. Winning slabster Pittman went the distance  for the Veterans but was wild, issuing seven free passes. In addition, he yielded seven base raps and breezed nine. Starter Jack Friessen of the B.P.O.E. Brigade was bounced from the bump in the fifth frame after giving up ten hits and six runs. Mel Kerr was the big noise for the Fifth with the lumber, stroking three singles as part of his team’s 12 hits. Joe Brown smashed a double and triple for the Antlered Tribe. 
Pitman (W) and Paters
Friessen (L), Poole (5) and Brown

(June 21)  The Fawcett’s City Leaguers put on another dismal exhibition of baseball when they made ten errors and were mauled 17 to 5 by the C.N.R. at Cairns Field. Bruce Hill, the heaver for the vanquished Hardwaremen, was not to flame for the one sided loss of the contest although he was touched for 17 hits during the encounter. Only five earned runs were chalked up against him. Winning slabster Lawson Atcheson had only one rough inning, the third, and breezed to the triumph on a five-hitter. He also did well with the willow, stroking a double and two singles, an output equalled by batterymate George Taylor. 

Hill (L) and Preston
Atcheson (W) and Taylor

(June 22)  The C.P.R. diamond troopers continued their upward climb with a 6 to 2 conquest of the fading Elks at Cairns Field. The win for the Cee Pees moved them into a tie with the Antlered Herd for second place in the first-half standings. A four-run sixth-stanza did the trick for the Railroaders. Grant Murray pitched a steady, but unspectacular, game for the winners, effectively spacing ten hits, one more than complete-game loser “Lefty” Fairbairn. The Pacifics’ twirler also had better backing defensively than his mound opponent. Earl Fuller was the biggest thorn in the side of Fairbairn, stroking three singles, one of which drove in two runs in the pivotal sixth. Fairbairn countered with a triad of one-baggers off the slants of Murray to lead the Horned Horde offensively.

Fairbairn (L) and Brown
Murray (W) and Talbot

(June 26)  In spite of a major shift in their playing personnel, the result for the free-falling Fawcett’s squad remained the same, another loss. The latest setback occurred in their tilt with the C.P.R. nine, a clash which the Railway team won 13 to 8 in a seven-inning encounter at Cairns Field. Back in the saddle, losing chucker Tom Brady  did a creditable job on the clay heap, surrendering just four earned runs before turning things over to “Curly” Weldon. Frank Langford made his City League debut as a pitcher for the Cee Pees and, although wild at times, persevered to the end. Four tallies in the opening canto put the Pacifics on easy street and left the Hardware nine a crippled outfit. Shortpatcher Roy Allan had a double and single for the winners while clubmates Hank Hilldrup, Pete Campbell and “Rube” Talbot each singled twice.

Langford (W) and Talbot
T. Brady (L), Weldon (7) and F. Brady, Preston (7)

(June 27)  The C.N.R. balltossers boosted their lead atop the first-half standings with an exciting 8 to 6 triumph over the Elks at Cairns Field. The B.P.O.E. Brigade had the better of the play, outswatting the Railroaders by a 14 to 8 margin, and deserved a more favorable fate. The teams were locked in a 4 – 4 tie when the Nationals exploded for a four-spot in the bottom-of-the-seventh spasm to take what appeared to be a comfortable 8 to 4 lead. Battling hard, the Antlered Tribe ran across a pair of ninth-inning counters and had the sacks loaded with the potential lead run aboard when their two-out rally fizzled out. Losing twirler Guy Poole pitched reasonably well but was let down by his clubmates who made six costly errors. The Nats, on the other hand, played flawlessly afield. Lawson Atcheson was hit freely by the Purple Stockings but managed to persevere to the end for the win. Ray Watkins of the victors, as well as Steve Ayres and flychaser Johnny Black of the Horned Horde, each accumulated three base hits. One of Watkins’ blows was a double.

Poole (L) and Brown
Atcheson (W) and Taylor

(June 28)  The Fifth Battalion failed to stop the winning streak of the C.P.R. diamondeers, falling 7 to 4 to the Railway club at Cairns Field. Grant Murray hurled the win in a complete-game effort. Starter Pitman of the Fifth, derricked for Alex Reid in the seventh stanza, absorbed the defeat. Both teams racked up eight safe swats although the Cee Pees were superior in bunching their blows. Charlie Abbott collected three hits for the Pacifics, one of which was a double, while “Rube” Talbot delivered a brace of one-baggers. “Peck” O’Donnell singled three times for the Soldiers and Mel Kerr stroked a pair of one-base raps.

Murray (W) and Talbot
Pitman (L), Reid (7) and Peters

(June 29)  Murray Little’s two-run single in the top-of-the-ninth inning gave the last-place Fawcett’s nine a surprise 8 to 7 win over the Elks. The loss, the fifth in succession for the B.P.O.E. Brigade, was a heartbreaker. For seven innings the game was uneventful but the closing cantos were marked by considerable excitement. In arrears by a 7 to 2 count as they came to bat in the eighth episode, the Hardwaremen got to a weakening “Lefty” Fairbairn and struck for a four-spot to reduce the deficit to a singleton. Then, in the ninth, they loaded the bases with one out. A groundball back to Fairbairn forced a second out at the plate, setting the scene for Little’s heroics. Fawcett’s piled up 11 hits off Fairbairn including a double and single by playing-manager “Curly” Weldon. Ninth-inning reliever Stark picked up the heaving victory.

Hohner, Stark (W) (9) and Preston
Fairbairn (L) and Brown

(June 30)  Playing at top form, the front-running C.N.R. nine thumped the C.P.R. team 16 to 6 at Cairns Field in a battle of the Saskatoon Railroaders. The pace-setters ran across nine runs in the fifth frame, kayoing collegian Oliver L’Ami from the clay heap in the process. Merrill Falby pitched a steady five-hitter in securing the knoll victory. Ray Watkins, Roy Forsythe, “Tiny” Dickenson and Falby each collected two singles or the Nationals.

Falby (W) and Taylor
L’Ami (L), Murray (5)  and Talbot

STANDINGS              W       L      Pct.
C.N.R.                 8       2     .800
C.P.R.                 8       6     .571
Elks                   6       7     .462
Fifth Battalion        4       6     .400
Fawcett’s              4       9     .308

(July 3)  Bottom-feeding Fawcett’s again did the unexpected, winning for the second time in succession, by coming away with a somewhat flukey 9 to 7 conquest of the Fifth Battalion. The three Shockey brothers shared in no less than 18 of the 27 putouts recorded by the Hardwaremen. Leo Sheedy scattered 11 hits in annexing the mound victory over left-hander Mel Kerr, the third twirler used by the Fifth. Kerr was nicked for six base raps in the seven spasms that he toiled. Shortpatcher Kelley clouted a triple and single for the winners. Percy Pugh, on loan from the Elks, was best with the baton for the losers, stroking a double and two one-baggers.
Rooney, Pugh (1), Kerr (L) (2) and Hunter
Sheedy (W) and Ed Shockey

(July 4)   Bunching their hits in the third and seventh innings, the C.N.R. defeated the Elks 9 to 6 in a City League tussle at Cairns Field. The loss for the Antlered Herd, who held a 12 to 9 margin in base hits, was their sixth in a row. Winning heaver Lawson Atcheson fanned eight and, although hit freely, seemed to buck up in the pinches. Steve Martin performed well on the slab for the Elks, breezing twelve, but his wing curled up at times and the half-dozen walks he issued did not improve his position on the knoll. Art Roblin punched out three safe raps, all singles, for the Nats while Lorne O’Donnell of the Horned Horde replicated the feat.

Atcheson (W) and Taylor
Martin (L) and Fraser

(July 5)  A couple of newcomers locked horns in a well-pitched mound duel at Cairns Field in which the Fifth Battalion emerged with a 3 to 1 triumph over the C.P.R. crew. Harold Winter, one of the latest additions to the Veterans lineup, held the hard-hitting Railroaders to five scattered safeties, three of which were scratchy. By no means overshadowed was the Cee Pee twirler Sheppard who was also nicked for just five base raps. He had some nifty defensive help, especially by first baseman Pete Campbell who snared a third-inning line drive by Norm Aiken and turned it into a triple play. Mel Kerr of the Soldiers and the Pacifics’ Hank Hilldrup, both with a brace of one-baggers, were the lone swatsmiths in the endeavor to reach plural hit totals.

Winter (W) and Peters
Sheppard (L) and Talbot, Fuller

(July 6)  Breaking out of their prolonged losing streak with a vengeance, the Elks took all the joy out of the lives of the Fawcett balltossers by pummeling the Hardwaremen 17 to 0 at Cairns Field. The Antlered Tribe ripped into the offerings of two Fawcett heavers for a dozen base blows and played errorless ball behind Guy Poole who slammed the door on the losers with a four-hitter. The Purple Stockings began the onslaught with a four-spot in the opening panel and never let up on the gas pedal. Steve Ayres of the winners connected for a triple and two doubles while teammate Phil Danis delivered a two-bagger and a brace of one-base raps. 

Poole (W) and Alexander
Stark (L), Hohner (5) and Brady, Preston

(July 7)  With a 4 to 2 win over the C.P.R baseballers at Cairns Field, the C.N.R. nine put themselves in am almost impregnable position at the top of the heap in the first-series standings. Merrill Falby took the close pitching verdict from Grant Murray, who went down to defeat for the first time after chalking up six straight victories. The Nationals had an 8 to 5 advantage in base hits and led all the way but the Cee Pees kept the pressure on and made things difficult for their Railway foes. Roy Forsythe belted a double and a single for the victors while Charlie Abbott of the Pacifics stung the spheroid for a triple and one-bagger.

Murray (L) and Talbot
Falby (W) and Roebuck

(July 10)  Jumping into an early 5 – 0 lead, the Fifth Battalion had little difficulty in subduing Fawcett’s 10 to 2 at Cairns Field. Making his debut in City League baseball, young Orville Peasley of the Rotary League champion Y.M.C.A. aggregation went all the way on the hill for the Military Men, capturing the mound verdict from Bill Davis, who was also making his inaugural appearance in the circuit. Les Leachman launched a three-run round-tripper for the Fifth in support of Peasley. Playing-manager “Curly” Weldon had three hits, one of which was a triple, of the nine safeties that the Hardwaremen acquired off Peasley who walked just one while whiffing seven.

Davis (L) and Aitkenhead
Peasley (W) and Peters

(July 11)  The Fifth Battalion had little difficulty in disposing of an uninspired Fawcett’s nine 9 to 2 at Cairns Field. Snappy fielding and hard hitting gave the Battalion crew a big lead in the first three innings and the issue was never in doubt. Harold Winter pitched a good game for the Fifth, effectively spacing eight hits while issuing only one free pass. Jack Friessen, the Elks’ submarine slabster, was touched for 13 bingles which, along with erratic defensive play by his mates with runners on the paths, accounted for the high number of runs scored against him. First sacker Norm Aiken stroked a double and two singles for the victors.

Friessen (L) and Sheppard
Winter (W) and Peters

STANDINGS              W       L     Pct.
C.N.R.                10       2    .833
C.P.R.                 8       8    .500
Fifth Battalion        7       7    .500
Elks                   7       9    .438
Fawcett’s              5      11    .313

(July 12)  After trailing Fawcett’s for seven innings, the league-leading C.N.R. gathered deuces in each of the eighth and ninth innings to prevail 6 to 4. The Hardwaremen accumulated a dozen safe blows off winning flinger R. McDonald but left nine runners stranded. Meanwhile, losing chucker Leo Sheedy was nicked for 11 base raps. Jack Leachman of the Railroaders, with a double and two singles, was the game’s leading swatsmith.
McDonald (W) and Leachman
Sheedy (L) and Aitkenhead

(July 13)  Bunching eight hits in the fifth and sixth stanzas, the C.P.R. baseballers went on to pound the Elks 11 to 7 in a slow-moving City League affair at Cairns Field. Both pitchers of record, winning tosser Oliver L’Ami of the Railroaders and the Antlered Herd’s Steve Martin, were hit hard and often. Frank Langford and “Rube” Talbot both had a double and two singles for the winning Cee Pees. Teammate Charlie Abbott delivered three singles while Hank Hilldrup belted a home run.  Flychaser Orin Handy drilled a triad of one-baggers for the Purple Stockings.

L’Ami (W) and Talbot
Martin (L) and Alexander

(July 14)  The runaway-leading C.N.R. aggregation fortified their healthy margin atop the first-series by defeating the Fifth Battalion 9 to 7 at Cairns Field. Both teams slammed the horsehide for 13 base knocks as Merrill Falby, with 13 strikeouts and one walk, copped the knoll verdict over the Fifth’s Harold Winter, who whiffed four. The result was determined during the middle innings when the Nats wiped out a 7 - 5 deficit. Roy Forsythe homered and singled for the victors while Norm Aiken of the Battalion Boys ripped the apple for a double and one-bagger.

Winter (L) and Peters
Falby (W) and King

(July 15)  Winding up the first series of the City Baseball League, the pennant-winning C.N.R. nine trimmed the Fifth Battalion 12 to 3. Superior defensive play by the Nationals made a huge difference in the lopsided score as the Railroaders only had a 12 – 11 margin in base raps. Jack Leachman nailed a triple and a brace of two-baggers for the Nats while Mel Kerr led the Soldiers with the lumber, swatting a trio of singles. 

Pitman (L), Kerr (7) and Peters
Atcheson (W) and Taylor

STANDINGS              W       L      Pct.
C.N.R.                12       2     .857
C.P.R.                 9       8     .529
Fifth Battalion        7       9     .438
Elks                   7      10     .412
Fawcett’s              5      12     .294

(July 17 – 22)  First-ever Saskatoon Exhibition week baseball tournament


Unable to field a team that could compete with the other clubs in the circuit, Fawcett’s dropped out of second-series portion of the Saskatoon City Baseball League.

(July 24)  Showing no decline in the momentum of their first-series’ triumph, the C.N.R baseballers started the second-series off on a successful note by doubling their Railway brethren, the C.P.R. aggregation, 6 to 3 at Cairns Field. Winning heaver Merrill Falby, nicked for six safeties, struck out seven but had some control issues, walking an equal number while hitting one batter. Frank Langford, the Cee Pee’s twirler, gave up ten base knocks, including four singles to Nats’ catcher George Taylor, while fanning three and giving up the same number of free passes. The feature of the game was a triple play pulled off by shortpatcher R. McDonald, keystone sacker Roy Forsythe and first baseman “Tiny” Dickenson of the Nationals in the bottom-of-the-ninth canto. McDonald also did well with the baton, crushing the horsehide for a three-bagger and a double.
Falby (W) and Taylor
Langford (L) and Talbot, Aitkenhead

(July 25)  A City League pastime between the Elks and Fifth Battalion ended in a 4 – 4 draw at Cairns Field when the shades of night intervened and forced the players to cease activity after nine innings of action. Steve Martin of the Antlered Herd turned in an excellent pitching performance and certainly deserved a better fate than a tie game. Besides striking out nine opponents, he held the Veterans to three hits, two of which were garnered by Claude Alexander. Harold Winter and Jim Bainbridge hurled for the Battalion Boys, with all ten base knocks registered by the Elk pill-ponders coming off the slants of Bainbridge. Third baseman “Toad” Art, in his 1922 debut in the local circuit, went four-for-five at the plate for the winners with a double included in his sum of swats. 
Martin and Robinson
Winter, Bainbridge (4) and Peters, Hunter (5)

(July 26)  A two-out, two-run triple by pinch-hitter Arthur Abbott in the top-of-the-seventh stanza broke a 6 – 6 deadlock and allowed the C.P.R. diamondeers to come away with a 9 to 7 conquest of the Elks. With the tying counters on base in the bottom-of-the-ninth, middle pasture patroller Earl Fuller of the Cee Pees saved the game and pulled of the defensive play of the event with a shoestring catch of a clout off the bat of Steve Ayres that appeared destined for extra bases. The Pacifics lit up losing twirler “Lefty” Fairbairn for 14 base knocks as “Rube” Talbot, with a triple, double and single, led the way. Teammate Joe McCullough followed with three singles. Grant Murray gave up nine hits in going the distance for the mound victory. Catcher Clarence Robinson of the Purple Sox cranked one of Murray’s servings for a two-run, four-ply blast in the second spasm.
Murray (W) and Aitkenhead
Fairbairn (L) and Robinson

(July 27)  A bases-loaded single over third base by outfielder “Peck” O’Donnell in the top-of-the-tenth inning drove in two runners and propelled the Fifth Battalion to a 7 to 3 win over first-series’ champion C..N.R. O’Donnell’s timely overtime one-bagger broke a 3 – 3 tie that had existed since the sixth stanza and paved the way for a four-run outburst. The Nationals threatened mildly in their half of the bonus round but were only able to push across one marker. O’Donnell ripped a double plus an earlier single in collecting three hits for the winners. Also delivering a trio of safeties off losing tosser Lawson Atcheson was “Bunny” Clouston who drilled three singles. Winning chucker Harold Winter held the hard-hitting Trackmen to six hits, three of which came off the bat of Merrill Falby.

Winter (W) and Hunter
Atcheson (L) and Taylor

(July 28)  Slipping and sliding on a water-soaked diamond, the C.P.R. balltossers doubled the Fifth Battalion 6 to 3. Clutch pitching when the chips were on the line by southpaw chucker Jimmy Robertson of the Railroaders, sent the mound decision in his favor. Robertson, who has tossed most of the campaign for the Government Telephones of the Mercantile League, along with losing slabster Frank Lyle, were both touched for six hits in the eight-inning affair at Cairns Field. The Pacifics took a 2 – 0 lead in the opening canto and stayed in front throughout, putting the game on ice with a four-spot in the seventh. Catcher Len Hunter of the Battalion, with two singles, was the lone multi-hit player in the fray.

Robertson (W) and Aitkenhead
Lyle (L) and Hunter

(July 29)  In arrears by three tallies after six innings were in the books, the Elks plated single counters in each of the seventh and eighth episodes, then capped the afternoon off with a deuce in the bottom-of-the-ninth to pull out a 10 to 9 win over the C.N.R. The loss for the first-series’ champions was their second in succession. Several of the runs scored in the fracas were of the unearned variety as both aggregations played a loose defensive game. The B.P.O.E. Boys got to Nats’ chucker Merrill Falby for 13 base blows, handing the right-hander his first pitching setback of the campaign. Fifth-inning reliever Steve Martin earned the hillock triumph. In 4-2/3 frames on the bump, he yielded two runs on two hits. Top swatsmith in the skirmish was catcher Joe Brown of the Antlered Herd who stung the spheroid for a home run, triple and a brace of one-baggers. Roy Forsythe was beat with the lumber for the Nationals, drilling a double and two singles.

Falby (L) and Taylor
Davis, Martin (W) (5) and Brown

(July 31)  The C.P.R. balltossers took over sole possession of first-place in the second-series’ standings by dumping the C.N.R. 9 to 5 in a swatfest at Cairns Field. The Cee Pees pounded losing chucker Lawson Atcheson for 16 base knocks while the Nats picked up 13 safeties off the slants of winning tosser Grant Murray. Pete Campbell stroked a triple and two singles for the victors while teammate Frank Langford came through with a double and a brace of one-baggers. Jack Art celebrated his return to the C.N.R lineup by pounding out two doubles and driving in three runs.

Murray (W) and Aitkenhead
Atcheson (L) and King

STANDINGS              W       L      Pct.
C.P.R.                 3       1     .750
Elks                   1       1     .500
Fifth Battalion        1       1     .500
C.N.R.                 1       3     .250

(August 1)  Bunching bingles in the second and third innings helped the Elks produce four tallies en route to a 5 to 4 triumph over the Fifth Battalion. Steve Martin, with nine strikeouts and a six-hit mound effort, copped the pitching verdict over Jimmy Bainbridge who fanned 11 wile giving up eight hits. Catcher Joe Brown picked up a double and single for the Horned Horde while Frank Lyle of the Soldiers connected for a two-run round-tripper.

Bainbridge (L) and Peters
Martin (W) and Brown

(August 2)  The red-hot C.P.R. balltossers reeled off their fourth win in a row by defeating the Elks 7 to 4 in a fast seven-inning, darkness-shortened pastime at Cairns Field. Southpaw Jimmy Robertson won his second start in the City League, yielding nary an earned run to the Antlered Herd while giving up just three hits. Losing twirler Steve Martin, after defeating the Fifth Battalion just 24 hours previous, attempted the iron-man feat but it didn’t work as he was pounded for 11 hits and lacked control, uncorking a number of wild pitches. Pete Campbell and Roy Allan each garnered three bingles for the Cee Pees with a triple included in Campbell’s triad of swats.

Martin (L) and Brown
Robertson (W) and Talbot

(August 3)  Breaking out of a three-game slump, the C.N.R. rode the stellar two-hit pitching of Merrill Falby to register a 6 to 1 victory over the Fifth Battalion and, in the process, vacating the cellar position in the second series’ standings. It was close to being a shutout as the only run produced by the Veterans, an unearned tally, came in the final canto on a dropped ball during a hot box play when “Peck” O’Donnell was caught between third and home. Losing chucker Frank Lyle was touched for seven safeties by the Nationals including two doubles by Jack Leachman plus a triple and single off the bat of Art Roblin.

Falby (W) and Taylor
Lyle (L) and Peters

(August 4)  Jack Friessen had his submarine pitch working to perfection and the Elks, with a patched-up lineup, shutout the C.P.R. 5 to 0 in a City League game shortened by rain and darkness to six innings. The Antlered Herd fielded to perfection behind Friessen who limited the Cee Pees to just two hits. Losing slabster Grant Murray was tagged for nine hits including a triple and a pair of singles by “Lefty” Fairbairn. “Rube” Talbot garnered both of the Pacific bingles.

Friessen (W) and Martin
Murray (L) and Aitkenhead

(August 4)  The executive of the Saskatoon City Baseball league accepted the withdrawal of the Fifth Battalion team for the remainder of the season. To take the place of the Fifth Battalion, the league moguls accepted a new franchise, the Government Telephones’ team of Saskatoon’s Mercantile Baseball League, providing the newcomers were willing to carry on the Fifth’s schedule and 1 – 3 won-loss record in the second-series of the circuit. The new entry was given permission to strengthen their team by using whatever players from the defunct Battalion squad were still eligible for play in the City League.

(August 8)  Staging a three-run rally in the bottom-of-the-ninth inning, the C.N.R. baseballers pulled out a last-ditch 4 to 3 win over the surprising Telephones who were making their debut in the City League. It was a tough defeat for the Phones to absorb as they outplayed the Railroaders for eight innings before succumbing to the eleventh-hour comeback by the Nationals in the final canto. Both teams spanked the horsehide for seven base hits as losing pitcher Harry Pouli, who racked up 11 strikeouts while walking three, had the upper-hand in his knoll battle with Lawson Atcheson before things began to unravel. A pair of hits, one of which was a scratch single down the first-base line, a wild pitch and an infield error allowed the Nats to erase a 3 – 1 deficit and tie the score. Art Roblin plated the winning tally after stroking a two-out single, moving to second base on the throw-in and coming all the way around to touch the platter on another scratchy bingle by pinch-hitter Jimmy/Johnny Hall. Atcheson fanned eight and gave up one free pass in his winning mound effort. “Curly” Summers had a double and single for the newcomers while teammate Pipe as well as Roy Forsythe of the Trackmen each picked up a pair of one-base hits.

Pouli (L) and Harmon
Atcheson (W) and Taylor

(August 9)  With Merrill Falby back in form, swishing nine and holding the rejuvenated Elks to just five scattered hits while , the C.N.R. diamond pastimers romped to an easy 9 to 1 conquest of the Purple Stockings. After battling the Railroaders on equal terms for the opening four frames, the Antlered Tribe was victimized for a deuce in the fifth, coming as a result of three hits and an error, and the die was set for the final outcome. Jimmy Bainbridge, a pickup by the B.P.O.E. Boys from the defunct Fifth Battalion, was roughed up for 11 safeties by the Nationals in absorbing the complete-game loss. Ray Watkins, Jack Art, Roy Forsythe and “Tiny” Dickenson all punched out a brace of singles for the victors while Clarence Robinson smashed a triple and one-bagger for the vanquished nine.

Falby (W) and Peters
Bainbridge (L) and Hirsch

(August 11)  A 6 to 1 conquest of the C.P.R. vaulted the C.N.R. aggregation of pastimers back into a familiar spot in the City League standings, the top rung. Excellent hurling by Lawson Atcheson and top-notch defensive play by his mates in crucial situations gave the first-series winners the edge over their Railway rivals. The Nationals now have a half-game lead over the Cee Pees in the second-series of games. Exploding for a trey of counters off losing heaver Oliver L’Ami in the initial chapter, the Nats were always in control. Jack Art hammered three hits for the winners including a home run.

L’Ami (L) and Talbot
Atcheson (W) and Taylor

(August 12)  Miserable fielding behind their duo of pitchers spelled the downfall of the Telephones who were thrashed 8 to 2 by the Elks in a seven-inning affair at Cairns Field. The victory for the Antlered Tribe moved them into a second-place tie with the C.P.R in the second-series’ standings. Winning slabster Steve Martin pitched a peculiar contest for the Purple Stockings, for although he was stingy in yielding hits, handing out a mere two, he was horribly wild, walking seven batsmen. The winners managed only five hits but 13 errors by the Phones gave loser Harry Pouli and a fifth-inning reliever no chance of success. The lone batter to acquire more than one safety in the tilt was versatile Leslie of the Telephone Troupe who collected both of his team’s bingles.

Pouli (L), Bainbridge (5) and Harmon
Martin (W) and Hirsch

STANDINGS              W       L      Pct.
C.N.R.                 5       3     .625
C.P.R.                 4       3     .571
Elks                   4       3     .571
Telephones             1       5     .167

(August 14)  Applying the whitewash brush, the C.N.R. smothered the Telephones under a flock of runs in the fourth and fifth innings to grab an easy 9 to 0 victory. Merrill Falby yielded four hits, two going to outfielder Carl Mackie, in a complete-game winning effort. Losing chucker Jimmy Bainbridge worked hard but the Phones played erratic ball behind him. Jack Leachman, with a double and two singles, led the nine-hit offensive output by the Nats. Teammate Ray Watkins doubled and singled.

Falby (W) and Peters
Bainbridge (L) and Harmon, Summers

(August 15)  With the diamond at Cairns Field unplayable because of untimely rain, the Elks and C.N.R. were unable to tangle in their scheduled game. As a result, the situation is a peculiar one. According to a league ruling made some time ago, no further postponed games would be played in the second series meaning that the C.N.R. nine has completed its series schedule with a 6 – 3 won-loss record. The Elks, knocked out of contention for the second-series tile by the washout, have one scheduled-game remaining which will probably not be played since it will have no bearing on the pennant race. The C.P.R. aggregation, the lone team still in the chase with the Nationals for the second-series’ bunting, has two games on the agenda, both against the Telephones.

(August 16)  Seven players from the C.P.R. and none from the Telephones’ aggregation appeared at Cairns Field for a scheduled game that, according the C.N.R. manager Bill Thompson, had to be declared as postponed since neither team had a quorum present. That meant, according to the Nationals’ skipper, that his charges should be acclaimed as second-series titlists since the contest could not be-rescheduled.

(August 17)  With an insufficient number of players available for their scheduled game against the C.P.R. squad, the last-place Telephones were forced to forfeit the tilt 9 to 0.

(August 18)  For the second evening in succession, the Telephones forfeited their official contest to the C.P.R. for lack of available players. With the pair of default victories, the Cee Pees claimed they had earned a tie with the C.N.R. for top spot in the second series, a declaration hotly disputed by the Nats. In an effort to resolve the situation, the league moguls decided that a one-game playoff between the Elks and C.P.R. would take place with the winner to go against the C.N.R. for the second-series crown.


(August 26)  The Elks, given up for dead just a couple weeks ago, remained in the hunt for the second-series pennant after eliminating the C.P.R. 10 to 6 in a sudden-death playoff fixture at Cairns Field. A pair of portsiders squared off in the winner-take-all clash with the Elks’ “Lefty” Fairbairn coming out on top over Jimmy Robertson of the Cee Pees. Both slabsters were hit freely although Fairbairn, with 11 strikeouts and just one walk, exhibited better control. Six big counters by the Antlered Herd in the third inning more or less sealed the deal. Leading the 12-hit attack mounted by the Purple Stockings was Mel Kerr who stroked three singles. “Rube” Talbot gathered a triple and double for the vanquished Pacifics.

Robertson (L) and Talbot
Fairbairn (W) and Hunter


(August 29)  The curtain was rung down on the 1922 Saskatoon City Baseball League season when the Canadian Nationals, champions of the first series, grabbed the second-series honors and pennant by doubling the Elks 6 to 3 at Cairns Field in a darkness-shortened, seven-inning finale. Lawson Atcheson pitched the Railroaders to the championship by fanning ten and holding the B.P.O.E Brigade to six scattered blows. In the absence of Steve Martin, “Lefty” Fairbairn was called upon to hurl for the Horned Horde and did a creditable job, whiffing six while limiting the Nats to seven safeties, but loose fielding by his mates with ducks on the pond put him in peril. The Trackmen plated a deuce in the second stanza and took much of the energy out of the Antlered Tribe by following that up with a trey in the third session. The Elks had tough luck on the basepaths and it cost them at least two runs. Jimmy/Johnny Hall of the C.N.R. touched Fairbairn for two singles while Dick Dickenson of the Elks duplicated the feat against Atcheson.

The Saskatoon C.N.R. team, having won both the first and second series, qualified to play in the provincial championship against the Regina Elks.


Government Telephones

(August 7)  Applying the skids to the second-place Government Telephones by an 8 to 4 count in a snappy five-inning session at City Park that was terminated early because of darkness, the Canucks annexed the Mercantile Baseball League pennant. Airtight defensive support was afforded Roy Forsythe, the winning heaver, and the hard-hitting runners-up were thoroughly humbled. The setback for the Phones, who came on strong during the late stages of the pennant-race, was their first in their past eight contests.  

Nelson (L) and Harmon
Forsythe (W) and King


Christ Church
St. Thomas
Third Avenue
25th St. Baptist                     

FINAL STANDINGS             W      L      Pct.
Westminster                 8      1     .889
Y.M.C.A.                    8      1     .889
C.A.A.                      6      3     .667
Grace                       5      3     .625
St. Thomas                  4      4     .500
Third Avenue                3      5     .375
Wanderers                   2      6     .250
Christ Church               1      5     .167
25th St. Baptist            0      6     .000         

LEAGUE FINALS  Westminster vs Y.M.C.A.  (best-of-five series)

(July 3)  The Y.M.C.A. scored five runs in the opening panel and went on to lay a 21 to 7 thumping on the Westminsters at City Park. Earl DeGeer, with a three-run blast, and Hooper, with a two-run shot, hit home runs for the winners. Guthrie of the vanquished nine also had a circuit-clout, a bases-empty drive. 

Peasley (W) and Aitkenhead
Martin (L), Baker and Lee

(July 5)  Loose fielding behind ace slabster Cam Baker spelled doom for the Westminsters who fell 6 to 0 to the Y.M.C.A. in the second meeting of the league finals between the adversaries. Orville Peasley once again pitched for the Y’s-Men and, with flawless defensive support by his mates, blanked the Westies on five hits. Baker, on the other hand, was afforded shaky defensive backing and, except for giving up a solo homer to second baseman Leslie, was not charged with any other earned runs. 

Baker (L) and Cannon
Peasley (W) and Aitkenhead

(July 7)  The Y.M.C.A. ran roughshod over the Westminsters 17 to 4 to annex the Rotary Senior crown in three straight games. Orville Peasley pitched a five-hitter for the complete-game win and received stellar offensive support from his mates who banged out 18 safeties off the slants of losing twirler Merril Martin. Leading the way with the baton was first baseman Earl DeGeer who slammed a pair of three-run homers in addition to a brace of singles.

Peasley (W) and Aitkenhead
Martin (L) and Brown


Imperial Life (second-half only)
Leader  (first-half only)
Probus Club
Winners’ Club


(May 22)  Winners’ Club galloped off with the verdict in the opening game of the first division of the 1922 Northside Baseball League by edging the Probus Club 4 to 3 in ten innings. Trailing 3 – 2 as they came to bat in the ninth, Winners’ responded with the tying tally when Vadis Lindsay tripled home Keith Drew, who had singled. Then, in the overtime session, they plated the deciding counter on Howie Milne’s single, Heinie Rogers infield hit and a hard blow to the middle pasture by Jack Rowand. Bill Bannister had 11 strikeouts in earning the heaving win with a four-hitter, decisioning Johnny Gottselig who was nicked for nine base raps. Milne, Drew and Lindsay all had two hits for the victors while Gottselig spanked the sphere for a triple and single in defeat.

Bannister (W) and Leigh
Gottselig (L) and Parker

(May 24)  A fourth-frame grand-slam home run by winning pitcher Tommy Green propelled the Elks to an 8 to 2 conquest of the Leader team at Park de Young. Aided by steady defensive work from his clubmates, the Antlered Crew portsider gave up six hits, struck out an equal number, hit one batter and walked seven. Losing twirler Martin Habermiller yielded seven base raps, fanned nine, plunked two opposition hitters and issued six free passes. Catcher “Chum” Irvin and flychaser F. Davidson stroked two singles apiece for the victors while Leader first sacker Bill Vennels replicated the feat.

Habermiller (L) and McInnis
Green (W) and Irvin

(May 26)  The Leader baseball club banged out 15 hits in running roughshod over the Probus Club by a 13 to 6 count. Cliff Slade hammered the horsehide for three base blows, including a double, to lead the winners at the dish. Casey Moroschan struck out 13, walked two and gave up seven hits in earning the complete-game mound victory. With the lumber, Moroschan drove in three runs with a double and a one-bagger. Losing chucker Johnny Gottselig, bounced from the knoll in the seventh spasm, doubled twice to pace the seven-hit attack of the Clubbers.
Gottselig (L), Crawford (7) and Parker
Moroschan (W) and Robinson

(May 27)  The Elks baseballers battered their way to the top of the heap by slapping down the Winners’ Club 18 to 8 in a Northside League slugfest at Park de Young. The Antlered Herd smashed the horsehide for 22 base blows, good for 35 bases, while the Clubbers racked up a dozen safe swats. Tommy Green and playing-manager “Chum” Irvin had four hits apiece for the Elks with a home run and double included in Irvin’s total of safeties. “Frenchy” Seguin, outfielder Davidson and winning twirler Lewis delivered three base raps each. Seguin’s sum of knocks included a pair of triples. Stew Leigh, with two hits, and Jack Rowand, with three, belted back-to-back homers for the vanquished nine in the second stanza.  

Lewis (W) and Irvin
Lindsay, Kain (L) (3), Lindsay (7) and Leigh

(May 29)  The Winners’ club diamondeers ran across five counters in the second stanza and went on to wallop the Leader team 15 to 3. Veteran right-hander Bill Bannister, although raked for 11 base hits, had tremendous offensive support and collected his second win of the young season in a route-going mound effort. Young Martin Habermiller, starting heaver for the Newsmen, was tagged with the loss. Winners’ accumulated 15 base knocks as Stew Leigh, with five RBI’s, and Howie Milne led the way with three apiece. George Dent stroked four safeties, all singles, for the losers.

Bannister (W) and Leigh
Habermiller (L), Moroschan (6) and Achtzener

(May 31)  The Probus Club got off to a good start, moving in front 4 – 0 after two innings, and went on to win their first tussle of the season, upsetting the previously unbeaten Elks 9 to 5 at Park de Young. Starter and losing heaver Symons of the Antlered Herd was kayoed from the slab in the fateful second and his mates were never able to fully recover from the early deficit. Winning tosser Johnny Gottselig, who rang up nine strikeouts and walked just one, was combed for ten hits but always had a cushion to work with. The Elks accumulated 14 base blows including four singles, which produced a pair of RBI’s, by outfielder Coleman. Cecil Browne and Len McDougall came through with three safeties apiece with a home run  included in Browne’s total. Teammate Bill Baldwin also clouted a four-bagger to go along with a double. Elks’ playing-manager “Chum” Irvin clipped the horsehide for a pair of triples and a single in a losing cause while clubmate Tommy Green clubbed a round-tripper and a one-base rap.

Gottselig (W) and Parker
Symons (L), Lewis (2) and Irvin

(June 2)  Winners’ Club moved into sole possession of first place in the Northside Baseball League by bouncing the Probus Club 11 to 7 in a high-scoring, yet quickly-played, skirmish at Park de Young. All told, 30 base hits were banged out with Winners’ hoarding 19 of them. Bill Bannister, the mainstay slab artist for Winners’, fanned eight, hit two batters but didn’t walk anyone and gave up 11 safeties. Losing chucker Pete Gottselig lasted six frames on the Probus hillock before being yanked. Catcher Stewart Leigh and playing-manager Heinie Rogers both stung the spheroid for four safe swats, including two doubles apiece, in leading the victors at the platter. Leigh’s blows produced four RBI’s. Cy Bennett was the top hitter for the losing side, garnering a triple and a brace of one-base hits. Cecil Browne followed with a three-bagger and single.    

Gottselig (L), Crawford (7) and Parker
Bannister (W) and Leigh

(June 5)  The Elks jumped all over former teammate, losing slabster Lewis, for five counters in the opening canto and went on to clobber the Leader 13 to 6 at Park de Young. The Antlered Tribe accumulated a dozen base knocks as second baseman F. Davidson had three RBI’s on the basis of a triple and single while Freddie Barker singled twice to drive in a pair of tallies. Charley Milne slapped out three of the nine base raps garnered by the Newspaper nine off the slants of winning chucker Webb Bird.

Bird (W) and Irvin
Lewis (L) and Robinson

(June 7)  Another offensively-charged Northside League game graced the diamond at Park de Young where the Leader baseball team ran roughshod over the Probus Club to the tune of 21 to 8. The combatants combined for 30 base blows with the Newsies collecting 20 of them. Making their season’s debut, the White brothers were instrumental in the victory. Winning heaver Russell went the distance and gave up ten safeties, three of which came off the bat of Cecil Browne, while Bill, his batterymate, belted a double and two singles. “Mutt” Smith punched out five hits, all singles, driving in four runs for the winning nine to lead all swatsmiths. Chuck Milne also delivered a triad of raps for the Leader squad, each a one-base bingle. Playing-manager Bill Vennels was the top RBI producer in the contest, driving in five tallies with a three-bagger and double. Bill Baldwin slammed a two-run circuit-clout for the losing Clubbers to go along with a single. Browne’s sum of base knocks included a double and triple.

R. White (W) and W. White
Gottselig (L), Thompson (6), Crawford (9), Browne (9) and Parker

(June 9)  Running across five tallies in the eighth episode, the Winners’ Club band of baseballers wiped out an early 6 – 0 deficit and went on to nose out the Elks 7 to 6 at Park de Young. The hard-fought victory for the Clubbers vaulted them into first place in the Northside circuit, a full game in front of the Antlered Herd.  The Elks, with a 13 to 12 margin in base hits, had plenty of opportunities to salt the game away but were the victims of three double plays reeled off by Winners’. Outfielders Jack Rowand and Vadis Lindsay both stroked a double and two singles for the victors. Elks’ flychaser McIntyre slapped out four singles in defeat.

Bannister (W) and Leigh
Green (L), Bird (8) and Irvin

(June 10)  A one-sided 11 to 2 conquest of the Leader aggregation increased the lead of the Winners’ Club aggregation atop the Northside League to a game-and-a-half. The Newsmen, playing with a lineup depleted by injuries, managed to hold an edge in base hits, 11 to 9, but were repeatedly in peril as their duo of hurlers, in particular losing chucker Lewis, couldn’t find the strike zone and wound up issuing 13 bases-on-balls. Winning twirler Bill Bannister, on the other hand, did not give up a single free pass while his mates turned in an error-free game behind him. Jack Rowand singled three times for the pace setters while catcher Stew Leigh clubbed a triple and double. Charlie Watt was best with the baton for the Newspaper nine, spanking the horsehide for a triple and two one-baggers. 

Lewis (L), Kain () and McInnis
Bannister (W) and Leigh

(June 12)  An abundance of hitting coupled with poor defensive work defined the Northside League contest at Park de Young in which the Probus Club diamondeers prevailed 15 to 10 over the Elks. The result was virtually decided in the third frame when the Probus nine pounced upon losing tosser George Holmes for seven markers, taking a lead they never relinquished. Grant Crawford, touched for 11 hits, earned the pitching win and made things sweeter for himself by belting a home run. Infielders Bill Baldwin and Acaster had three base raps each as part of the 14-hit Probus attack with one of Baldwin’s blows going for three bases. Clubmate Len McDougall delivered a triple and single. Outfielder McIntyre, “Chum” Irvin and Webb Bird of the vanquished nine each stroked the pill for a double and single.

Holmes (L), Bird (4), Rittinger (7) and Irvin, McIntyre
Crawford (W) and Parker

(June 14)  The Probus Club made it two straight victories by defeating the league-leading Winners’ Club 12 to 9 in another Park de Young slugfest. There were 32 hits in the contest, 17 by the losing squad. Pete Gottselig chalked up the mound victory while Bill Bannister was tagged with his first loss of the season. The Probus nine played steady afield while the Winners’ generally solid defense was wobbly.  Second baseman Hammond and outfielder Cy Bennett collected three hits apiece for the victors. Hammond’s total included a triple and double while a two-bagger was part of Bennett’s sum of swats. Flychaser Fraser followed with a home run and single. Stew Leigh and Jack Rowand both slugged four-ply clouts for the vanquished squad. Leigh had a great game at the dish, driving in four runs while hitting for the cycle. His four safeties slightly outpaced Rowand and first sacker “Slats” Drew who both garnered three base knocks. Rowand belted a two-bagger and single in addition to his round-tripper while Drew doubled twice as well as singling.

Bannister (L) and Leigh
Gottselig (W) and Parker

(June 16)  At an executive meeting of the Northside Baseball League, it was decided to divide the season into two series with the Winners’ Club being declared as champions of an abbreviated first series. The balance of the original schedule was declared to be the second series in which the Leader team had voluntarily surrendered its franchise with a team representing Imperial Life taking over their spot in the circuit.

FINAL STANDINGS        W      L      Pct.
Winners’ Club          5      2     .714
Elks                   3      3     .500
Probus Club            3      4     .429
Leader                 2      4     .333


(June 19)  The Winners’ baseball team started off on the right foot in their quest for second-half honors in the Northside Baseball League by walloping the Elks 12 to 2 at Park de Young. The wildness of losing chucker Rittinger combined with a porous defense spelled defeat for the Antlered Herd. Of the dozen tallies scored by the Winners’ nine, only two were earned. Bill Bannister, backed up with errorless ball from his mates, tossed the route-going knoll victory, surrendering solo home runs to “Frenchy” Seguin and “Chum” Irvin as part of the five hits attained by the Elks. Irvin had a one-base rap in addition to his circuit-clout. Winners’ hot corner custodian Gordon Grassick used his cudgel to connect for three base hits, one of which was a double. Teammate Vadis Lindsay drove in three counters with two-bagger and single.

Rittinger (L), Allen (8) and Irvin
Bannister (W) and Leigh

(June 21)  The Winners’ Club, first-half champion of the Northside League, won their second straight tilt in the second-series by defeating the Probus Club 11 to 4. Hindered greatly by some poor base-running decisions, the Probus nine wasted a number of the 14 hits they managed to acquire off winning pitcher Bill Bannister. Outfielders Jack Rowand and “Stuke” Conrod of Winners’, along with Reg McDougall of the Probus squad, were the top swatsmiths for their respective clubs, each garnering a triad of safeties.

Gottselig (L), Crawford (4) and Parker, Keeble
Bannister (W) and Leigh

(June 26)   The Elks and Imperial Life staged the longest contest of the season at Park de Young when the two combatants battled through 13 innings to a 3 – 3 tie. Darkness prevented a fourth session of overtime. The Antlered Herd could have picked up the victory in the regulation nine frames but because of their lack of focus in retrieving a ball hit by outfielder Simons of the Imperials during the eighth episode, which the Elks claimed was foul, allowed the opposing batter to circle the bases unmolested for a lucky three-run, inside-the-park homer. Southpaw slabster Tommy Green of the B.P.O.E. brigade was superior in most aspects than his knoll rival Russell White of the newcomers to the league, allowing three fewer hits and one less walk. Both twirlers had nine strikeouts. “Frenchy” Seguin tripled and singled for the Antlered Tribe while catcher Bill White of the Insurers knocked out a double and one-bagger.

Green and Irvin, Snell (8)
R. White and W. White

(June 28)  Four runs in arrears as they came to bat in the ninth inning, the Probus Club baseballers rallied to tie the score and then, in the tenth session of play, plated a singleton to come away with an exciting 11 to 10 triumph over Imperial Life. Probus’ playing-manager Pete Parker’s two-run single in the bottom-of-the-ninth knotted the count and set the stage for the come-from-behind victory in the overtime round of play. Cecil Browne started things off by nailing a long double off losing heaver W. Rogers, a call-up from the C.P.R. of the second division. Browne moved to third on an infield out and plated the deciding tally on “Butch” Wilson’s sacrifice fly. The Imperials managed 16 hits off the slants of winning chucker Grant Crawford while Rogers was nicked for 15 safeties. Browne had a double and triple in addition to his bingle in the bonus session while Parker added a double and one-bagger to his game-tying blow. Wilson and Bill Baldwin both drove in three counters for the victors. The White brothers sparkled offensively for the Insurers. Catcher Bill clipped the horsehide for a two-bagger and three singles while Russell collected four RBI’s on a double and single. Charley Milne was also prominent for the losing nine, stroking a double and a brace of one-base raps, driving in a pair of markers.

Rogers (L) and W. White
Crawford (W) and Parker

(July 3)  The Winners’ Club went further into the lead of the second-half standings by nosing out Imperial Life 6 to 5 in a well-played Northside League contest. The Imperials outswatted the Clubbers 12 to 7 and had the potential tying and lead runs perched at second and third base with one down in the final canto but were unable to deliver in the clutch, stranding 11 baserunners over the course of the joust. Bill Bannister and Russell White were the opposing slabsters in the tilt and, while Bannister was hit much harder than his burly opponent, he had better control and was favored with far better defensive support from his clubmates. Bill White, with a double and a brace of singles, along with teammate Cliff Slade, who singled three times, led the vanquished Insurers with the baton. Howie Milne doubled and singled for Winners’ and Stew Leigh delivered a two-run homer.

R. White (L) and W. White
Bannister (W) and Leigh

(July 5)  Coming alive in the latter part of the game, the Elks broke open a 4 – 4 tie and went on to grab a 7 to 4 verdict from the Probus Club. The win for the Antlered Herd moved them into second place if the second-half standings. Jason Allen, who took over pitching duties for the Horned Horde in the fifth frame when his team was two runs in arrears, blanked the Probus nine on three hits during the remainder of the clash to earn the hurling decision. Newcomer Johnny Gottselig, younger brother of well-known and affable Pete, gave up six of the seven Elks’ runs and was tagged with the defeat. Two of the hits he surrendered were mammoth four-ply clouts, a solo shot by outfielder McIntyre and a two-run blast off the bat of “Chum” Irvin. McIntyre added a single to his round-tripper while teammates Leo Vineberg and Tommy Green each contributed a double and one-bagger. Flychaser “Butch” Wilson connected for three of the eight safeties garnered by the losers, driving in a brace of tallies in the process.

Rittinger, Allen (W) (5) and Irvin
J. Gottselig (L), Crawford (8) and Parker

(July 7)  The Probus Club band of baseballers handed the Winners’ Club their first setback of the second-half, doubling their opponents 10 to 5. Playing-manager Pete Parker homered for the Probus nine in support of winning chucker Johnny Gottselig.

Lindsay (L), Kreutzer and Leigh, Rowand
J. Gottselig (W), Crawford and Parker

(July 8)  Winners’ and Elks played a scoreless draw at Park de Young, the game being stopped in the seventh inning because of rain. Both the Elks’ Tommy Green and Bill Bannister of Winners’ pitched well with Green holding the pace-setters to just three hits but experiencing some control issues, walking seven and hitting two batters, while Bannister was nicked for six base raps without giving up a free pass. Playing-manager “Chum” Irvin of the Antlered Tribe, with two singles, was the only player from either side to acquire more than one hit. 

Bannister and Leigh
Green and Irvin

(July 10)  The Imperial Life baseball club won their first game in the second-half of the Northside League season by trouncing the Probus Club 7 to 2. Russell White, nicked for seven safeties, picked up the pitching verdict over Pete Gottselig, who gave up eight hits. The Insurers jumped out to a 3 – 0 lead after one inning and were never headed. Gottselig, with a double and single, was the game’s top hitter.

P. Gottselig (L) and Parker
R. White (W) and W. White

(July 12)  By defeating the Winners’ Club 8 to 7 in a battle that took 12 long and fiery innings, the Elks took over top spot in the Northside League by a few percentage points. The lead in this fiercely-fought battle zigzagged back and forth during the final five frames. Prior to that, it looked like a holiday for Winners’ who were sailing along on the crest of a six-run lead. Then, suddenly in the sixth stanza, the Antlered Crew came through with a quintet of hits, two of which were homers by outfielders McIntyre and Fred Brundage, which produced four runs. Not yet finished with their offensive thrust, the Elks plated a deuce in the seventh spasm to knot the count at 6 – 6. The bitter rivals traded singletons in the ninth to send the bout into overtime. In that ninth session, losing flinger Bill Bannister was thrown out at home with what would have been the winning tally. In the eleventh, both teams had the sacks full but a fast double play nipped the Elks’ chances while winning flinger Tommy Green struck out the final batter for the Clubbers. Green, who whiffed 16 batters, was touched for 16 hits while walking three. Hard-luck loser Bannister yielded 15 base raps, fanned five and, until the fatal twelfth, had issued only one free pass. In the top-of-that third round of bonus play, however, he gave up a pair of bases-on-balls which proved fatal and set the stage for a crucial RBI-single by McIntyre, his fourth base knock of the tilt, which drove in “Chum” Irvin with the deciding tally. Rival backstops Irvin and  Stew Leigh, along with outfielder Vadis Lindsay of Winners’, each racked up three-hit performances.  

Green (W) and Irvin
Bannister (L) and Leigh

(July 14)  The Winners’ Club came back to form and defeated Imperial Life 8 to 5 at Park de Young. The Clubbers smashed the offerings of losing twirler Russell White for 17 base blows as every member of the Winners’ lineup, with the exception of playing-manager Heinie Rogers, had at least one safe swat. Leading the way was catcher Stew Leigh who stung the sphere for two doubles and a pair of singles. First sacker “Slats” Drew followed with a brace of two-baggers and a one-base rap. Winning chucker Bill Bannister was nicked for ten safeties including a double and single off the bat of the Imperials’ third baseman Pete Nashburn.

Bannister (W) and Blacklock
R. White (L) and W. White

(July 15)  The Elks regained the lead in the first division of the Northside League by edging the Probus Club 6 to 5 at Park de Young. Loose fielding by the Antlered Herd in the opening canto led to a flurry of unearned Probus tallies wherein the eventual winners found themselves in the hole by four counters. For the remainder of the game, however, the Clubbers weren’t able to do much against the pitching of starter Webb Bird and fourth-inning reliever Tommy Green. The Elks scored a pair in the third round and missed out on another marker when Leo Vineberg had an apparent home run taken away from him for failing to touch second base. They went ahead 5 to 4 in the fourth frame by putting up a three-spot on the scoreboard. The Probians tied it in the seventh spasm on Cy Bennett’s solo four-bagger, an inside-the-park blow. The winning run was plated in the eighth episode when Vineberg was the recipient of a free pass. Following the theft of the keystone sack, Vineberg atoned for his earlier mistake by touching the pan with the deciding tally on an overthrow to first base on a ground ball by Heinie Snell. Vineberg’s sensational defensive play also had a large bearing on the final result. The Wapiti shortpatcher made four fielding plays than robbed Probus batters of certain hits. Green copped the pitching win, surrendering but one run on three hits in the six stanzas he was on the slab. Grant Crawford went the route on the knoll for the vanquished clubbers, giving up nine hits, two by Vineberg, along the way. Bill Baldwin had three, all singles, of the seven Probus raps.

Crawford (L) and Parker
Bird, Green (W) (4) and Irvin

(July 17)  The Winners’ Club remained hot-on-the-heels of the front-running Elks squad by nosing out the Probus Club 8 to 7 at Park de Young. Winning flinger Bill Bannister singled home Vadis Lindsay in the bottom-of-the-ninth inning to provide the walkoff winner. Winners’ got off to a flying start but the Probians kept on plugging and assumed the lead in the sixth stanza when a timely single by Grant Crawford drove two runners across the pan. Winners went into the lead again only to see the Probus aggregation tie the score in the top-of-the-ninth on a two-run single by Miller Hackney, a call-up from Imperial Oil of the second division. Bannister, nicked for nine hits, was opposed on the hill by Johnny Gottselig who surrendered ten safeties in absorbing the loss and was hampered a great deal by his wildness, yielding eight free passes. His leadoff walk to Lindsay in the ninth set the stage for Bannister’s winning blow. Keith “Slats” Drew had a double and single for the victors while newcomer Hackney paced the vanquished nine with a double and two one-baggers.

J. Gottselig (L) and Parker, Bennett (7)
Bannister (W) and Leigh

STANDINGS        W      L      Pct.
Elks             3      1     .750
Winners’ Club    5      2     .714
Probus Club      2      5     .286
Imperial Life    1      3     .250

(July 21)  The Imperial Life diamond troopers moved into third place in the first division of the Northside League by shading the Probus Club 12 to 11 in an eleven-inning joust at Park de Young. It was another heavy-hitting affair with a total of 38 base knocks being registered off Johnny Gottselig and Terence Kain, the opposing hurlers, each of whom went the route. Kain, the winner, had better control than his opponent but both tossers were hit freely throughout. The Imperials looked like a badly beaten team, in arrears by a 7 – 3 count after five frames. However, they plugged away and managed to tie the score at 9 – 9 after nine rounds. They came through with a three-spot in the top-of-the-second round of overtime only to see the Probians come within a whisker of tying it up again. Had not Pete Irvin made a stellar play in retiring “Butch” Wilson for the final out, the contest would assuredly have been extended. Pete Nashburn lit up Gottselig for five, all one-baggers, of the 20 bingles attained by the Insurers, driving in five runs. Probus shortpatcher Coleman also racked up five safeties, one of which was a triple. Banging out a triad of singles and a three-bagger for the losers was flychaser Fraser.

Kain (W) and W. White
J. Gottselig (L) and Keeble

(July 22)  The Elks blew away the Winners’ Club 9 to 1 in a much-anticipated clash for first place in the Northside League. Portsider Tommy Green of the Horned Horde tamed the Clubbers on four hits, only two of which could be classified as clean bingles. The lone run he gave up came as a result of walking four batters in the eighth episode. Pete Radu, who has been cutting all kind of capers with his southpaw hooks as a member of the Imperial Oil team in the second division, received a rude baptism on the knoll in his first division debut for Winners, being bombarded for 15 base knocks. Webb Bird and Fred Brundage both lit up Radu for three singles to pace the victors offensively. 

Radu (L) and Leigh
Green (W) and Irvin

(July 24)  The Winners’ baseball club suffered their second straight loss and their fourth defeat in their last six games when they were doubled by the Imperial Life outfit 4 to 2. The Imperials lit into the offerings of losing tosser Bill Bannister for a dozen safeties. While the Insurers hit Bannister with authority, errors figured in the scoring of all but one run against him. Winning heaver Russell White held the erstwhile heavy hitters from the Clubbers to six base raps, two of which were doubles. Outfielder George Dent led the Underwriters with the lumber, stroking three singles.

R. White (W) and W. White
Bannister (L) and Leigh

(July 26)  For failing to appear at Park de Young for a scheduled Northside League contest, the pace-setting Elks forfeited their game against the Probus Club 9 to 0.

(July 28)  Rain and wind stopped the first division game at Park de Young in the bottom-of-the-second inning with the Winners’ Club in front of the Probus Club 5 to 1.

(July 29)  The Elks strengthened their hold on first place in the second-half standings by doubling Imperial Life 6 to 3 at Park de Young. Portsider Tommy Green, aided by a pair of home runs from his clubmates, copped the pitching verdict over Russell White. Fred Brundage cracked the first four-ply clout, a solo blast, while playing-manager “Chum” Irvin delivered a two-run shot. A single by Heinie Snell in the sixth spasm sent Brundage across the pan with the counter that eventually proved to be the winner. Webb Bird had three of the 11 safeties garnered by the Antlered Herd . Pete Irvin, with a double and single, was best with the baton for the Imperials.

R. White (L) and W White
Green (W) and Irvin

(July 31)  Staging rallies in the eighth and ninth cantos, Imperial Life stormed back to defeat the Probus Club 5 to 4 at Park de Young, Two double plays and one triple play featured the contest with Len McDougall of the Probians starting the three-ply killing.

P. Gottselig (L) and Keeble
Lewis (W) and W. White

(August 3)  A 4 to 2 loss to the Probus Club dropped the Winners’ Club into a second-place tie with the idle Imperial Life aggregation. Winners’ scored their deuce in the top-of-the-first-inning and didn’t lose their lead until the sixth stanza when they fell behind 3 – 2. The Probians, with a 10 to 7 advantage in hits, added an insurance tally in the seventh. Johnny Gottselig  spun a seven-hitter in recording the mound win.

Gilmour (L), Bannister (5) and Blacklock
J. Gottselig (W) and Keeble

(August 4)  The Imperial Life baseballers moved into the runner-up spot in the second-half standings by defeating the Probus Club 3 to 1 at Park de Young. Both teams stung the spheroid for eight safe swats as Lewis of the Insurers, with a dozen strikeouts, garnered the slab verdict from Grant Crawford. The Imperial tosser, along with flychaser “Butch” Wilson and catcher Keeble of the Probians, each secured two singles and were the only multi-hits players in the tilt.

Crawford (L) and Keeble
Lewis (W) and W. White

(August 7)  First-half champion Winners’ Club fell further off the pace in the second-half standings when they fell 9 to 2 to the front-running Elks squad. The Wapiti got to losing chucker Vadis Lindsay for a dozen base knocks while winning heaver “String” McLelland gave up eight safeties. A four-run ninth-panel sealed the deal for the Antlered Tribe. “Frenchy” Seguin starred both defensively at the keystone position and at bat for the Elks, smashing a two-run homer, a double and a single. His middle-infield partner, McIntyre, also did well with the lumber, slapping out a trio of one-base raps. Catcher Blacklock doubled and singled for the Winners’ nine.

McLelland (W) and Snell
Lindsay (L) and Blacklock

(August 9)  Despite claiming only three base hits over the course of the contest, the Imperial Life balltossers emerged with a narrow 6 to 5 victory over the Winners’ Club. The Underwriters plated only one earned run against hard-luck losing flinger Gilmour but were the beneficiary of five additional tallies on fielding misplays by their foes. Russ White, who pitched for the victors, also dished up a fine calibre of heaving, breezing eight while yielding just five safeties. One batter from each team, George Dent of the Insurers and the Clubbers’ Vadis Lindsay, managed to stroke two singles.

Gilmour (L) and Rowand
R. White (W) and W. White

(August 11)  Out-hit and, for the most part, out-played, the pennant-aspiring Elks still managed to pull out a 10 to 8 win over the cellar-dwelling Probus Club. A pair of tallies in the bottom-of-the-eighth episode broke an 8 – 8 deadlock and gave the Antlered Herd the win. Overall, half of their counters were unearned as the Probians made errors at critical times. Webb Bird, rocked for 14 hits, managed to survive for the hillock triumph over Johnny Gottselig, who was nicked for a dozen safeties. Manager “Chum” Irvin, who doubles as a backstop for the Wapiti, was the boss hitter of the evening, crashing four hits, one of which was a homer, scoring five runs himself while driving two more across the plate. Teammate Tommy Green added three singles while Pete Parker drove in a brace of markers with a two-bagger and single. For the Clubbers, Bill Baldwin slapped out a triad of one-baggers while A. Bennett, seconded from the Orange Lodge of the second division, made an auspicious debut by slamming a three-run circuit-jack as well as a single. Gottselig delivered a double and one-base rap in support of his hurling effort.
J. Gottselig (L) and Keeble
Bird (W) and Irvin

(August 12)  Resorting to an old jinx-busting device of wearing their uniform tops inside-out, the Winners’ baseball club showed some of their first-half form in outclassing the tail-end Probus Club 8 to 2. Bill Bannister effectively scattered eight hits in securing the hurling decision over Pete Gottselig who surrendered ten safeties. Winners’ shortpatcher Howie Milne ably assisted Bannister by scooping up eleven chances without the semblance of a bobble. Vadis Lindsay belted a monstrous home run and a double for the victors. Bill Baldwin nailed a double and a brace of one-baggers for the Probians.

P. Gottselig (L) and Keeble
Bannister (W) and Blacklock

(August 14)  An 8 to 6 triumph over Imperial Life virtually assured the Elks of the second-half pennant. The Imperials’ Casey Moroschan, making a rare appearance in the Northside League this season, outpitched the Elks’ “String” McLelland but spotty defensive work by his colleagues led to his defeat. McLelland and Fred Brundage both lit up Moroschan for two-run homers. Pete Irvin, first baseman of the Imperials, had four of his team’s 11 base hits, one of which was a triple. George Dent followed with a three-bagger and a brace of one-base raps.
McLelland  (W) and Irvin
Moroschan (L) and Martin

STANDINGS        W      L      Pct.
Elks             8      2     .800
Imperial Life    6      5     .545
Winners’ Club    6      7     .462
Probus Club      4     10     .286

(August 15)  A rejuvenated-looking Probus Club contingent of balltossers disposed of the Imperial Life aggregation 7 to 3 at Park de Young. Second-division callup A. Bennett slugged his second home run, a two-run shot, in as many games foe the Probians. Grant Crawford pitched a steady game for the victors, faltering only during the ninth round when a pair of singles followed by a triple by his mound opponent, Lewis, netted the Underwriters a brace of tallies. Bill Baldwin, with two doubles and a single, as well as Len McDougall, who singled on three occasions were the top producers at the plate for the Clubbers. Bennett had a one-bagger in addition to his homer. Losing chucker Lewis also drilled a single to go along with his three-bagger. 

Lewis (L) and Erskine
Crawford (W) and Parker

(August 17)  The executive of the Northside Baseball League nullified the result of the August 14 game between the Elks and Imperial Life. The presence of Cliff Moses in the lineup of the first-named club was the objection put forward and it was sustained.

(August 18)  In an ugly exhibition of defensive baseball, the Winners’ Club booted the horsehide no less than 17 times and, as a result, were throttled 20 to 4 by the second-half champion Elks. Webb Bird hurled the triumph for the Antlered Herd, leaving the knoll after six stanzas with a 17 – 0 lead, while starter Bill Bannister of the Clubbers suffered the loss. Playing-manager “Chum” Irvin hit safely five times for the Wapiti with a home run and double included in his sum of raps. Teammate “Frenchy” Seguin delivered a double and a pair of one-baggers. Catcher Blacklock singled three times for Winners while  Bannister connected for a last-gasp homer in the ninth.

Bannister (L), Conrod, Leigh and Leigh, Blacklock
Bird (W), Symons (7) and Irvin

(August 19)  The Imperial Life and Probus Club contingents closed out the second series of the Northside League schedule at Park de Young with the Underwriters coming out on top 7 to 5. The Insurers outswatted the Clubbers by an 11 to 6 margin in the rather listless contest. Imperial’s heaver Lewis , with nine strikeouts and two walks, had much superior control than losing flinger Johnny Gottselig, who walked eight batters, hit another while fanning six. Bill White’s three-run round-tripper in the third chapter put the Imperial squad in front 4 – 0, a lead they never relinquished. White, along with his brother Russ and Charley Milne, each had three hits for the victors. A. Bennett, a late-season call-up from the Orange Lodge of the second division, continued his torrid power hitting, slamming his third homer in four games with the Probians.
J. Gottselig (L) and Parker
Lewis (W) and Nashburn

FINAL STANDINGS        W      L      Pct.
Elks                  10      3     .769
Imperial Life          7      7     .500
Winners’ Club          7      8     .467
Probus Club            5     11     .313

CHAMPIONSHIP FINALS  Winners’ Club (first-series winners) vs Elks (second-series champions)  (best-of-five series)

(August 23)  Overcoming an early 2 – 0 deficit, the Elks drew first blood in the post-season playoff series for the championship of the first division in the Northside Baseball League by defeating the Winners’ Club 5 to 3 in a hotly-contested skirmish at Park de Young. The efficiency of portsider Tommy Green on the hillock was the biggest individual factor in the victory by the Antlered Herd as he held the Clubbers to four hits, allowing only one earned run, that coming on a solo home run by catcher Stew Leigh, while racking up 13 strikeouts. The Elks got to losing chucker Bill Bannister for seven safeties, many of which were timely blows following a bobble. They took control of the game in the fourth frame by plating a deuce to move in front 4 – 2. “Frenchy” Seguin and Cliff Moses picked up two base knocks apiece for the victors with Seguin slamming a triple and Moses a two-bagger. Leigh had a single to go along with his circuit-clout for the vanquished nine.

Bannister (L) and Leigh
Green (W) and Irvin

(August 25)  The Elks baseballers took a stranglehold on the championship of the first division by disposing of the Winners’ Club 9 to 3. The victory marked the second successive win for the Antlered Tribe in the best-of-five series. The Elks had the upper hand throughout the fracas in which slabsters Tommy Green and Bill Bannister clashed for the second time within three days. The Wapiti registered nine hits to seven for the losers and their blows were more impactful as they came in clusters. Outfielder Fred Brundage of the victors was the offensive hero of the contest with three base knocks, one of which was a two-run homer. Playing-manager “Chum” Irvin added two singles.

Green (W) and Irvin
Bannister (L) and Leigh

(August 28)  A three-run rally in the bottom-of-the-ninth inning earned the rampaging Elks a 6 to 5 come-from-behind victory over the Winners’ Club as well as the championship of the Northside Baseball League’s first division. It was a tough loss for Winners and, in particular, pitcher Bill Bannister, who had the Antlered Herd on the ropes until the fateful ninth when a two-out meltdown let a 5 – 3 lead slip away. Up until that point, Bannister had the Elks’ number although the Horned Horde had managed to secure three unearned counters. Webb Bird secured the hillock triumph, surrendering ten hits, while Bannister yielded eight, two of which were collected by Bird. Stew Leigh clipped the horsehide for three safeties in leading the vanquished Clubbers at the dish. Bannister and flychaser Jack Rowand each delivered a pair.

Bannister (L) and Leigh
Bird (W) and Irvin


Canadian National
Canadian Pacific
Imperial Oil
Mounted Police
Power House/Orange Lodge

FINAL STANDINGS        W      L     Pct.
Simpson’s              9      1    .900
C.P.R.                 6      4    .600
C.N.R.                 5      4    .556
Mounted Police         4      5    .444
Imperial Oil           3      6    .333
Orange Lodge           2      9    .182 

FINAL STANDINGS        W      L     Pct.
Simpson’s              9      1     .900
Mounted Police         9      1     .900
C.P.R.                 3      5     .375
Orange Lodge           3      5     .375
C.N.R.                 2      7     .222
Imperial Oil           2      7     .222       

(July 27)  Simpson's scored a pair in the first inning and laid on a 14-7 beating on the Mounties Thursday. The winners clouted 15 hits and took advantage of 7 errors. W.(Bill) Wolver and Carl Wolver led the attack each with three hits. Martin Habermiller was beaned in the seventh inning and "dropped to the ground like a log." However he was able to get to his feet and go to first base and returned to the field in the eighth. He was a big bat for the winners with a double and triple driving in four runs. Bryan Timmis slugged a homer for the Mounties.

Helfrick (L) and Timmis
Johnny Wolver (W) and Erskine


(August 24)  The Mounted Police baseball team won the championship of the last-half of the season in the second division by defeating the Simpson’s aggregation 12 to 5 in a darkness-abbreviated, eight-episode affair at Park de Young. The Mail Order crew played their poorest game of the season while the Police, although they erred frequently, had plenty of pep. Winning pitcher Kasenberg struck out 13 of the Broad Street baseballers and held them to eight hits. Johnny Wolver started on the slab for Simpsons and was hit hard in his five frames on the knoll, yielding ten of the 14 hits and seven of the 12 runs acquired by the Mounties during the tussle. Shortpatcher “Nig” Canty of the R.C.M.P. was the hitting demon of the fray with five safe swats in as many times at bat. Two of his blows were triples. Catcher Bryan Timmis followed with a home run and three-bagger while flychaser Paquet came through with a double and a pair of singles. 

J. Wolver (L), Habermiller (6) and Erskine
Kasenberg (W) and Timmis

SECOND DIVISION CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES  Simpsons (first-half champions) vs Mounted Police (second-half winners)  best-of-three series

(August 29)  Simpson’s took the first contest in the best-of-three series with the Mounted Police for the championship of the second division at Park de Young, coming out on top 10 to 8 in a hair-raising, seven inning affair. Both teams used two chuckers and both managed to pick up ten hits. Second-stanza reliever Martin Habermiller was credited with the pitching win, coming to the aid of starter Johnny Wolver who gave up four first-inning tallies, principally through wildness. Kasenberg, replaced by Kettleston in the seventh spasm, was tagged with the loss. Martindale, for the Police and Erskine, for Simpson’s, were the slugging stars, each accumulating three safe blows. Cameron’s three-run homer in the fifth frame practically clinched the game for Simpson’s.

J. Wolver, Habermiller (W) (2) and Erskine
Kasenberg (L), Kettleston (7) and Timmis

(August 31)  Though young Martin Habermiller pitched a classical performance, the twirling of his mound rival, Kettleston, was a shade the best, the result being that the Mounted Police captured the second game of the second division finals by a score of 5 to 2. Habermiller allowed only four hits, but three of them came in the second stanza, resulting in two earned runs. Four consecutive errors in the sixth session by the Mail Order squad allowed the Police to plate their other three counters. Kettleston was nicked for six scattered safeties, allowing Simpson’s to score only singletons in the first and third inning. First baseman Cameron of the losing nine was the batting star of the game, stroking a triple and two singles.

Kettleston (L) and Timmis
Habermiller (L) and Erskine

(September 6)  No evidence was found that the finals resumed and that a playoff winner had been declared after the Northside League executive threw out the results of the first two games. Simpson’s had filed a protest after the second game claiming that Kettleston of the Mounted Police was an ineligible player. In sustaining the protest, league officials declared they had no choice but to wipe out the results of both games since the player in question had participated in both contests.  


City Hall
C. N. Express
Dewdney Dodgers
True Blues

FINAL STANDINGS          W      L    Pct.
City Hall               12     3    .800
Dewdney Dodgers          9     5    .643
C.N. Express             9     6    .600
Y.M.H.A.                 6     8    .429
Beavers                  4    11    .267
True Blues               4    11    .267 

NO PLAYOFFS – pennant-winning City Hall acclaimed as 1922 champions of the third division   


(August 23)  In an eleven-inning thriller, the McKenzie-Stewart’s squad edged the St. Joseph’s nine 3 to 2 to take the opening game of the Moose Jaw City League final series. The St. Joe’s infield defense collapsed in the second extra frame and literally presented the McKenzie-Stewart’s with the deciding run. Up until that lapse, the two aggregations had put on a sparkling performance. George Haigh went the route on the hillock with a five-hitter in earning the win. Loser Roy Mapes was touched for seven safeties including a double and single by Chuck Robinson. Third sacker Feist singled twice for the losers.

R. Mapes (L) and Gallant
Haigh (W) and Johnson

(August 25)  McKenzie-Stewart’s annexed the Moose Jaw City League crown by taking an 8 to 7 win over St. Joseph’s in the second game of the City League final series. The winning Hardware team managed to score in only one inning, the second, when they exploded for all eight of their counters. The winners held a 10 to 8 margin in base hits acquired. Jim MacDonald had the heavy bat for the champions as he belted two triples to go along with a home run. “Hank” O’Day of the vanquished slammed a round-tripper and a three-bagger in a losing cause.

R. Mapes (L) and Gallant
Wilson (W) and Johnson


(September 2)  The Regina Elks opened their best-of-five provincial playoff with the Saskatoon champion, Canadian National Railway team, by trouncing the visitors 11 to 6. In the second game of the Park de Young double-dip, the Railroaders from the Bridge City responded with a narrow 3 to 2 winning decision to knot the series.

Both teams exhibited their hitting skills in the opener which saw the Elks pound loser Lawson Atchison for 16 base hits while the Saskatonians lit up winning chucker Tommy Green for 13 safeties. Green had immense success at the plate, drilling a triple and three singles, in aiding his own cause on the mound. "Frenchy" Seguin pasted a long home run to go along with a double and single for the winners while teammate Fred Brundage amassed a double and a pair of singles. Saskatoon catcher Taylor drilled a circuit blast to go along with a brace of one-baggers. Third sacker Watkins followed with a double and two singles while Atcheson stroked three singles. 

Atchison (L) and Taylor
Green (W) and Parker, Irvin (7)

The invaders from the north scored single tallies in the seventh and eighth innings of the follow-up game to erase a 2 to 1 deficit and eke out the series-tying win. Cliff Moses' second inning single drove in both Regina runs and gave the homesters the early lead. Saskatoon catcher Peters led all batters with four singles in four official trips to the plate. His batterymate, winning pitcher Merrill Falby, was no slouch at the platter either, cracking a trio of singles off losing twirler Webb Bird.  

Falby (W) and Peters
Bird (L) and Irvin

(September 4)  Spectacular heaving by Saskatoon's Lawson Atchison, who limited the Regina visitors to four hits, was the key in the Canadian National Railway 6 to 3 victory in game three of the provincial finals. The Queen City Elks captured the late game in the playoff doubleheader in Saskatoon by crushing the Railroaders 9 to 2.

Entering the bottom of the sixth inning in the matinee affair, the teams were tied 3 - 3 when losing twirler Tommy Green weakened, serving up five base blows good for three runs. Besides his stellar mound work, Atchison also led the northerners with the willow, pounding out a three-bagger and a single. Saskatoon second baseman Jack Art picked up a brace of singles while Regina catcher "Chum" Irvin led the Elks with a double and single. 

Green (L) and Irvin
Atchison (W) Taylor

The visiting Reginans tied the series up at two games each when they manufactured 18 safeties off losing heaver Merrill Falby in the nightcap. Webb Bird tossed a five-hitter in cruising to the mound triumph. Five Reginans - Cliff Moses, Billy Molisky, "Chum" Irvin, Tommy Green and outfielder McIntyre - each had three base hits. One of Irvin's base blows went for two bases.

Bird (W) and Irvin
Falby (L) and Peters

(September 5)  With the series tied at two games apiece, the fifth and deciding game of the Saskatchewan senior baseball series was played on a neutral diamond in the town of Craik. The cool weather and the stiff breeze blowing had no effect on the offensive prowess of the Regina Elks as they smothered the Saskatoon C.N.R. 11 to 2 to win the playoff affair three games to two. Webb Bird of the Antlered Herd handcuffed the Saskatonians on four hits to ring up his second win over Saskatoon in two days. Regina collected 14 base blows in total off loser Lawson Atchison and reliever Merrill Falby. Elks' outfielder Barker led the way with the stick, clubbing a triple and two singles. "Chum" Irvin had a double plus a pair of singles while Tommy Green stroked a trio of one-baggers. 

Atchison (L), Falby (8) and Taylor
Bird (W) and Irvin  


McAuley MB

(May 30)  The Moosomin baseball team made it three straight wins in the Eastern Kirkella & Mainline Baseball League when they took the long end of a 10 – 6 score from the strong Welwyn nine at the latter town in a game featured by heavy hitting. Winning pitcher Mullin pitched his fifth game for Moosomin in as many days and was steady at all times.

Mullin (W) and Nelson
Logel (L) and McDougall

LEAGUE STANDINGS      W      L             
Moosomin              3      0
Welwyn                1      1
Wapella               1      1
McAuley               1      2
Rocanville            0      2    




Lake Lenore



(July 18)  Milden fell behind in the first inning, giving up a pair of solo home runs, but rallied Tuesday evening to down Conquest 9-4 in Fertile Valley intermediate play. The winners batted around in their half of the opening frame to plate six runs and take a commanding lead. Glen went the route on the hill for Milden allowing seven hits. The winners had ten. Each team made six errors.

Clark (L) and Smith
Glen (W) and Dugan