1925 Rosters      


C.N.R. (first-half pennant winners) :  Aitkenhead Andy 3B/C/SS, Art Jack OF, Atcheson Lawson P/OF/3B/SS, Brown Joe C, Fairbairn Keith(Lefty) OF/1B/P, Falby Merril RHP/OF, Forsythe Roy OF, Gilmour Archie C, Jackson Orville OF/2B, Jones Ossie P/OF, Little Robert(Viv) 2B, O'Donnell Percy (Peck) OF/3B, Ripley OF, Taylor Wally C, Thompson Willett(Bill) MGR, Wanless Jack 3B, Watkins Ray SS/P/3B, Wilson H.L.(Hobb) 1B

Columbus Club : Aiken Norm 1B, Bennett Alf P/OF/2B/SS, Campbell Lorne 2B, Charmbury Bob OF, Collins 3B/OF/SS/2B/C, Conn Maitland SS, Downey George OF/C/2B, Dunbar Bill 1B/P/C, Fair Tommy OF, Goggins Hughie C/P/SS, Hollup OF, Kimmerley Harry MGR, Kirk OF, Lutes Frank OF, Lyle Frank P/OF/1B/SS/3B, McCulloch Joe 3B/SS, McKenzie Paul 1B/OF/P/3B, McPherson 1B, Montgomery Tommy OF/P, Muldoon Jimmy MGR, Nagle Jack LHP/OF, O’Dwyer P/OF, Pipe Stan OF, Postlewaite Ted 2B/P/C/SS/OF, Schrader Abe SS, Wakeford Millard 1B/SS/P

Elks (second-half pennant winners) : Amundrud Hank SS, Beavis OF/SS, Bird Webb SS/P/1B, Campbell Pete 1B, Clouston Maurice(Bunny) 3B/OF/SS/2B, Cummings Jerry RHP/OF, Dickenson Leonard(Tiny) 1B/P, Fuller Earl OF/C, Hamilton Frank C, Hilldrup Hank 1B/P/OF, Horrell OF/C, Hunter Harold(Scoop) SS/3B, Kosnar Vince MGR, Langford Jim OF, Lee P, McKenzie Bruce OF, Murray Grant P, Porteous George 2B/OF, Robinson Sid OF/C/1B/3B/SS/P, Simpson 1B, Talbot Len P/OF, Talbot “Rube” C/OF/1B, Thomas Joe LHP/OF


Bowman’s-Ashdown’s : 
Bonser OF, Campbell W. P, Ede 1B, Evers SS/P, Hunt 3B, Hunter, Little OF/3B/P, McGinnity/McGinty C, McMillan G. 2B, McMillan J. 3B, Potter P, Richardson 2B, Simons/Symons OF, Tomkin, Veitch OF/SS

Implements (disbanded in July) :  Bennett A. OF, Bennett E. OF, Bond 1B/OF, Carter 3B, Crocker 2B, Gilbert 2B, Haywood SS, Jackson 2B, Kerans OF, Kerr OF/3B, Maynard C/1B, McArter 1B, McDonald OF, Morrison B. SS, Morrison T. OF, Pettapiece Oral(Orlie) P, Riddell, Rogers C, Whitcomb/Whitcombe OF, Wilson OF

Sutherland :  Burrage OF, Campbell K. 2B/P, Kusch C. C/SS, Kusch Tony P/SS/C, Lee A. 2B, Lee H. 1B, McOrmond OF, Myers C. SS/OF, Nagle, Taylor D. OF, Parsons OF, Peterson 3B, Schuler OF, Taylor Jack 3B, Thwaite 1B, Welker OF/P

Wholesale Grocers :  Ash Viv P/OF/SS, Bacon OF, Bennett SS, Cairns 1B, Campbell H. OF/3B/1B, Coulter C, Cutts OF, Gale OF, Jones OF, Kearns Chuck 1B, Lawson G. 2B/3B, McNair OF/3B/SS, Scharfe Clayton P/OF, Scharfe M. SS/2B, Sipes OF, Smith OF, Thomas Joe LHP (also Elks – City League), Wanless Jack 3B/SS/P (also C.N.R. – City League)      

(dropped out of league in mid-June) :  Bigelow OF, Christenson 1B, Doull P/1B, Gibson 3B, Farrell C, Jones Ossie OF/P (also C.N.R – City League), Jordon OF, Lee 2B, Mullins SS, Theide OF

Dominion Express :  Anthill OF, Shesworth OF, Field P, Fortiner 3B/P, Hackett OF, Haworth 3B/1B/OF, Hilldrup Hank OF/SS (also Elks – City League), Hinds 1B, Hopkins P/1B/OF, Houghton P/1B, Johnson/Johnston SS/OF, Loran C/OF/SS, McCurdy D. 3B, McCurdy J.#1 C, McCurdy J.#2 2B, Murphy P, Noble OF, Swallwell 2B, Talbot Len 1B/OF/P (also Elks – City League)

Dominion Motors :  Clement OF, Edelman/Eidleman 3B, Fyfe OF, Hooper SS, Isherwood OF, Kearns OF, Kerr 1B, Lawson Bev LHP, Leslie E. 1B, Mackie Carl C, Mayne Bob P/2B, Mayne C. 3B, Mayne Graham 2B/OF, McMillan C, Rose OF, Rowland 2B, Smith SS/OF, Telfer OF, Wanless OF

Quaker Oats :  Allan 1B/OF, Atcheson P, Bonser 1B/OF, Buckley OF, Downey George C/P (also Columbus Club – City League), Heasman 3B/SS/C, Hookway OF, Kieser 3B/OF, McCulloch Joe SS (also Columbus Club – City League), Noble 3B, Pipe OF/SS, Scott OF, Stark A. 2B/C, Stark C. 3B/P, Stark T. SS, St.Laurent P/2B/OF, Wakeford Millard P/1B/C (also Columbus Club – City League)


Saskatoon Wesley Junior Macs :  Carmichael C/P, Charberry P, Fletcher SS/3B, Fortiner 3B/RHP/OF (also Dominion Express – Commercial League), Hooper SS, Lawson Bevan LHP/OF (also Dominion Motors – Commercial League), Layng OF, Leslie 2B, Loran 1B (also Dominion Express – Commercial League), McFadyen OF, Pipe OF (also Quaker Oats - Commercial League), Reeve C, Telfer OF               


Champs Hotel (1925 pennant winners) : Browne Cecil1B (also Winnipeg Express-Elmwood/also Brandon Greys), Bannister Bill P/OF (also Odd Fellows), Cranstoun Jack OF/SS, Dent George OF, Doraty Ken 3B/2B (also Darke’s/also C.P.R.), Gill OF, Gilmour Johnny P (also Darke’s), Green Tommy 2B/P/OF, Hay George SS, Herauf Johnny P (also C.P.R.), Hewitson OF (also Darke’s), Leigh Stew C, McMitchell P (also Darke’s), Milne Charlie(Chuck) 1B/OF, Milne Howie SS/OF, Moran Amby P, Randolph SS/OF (also C.P.R.), Rogers Heinie 3B/OF, Rowand Jack OF/1B, Young Athol P/OF

C.P.R. : Brundage Fred SS/1B/OF, Crawford Ray(Happy) P/SS/1B (also Darke’s), Doraty Ken 3B (also Champs/also Darke’s), Erskine Jerry C/1B (also Darke’s), Fisher MGR, Gilhooly Jack OF, Hepburn “Happy” (also Darke’s), Herauf Johnny P/1B/3B (also Champs), Hogg Cliff P (also Darke’s), McDougall Len 2B, McDougall Reg OF, McPherson OF (also Darke’s), Quest Cliff OF (also Odd Fellows), Randolph P (also Champs), Rodgers Bill OF/1B (also Darke’s/also Odd Fellows), Rowe 1B, Rymer SS, Sandstrom SS/OF, Schwindt C/SS (also Darke’s), Snell “Rancher” C, Thompson Gordon (also Darke’s), Thomson Bob 3B/OF/1B, White Russ P/3B, White W. C, Wilson Bill OF/SS, Wolver Carl 3B/P, Wolver W. 3B (also St. Mary’s – East Side League), Wylie OF

Darke’s Hardware (withdrew from league in early July) : Coey 2B/1B (also Odd Fellows), Crawford Ray(Happy) 1B/SS/P (also C.P.R.), Doraty Ken OF (also Champs/also C.P.R.), Erskine Jerry OF (also C.P.R.), Forsythe OF/SS/3B/2B (also Odd Fellows), Fulton Earl OF/SS/2B (also Odd Fellows), Gilmour Johnny P/1B/OF (also Champs), Hepburn “Happy” SS/1B/OF/2B/P (also C.P.R.), Hewitson OF (also Champs), Hogg Cliff P/SS/OF/1B (also C.P.R.), Keeble C, Leberge OF/C, MacPherson OF (also C.P.R.), Matthews OF/2B, McMitchell P/1B (also Champs), Petersmeyer 1B/2B, Richardson OF, Rodgers Bill P (also Odd Fellows/also C.P.R.), Schwindt OF/C (also C.P.R.), Sturdy OF/MGR, Thompson Gordon 3B/C (also C.P.R.)

Odd Fellows :  Acaster Sylvester(Syl) SS/P, Anderson OF, Bannister Bill P/SS (also Champs), Bateman P, Bole P, Coey (also Darke’s), Ellis 2B, Forsythe OF (also Darke’s), Fulton Earl OF (also Darke’s), Hackney B. OF, Hogg Walker P/OF, Irvin Pete 1B/SS/OF/2B, Longpre Mickey 1B, McEachern Donald(Scotty) OF, Nuttall OF, Orchard Jeff 3B, Quest Cliff P/OF/3B (also C.P.R.), Rodgers Bill P (also Darke’s/also C.P.R.), Spence “Red” C, Traub C/MGR, Warner 2B/OF

Regina Northside League All-Stars :  Armstrong P/SS, Bateman P, Brundage Fred OF/P, Cranstoun Jack OF/SS, Crawford “Happy” 1B/SS/3B, Dent George OF, Doraty Ken 2B/3B/OF, Erskine Jerry 1B/C/SS/OF, Green Tommy 2B/P/OF, Hackney OF, Hay George SS/3B, Hepburn “Happy” 3B/SS, Herauf Johnny P, Hogg Cliff P/OF/1B, Hogg Walker P, Leigh Stew C/1B, McMitchell P/1B, McNichol C/OF, McQuiff OF, Milne Chuck OF, Milne Howie SS/1B/OF, Moran Amby 2B/OF/3B/P, Orchard Jeff 3B, Quest Cliff OF, Randolph P, Rodgers Bill P, Rogers Heinie 3B/OF/1B/2B, Rowand Jack OF/1B, Seiffert Leo P, Snell Floyd(Rancher) C/OF, Spence “Red” C, Thomson Bob OF,  Warner "Red" 2B/SS/3B/OF, Young Athol P


Eastview :  Brewer C/3B, Brodt OF, Cox 3B/OF, Doan S. OF, Duncan 3B, Hinchey P/SS/3B/1B, Irvin/Irwin C/SS/2B, Laige SS, Lane 2B/OF, Lowey OF, Lowings 3B/OF/P/2B/1B, Massier 1B (also Maple Leafs), McCall OF, McInnes/McInnis C, Moffatt 1B, Page 3B, Pinsk OF/2B/3B, Powell C/OF/1B, Rich 2B, Richardson 1B, Sharp P/2B/1B, Trifunov SS (also Maple Leafs), Wiggins P/2B, Wolver J. SS, Yankovitch P/OF/3B/SS, Young SS/OF                                                                                                                     

Maple Leafs :  August 3B, Barber OF, Barker 1B/OF/3B, Bergl C. OF/2B, Bergl J. 1B, Blacklock C, Cameron Gord P, Bourchier OF, Campbell Jack(Jersey) OF, Crottie P, Ehman 1B, Galger OF, Haberman Joe SS/3B, Massier OF/C/1B (also Eastview), Radu Pete P, Rau C, Rittinger OF/3B/C/SS, Smith “Mutt” 2B/C/P/SS/OF, Trifunov 2B (also Eastview), Wilson P                                                                                                                         

St. Joseph’s :  Arnusch OF, Buge 2B, Carter OF, Cutler OF/1B, Deacon OF, Fritz A. OF/P, Habermiller Martin P/OF/3B, Ingram OF, Jesse P, Joorisity Don 1B/SS, Luba OF, Powell C/OF, Schneider J. 2B/OF/3B, Schneider M. OF (also St. Mary’s), Siller 3B/C/SS, Skerlton OF, Thompson 2B/SS, Turk C, Watson SS, Wolver Carl SS/P/3B, Zech OF/P

St. Mary’s :  Anderson OF, Folk OF, Campbell OF, Gottselig Joe 1B, Gottselig Johnny P/2B/3B, Gottselig Pete OF/P/SS/MGR, Johnson P/OF, Keiser F.(Tiny) P/OF/2B, Miltenberger OF, Schneider M. C/OF (also St. Joseph’s), Schuck A. 3B, Schuck W.(Bill) OF/1B, Slade SS, Thauberger P/OF, Wolver George 2B, Wolver W.(Bill) C/1B (also C.P.R. – Northside League)


Dodgers :

Incas :  Flanders P, Weir P

Southside Stars :  Badenoch, Bartleman, Clark OF, Dowie, Ellis P/C, Foster, Gilhooley P, Greason Ross C, Hawthorne, Heatley P, March Harold P, March J., Rittinger Art P, Sangster P, Scruby, White C

Y.M.H.A. Tigers :  Belitsky C, Decter, Edmond, Engel, Flichel, Folk P, Kohlrus, Kowantz, Nestman P, Tian E., Tian J.


Argos :  Acaster Clarence 3B/ C, Ast H. OF, Brown J.P. OF, Carr Jim P, Dutkowski, Irwin Bill C, Kohlrus Tony OF, Lynch A. SS, McGregor Bob(Red) OF,  McGregor “Babe”, Meisner/Neizner C, Mitchell Angus SS, Moore Ken 1B, O’Donnell L. 3B, Murray Athol(Father) MGR, Palm B. OF, Palm Ludwig OF/P, Ritter, Roy C, Travis Walter OF/P, Ursaki Mike 2B/P, Whiteford 1B

Campion College :  Carr P, Crottie P, Gaspers, Haran P, Manil, Richard, Runge C, Seiferling C, Zurouski C

Capitals : Ditchfield

C.P.R.:  Barnett P, Burland, March J. P, Ritchie P, Young

Crescents :  Ardell P, Bellston, Bird, Gilhooley Bill P, Horne, Irvin C, Irwin P., Moore, Murray, Wiseman Eddie 2B

Cubs :  Brown, Fuller C, Orr, Travis P

Darke’s :  Ast OF, Bilitsky OF, Charlton J. 3B, Ellis SS, March H. P, March J. 1B, Nessman P, Rittinger 2B, Tian C, Thauberger OF, White “Shorty” C

Dewdney Shieks :  Beveridge OF, Cunning P, Ferguson P/2B, Francis SS/2B, Higley OF, Holland 3B, Huger Jack, Mock OF, Nuttall H. P/SS, Palmer 1B, Rock P/C, White C

Haultain Tigers :  Lowings P, Pinsk C

Scoops:  Ast E. 1B, Dupuis P, Hornoi G. C, McDonald S. 2B, McHattie P, McKinnon C. P, McKinnon S. SS, Waugh J. C/OF, Young #1 OF, Young W. 3B

West End Tigers :  Burand T., Pallen C, Rhoades P, Sangster W. P


Elks : Armstrong Al OF/SS, Armstrong Cliff 2B, Ball Alvy 1B/SS/P, Banting Charlie P/1B/SS/3B, Burke “Lefty” P/OF, Duchak Dave OF/SS/2B, Duchak W. OF, Forsythe SS, Gillis O'Dode OF, Jenner Jiffs C/SS/P, Johnston “Doc” OF/1B, Mapes “Molly” P/1B/OF, Mills Don “Haddo” C, Mowbray Fred OF/SS, Pascoe Fuzzy OF, Powell OF, Robinson Chuck 3B, Scott Eddie OF

Moose Jaw Club : Bailey M. P, Bigelow C/OF, Cook 3B, Emerson OF, Haigh George P/OF, Hodgkinson Billy OF/2B/3B, Johansen Mart SS, Joyner C/OF/1B, MacDonald Jim 2B/OF/1B, McCargar “Smoke” SS/OF, McCauley 1B/2B, McGillvary C, Paul P, Phillips Al C, Salwack/Salwick Lefty OF/C, Waugh Murray 3B, Webb 2B/OF/C, Wilson Gordon(Smokey) P/OF, Yorke Hal OF/C

St. Joseph’s : Carmichael C, Comstock OF, Craigen Hughie OF/C, Craigen J. OF, Dawson Johnny “Jack” C/SS, Dixon Floyd C, Feist Mike 3B, Hart OF, Hawthorne Jim OF, Hinchey 3B/OF, Hunter C. OF/3B, Kerr Hal C/2B, Laurie P/OF, Mahoney SS/P, Mapes Les OF/P, Mapes Roy P, McDonald J. A. OF, O’Day William “Hank” 2B, Pascoe “Fuzzy” 2B/3B, Reinlander OF/2B, Upex Joe 1B, Westbrook Laurie C/3B/SS/2B

Moose Jaw City League All-Stars  :  Armstrong A.A.(Al) OF, Armstrong Cliff 2B, Ball Alvy 1B/P/2B, Craigen Hughie OF, Haigh George P/OF, Hogg Cliff P, Dawson Johnny SS, Jenner "Jiggs" OF/C, Johanson Ted SS/2B/OF, Johnston “Doc” 1B/OF, Kerr Hal C, MacDonald Jim 1B/2B/P/OF, Mapes Molly P, Mapes Roy P, McCargar "Smoke" P, McCauley 1B, McGillvary C, Mills Don “Haddo” C, O’Day William “Hank” 2B, Robinson Chuck 3B/SS, Sallawack/Salwick OF, Scott Eddie OF


Birch Hills (1925 pennant winners : no playoffs) : Baker Lyle OF, Bird Claude P/OF, Blanchfield SS/P/OF, Braaten Louis OF/C, Brooks 3B, Cummings SS/OF, Gerlich L. OF, Gerlich Pete 1B, Grambo P. C/1B, Hagen 1B, Lunan Lorne P, McBurney Claude OF, Patterson OF, Simpson Art 2B, Simpson L. OF, Slominski C, Tawlor F. OF, Wilson OF

C.N.R. : Bell C. OF, Bethel 3B/OF/P, Brooks 3B, Casey Allan C/3B/SS, Currie C (also Cudworth), Erickson 2B/1B, Frith OF, Galarneau 1B, Hallis C, Hoeschet Al P (also Cudworth), McEwen Fred OF, Mumm Art P/3B, Phillips OF, Pridholm OF, Rosser Giffy OF/SS/P/3B, Shore OF, Symes SS/P/2B, Tarvis OF, Wilson OF, Zwack OF

Elks : Armitage OF/SS, Ashwin Guy 2B/SS/1B, Burton OF, Eagle Brent(Red) 1B, Gray Walter P, Johnson Charles(Pug) C, McMillan OF, Mosher B. P/SS/2B/3B, Mosher Fred OF, Muchmore OF, Parmenter P/2B/3B, Rose Jimmy OF/SS, Scharf C.(Dusty) P/3B, Shore 3B, Slinger 3B, Terris Eli SS/OF

Shamrocks : Amundrud SS, Baker P, Bell 3B, Cartier P, Charles, Code OF, Fitzpatrick 2B, Hannah OF, Howard A. C/OF, Howe Charlie C, McClure C/OF, McKay 1B/OF, McPherson SS/OF, Paine OF, Short A. 1B, Slinger 2B/1B/P, Stevens F. P, Taylor 2B/OF, Woodman OF/3B


Asquith :  Curry, Forsythe J. C, Forsythe Oscar, Mohr P, Shockey E. SS

Bruno :  Currie C, Hoeschet Al P/OF, Kobb OF/SS, Schramm 2B, Schwinghammer A. 3B, Talbot OF, Webber/Weber A. 1B, Webber Joe P, West SS/OF, Wiebe OF

Denholm : Besse Tom C, Bird H. P, Cushing 2B, Dufour Leo 2B/3B, Hendren OF, Johnson OF, Sheehan SS, Smith S. 1B, Tait OF

Kinley :  Bagley OF, Batey OF, Bigelow George OF, Conklin Don(Slim) 3B, Douglas Stan P, Dunbar Bill SS/P, McMahon B. 1B, Murray Bill 2B/P, Ramsay P/OF, Seiffert Leo OF/SS/2B, Washburn Vern C,

Lac Vert : Bird P, Cook Frank “Bun” SS, Cook W. “Bill” OF, Ede Johnny 2B, Fennell C, Gilkie 1B, Gillespie OF, Moss Bob OF, Moss R. 3B

Milden :  Ferguson C, Fisher 2B, Goodwin 1B, Hersberger OF, Hudson W. SS, Maguire Mike OF, Maguire Pete LHP, Matthews OF, McKenzie Paul P, Wilson 3B

Prince Albert :  Ashwin 2B, Casey 2B/SS, Ellis OF, Frith OF, Galarneau 1B, Hallis SS/C, McMillan OF, Pohnson C, Rosser OF/SS, Scharf 3B, Symes P, Tarves OF, Whitman Stobey P,

Ruthilda :  Baker N.(Slim) OF, Craig D.1B, Edwards Archie 2B/P, Edwards Earl OF, Edwards L. OF, Ferguson Ed CF, Ferguson Gordon C/Captain, Moore Keith(Tiny/Kitch) P/2B, Morrison M. MGR/3B, Skene Pat SS

Viscount :  Braden 3B, Carlson C, Gillan OF/SS, Glenn P, Hamm OF, Hanson Lowell SS/OF, Herman 1B, Hoffinger SS/P/OF, McLaughlin 2B, Wolfe Hank OF/SS/P,                         


Dinsmore : Dietrich C, Wilson P

Mervin :  Kirkpatrick P

Milden :  Close, Ferguson C, Glen P, Goodwin, Hershberger, Hudson J., Hudson W., Maguire P. P, Mathews, Mott P, Shatilla F., Shatilla T.             
St. Walburg :

Wisetown :                                                                                                        


Drake :

Lanigan :

Lockwood :

Nokomis :  Anderson Ivan 3B, Bodkin Alvin OF, Cuff Fred P/OF, Kerr Lorne 2B, Kerr R.D. P/OF, Limburner L. 1B, McNeil Howard SS, Overton R. C, Raymond W. OF, Rodkin A. OF


Asquith :  Mohr P

Vanscoy :  Atcheson OF, Coates OF, Deboise C, Lenson 1B, McCurdy 2B, McLaughlin OF, Moor OF, Morrison 3B, Saunders OF, Whitehill Joe P, Wilson SS


Grenfell :  Bewley, Conn 2B, Derby Billy, Hobson, Neill, Radjo Billy P, Rodgers Bill P     
Indian Head :

Sintaluta :

Wolseley :  Campbell, Garden P, Ingram P, Sinclair C         


Assiniboia :  Devlin C. 3B, Devlin G. C, Devlin M. P, Jackson R. SS, Languafe e. 1B, McKenna J. OF, McLauglin S. OF, McLelland Jake P/2B, Muters C. OF      
Congress :

Mossbank :  Black O. C, Marvin SS, McKinnon OF, Millar/Miller P/2B, Quinn Frank 3B/OF, Rawley/Rolley/Rolly P/2B, Shattuck Allan 1B, Thompson Eldon SS/3B, Winter Lyle. OF, Winter Verne OF               
Vantage :


Norquay :  Grefsing P, Hoskins, Pearce C      
Pelly :  Belton J., Phillips 2B


Eldersley :  Parmenter P

Sylvania :  Leigh W. P, Smith George         
Tisdale :  Ditman Harry P


Bresaylor :  Dickenson P, Foulds O. C, Taylor C. P

Delmas :  Hyatt P, Levallie Paul C, Schiller P   
Paynton :  Bone R.(Bob) C, Sayers Joe P  

Paynton Rural District Tigers :  Desmarais P, Harmon Ivan P          


Davin :  Eckert C, Herauf Johnny P (also Regina C.P.R.), Schaefer Fred P

Kendal :

Vibank :  Bulloch C, Gerein Andy P, LeBoldus “Mickey”, O’Dwyer Jim P


Aneroid :  Corbin 2B, Jacobson P, Lynch 3B, McManmen OF, Perkins E. C, Perkins G. SS, Perkins J. 1B, Stevenson OF, VanNest OF

Aylesbury : Alles Carl OF/SS, Alles Jack P/SS/2B/OF, Amundrud P, Bateman P, Bell OF/3B, Dreschler C, Ehman OF/2B, Hay George SS, Larson Vic 1B, LeBlanc 2B/SS/OF, Seifert 3B, Warner OF 

Birdview:  Dunbar Bill P, Gordon OF, Hilman OF, McMahon B. 1B, McMahon L. 2B, Scott C, Sunderland 3B, Tetrault OF, Unsworth SS

Bruno :  Schram P, Weber P              
Canora :  Gronsdahl, Rees

Caron :  Gaird OF, Green J. P/OF, Hawkes A. 2B, Hewitt P/3B, Luker F. OF, Nutzhorn Bill P, Powell OF, Robinson E. C, Rogers OF/P, Smart B. 3B, Smart M. OF/3B, Smith A. P, Smith D. 3B/P, Thomson E. 1B, Trafford S. SS, Young K.

Central Butte :  Burke 3B, Cook OF, Duperon OF, Gofine P/C/2B, Kelly C, Mader OF, Nutzhorn P, Seifert P, Webb C, Westfall 1B

Climax :  Casey OF, Comartin H. "Co" C, Dyer OF, Hitchens 3B, Jansen OF, Leifer Elmer P, Morey George 1B, Morrison Dick 1B, Morrison Robert 2B, Ramsey Gordon SS, Whiffle P

Coderre :  Kerr C, Poston P, Wilson P

Conquest :  Anderson Graydon OF, Beavis Doug, Beavis Ford, Bennett, Christenson, Drummond, Heidesheimer, Heimsworth P, Isley P, Johnston C, Lorimer, Powley, Ross, Wilson

Crestwynd :  Cameron Alex, Crosby Lloyd, Johnson Chester, Johnson #2, Pells Don, Seymour Bill, VanNostrand Neil

Cudworth : Currie C (also Prince Albert C.N.R.), Dey OF, Hamm 1B, Houshae/Hoeschet Al P (also Prince Albert C.N.R.), Koob 3B, Shram 2B, Talbot OF, Weber P, Wiebe SS 

Cut Knife :  Dunbar Bill P, Barsalaux C, Murray Bill P, Thompson P, Washburn C 

Delisle :  Bentley G. SS, Bentley J. 2B, Bentley R. OF, Currie 1B, George 3B, Hamilton C, Lyle Frank P, Murray OF, Wilson OF, Worth P
Denholm : Bessie Tom C, Bird C. OF, Bird H. LHP/SS/3B, Cushing, Dufor Leo 3B/P, Dunbar, Eno, Gilmore OF, Johnson H. OF, Sheehan P/SS, Smith K. OF, Smith S. 1B, Tait 2B, Webb 3B

Dinsmore :  Dietrich C, Dezort G. P, Dezort O., Fisher P, Goeche P, Hudson, Jones, Small, Tupling, Wilson P

Dooley :  Burnham 2B, Eckhardt, Johnson OF, Kingsley P, Markinson SS, Munson 3B, Petrie OF, Schones C, Schumacher OF, Scott 1B

Dunblane :  Coey OF, Condon C, Frosberg E. P/3B, Frosberg H. OF, Holmund 1B, Longmore 2B, McDonald SS, Nelson OF, Webster 3B/P

Eatonia :  Black 1B, Currie OF, Dafoe 3B/P, Dalton 2B/OF/C, Harper SS, Henderson OF, Martin Jack OF, Martin “Shep” 2B, Martin Steve P, Reed/Reid C, Stevenson C, Yoss P

Elbow :  Bird 2B, Colliton E. 3B, Colliton J. 1B, Ector H. OF, Ector R. OF, Gleasby P, Holmes OF, Middaugh SS, Robinson C

Elrose :  Atwell OF, Bigelow C, Bradwald 1B, Brown SS, Douglas P, Fisher 3B, Goodie OF, Shingler OF, Swinsen OF, Wilson 2B

Eskbank:  Benson SS, Comet 3B, Judkins P, Munns OF, Nyberg P/OF, Potruff 2B, Schaeffer/Schafer L. P/1B, Schaeffer/Schafer M. C, Weyer, Wilder OF

Estevan : Blondeau OF, Campbell 1B, Elson SS, Galbraith 3B, Hanson OF, Holmgren Herb 2B, Krivel Mickey OF, McDougall C, McLeod Norman(Hec) P, McLeod Stu 3B, Moir Ken

Expanse :  Armstrong OF, Crosby P, Hales 2B, Harvey OF, Killoh C, McKenna SS, McNiven 1B, Quittenbaum 3B, White OF 

Fiske :  DeGeer Earl P

Grandora :  Brady F. 1B, Brady J. P, Cope P, Hoffman 3B, Hoffman B. OF, Hoffman C. 2B, Hoffman L. OF, Shockey C. OF, Shockey D/E. SS, Shockey Ed C/P, Stewart 3B, Weldson C

Gravelbourg :  Armstrong 2B, Beattle OF/P, Bonynge 3B, Dakin C, Dorcas OF, Magee OF, McMillan SS, Terrien P/OF, Wilson 1B

Herbert :  Cook T. C, Sharpe G. P

Herschel :  Beiley SS, Brown OF, Drewry 3B, Foltz P, Halme OF, Lamborn 1B, Mittensen C, White #1 2B, White W. OF

Hodgeville :  Borthwick OF/P, Dale OF, Daum 1B, Dixon C, Elliott 2B, Harris 3B, McGee OF, Robinson SS, Vold P/OF, Walkinshaw (Walkingshaw?) P

Holdfast :  Allis Jackie P

Hoosier :  Cameron Ted, Goldsmith Harry, Hortley Lyle, Hubbs Roy, Huntoon Paul, Reid Bill, Sale Leo, Yoos Dale, Yoos Dee

Humboldt :  Doane Ray 1B, Friesen, Hall C., Haskamp, Marshall, McInnes, McLaren, Miller G. P, Steffes, Thompson H.G.         

Keeler : Anderson SS, Clark OF, Fowle OF, Hart C, Lee 3B, Matson OF/SS/1B, Metheral OF/C, Muma OF, Phillips OF, Scribner C. P/1B, Scribner E. OF, Scribner G. 1B/P/SS, Wylie 2B

Kipling :  Chilton, Lyons Joe P, Porter

Kronou :  Fahlman Chris C, Friesen P

Langham :  Brower J. 2B, Bryden 3B, Deer H. C, Deer W.(Bill) P, Epp J. OF, Epp W. OF, Hogie 1B, Leslie OF, Ray SS

Laura :  Darnborough, Hammond, Rogers D., Rogers G., Scott D., Scott G., Shannon Charlie P, Vanness, Wylie Guy

Leader :  Grant C, Nagel P, Reid P

Lloydminster :  Brown Billie P, McGregor Roy P, Pitcock Spencer C

Lucky Lake :  Burger P, Greasy C

Macklin :  Bigelow C, Douglas P, Johnson C, Lee P

Maidstone :  Douglas Duff P, Foster Enoch P, Johnson W. C

Marquis :  Forbes OF, Johannson 3B, Kerr 1B, Lonegran OF, Mapes M. P/OF, Mapes R. P, McVeigh 2B, Scott OF, Toombes H. SS, Toombes O. C

Melfort :  Armstrong J. OF, Brown G.M. 1B, Ede 2B, Fennell P. C, Gillespie E. 3B, Grant E. OF, Hutchinson L. P, Lancaster G. OF

Milestone :  Winkler P

Moosomin :  Hilts P, Hogg P, Rollock, Stewart

Mortlach : Ducklow G. OF, Ducklow T. SS/OF, Durfey 1B, Ellis 2B, Forbes OF, Hodges OF, Kerr H. C, Kerr F. 2B, Poston 3B/P, Small P/SS, Smith 3B/P

Neilburg :  Armstrong, Gibbons, London, Wasson P, Webb H.

North Battleford :  Nesselbrook P

Osage :  Cook SS, Crabbe 1B, Lafoie Wayne C, Lafoie Wylie 2B, Milligan OF, Rice OF, Risberg Swede 1B/P, Schuman 3B, Snell SS, White Elmer(Specs) P/OF, White F OF, Wilkins OF

Outlook :  Reynolds C, Yahn P

Pangman :  Hepburn

Pelly :  McKenzie C.H. P

Pengarth : Cochrane W., Hansen J., Johnson A., Johnson C., Johnson J., Johnson O., Johnson W., Kerr R., LeValley D.

Pioneer :  Delgarno P, Gray 1B, Green 3B, Johnstone SS Lillicoe OF, McDougall OF, Painter 2B, Smith G. OF, Smith W. C

Radville : 
Armstrong Allan(Lefty) P, Armstrong M. OF, Ashton “Shorty” OF, Cornwell A. 3B, Cornwell H. 2B, Donaldson John P, Dow Les OF/2B, Ellis 1B, Frumerie C/P, Hay George 2B, Hubb 3B, Hurlburt OF, McKenna OF, McNeally Pat C, Murphy OF, Robinson 1B, Saddler OF/P, Shupe Waldo(Wally) P/SS/3B/MGR, Westegarde SS/P, Williamson

Raymore :  Allen Garry

Riceton :  Armstrong P, Mohr C

Riverhurst :  Locke C, Quest P

Rockhaven :  Cavanaugh P, Goodhue C

Rosetown :  Chaffee Al P

Rush Lake :  Thiessen Henry P, Under J. P

Sceptre :  Beall C, Wentland P

Southey :  Alles P, Lautch C

Sovereign :  Bachard P, Goodwin C

Strasbourg :  Barber J., Carr D., Carr J., Ferguson “Doc”, Mapes O., Peters A., Pirie E., Robinson R., Strickert W.

Success :  Benson P, McIntyre C

Swanson :  Brown W. OF, Coombs SS, Cummings Jerry P, Fennello 3B, Fortiner OF, Johnson 2B, Rivers C, Shay 1B, Tredwell OF

Tessier :  Braid, Fairs, Jordan, Major, Smith Archie, Smith Art, Smith Ed, Trask, Treble

Unity :  Baker, Jensen, MacDonald P, McKenzie, Ramsay 3B/P, Silver, Stewart, Tappin, Zimmerman

Vanguard :  Beatty P, Dakins C

Wawota :  Clement, Dallas Norm C, Fallis, Greenbank, McLeod C, Rowbotham, Walpoole P, Weatherall Lyle P

Weirdale :  Dunbar P, Leslie C

Weyburn :  Brossard “Babe” SS, Crawford “Happy” 3B, Hart 1B/OF, Hartman Al “Lefty” P/OF, Hay 1B, Kennefick 2B, Marlow OF, McBride OF, McKenna OF, McNeally Pat C, McRoberts OF, Mergens OF/3B/2B, Metheral OF, Moran 3B, Moroschan “Casey” P/OF/1B/3B/SS, Muirhead 3B, Smith OF, Stephenson OF, Tschida P/OF/2B/SS

Wilcox :  Armstrong P, McNichol P, Snell C

Willowbrook :  Etchyson OF, Janette OF, Lee 2B, McLeod 1B, Mills OF, O’Dell #1 SS, O’Dell P. C, Smith P, Wales 3B

Yellow Grass :  Drew P, Snell C

Yorkton :  Clark 3B, Doole 1B, Duncan OF, Hilderman C, Hinchey 2B, Liebricht P, Magrath OF, Neck OF, Shumski P, Slinger SS, Smith OF



Athletics :  Adams Stew 3B, Bride Jean 2B/3B/P, Dyer George(Lefty) P/OF, Elder OF, Gainor Norman(Dutch) 2B, Gardner/Gardiner C, Helmer Rosie 1B/MGR, Kodalas P, Love C, Mackenzie R.(Bobby) P/OF, MacKenzie “Pudge” C/OF, Martin Ronnie SS (also Hustlers), Mastel Frank OF, McGoldrick Joe 2B (also White Sox), McLean Alf C, McTeer Archie 1B/OF, Mulholland Bill LHP, Murphy Leo 2B/OF (also White Sox/also Hustlers), Savage G. OF (also White Sox), Savage Stan C/2B, Thompson Paul OF/3B

Hustlers : Baxter Andy OF/1B, Braithwaite Harold 2B, Brown “Lefty” P/OF, Edmonds Fraser OF/SS, Elder Keith OF/C, Gibson Russ OF, Hogle OF/2B, Howard Art(Blood) C/OF/3B, Leismer OF/SS, Lewis OF, Lucas Stewart P, Martin Ronnie 2B (also Athletics), McFadyen Donnie SS, McLean OF, McNabb C (playoffs only), Murphy Leo SS (also Athletics/also White Sox), Smith Frank(Red) OF/3B/C/MGR, Smith Murray C/OF (also White Sox), Stoddart Roy 3B, Thomson Jack 1B, Wiggs George OF, Young OF

White Sox : Borgens Emil W. OF/1B, Brooks P, Broome Bill OF/MGR, Carvell Harry C/OF, Engle P/OF Fleming Bill OF/SS, Freenor OF, Gerlitz John OF, Gimroy P, Goss D. C, Henderson Fred C/OF,  Kadlec Eddie P, Loucks Johnny P,  McGolderick/McGoldrick Joe SS (also Athletics), McDonald OF, Miller “Slim” P, Morasch P, Murphy Leo SS/2B/OF (also Athletics/also Hustlers), Palfrey Hank 2B,  Riley H. 3B/SS, Savage G. OF (also Athletics), Scott “Red” OF, Scott T.Norman(Chubby) 1B, Smith Murray C (also Hustlers), Speer 1B/OF, Thompson Cecil(Tiny) 1B/3B/OF, Walker Wilfred(Bill) P/OF, Young OF


Central Garage : Aicher Cliff P, Atkins A. P, Campbell Clarence C, Carrigan Tom SS/2B, Duggan Kenny 2B, Ferris Stan P, Hamilton Perry SS/2B, Horne Phil 1B, Loblick Herman RHP, Lopson P, McDonald HughJohn 3B/C, McIntyre Lloyd OF, Montgomery Bill, Moon Reg(Pep) OF, Pettis Gub OF, Pettis Harry OF, Robinson Robby P, Rogers Archie 3B/MGR, Stone O. C

Radials (a.k.a. Red Sox) :  Bain OF, Clark Jack OF, Crozier Ken P, Dagsgard P, Dame George P (also Gainer’s – Intermediate League), Dolighan Ambrose C/OF, Fraser, Freed, Geddes P, Gemeroy Doug(Lefty) LHP/OF, Gibson OF, Godson Reg MGR, Higgenbottom C (also North Edmonton – Intermediate League), Hopkinson Lefty/Happy P/OF, Johnson Win P/OF (also Independents – Intermediate League), Marshall Jack C, McDiarmid C, McLeod Cliff 1B, Roots, Onions C (also Independents – Intermediate League), Skitch Reg(Kitty) 1B/OF, Spencer Chief OF, Spiessman Orville(Cap) 2B, Thompson Ed OF, Thompson Hubert(Hub) P (also Yeomen), Thompson Sammy SS, Wilson T.Mel(Speedy) 3B

Yeomen :  Bertrand Al P/SS/2B/OF, Boulanger Henry MGR, Burnett Jimmy 2B/3B, Burnett N., Carlson, Coatta Ray C/OF/P, Cruthers Ava(Speed) 3B/P/SS/OF, Ducey John 1B, Ford SS, Geddes Roy P, Goodall Alf, Hopkinson R.E., Howey Gus P/1B, Lessard A. OF, Maher Phil OF/C,  McDonald, McLagan/McLaggan Lyall, McGillis Lewis OF, McKinnon Cammie 2B, Patterson Pat OF, Robinson “Slim” P (also Vermilion), Rundle Gordon SS, Satterfield Clyde, Smith Al(Silver Lefty) P, Thompson Hubert(Hub) P/OF (also Radials)


Calgary :  Borgens OF, Braithwaite H. 2B, Brown “Lefty” P, Dyer George “Lefty” P, Gerlitz John OF, Helmer Rosie MGR, Lucas Stuart/Stewart P, Martin Ronnie SS, McTeer Archie OF, Mulholland Bill P, Savage Stan C, Scott “Chubby” 1B, Smith Murray C, Stoddart Dave/G. 3B, Thompson Cecil “Tiny” OF, Thompson/Thomson J. 1B, Wiggs George OF 

Edmonton All-Stars :   Campbell Clarence C, Clark Jack OF, Crozier Ken P, Dagsgard Carl, Dolighan Ambrose C, Goldsworthy LeRoy P, Hopkinson P, Johnson Winn P/OF, Loblick Herman P, Maher Phil OF, MacDonald Hugh John 3B, McGillis OF, McIntyre Lloyd OF, McLeod Cliff 1B, Pettis Harry OF, Robinson Robby, Smith Albert(Silver/Lefty) LHP, Spencer Chief OF, Spiesman/Spiessman Orville(Cap) 2B, Wilson T.Mel(Speedy) SS

Fernie Miners, BC :  Barger H.B. 1B/OF, Bishop H.J. P/OF, Blair B.(Lefty) LHP/OF, Colton R.P. OF, Dunlop/Dunlap  A. OF, Ellison G. OF, Hovan Frank OF, Hovan JohnnyT., Jacobs Pat P/1B, McTeer Gord SS/C, Morgan C. 2B, Ruscal/Rushcall L. OF, Shand J. 3B, Sikora George P, Steinert C. C


Cardston Colts : Allred Doug P/SS/2B, Allred Ken 3B, Beazer Del SS, Brooks Willard SS/P/2B, Cahoon Ab 3B, Clanfield 3B, Hedley 3B, Holder 2B, Hovey OF, Hudson 1B/OF, Laidlaw G. 2B, Laidlaw W. OF/1B, Lee L. OF, McDowell OF, McKenzie Jack C, McKenzie Rod OF, McMillan 1B/SS, Neilson 2B, Olsen J. 1B, Thompson D. OF, Thompson L. OF, Thompson U. 3B, Webster SS

Lethbridge Cubs : Clendenan Cy 2B/SS, Connors P, Ferko Joe C/SS, Ferko John 1B/OF/P, Geoghegan Norman “Big Six” P/1B, Goldsworthy LeRoy P/2B (also playoff pickup by Edmonton All-Stars for provincial finals), Greenway Gordon OF, Greenway Ralph SS/2B, Kiever Doug 2B, Kosko Mike OF, Miers/Myers “Big Chief” OF, Morrison Gordon 1B, Ridpath Wade(Big Cheese) P, Sang Charlie 2B/C, Tweed P, Wilson OF, Yanosik George 3B, Zubach Johnny OF/2B

Magrath Tigers : Anderson 1B, Connor SS/3B, Hudson OF/2B, James Gerald 3B/OF/SS, Minnion Dallas C, Minnion G. “Mick” OF, Minnion Roy OF, Olstead Ben SS/OF, Palmer Murray 2B, Tuftland Joe P/1B, Wagner OF/P

New Dayton Wanderers :
Barby P, Campbell C, Chapman SS, Clark 3B, Cope OF/3B, Cress OF, Cronkhite 1B, Eagleson Billy P, Gorrill Allie C/SS/MGR, Hale OF, Johnston 3B, McCallum 2B/SS/OF/3B, Mealey SS/C/2B, Nelson OF/2B, Pattin P, Whitsel/Whitesell 3B/OF 

Raymond Beet Thinners : Brewerton Lee 2B/P, Buhler OF, Dahl  Paul OF/P/C/MGR, Dodge OF, Fairbanks C. OF, Fairbanks Harry 1B, Flink R. OF/3B, Hicken "Workhorse" C, Hill O. SS, King M. OF, McLean 2B/3B/OF, Nalder Cliff P/OF/3B/2B, Selman D. 3B, Zabriski OF/P/2B

Spring Coulee Red Sox : Carter, Gilchrist “Tiny” P, Long Ernie SS, Long Ken 2B, Long R. 3B, Mercer Jimmy 1B/C, Monroe OF, Raisbeck Jimmie P/OF, Rice E. P/OF, Rice W. C/P/OF Ripley C.T.(Chuck) OF, Roberts Lefty OF, Snowden C/1B, Stellar OF, Toomer OF


Champion : Busby SS/OF (also Vulcan), Clayton 2B, Ferguson OF, Fisher OF, Godfrey 2B (also Vulcan), Gray “Shorty” OF, Harper Danny MGR, Jenkins 1B, Kielan 2B/P (also Stavely), McIntyre W.A.(Jock) OF, Mosner C, Nelson R.H. C, Palmer SS/OF, Siler Si P/2B/1B, Starr Bob 1B, Thrall “Tiny” 1B/OF/P, Walker A./L. 3B, Walker Jimmy OF

Stavely * : Allan/Allen Alex C, Anderson Verne 2B, Bouzyan Ferris(Shorty) OF, Clark Chuck SS, Haynes Lester(Slim) P/SS, Jenkins Mark OF, Jenkins Roy 1B, Kielen P (also Champion), Kirk/Kirkham OF, Pendegrast OF/P, Rea Hap OF, Reid Earl(Jersey) 3B, Wagness Earl(Swede) OF, Woods P

Vulcan : Bloom P, Busby Milton(Buzz) P/SS (also Champion), Campbell SS, Colwell OF, Depoe 1B/P, Flynn J. 1B/3B, Flynn Ray OF, Godfrey Guy 3B (also Champion), Hanley 1B/P/OF, Kehr P, Lapp Orson(Buck) 2B/P/SS, Love Eddie OF, Manning P/SS/1B, McKay OF, Morgan P, Packwood OF/1B/P, Pruder 2B, Recor Billy C/OF, Robson “Rusty” OF, Seevers “Red” C, Thompson P/2B, Vaughan/Vaughn “Shorty” OF, Vivian 2B/OF


Bentley :  Bliss P, Damron OF, Dawson 3B, Garries G./Jud OF, Garries P/R.., Haarstad OF/P, Harding, Henry “Doc”, Hergott C/1B, King F. OF, King L. SS/OF, King R. SS/2B, Morrison C, Palmer 1B/2B, Whitsell P, Whitworth 2B/OF, Williams Glen P/3B

Blackfalds : Bennett J. OF/SS, Bills P. P, Farewell J. OF/SS/P, Farewell R. 1B/OF, Farley F. SS/3B/2B, Guinn B. 2B/P, Hunt SS, Jiglin, Jones 1B, McNichol D. 3B/OF, McNichol E. OF, McNichol F. OF, Miller R. OF, Muldrum, Nelles, Nutter R. OF, Sather E. C 

Clive :  Baldwin Alan C, Baldwin Joe P, Hall, Hudkins, Jeglum Ernie OF, Jeglum Howie OF, Jeglum Wally 2B, Johnson C. 1B/P, Meldrum OF, Olson 3B, Short Bill P/SS

Lacombe Sea Gulls :  Baskirk OF, Calkins/Caulkins Grover, Calkins/Caulkins Louis 3B, Danner Pete 2B, Duffy George, Duffy Vin, Edgington P, Fleming James 1B/C, Jamieson 2B, Jansen P, Jones Edgar SS, Lewis Charlie, McDonald Giles, McDonald John, Metcalf James, Morter Steve, Pangman John, Pangman O., Ritz Hickey OF, Steele OF, Teare Harry C/1B, Tees OF, Thomas SS, Trame, Wayne P, Woodward “Slim” P

Red Deer :   Asmundson 1B, Dancocks George OF/SS/1B, Day SS, Dell 2B/SS, Ferris SS/OF, Forrester, Johnson Pete C, Logan Lou 1B/C, Lowe OF, Lund OF/P, Malcolm Howie 2B/P, Mayberry P, McBride OF, McDonald 3B, Neil SS, Nelson Guy 1B/C, Olsen OF/SS, Page Percy P/SS/3B, Parsons, Reid George OF/3B, Smith Percy P/SS, Springbett Cliff 1B/P, Springbett Ed 3B, Uage SS, Weber Pete 3B/SS/OF, Welliver P/OF


Airdrie :  Hatt P, Lorimer A. P, Lorimer G. C

Carstairs :  Chrystal J. 3B, Guyn J. 2B, Guyn L. P, Ing Jack OF, Johnson SS, McCoy A. OF, Miller P. C, Molleau P, Sheriff R. OF, Weber Phil 1B

Didsbury :  Clemens Keith C, Cook 2B/SS, Dawson OF, Evans OF, Keith Ward, Liesemer SS, McGinnes OF, McLeod 2B Metzgar P, Nowak OF, Reiber 1B, Stauffer P, Stauffer Wayne OF/C, Wyman 3B

Innisfail :  Delong H. 2B, Dinney/Dinny/Diney I. C, Freeman P, Keller/Kelley P. OF, Laparde 1B, Law 3B, Marks E. OF, McKane/McKain R. OF/P, McMahon P/1B, Parks, Russell SS/P, Stockane P, Thompson P/C, Wagner OF

Olds :  Campbell Earl P/3B, Grant P, Hamilton OF/2B, Hinton 1B/C, Holton C, Jackson C, Malyon C, Mann P, Moritz SS, Peterson OF/P, Reed 2B/OF, Ross P, Shea 1B, Sims P, Sutherland OF, Ulry C/P


Blackie : Baxter SS, Clayton D. C, Clayton W. P, Hand OF, Harrow OF, Hymen, McDonald 1B, Miles SS, Steer J. OF, Steer M. 3B

Ensign :  Packwood P, Reed P, Seevers “Red” C, Swartz P, Thrall P    

Glenview : Ademan, Baker P, Dawson, Fair, Gehrke, Orcott, Priestly, Robinson C, Thurber, Winterm

High River : Arnold OF, Blaney 1B, Chudleigh C, Haggerman/Hagman C, Harris 3B, Hollister P, Kunsman 2B, Mills OF, Signer OF, Woodman P, Weiss P, Wilson P, Wiley/Wyllie SS

Nanton : Dick Jimmy 1B/2B, Geddes Alva(Buzz) P/SS, Hayman/Hyman 2B/C, Larsen B. 3B/P, Larsen Clarence SS, Loree George C, McIntyre L. OF, McIntyre “Mousie” P, McKenzie H. OF, McKenzie J. P/OF,McKenzie Malcolm(Mac) C/OF, Ransom Wayne OF, Sears H. 1B, Sears “Snow” P/C/3B, Skeen Ernest OF/P

Red Cross : Dunham C. OF, Fulton A. 1B, Fulton M. C, Fulton R. OF, Kehr E. P, Love A. OF, Love C., Love E. 2B, Love Willard P/OF


Blairmore Bruins : Dicken John P, Fabio Ray C, Houbregs Jolliet(John) 1B/P/OF/C, Manson, McKay, Miro P, Rae Johnny C, Reddick, Stafford, Vejprava Tony P/OF, Wasnick/Wasnok 3B

Coleman Tigers : Altham/Altman OF, Beever SS, Cosgriff, Ferko Johnny P/C (also Lethbridge Cubs – SABL), Gainor 3B, Gate Bill(Dinah) OF/P/C, Gleason P, Grant OF, Hanson 2B, Hogan SS, Johnson Jack MGR, Johnston “Babe”, Kelly, Kwasney OF, Letcher L. P, Palechuk/Palichak Tony P, Roski 1B, Wilson 3B, Yorko OF

Hillcrest : Altman, Beever P, Brown P, Coleman, Cosgriff OF, Ferko 1B, Gate Bill(Dinah) OF/P/C, Gleason OF, Grant P, Johnston 2B, Jones,  Kostelnik, Letcher C. OF, Letcher L., Lund P,  Richards Cliff(Sonny) C, Rosky, Seaman Steve P, Symington

Michel : Borterilla, Estabrook C, Fabornuk, Halko Mike P, Hampton, Howalls J. C, Jones H., Krall Andy, Krall Lou P, Martin C, Sadlish Martin C, Williams, Zalinsky V. C, Zeith P. C/3B



C.P.R. :  Anderson 2B/OF, Breakell OF/3B, Brehm W. SS/3B, Cooper T. OF, Cooper W. P, Cox C, Hartley P, Isom 2B, Jorgenson 2B/OF/P, Lloyd OF, Matchett 3B, Mayberry OF, McDonald 1B/OF, Nason 1B, Pace C, Reiner OF, Shaw P, Teel H. OF

Hedley-Shaw :  Blaney C/3B/P, Blossom 3B, Brehm H. SS, Charles OF/C, Denison C, Johannson OF/P, Lynch OF, McCallum OF, Pelletier 2B/OF, Pennington Art P/2B, Pennington W. P, Powell 1B, Sillak OF/1B, Teel Joe OF/1B/2B   
Ogilvies :  Charles W. 1B, Cowan OF/SS/2B, Dillon OF, Eaton OF, Etter H. P, Etter M. OF, Hehr OF, Holley OF, Lussier SS, Maxwell 1B, Morrison 3B, O’Brien OF, Rattray C/SS/1B, Render 3B/OF, Sailer P/OF/C, Sangster 2B/SS.P, Scanlon OF, Shaw P, Smeaton 1B


East Calgary :  Brayne P, Gimmell C, Johnson P/1B, Kadlec Ed P (also White Sox – Senior Amateur League), Kimmel, Vickerman C, Waltham P

Keota :  Gill “Mooch” P, McAllister C, McLaughlin P, Williams P

Riverside :  Bilds/Biles OF/P, Engel P (also White Sox – Senior Amateur League), Foreman C, Garrosino P, Gerlitz Adam 2B, Gerlitz Henry 3B, Gerlitz P. SS, Gideon Russ OF, Goss G. 3B, Kaiser C. OF, Kinnell Fred C, Leinweber George 1B, McGolderick 3B/C, Miller “Slim” P (also White Sox – Senior Amateur League), Morasch Alex, Morasch M., Russell OF, Savage B. C, Spillman C. OF


Gainer’s :  Dame George P (also Radials – Senior Amateur League), Graham P, Lammie/Lamy P, McHugh C   

Independents :  Henning, Henry C, Johnson Win P (also Radials – Senior Amateur League), Onions C (also Radials – Senior Amateur League)

North Edmonton :  Cruthers Ava P, Dale, Higgenbottom C (also Radials – Senior Amateur League), McClure/McLure C, Phillips OF, Wagner P (also Shiloh), Walker C

Shiloh :  Bowan C, Force C, Wagner P  


Botha :  Snyder R. C, Snyder W. P

Erskine :  Blocksome P, Kerr C, Smith C, Sorum P

Red Willow :  Kruger P, Leary #1 P, Leary #2 C, Smith C

Stettler :  Buckle P, Wheeler #1 P, McCurlie C, Pierce C, Wheeler #2 C


Acme Giants :  Hincks C, King Gordon, Lamb Eric, Purvis P

Beiseker :  Sweeney P, Turnis C

Grainger :

Irricana :

Swalwell :  Buffian P/SS, Calder OF, Gibson 1B, Hunter C, Kalbfleisch P/SS, Lawther 2B, Mills C, Orr P/3B, Province OF, Webb P/OF/1B, Weston OF.


Chipman :  Hanosky P, Strand C

Lamont :  Hochin P, Oslund “Happy” P, Turner C

Tofield :  Ball Frank C, Bissett, Calvert, Humphrey Lance, Lawson P, Lee Howard P, Moen, Oslund George, Scott Howard P, Sproule

Vegreville :  McCallum C, Miller Bill, Nestlebrook P, Valliere C, Watson P


Mercantiles :  Chadsey 3B, Dancocks George SS, Houston OF, Logan Lou C, Lowe Doug 1B, Malcolm 2B, McBride Fred P, Pidgeon OF        
Outlaws :  Asmundson 2B, Dancocks Hal OF, Gaetz Jerry OF, Houston 3B, Johnson C, Swift OF, Turnbull 2B, Weber SS, Welliver P

Wholesalers :  Dale “Slim” 1B/OF, Dawe OF, Dell C, Ferris 2B, Foster Jim OF, Gaetz Leon 3B, Garrick OF, Kee OF, Langley 1B, Page P, Reid George SS, Welliver OF


Bankers :  Moore P, Morris

Barnwell :  Coombs 1B, Johnson L. 2B, Johnson O. OF, Payne C, Peterson C. 3B, Stevens E. SS, Stevens F. OF, Williams J. Of, Williams W.(Billy) P

Benedicts :  Harris Ira 2B, Harris Ivan SS, Harris Roy(Babe) C, Johnson OF, Miller OF, Morrow R. 1B, Pierson G. OF, White 2B, Zalenka P

Cubs :  Brooks 3B, Dobbs OF, Fowler 2B, Hamman OF, Hodges 3B/C, Jenkins 1B, McRoberts SS, Patterson OF,Pierson Lyle P, Stubbart OF


Aetna :  Ellison

Boundary :  Erasmus, Gordon, Henry

Kimball :  Hansen P, Piling C, Wheeler P

Owendale :  Westfall

Rinard Rustlers :  Coleman B., Hedley P

Taylorville :  Sheen

Woolford :  Bohne, Lamb, Pitcher


Beauvais :

Dutch Flats :  Barber, Bratz D., Bratz W. C, McUmbre P, Sorge I., Sorge Louis P, Steinke, Sullivan, Whittkoff A., Whittkoff H., Wilson

Fishburn :  Duffield, Jack E., Simpson H., Simpson Jim, Simpson John, Simpson W., Taylor, Ullian G., Ullian Joe

Pincher Creek :  Bell Harvey P, Cooper P, Cox Tommy P, Demyers, Dubuc, Halton, Lawren/Lawrin, Mosely J., Neuman, Ross, Stafford C, Stuckey, Tompkins


Clyde :  Boyce 2B, Courchanes 1B, Donnely F. OF, Donnely G. OF, Dorsey C, Gosche E. 3B/P, Gosche Johnnie SS/P, Saisbury OF, Smith 3B, Woods P

Manola :  Blades Edgar P

Pibroch :

Westlock :  Atkins Jimmy P, Connors C, Griswold OF, Hergott MGR, Hogue, Little OF, Reed SS, Rock OF, Stanton 2B, St.John 1B, Watt M. 3B


Smoky Lake :  Greenlees C, Shieman P

Spruce Field :       
Waskatenau :  Faulhauffer, Gouchee C, Harris MGR, Hickey, Lanyon, Oulette, Pohowich P, Warr


Duffield :  Brass, Dodge, Heilman, Insen, Landsman, Loyer, Pidgeon, Williams 

Evansburg :  Burton 2B, Collins, Doucette OF, Goodwin 2B/1B, Greaves 2B/OF, Hale C, Lappenbusch 3B, McDermott, McPhee OF, Melling/Milling P/1B, Narraway/Narroway OF/SS, Smith, Thelan SS/P, Turner OF, Tyndal, Yonimura 1B

Stony Plain :                    
Wabamun :  Anderson, Brass, Brown, Greaves, Ibsen, Landsman, Polla, Robinson, Smith


Entwistle :  Greaves 1B, Hale SS, Lappenbusch Bill(Doc) 3B, Lovertine OF, McDiarmid 2B, Milling P, Reed OF, Smith OF, Yonemura C

Gainford :

Junkins :  Boone OF, Bruner OF/SS, Carlson OF, Goodwin 3B, Harper 2B/1B, Jackson OF, Jorgeson P, Lappenbusch 2B, Lemp 1B, Neff SS, Tindall/Tyndall #1 C, Tindall/Tyndall #2 3B

Magnolia :  Anderson #1 OF, Anderson #2 3B, Brounell OF, Brown 1B/OF, Campbell C, Conklin OF, Ebner P, Forcast SS, Guylander OF, McIvor 3B/1B, Stoddard 2B, Vestine 2B/P 


Bon Accord :  Beals 1B, Chubb SS, Crozier Ken P, Graf OF, MacKenzie L. 2B, McDonald A. 3B, McDonald H. OF, Owen C, Stack OF

Bremner :

Fort Saskatchewan :  Blythe, Conklin P, Diamond L. C, Favel, Graham Earl, Graham Ellis, Hanna J., Rolland P, Stuckey, Turner 


Alliance :

Lougheed :

Sedgewick :  Davidson C, Fairweather P, Henderson/Hendicks/Hendrickson C, Luna P, Jay/Joy P, Murray P, Washburn C

Strome :


Calgary Y.M.C.A. Capitols :  Anderson C, Beland 1B, Benedict P, Hides OF, Johnston OF, Murphy 2B, Oakes OF, Walshaw SS, Williams 3B

Drumheller Juniors :  Gibson C, Hawkins S. OF, Hawkins W. 2B/P/OF, Hackler P. 2B/3B, Hackler W.(Bill) 3B/P/SS, Hiatt P/OF/2B, Johnston 1B, Kennedy OF/P, Knight OF, McKinley C/1B, Miller OF, Thompson SS/2B

Lethbridge Regals :  Barkley OF/P/SS, Howard 2B/C, Kiever Doug C, Mossey C/SS/OF, Park OF, Randle SS/2B.P, Ridpath P/SS/B, Sinclair 3B, Sleightholm P, Teal Gordon, Viner OF, Wylie 1B

Macleod Juniors :  Brooks OF, Dean OF, Dillingham Neil 2B, Gardiner, Kirk SS, Long C, McDonald 3B, McLean P/OF, McLeod 1B, Pisko P, Ringland P/OF, Webb OF

Medicine Hat Junior Typos :  Blaney C, Brehm Herb SS, Brehm W. 2B, Charles OF/1B, Cowan OF, Mayberry 3B/P, Morrison Wally 3B, Pennington W. P/OF, Reiner OF, Sangster 3B/OF, Shaw P/OF, Teel 1B


Banff :  Watt Charley P

Barons :  Charlton 3B/OF, Clark/Clarke P, Culpis P, Dahl P, Kotkas OF, Ledbetter 1B, Lundy, Martin, Simonson C, Star E. OF, Star M. SS, Wobick 2B

Bashaw :  Cowan P/OF, Lynn OF, Olstad 3B/P, Pearson 3B, Reed/Reid Art C, Reed/Reid B. OF, Reisler OF, Spokely 1B, Twight 2B, Webb SS, Weiss P/3B/OF

Benalto :  Ainerson P/OF, Cunic/Cunick OF/P, Douglas OF, Hanson, Jarvin SS, Johnson 1B/OF Koch P/2B, McKay R. C, McKay V. 3B, McKee 3B, Neilson D. OF/1B, Neilson E. C, Neilson O. 2B, Schrader SS

Big Valley :  Arsnauld OF, Chapman E. 1B, Chapman R. SS, Johnson W OF, Murray 3B, Nelson P, Strange OF, Wendt 2B, Wilson C

Bruce :  Johnson P

Cadogan :  Jickling C, Luna P, Nelson P

Camrose Elks : Adam/Adams C, Badner Martin P, Baldwin P, Berquist OF, Gouchee D. C, Hallister/Hollister P, Hanson Louis 1B, Hanson Joe C, Hanson Julius OF, Jasman Art SS, Larson V. OF, McMillan Hugh 2B, Murray C, Nelson OF, Reynolds Harry P, Sjorlie George OF, Strong Jerry 3B, Walker P

Carbon :  Hay Clayton LHP

Carmangay :  Everson, Skinner P

Castor :  Baldwin #1 P, Baldwin #2 C, Callahan Sam P, Colley C, Matlock C, Murray, Nicholl P, Parker H. P, Schneider P

Chauvin :  Cahill Bill P, Paquette C, Stewart P

Chinook :  Berry, Bossenberry, Butts, Deman, Foster, Hart, Jordan, Trogan, Vanhook 

Clairmont : Carveth G. C, Carveth R. 2B/P, Curtis OF, Harris SS, Ismond 3B, Lloyd OF, McNeis OF, Metz OF, Turner G. 1B

Claresholm :  Cook P

Clearview :  Comfort G. OF, Comfort R. 3B, Day J. SS, Day T. SS/P, Duff 1B, Goodacre OF, McBride OF, McEachren 2B, White J. C         
Coaldale : Bonfadini Ernest C, Field R. OF, Green Charlie P/1B, Jackson C. 2B/SS/P, Lawson J. C, McCann M. SS/OF, Myers E.P. 3B, O’Leary OF, Pisco J. OF/P, Renfrew E. OF, Smith H.A.1B/2B

Coronation :  Baker H. P, Johnson W. P, Kortgard Hank C, Ryan E., Washburn C, Williamson A. P, Williamson H. P

Drumheller :  Anderson P, Dewar/Dewer 3B, Dignan P/1B/OF, Dingman P/SS/1B, Emard “Smokey” OF, Gibson Don C/3B, Gould Verne P/2B/OF, Grant P, Hackler W.(Bill) 3B, Hawkins Don 3B, Hawkins Stan OF, Hawkins W.(Bill) 2B/3B/P, Hiatt Louis 2B/P/OF, Johnston OF/1B, Jordon P, Kennedy “Buster” OF, Knight OF, Lewis C, McArthur, McIntyre 1B, McKinley H. 1B, McKinley Rene 1B/C, Moody, Roberts 2B, Thompson Jonny SS

Eckville :  Bardenhagen F. 3B, Bardenhagen O. C, Barker OF, Cummerford OF/C, Ferguson P/OF, Isaacson 2B/OF, Kalaputis OF, King SS, Lowe OF, Morrison C, Palmer 1B/2B, Runion OF/P, Swift OF, Walker P, Wallace P, Weston OF, Whitworth SS, Williams 3B

Empress :  Benson P, McCune C, Northcott P

Ensign :  Packwood P, Reed P, Seevers “Red” C, Swartz P, Thrall P

Glenwood :  Bevies, Celley, Johnson P, Larine, Law P, Leavitt, Olson, Thomas Grant, Thomas Grover

Hanna :  Bye P, Doyle C, Johnston 2B, Jones 3B, Kuse OF, Murray OF, Mewman SS, Ralph OF, Shulz 3B

Hardisty :  Irish P, Robbins C, Vanier Randolph P

Hillspring : Allred D. P, Allred G. C, Brooks Willard SS/P, Davis W. OF, Harker E. OF, Jackson Myron 3B, Leishman Leo 2B, Martin F. OF, Tanner D. 1B

Horn Hill :  Domoney C, Pye P, Shields P

Jasper :  Doyle Joe, Ferguson W., Hargreaves J., Kitchen S., McCutcheon, McLellan G., Noullett P., Smith Frank, Zink W.

Killam :  Ainsley C, Strathcota P, Vogt

Lomond:  Erskine 1B, Frost OF, Manning OF, Root E. 3B, Root M. OF, Steeves C. C, Steeves F. P, Steeves H. 2B, Steeves J. SS

Macleod :  Brooks OF, Dean Cliff OF, Dillingham Neil 2B/3B/ C, Hamilton “Hammer” OF, Kirk SS, Leinhart E. 2B/SS, Long G. C, McDonald A. P, McDonald A.C. 3B/OF, McLeod G. 1B, Murphy “Spud” P/2B/1B, Ringland K. OF/P, Thomas OF

Medicine Hat Typos : Bellamy SS, Blaney 2B, Bracken SS, Brahm, Connors OF/P, Etter P/OF, Gordon P, Isom OF, Lussier 3B, Plante P, Rattray C, Sailor OF/P, Smeaton 1B, Teel OF

Meeting Creek :  Cantalon/Cantelon D. C, Forhjehn H. 3B, Hagan Earl OF, Hagan E. 2B, Hagan J. P, Horsman OF, Oherg E. OF, Schultz H. SS, Spokeley 1B

Milo :  Miller P, Whitting C

Mirror :  Cairns Jim(Tiny) OF/3B, Johnson P, Kendall OF, Lord OF/2B, McCormack C. OF, McNair A. OF, Oldring H. OF, Olstad/Olstead P, Ray Albert(Bump) C, Ray C.(Kid) 1B, Reed 2B, Slife T. 3B,  Sorum M. P, Stacey Jerry 3B, Tulloch Joe(Red) SS

Mountain View : Findlay L. OF, MacKenzie E. OF, MacKenzie J. C, MacKenzie R. P, Pilling L. OF, Pilling M. 1B, Tillack E. 3B, Walburger J. SS, Webster W. 2B

New Norway : Adam Hector C, Carr 3B, Murray Billy 3B/P, Olstad Ben SS, Olstad Bill OF, Olstad Cliff P, Olstad Joe 1B, Shultz SS, Spokely OF, Yates L. OF

Onoway : Bennett 2B, Cook OF, Hopkinson P, Lord 1B, Marshall C, Mowberg 3B, Palmer SS, Tomlinson OF, Waddell OF

Penhold :  Barton E. OF, Hart OF, Henderson 3B/2B, Hilditch OF, McKenzie E. P/3B, McKenzie H. SS/P/C, Parker OF, Shields J. P, Simpson OF, Smith C. 1B, Smith Charlie 2B/1b, Smith Percy SS                                                                                                              
Ponoka :  Bond 2B, Bures OF, Ditterberner P, Hambley 1B, Hayes OF, Headley SS, Longman OF, Stoddard C, Sweet P 

Rosebud : Cox OF, Goode C, Grant P, Hymans/Hymas H. 1B, Hymans/Hymas W. P, Miller 2B, Powers OF, Reece OF, Schaffers 3B

Ryley :  Forbes, Humphrey L. C, Oslund P

St. Paul des Metis :  Brook F., Desmarais E., Champagne R., Charon F., French O., Hassan S., Jacura P., Malhoit D.R., Pepin A. MGR, Pepin J., Poyette J.

Sylvan Lake :  Brodie OF, Cole OF/SS, Cook SS, Daly OF, Farries 2B, Foley P/OF, Jarvine SS/3B, Johnson E. 3B/1B, Johnson H. C, Knoepfil C, Lamarre J.M., Learned B. 3B/OF, Mann 1B, McColl OF, McKee 2B, Munro 3B/OF, Neilson C, Nisbet 3B/1B, Pye 2B, Simpson OF, Staudinger OF, Stuart OF, Walti/Wolti 2B, Wilkinson SS/OF, Zumwalt P/OF/3B

Taber :  Harris C, Hodges Clint P, Zalenka P

Turin : Green Charlie P, Hammond 2B, Koenen F. OF, Koenen J. SS, Mathews OF, Noble Damon P, Reiter OF, Sinclair F. 3B, Sinclair G. C, Sorgard 1B, Spencer OF

Vermilion Senators :  Burns O.2B, Chessiuk OF, Currie Jimmy 1B, Fraser Dick OF, Ivy Ed, Mead Bill OF/C, Mead Frank 3B/P, Mead George C, Mead Roy(Rock) SS, Robinson Jimmy MGR, Robinson “Slim” P

Viking :  Bentley C, Gravert P, Hoskins P/3B, Jones 1B, Loughlin Clem MGR, Loughlin Wilf, Venner/Vermer C

Wainwright :  Horton SS, Johnson Glen C, Lee Barney P, Lee D.C. P, Murray P, O’Donnell C, Oslund P, Spurnett P, Thompson C

Wetaskiwin : Cleland Gene SS/P, Craig Charlie, Dickens/Dickson P, Doupe N. 3B, Doupe W. OF, Farnum 3B, Gouchie OF, Hodson Jimmy P/SS, Lundell SS/OF/C, Nowozin SS, Reck R. 2B, Reck W. OF, Riest SS, Ryan Pete 1B/3B/P, Stephens 2B, View L. OF

Wrentham :  Adler J. OF, Coulter R. 1B, Harris B. C, Johnson J. C/OF, Melzker L. 2B, Miller E. 3B, Miller S. P, Miller W. OF                
Youngstown :  Loblick Herman P (also Edmonton Centrals - Senior Amateur League), Steckle C

Interprovincial exhibition game opponents

Fernie BC Miners : Barger 1B, Bishop H.J. 2B, Blair B.(Lefty) P/OF, Colton OF, Dunlop/Dunlap A. OF, Ellison OF, Foenen F. OF, Hovan Johnny OF, Jacobs Pat P, McTeer Gordon SS, Morgan 2B, Ruscal/Ruschal OF, Shand J. 3B, Sikora P, Steinert C. C, Wilson “Staff” MGR

Kimberley BC : Coen Jimmy 3B, Crerar Robert OF/1B, Jahren P, Mellor OF, Mitchell P/OF, Musser C. OF, Musser Grennie SS/2B, Pennington Jack(Lefty) 3B/SS, Pennington Wilf(Lefty) LHP/OF, Rochon 2B/OF, Rogers OF, Vaughan/Vaughn Tommy C



Arenas : Beddome Bob P, Cann Pat 1B, Davidson OF, Downey Joe OF/SS, Fitch Herb LHP/2B, Frick Art OF, Irvine Dunc(Lefty) P, Lawton Wally P/OF, Lloyd Bert 2B/OF, Mickelson “Mickey” 2B/OF (also Express-Elmwood), Mobberly Herb OF/C, Siddle William(Snake) SS/P, Sinclair Len C/MGR, Warren Fred(Bunny) 3B, Warren Greig OF, Wise Ness OF

Columbus Club : Allan/Allen Eddie OF, Bartonchuk Mike P, Bouchard A.(Darky) P, Bradley Jimmy 3B/C, Cass Eddie 1B, Doyle Nick 2B/P/SS/OF, Farrell Dan(Keefe) P, Flanagan S.S.(Doc) OF, Gillis Errol OF, Johnson Jimminy P, Knight Bill SS/3B, Kokran Marty C/OF, Laine P, Lowe Odie P, May Sid P/1B, Millar/Miller “Hap” 1B/P/2B/SS/OF, O’Brien Pat 2B/OF/3B, Pitcher P, Pridham OF, Shannon Jimmy P/MGR, Shannon Tommy OF

Elks : Brown Bev C (also Express-Elmwood/also Norwood), Caslake Gordie OF (also Express-Elmwood), Chafe JamesW.(Chick) LHP, Cuthbert Lawrie 1B/2B, Dakins G. C (also Express-Elmwood), Darlington Joe MGR, Davison Johnny “Red” P/OF, Dufour OF, Hind Jack P/MGR, Johnston SS/OF/2B, McCorquodale Dunc C, McDonald T. OF/P, McFarlane “Packey” OF (also Express-Elmwood), Olien Alex 3B/OF (also Norwood), Olien Ole/Olie P/1B, Penu Steve OF, Rivers George 2B/3B/OF, Rivers Joe SS, Singbush Ron OF (also Tammany Tigers), Watson 3B/2B, Wilson Larry P/OF

Express-Elmwood (withdrew from league on July 9) : Adel 3B, Adshead 2B (also Great War Veterans – Sherburn Park League), Brown Bevin P/C/OF (also Norwood/also Elks), Browne Cecil 1B, Caslake Gordie OF/SS (also Elks), Dakins Gordon C/OF (also Elks), Deacon LHP, Dunbar Johnny SS, Fairfield Finley (also Tammany Tigers), Fennell 3B, Johnson P, McFarlane “Packey” OF (also Elks), Mickelson “Mickey” OF/SS/2B (also Arenas), Mooney Nelson C/1B/MGR, Reykjaklin P, Simmons Cecil(Lefty) OF/P, Stainsby Bert P, Stobie Bill P/OF (also Norwood), Stobie Fred P, Trescott George 2B/OF/3B/1B, Vineberg Issy 3B/1B/SS/OF (also St. Boniface – Sherburn Park League), Weir Morley 2B/SS, Weir Stan C/OF (also Norwood)

Norwood : Arnott Wilf OF, Brown Bevin (also Express-Elmwood/also Elks), Chambers OF, Duncan OF, Gladu A. C/2B, Hultman Harold P, Keedian Jimmy 1B, Legoff Tony 2B/3B/1B/OF/MGR, Mason Harry P, May Herb C, May Toddy OF, McKenzie Gord 2B, McKenzie Ken OF, Monio “Lefty” P, Olien Alex C/OF (also Elks), Puhan Connie OF/2B, Roberts “Lefty” P, Seel Jack 3B/2B, Starr 3B, Stobie Bill P/OF (also Express-Elmwood), Symington 3B/C, Treleaven “Lefty” P, VanBeneen Camille SS, Waks “Fungo” OF, Weir Stan OF (also Express-Elmwood), Wenzel Charlie OF

Tammany Tigers : Armstrong A.A. 3B/1B, Austman Johnny(Slim) OF, Baril Tony 3B/OF/SS, Cockburn Bill C/OF, Crowe Bill RHP, Fairfield Finley P (also Express-Elmwood), Gardiner Charlie OF, Grant Jimmy OF/3B, Herzog Buckley(Buck) SS/P/OF, Hogeboom L. 1B/OF, Livesley Clare SS, Luff Frank(Lefty) P, McKenzie Gord 2B, McCallum Sammy P/3B, McDonald Frank 3B, McVey Ward OF/1B/MGR, Singbush Ron C (also Elks)


Toronto Oslers :  Breen Joe SS, Buchanan J. OF, Buchanan W.(Bill) OF/C, Crilly Hugh OF, Dodds Harvey OF, Egan Jack 3B, Ellwood Charlie OF/P, Fleming J. 2B/OF, Hamilton Fred MGR, Hoose Clare C/OF, Hughes “Buck” 1B, Jones “Nipper” OF, McCoy Charlie LHP, Noble Jack P/OF, Rasson C. LHP/OF, Reid “Pucker” OF/2B, Spring Joe P/OF, Watson “Happy” OF/P/COACH


Crescents : Barry 2B, Bennett OF, Clifford Bill 3B/OF/P, Fox 3B, Guinan 2B/OF/SS, Kaye Gordon P, Kelleher “Shorty” OF, Lee P/OF, Long OF/SS, Magill C, Nichol 3B/2B/C, Peterson J. MGR, Reid P/OF, Robinson P, Shandre 2B/C/3B, Stobie Fred P, Thurston 1B, Trender SS/1B/3B, Vance C, Young OF

Great War Veterans : Adshead 2B (also Express-Elmwood – Wesley Park League), Black C, Cook P/OF, Coughlin P, Coutts, Creasy OF, Dahl P, Dundas C/OF, Fennell 3B, Foran OF/C, Hammond OF, Haywood 3B, Johnston C/OF, Kendall 1B (also South End), Kinnear OF, Koriski/Koviski SS, Law 1B, Macklin 2B/SS, McElheran OF/2B/SS/1B, Miller Mat P (also South End), Paniski OF, Persse P/OF, Reid P/OF, Rendall 1B, Ruzicka/Ruziuka SS, Sutherland D. OF/C/2B/SS/1B, Sutherland H. OF/3B, Unsworth OF, Ward “Lefty” P/OF/1B/MGR, Watkins OF (also South End), White 2B, Woods Nellis C (also South End), Woolner SS, Zimmerman OF

Portage La Prairie :  Bell Alex OF/SS, Buddick 3B, Bullard OF, Burns B.(Baldy) C/MGR, Burns M. OF, Clarke 2B, Cochrane SS, Costigan 2B, Coutts OF, Dalzell/Dalziel Freeman P/1B/OF, Gannon “Lefty” P/OF, Hill OF/1B, Large OF, Metcalf L. 1B, Metcalf W. “Bill” OF, St. John OF, Templeton 1B/2B/SS

St. Boniface : Bedard OF, Belanger 1B/SS, Bouchard J. OF/C, Burns A. 2B/OF/1B, Burns N. OF/1B, Chafe JamesW.(Chick) LHP, Culliton 2B/3B, Dyer Johnny P, Helfrick W.(Dutch) 3B/C/SS/2B/P/MGR, Johnson C, Law P, Leveque A. SS/P, Leveque T. P/3B, Machon 2B/OF, Marinelli OF, Marius C/1B/SS, Mason Harry P, McDougall 3B/P/OF/2B, McPherson P/C, Newman SS/3B/OF/2B, Parent OF, Proux OF, Query OF, Ramsay OF, Rivers Romeo SS (also South End), Vineberg Issy 3B (also Express-Elmwood – Wesley Park League), Wynant Oscar MGR

South End : Ayrton 2B/SS, Burns OF, Caithness OF, Dakins 2B, Davis SS/2B, Faillon 3B, Foster Jimmy P/3B/SS/OF/2B, Holst Ken MGR, Kelly OF, Kendall 1B (also Great War Vets), Marshall OF, McDonald OF, McDowell OF/C, Miller Mat P/OF (also Great War Veterans), Paquin P, Parr SS, Pope 3B/OF, Pucci OF/P, Purcell, Rivers Romeo SS (also St. Boniface), Rushworth Sally(Lefty) P/OF/3B, Simmons Cecil(Lefty) OF/P, Simpson 3B/OF, Swaris OF, Taylor 2B/1B, Thompson OF, Watkins OF/2B/SS (also Great War Veterans), Woods Nellis C/OF (also Great War Veterans)


Columbus Club :
  Arnott C, Barlow OF, Bennett “Lefty” LHP, Brown Bill 3B, Dalziel Bob SS, Davis Bill 1B, Ferguson Tony 2B, Johnson Art P, Hawkins/Hocken OF, Lowe Odie RHP/OF, Molloy “Cel” C/OF, Pounds Eddie OF, Pridham OF/2B, St.John OF

Norwood :  Arnott P/OF, Bannerman 1B, Beggs 2B, Chambers OF, Jenkins OF, Lepine C, Lloyd C, Percy, Mackie Dave P, Marion Jean P, McKenzie 3B, Starr Gordon SS/MGR

St. Vital :  Carrigan P, Deakin P, Tree C

Transcona :

Capitols : 
Cook Cliff P, Dick “Lefty” LHP, Dyer P, Pucci C, Stobie/Stubbs C, Wilson Tommy MGR

Pilgrims :  Anderson C, Jackman P, Query P, Stock P, Vance C

Stirling :  Biado C, Dyck “Lefty” LHP, Hayes/Hays P, Johnson C, Nestor P

West End :  Bissett Syd P (also West End juniors), Campbell, Chisholm Bill 2B, Clark C, Cochrane Tommy P, Dichardson, Dobson P, Dyer P, Hainstock 1B, Haldorson C, Hammond, Kemp OF, Layton, Neil SS, Ridgedale OF, Rosenstock 3B, Sampson C, Shannon OF, Simmons “Lefty” P


Columbus Club :  Harlo “Chesty” P, Jackson C, Shea Mike, Taylor P      
Elmwood Giants :  Charman OF, Dodds Warrick/Warwick P, Erickson Eric(Schmaltz) RHP, Graham OF, Jenner Ron 1B, Kinnear OF, Link P, McDonald SS, McLennan 2B, Oliver “Scotty” MGR, Pritchard “Lefty” OF/LHP, Pucci OF/C/P, Shier, Starr 3B, Turk C       

Headingly Maroons :               
West End :  Bissett Syd P (also West End intermediates), Dyer Johnny P, McRitchie C, Neil, Ridgedale P     


Junior Bearcats :  Brannon MGR, Brannon Wally SS, Buchanan R.(Happy) P/3B/OF, Cowan Harold(Hode) C/2B, Crane R. C/2B, Creighton Jimmy OF/C (also Shamrocks), Griffith James 3B/SS/P, Harte Earl 2B/P, Hughes Jimmy OF, McIntosh John(Jack) 3B, McIntosh Joe OF, Olson G., Plum John OF, Reid Ollie MGR, Simpson Don 1B/3B.OF, Sutherland Johnny OF/2B, Varcoe Reg C, Winteringham F. 1B 

Junior Maroons :  Carr Tommy OF/P/3B, Cowan N.(Cy) C, Cowan Tom 2B/3B, Dundas Fred MGR, Dundas Jack SS, Dundas K. P, Fraser Charlie OF, McIntosh Jack(Red) 3B, Miller L. 1B/2B, Mitchell Jim P/OF, Rea Ed P/OF, Scott Doug 3B/OF/2B, Shewan Mac 1B, Symington Bill OF, Trafford Reg RHP/OF

Shamrocks :  Allen 2B/OF, Anderson 1B/2B/OF, Bennett OF/2B, Bigelow Horace SS/P/3B, Clark Milt SS/2B, Coates 3B, Crane R.(Bobby) C (also Bearcats), Cranston 1B, Creighton Jimmy C/OF/3B (also Bearcats), Draper SS/3B, Dundas Ken OF, Gregg Ed C, Grieves OF, Haverstock 2B/1B/OF, Henderson C, Kerr 1B, Lane OF/P, McDorman 1B/OF, McFarlane P, McLeod OF/3B, Slater 3B, Smith Reg P/OF/SS, Woodley 



Roland :  Bell 3B, Byers 3B, Cameron R., Graham Doug P, Lapointe OF, McDougald/McDougall W. 2B, McMoran W. OF, Parkinson OF, Patterson S. C/P, Patterson W. C/1B, Peacock R., Reuter I., Ridd N. SS, Shilson SS, Stokes E. P,

Sanford :  Atchison, Blair Andy P, Blanks P, Brant B.(Doc), Brant H., Dack, McDonald Charlie C, McDonald L., Parker G., Parker N., Sveinsen C

Sperling :  Anderson, Burgstrom, Clee 2B, Courdt OF, Fonger/Funger J. SS/OF, Fonger/Funger M. 2B/OF, Harris “Smokey” P, Jaden T. OF, Jerome 3B, McNulty Mike 1B/P/MGR, Mulligan Andy C, Traden/Tydan, Waddell OF/SS

Starbuck :  Brynolfsen P, Gladu C


Bird’s Hill :

East Selkirk :

Oak Bank :

Selkirk :  Kelly P

Tyndall :  Sinclair P


Alexander :  Blair C, Churchill SS, Dunn #1 2B, Dunn #2 OF, Fenwick OF, Little OF, Hill G. P, Hill #2 3B, Spiers 1B

Brandon Greys :  Bailey LHP, Bigelow Horace P/OF, Brannon Wally 3B, Browne Cecil 1B (also Winnipeg Express-Elmwood), Buchanan R.(Happy) P, Carpenter Jack OF, Carr Tommy OF, Cochlan Harvey/Alfred(Honey) C/1B/3B/OF, Colwell Lefty P/OF, Cowan H.(Hode) 2B/SS/3B/OF, Cowan N.(Cy) OF, Cowan Tommy 2B/SS, Craig OF, Crane 2B, Crawford H.L.(Krug) P/2B/OF, Dundas Jack SS/3B, Dundas Ken OF/3B/1B/P, Finnson Art OF, Fraser OF, Fry Nick P, Gayton 3B/2B/OF, Glinz OF, Griffith 3B/P, Hitchens Charlie SS/3B, Hughes OF, Kerr OF, Lutes Frank OF/3B/P, McIntosh Joe OF/SS/3B, McKay Curly 2B, McLellan OF/C, Mitchell Jim P/OF, Moir Scotty C/2B, Rodgers OF, Robinson Cliff 3B/C, Simpson 1B/SS, Stenshoel 1B/C, Stewart SS, Trafford Reg RHP, Winteringham F. OF

Carberry :  Akins “Red” 1B/C, Barber OF, Currie P, Fitzsimmons SS/P, Hadley OF/1B, Hopper C. OF, Hopper K. SS/2B, McIntosh 3B, Nelson C. C/OF, Nelson H. P/SS, Peterson OF, Todd OF, Waugh 2B

Dauphin Elks :  Andries D. OF/P, Ball Jim P, Chute A. 2B, Dewar E. 1B/OF, Hoskins Joe C/OF, Hume G.A. OF, Johnston Lee 3B, Little S. SS, Machan M. OF, McKenzie 1B, Siddle SS, Smith C, Waters OF                                                                          

Fork River :  Booth OF, Briggs SS, Cooper OF, Fitzsimmons 2B, Goldberg C, Lloyd 1B, Millar P, Morton 3B, Shannon OF  

Hamiota :  Gamey P, Jordon P, Smith C                                                                                                                  

Hartney :  Code OF, Fry P, Graham C, Hopkins J. 3B, Hopkins W. 2B, Jasper OF/P, McArthur SS, Perrin 1B, White OF

Letellier :  Boisey/Boissy OF, Bouchard A. 1B/P, Bouchard D., Bouchard H., Bouchard Mike P, Breton OF, Dumont OF, Gallant C, Jubinville E. 2B, Jubinville L. 3B, Parent SS/P

Margaret :  Bergson A. P, Bergson S. 3B, Fitzpatrick F. OF, Fitzpatrick J. SS, McKellar S. OF, Mitchell R. P/OF,  Murray R. 2B, Patton E. 1B, Patton J. C, Sadler R. P, Thompson W. OF

Manitou :  Atkinson G. 3B, Bradley Clark SS, Carscadden Gordon OF, Cumming Alex OF, McNamera G. 1B, Oakes George OF, Ridley H. C, Saunders L. 2B                                       

Miami :  Bond F. OF, Bossons J. SS, Craig G. C, Day D. 3B, McLelland R. 2B, St.Bruce OF, Weir D. 1B, Westerway J. P, Woods M. OF 

Myrtle :  Anderson A., Fenster M., Halstead N. P, Kirk C., McLaren D., McLarty E., Mullin M., Mullin R., Patterson R.

Ninga :  Anderson OF/P, Caldwell “Lefty” LHP/3B, Dow SS, Hicks OF, Hunt C. OF, Hunt F. 2B, Kicks OF, King OF, Lyons OF, Murray 3B, Patton E. 1B, Patton J. C

Oakburn :  Menzies #1 P, Menzies #2 C

Oak Lake :  Goodwin C, Storey P

Oak River :  Black 1B, Glinz Duffy OF, Greenaway “Slim” P, Greenaway #2 OF, Heany 3B, Hulme OF, McAlpine C, McKay “Curly” 2B, McKenzie SS

Oakville :  Asselstein, Body J.W. P, Body M., Bond, Halliday, McLaughlin, Morrison, Sherritt C, Thoms

Portage la Prairie Juniors :  Baron SS, Buddick P. SS/3B, Bullard 3B/SS/P, Clarke C. 2B, Clarke L. OF, Howe C, Johnson 2B/1B, Lyon R. 1B, McKenzie P/OF, McLarty P, Rowlatt OF, St. John OF, Ward OF

Rock Lake :  Avery Joe OF/MGR, Beans OF, Bissett OF, Gibbs C, McKittrick OF, McLean 2B, Mededith P, Moore SS, Pickel OF, Sexsmith 1B, Winram 3B

Russell :  Bell P, Everett C, Leifer P 

Shoal Lake :  Nolan P, Taylor C

Solsgirth :  Dunn Jack P, Dunn #2 C

Virden :  Armstrong P, Caldwell, Hitchin, Lund, McKay, McLellan C, Megaffin, Palmer H. P, Sanford

Wawanesa :  Cornish OF, Cory Clare SS, Cory Cliff P, McCullough E. 1B, McCullough #2 OF, Patterson 2B, Peters 3B, Rodgers C, Sadler P, Scott OF



B. C. Athletics : Armstrong OF, Brand Bill P, Callaghan Eddie 3B, Callaghan Gordie SS, Caswell 1B/P, Clark Bill OF/2B/C, Cross Norman(Abe) 1B (also Port Moody – New Westminster & District League), Ellis Joe 3B, Giguere Bill(Jiggs) 2B/OF, Gourlay Art C (also Elks), Inch Ferd P/OF (also Hanbury’s), Kelly Jack OF/MGR, Manson F. OF, McConnell OF, McFarlane OF, Payne Tommy P/1B/OF, Phillips OF/2B, Stewart “Babe” OF/1B, Stobie P, Smith Doug “Googy” C (also Collingwood), Webster 2B, Williams OF, Wilmon P

Collingwood : Andrews Jack 2B, Carruthers 1B, Cross Harry C (also Elks), Delcourt Camille “Lefty” P/1B/OF, Duff Cameron C (also Elks), Esplen Baden “Babe” P/C/SS/3B/1B, Ford Lloyd 1B, Garrison Cliff P, Johnston/Johnstone C, King Eric OF/SS/P, Lindsay  Stew 3B/1B, Mattock Charlie 1B, McLean Cy C/1B, Nestman Joe MGR, Nestman Johnny SS, Penfold Harvey P/OF, Puder Hal P, Robertson George OF, Silver Neil OF (also Burnaby – Twilight League), Solloway Harley(Hap) OF (also Elks), Solloway Russell(Rap) OF/C, Speare/Spears 1B, Smith Doug “Googy” C (also B. C. Athletics), Traeger Les P (also Young Liberals)

Elks : Bell W.(Norman) OF, Craig, Carlson C, Coyle SS/C/3B, Cross Harry C (also Collingwood), Deford OF, Duff Cameron(Peggy) C/OF (also Collingwood), Evans Charlie P, Farquhar Alex P, Foran Frank OF, Gourlay Art C,/MGR (also B. C. Athletics),  Hall C, King D. C, Lemon, Levin H.C.(Sonny) OF/1B, Lewis, Lowry 3B, Luxstrom P, Mahon Bill SS/2B/OF, Maveety Herb 1B/OF/3B, McConnell Charlie P/OF, Olson Edwin(Eddie) (also Fraser Cafe), Pauche C (also Young Liberals), Phillips, Reynolds Jerry P/OF, Scott Al, Solloway Harley(Hap) OF (also Collingwood), Stewart D. OF, Syrotuck, Tatman Paul 3B, Tuson Bill 1B, Wilson Harry 2B/SS

Hanbury’s : Brand Bill P, Butler Harry OF/3B/2B/P, Clayton Ralph SS/C/OF/2B/P/3B, Daniels Johnny C, Fitzpatrick “Rusty” P/OF, Freshfield Dean 3B, Goodall Norm 1B/SS/C, Goodall Roy OF/MGR, Hall Coleman “Coley” 3B/1B/OF, Inch Ferd P/OF (also B. C. Athletics), Kimberley Cecil P/OF, May Doug OF/C/3B, Mills Bobby OF, Morse Art SS, Mouat Murray “Lefty” P/OF, Orr Bobby, Peters SS/3B, Raftery Tom P/1B/OF, Stevenson Charlie 2B, Williams Inker OF

Young Liberals : Arthur Len P (also Mount Pleasant Gardens – Terminal League), Barton OF, Beattie OF, Bullard Russ SS, Cann Hec 2B/C, Craig Nick P/OF, Falconer Orville OF, Fraser Jack 3B/OF, Jackson Haley 1B, Jenkins OF, Kaye George “Lefty” P, Larson Rudolph(Tat/Skinny) 1B/SS/3B/P, Miron Charlie OF, Paepke Ernie(Dutch) OF/2B/3B/MGR, Pauche Joe C (also Elks), Richardson Harry C, Simons Alex “Lefty” P/OF/1B, Traeger Les P (also Collingwood), Whyte Syd C


Asahis :   Furumoto Teddy P/OF, Horii Yo C, Ito Junji(George) 3B, Kato George SS/1B/3B/P/OF, Kitagawa Eddie OF, Kitagawa Hatsu(Mickey) P/OF, Kukuda Y. OF, Matoba N.(Tom) 1B/OF/2B, Miyasaki J.(Yoshio) OF, Miyasaki Sanzoku(Harry) OF/1B, Miyata Tom OF, Nakamura Frank 2B/OF, Sato “Mickey” 1B/P/OF, Suga Kenichi(Ty) OF/P, Tanaka Charles 1B/P/C/OF/2B, Tanaka George P/OF/3B/MGR, Yamamura Ken 1B, Yamamura Roy SS, Yamamura S., Yasui Reggie 3B/OF, Yasui Y., Yoshioka Masajiro(Happy) P/C/1B/OF/2B, Yoshioka Sutejiro(Tom) INF/OF

Carleton Centre (replaced Shelly’s Bakery franchise in early May) : Barber P, Cameron Rex 3B/OF/2B, Dwan F.(Rip) OF/2B, Dwan R. 3B/OF/2B/1B, Edy Bob MGR, Finlayson 3B/2B, Graham OF, Heardon S. OF, Lovely Murray OF, Lundie Jack 1B/P/SS, Lundie R. “Bob” SS/OF, MacLachlan P, McArthur Herman P, McDonald P, Miller P, Montage/Montague P/OF, Scott 2B/C/OF, Warren C/1B/SS, Wilmot P, Woolbridge P

Harry Duker’s : Bell OF, Butler 1B, Calvert H. OF/3B/C, Dowding OF, Duker John 3B, Herod 2B/OF/3B/SS, Inkster 1B/2B/3B/OF, Jenkins OF/2B/3B, Kozak P, Lewis “Jit” P/OF, Lillington Gus 2B, Marks P.A. C, Masi/Massi C. 3B, Masi/Massi F. OF, Miller Arnold SS/P, Murray OF/SS, Scott Dave P, Shillingford C, Smithers OF, Strong “Lefty” P/1B, Sykes Sid 3B/OF/P, Thompson Lorne P/OF, Trotter OF/C/1B, Warne Phil P/OF, Williams 3B/1B/SS

Mount Pleasant Gardens : Armstrong Jack OF, Arthur Len “Spark Plug” P (also Young Liberals – Vancouver Senior City League), Bennett Arnold P, Blakely Stan OF, Cadenhead J. OF, Cadenhead W. “Bill” SS/P, Chapman Jimmy P, Corson E. “Lefty” P, Cuvelier George OF, Ferguson Gord C, Harold 3B, Lister “Scotty” 1B, Loban/Lobban OF, Lowry, Mills Don P/OF, Mitchell B. 3B/SS, Morrow RossH. SS/2B/3B, Richardson Charlie MGR, Sinclair Sammy OF, Tolmie Andrew OF/2B/3B, Vollans Bus 2B, Worley Pat OF/1B/2B/3B (also Burnaby – Twilight League)

Shelly’s 4X Bakery (dropped out after game of May 5) : Bellamy 3B, Bowler OF, Clayton Ralph P/3B/C, Courbarron OF, Fraser 2B, Garrison Ted OF/SS, Hayward 2B/1B, Herbert 1B, Kendall D.E. OF/2B/P, Knight OF, Leith 3B/2B/P/OF, McLean Don OF, Mofforth/Mowforth OF, Raftery C. SS/3B, Raftery Ernie OF/2B, Vanstall/Vanstell C, White 2B/OF


Burnaby : Asserlind Harvey SS/C, Black Jack C, Brady J. 2B/OF, Butler Wally OF/2B, Condon Jimmy 1B/P, Cromer “Lefty” P, Crowder Carl P/SS/1B, Ewart Johnny C, Gray Dave P/1B/SS/OF/MGR, Grimmer/Grimmet OF, McKee OF, McLean Don OF/1B/SS, Oben OF, Porter Art OF, Silver Neil OF (also Collingwood – Vancouver Senior City League), Simpson W. C, Syrotuck George 3B, Worley Pat OF (also Mount Pleasant Gardens – Terminal League) 

Kerrisdale Tyees : Brennan OF, Diebolt Johnny(Lefty) P/OF, Douglas OF, Frith “Tiny” C, Gibson 1B, Graham OF, Hall OF, Ingledew OF/3B, McDonald “Red” P/OF/C, McLuckie SS/OF, Moffat/Moffatt “Lefty” OF/P/1B, Rickson Bill OF/MGR, Russell 3B, Shaw SS, Watkins 2B

Native Sons : Bellamy P, Boothman OF, Bowes OF, Boyes Earl OF/P/3B/2B, Brown/Browne OF/2B, Cocker OF/P/C, Dobie, Hatt 3B, Heron 2B, Hunter OF, Johnson/Johnston H. 3B, Johnson/Johnston “Swede” 1B, McCulloch Fred C, McLean 3B/P/SS, Moffat/Moffatt N. OF/P, O’Connor C, Olson 2B/SS/1B, Patterson P/OF/1B, Reith OF/3B, Sibbett Alva 2B/SS, Smith E. 3B, Smith J. P/OF/1B/SS, Sparling George MGR, Stobie OF, Stevens OF, Thompson OF, Trenorth/Trenouth OF/C, Ward OF/3B, Williams OF/P/2B

South Vancouver Elks : Barnes P/OF, Basiren/Basireau D. P/OF/C/3B, Bolonsky C, Boyes F.C.(Tat) P/C/OF/1B, Graham OF, Hunter “Lefty” P/OF/3B, Johnston SS, Miller P,Oates/Oatis OF/1B, Pitt/Pitts 3B, Raferty/Raftery SS, Ross Ed 2B, Ross G. P/OF, Sager P, Sharp P, Taylor Fred 1B, Torey Les 2B, Trayling Ed OF, Widdows Bill 2B, Wilkes/Wilks OF, White Frank MGR


Asahi :  Aoki Tameo(George) 1B, Hayashi 2B/OF, Horii Yo 3B/OF, Kumano Bob SS, Matsumiya Sotaro OF, Nakamura Frank 3B/OF, Nakata C, Nishimura OF, Sato Mickey OF/P , Sekine Jubo OF, Suga Ty OF, Yamamura Roy SS, Yasui Reggie C, Yasui Yozy OF, Yoshioka M.(Happy) P/2B

Hanburys :  Clarke S. OF, Clarke T. P/OF/3B, Errington SS, Flemming 1B, Fletcher P, Leith Murray P/3B, Little C/OF, McDonald OF/3B, Mitten OF, Molyneaux P/OF/C, Parker Bill 2B, Phillips Bill 3B/OF, Stevenson A. 1B, Wilkinson 3B, Worall P/OF, Yates C/3B

Mikado :  Kozia J. 2B/OF, Maruno Mike 2B, Mori T. 1B, Nishi/Nishidera Roy P/1B/OF/3B, Nishi Walter SS, Nishihara C, Nishikawa Sada OF/1B, Nishikawa Shin 2B/3B/SS, Sarayama George P/OF, Takenaka OF/SS/3B, Tanaka Charles C, Tanaka George OF/P, Yoshioka Arthur OF/3B, Yoshioka M.(Happy) P, Yoshioka Tom 2B/SS

Mount Pleasant :  Cadenheard W.(Bill) 2B, Coe P, Davidson 1B, Esterbrook P/OF, Ewart OF, Haddon C, Harold Bert 3B, Harold Eddie C, Harper Les OF/P, Kennedy Tom SS, Parker 3B, Proctor OF, Redman OF, Sayers P/OF, Stedham OF, Vernon Charles OF/2B/3B

St. Augustine Stags :  Baechler W. OF/3B, Bestland Bus 3B , Black C, Bourne Jack P, Brigden C/OF , Guthro B. OF, Guthro Roy OF, Harris J. SS/P, Holden Barney MGR, Holden Larry P/SS/2B/3B, Humphries Hugh, Macpherson George 1B, McDonald OF/3B, McGarrigle J. OF/2B, McGuire Jim C/OF/1B, O'Hagan 2B, Stein P, Tait 3B/2B, Whitley Joe OF

Vancouver Lumber Company :  Delbridge Slim P, Ferris OF, Herbert 1B, Johnson OF, May Max P/OF, McCallum OF, McKissock OF, McLean 3B/OF, McLeod SS, Pitt Fred C, Scott 3B , Sproule 2B, Stewart 1B, Sweeting 3B, Thompson OF, Vollans SS, Woodman OF/P/3B


B. C. Box Manufacturers : Bean Barclay/Bart 3B/OF/SS/P, Butler H.(Pal) 3B/OF/2B, Butler R. “Dick” SS, Butler Tanny OF, Cant Hec OF/2B/3B, Connelly 3B/SS, Cruver Earl MGR, Currie Gordon(Sweeper) P/OF/2B, Gordon Hal P/3B/SS, Grimston Doug 1B, Mills G. P, Paulson OF, Rodick/Roddick OF/P, Ross OF, Somerville Harry C, Thorburn OF (also Fraser Cafe)

Fraser Cafe : Buchanan Jack(Buck) C, Crawford Sam(Wahoo) OF, Duplin “Frenchy” 2B (also Fraser Mills), Elmer Sid OF, Fraser Doug 3B, Hood 3B, Huntz Herb OF/3B, Kilbourn 2B, Larsen/Larson Larry 1B, Lewis SS, Maxwell Bill 2B/OF/SS, McNeill P/OF, Morgan Jack MGR, Mounger Aubrey OF/P, Neilson/Nielson OF, O’Connell 1B/OF, Olson Eddie P/OF/SS, Orr Bobby P/3B/OF, Pollock John Lewis SS/C, Seymour Cy(Rumpy) OF, Thorburn OF (also B. C. Box Manufacturers) 

Fraser Mills : Bardy 3B, Calvin P/1B/OF, Clarke OF, Cope OF/2B/C, Davis SS/C/P, Deruchie OF, Drake OF, Duplin “Frenchy” P/SS/2B (also Fraser Cafe), Eccles P, Elkins OF, Gravelle OF, Hawkes Ray P/SS/1B, Higgerson 2B/OF, Hogan C/SS/1B, Howard OF/P, Kure OF/2B/SS, Lewis SS/1B/2B/OF, Littlefield OF, McKinnon 3B/OF, O’Connell 1B, Padovan Andy C, Pickering OF, Robinson, Ryan Morris/Maurice (Paddy) OF, Tryggvi 2B/P/SS/OF, Weruchie, Windblad Vic 1B/2B/MGR

Port Moody (also known as Iocomo to reflect syllabic contents of three towns – Port Moody, Coquitlam and Ioco) : Bacon Jack C/OF, Cross N. “Abe” 1B/P, Fooks Maynard OF, Freshfield Dean 3B, Gillis Cecil OF, Grant OF, Hammond P/OF, Ikona Carl SS/OF, Ogilvie “Nip” OF, Robinson John “Robbo” P, Scott Al 2B/SS, Simpson OF/C, Thorburn Bobby P/OF, Watters Jimmy 1B/SS/2B, Wright OF

White Rock : Alameda OF/C, Bearisto Slim C, Brouland 3B, Caswell MGR, Chestnut Armour “Lefty” P, Choate Bill P, Croy OF, d’Easum Jack OF/SS, Esplen 2B/OF/SS, Harris 1B, Hunter Earl “Tiny” OF/MGR, Jones OF, Moffatt MGR, Valdeson P, Wilkie Walter(Hop) SS/OF/2B

IOCO :  Cameron Bert, Cameron Rod, Clark Bill(Beezer), Dowding Gordie, Freshfield Dean, Robinson Jack(Robo), Scott Jesse


Abbotsford : Fawcett C, MacDonald George P

Cloverdale : Collishaw P, Fuller OF, Heppel P, Stokes C

Ladner : Follis C, Gifford Alan P, McKenzie C, Wilson R. P

Langley Prairie : McLeod P


C.P.R. :   Birkenshaw Marty P, Campbell Colin 3B/C/OF, Campbell Falconer(Kim) 2B, Copas Harry SS, Copas Roy OF/P/2B, Dunn 2B, Fetherstone Harold 1B, Forbes Norm P, Johns Cliff OF, Malcolm Mattie P, McIntyre F.(Red) P/OF, Minnis Arthur 3B/2B/C, Montuski 3B/OF, More William(Bill) C/OF, Moser/Mosher Louis P/OF, Nachtrieb W. OF, Richdale Dave OF, Robinson OF, Whyte Robert(Bob) OF/P, Williams Jimmy MGR,  Woods P

Eagles :  Baker Roy OF/P/SS, Essler Dave OF, Givens Jimmy/Jack 1B/OF, Holness Jimmy P, James SS, Kerr Johnny P, Montuski 3B/2B/OF, Nelson OF, Nex Bert SS/3B/OF, Passmore Bill 2B, Pickup OF/C, Potts Alex C/OF/1B, Robinson Roy OF/1B, Roscam/Roskamp P/OF, Ross R.(Bobby) C, Stark Jack P, Todd J.(Doc) OF,  Turpel W.(Doc) SS/3B, Wachter Tommy 3B/OF

Sons of Canada :  Brynjolfson Walter 1B/3B, Curtis H. C, Curtis Jack P/2B/OF, D'Arcy SS, Dunn Murty SS/2B/3B/OF, Holman Bill OF, McIntyre Red P, Miller Ross  C/3B, Milne 2B, Milne Cy MGR, Sallaway Pete OF/3B/1B, Smith OF, Straith Alex 3B, Taylor P/OF, Worthington John C/OF

United Commercial Travelers (U.C.T.) :  Bates OF, Beech 1B, Burr Charlie(Lefty) LHP, Campbell C. C, Chambers Percy OF/1B, Cottet Martin OF/SS, Cummins/Cummings Jimmy 1B/2B/3B, Gandy E.H.(Hap) C. OF, Gandy George OF/C, Green/Greene Hy 1B, Hocking Bud SS, McGinnis/Mcinnis F. C/2B, Moore Frank 2B/OF/SS/3B, Newman Eddie 2B, Noble Jack  P/OF, Parfitt Ray P/OF , Richards SS/2B/OF, Robertson OF/P, Wilcox OF/1B


Courtenay :  Bannerman Danny, Barkhouse Lefty P/OF (also Nanaimo), Boyd Bill P, Conti Sacki OF, Cummings Herb OF, Cummins.Cummings John SS, Dixon Haley 1B, Downey Jack C, Larsen Lefty P, Mandt OF, Obrey Ed 3B, Richards Dave C, Robertson/Robinson R. 2B, Robinson Andy

Cumberland :  Bannerman Danny SS, Boyd Bill P, Conti Sacki OF, Farmer Amos 1B, Hunden Dave SS/2B/P, James Tucker 2B, Little OF, Marocchi Johnny, McKay Jim OF, Millard George OF, Plump Henry(Toots) 1B/3B, Richards Dave C, Robertson R.(Bob) 3B, Robertson Robert(Peanuts) P

Powell River :  Adams SS, Calvous P, Cariveau P, Deacon 2B, Fitterer Leo P, Gallagher Art 3B, Gallagher J. C, Gallagher Willie P, Gemmell 1B, Hansen Al OF, Hansen Stubby, Haslam 1B/SS, Heft OF/C, Hogan, Kift OF, Luxtrum OF, Mitchell Bruce 2B, Sellman, Shoenerman OF/C

Chemainus :  Horton Joe P, Johns C.(Fat) P, McBride R.(Bob), McKinnon Jack 1B, Owens P, Rice SS/P, Wiley OF

Nanaimo :  Aitken Jack 2B/MGR, Barkhouse "Lefty" P (also Courtenay) , Beattie W.(Bill) OF, Brown Harold C, Courtenay Paul SS/2B, Edmunds Ernie(Fat) 3B/SS/P, Milburn J. OF, Nesbitt Frank P, Perry H. 1B, Piper Phil(Peaches), Rice Billy 3B/SS/P, Tenney OF

Wellington :  Biggs, McDonald, Saunders, Stant W.(Bill) P, Zaccarelli R.


Metaline Falls :  Allen C, Barrows OF, Blanchard C/OF/SS/1B, Collins 2B/SS, DeHuff P/3B, DeMore Louis(Rube) OF, DePasquali W. 3B/SS, Dressler/Dressel 2B, Dunn C, Freeman OF, Glearon 1B, Hull P/OF, Lauriente OF, Lennon 1B, Matovich Steve 2B/SS, McLean P, McNeely OF, Ogle 3B/P, Patton 1B, Pradolini Elio(Al) P, Ragan OF, Ringquist OF, Rionigton SS, Ryman 2B, Schurch 1B/2B, Seigel/Siegel OF/3B, Sheridan B. SS, Skivington OF, Stevens OF, Walser P

Nelson :  Argue Mickey OF, Brennan Jimmie OF, Chapman Eric P, Curran J.B. OF, Gillette Harold(Chick) 1B/P, Horswill Hughie OF, Hunt E.C. OF, Kozak P/OF, Kraft Einar(Slim) P/OF, Langill/Langell OF, Lindstrom F./G. C, Marquis W. OF, McLellan 2B/1B, Notman James(Scotty) 3B/SS, Reardon G. 2B/OF, Scanlan Addie P/1B/2B, Scott P, Shaw 1B, Whitehead Bert OF/P, Whitehead R.(Dick) SS

Rossland :  Burke Leo 2B/1B, Campbell OF, Copak OF, Dewar Donnie OF/3B, Dewar Ken 2B, Eddy W. OF, Forrester 1B, Gorton C, Grimes 2B, Hunter George MGR, Johnson Ernie C, Johnson J. OF, Jones OF, Kozak “Lefty” P/OF, Lauriente S. OF/1B, MacKenzie Don P/OF/1B, Marsters “Skid” P/OF, McDonald, Molisky Bill(Rabbit) 3B/C/P, Morgan Cliff(Patsy) OF, Nelson 1B/P, Rotchford Herb SS/2B, Singer Frank(Dutch) OF/SS, Teeters/Teters SS/1B   

Trail Smoke Eaters:  Benson OF, Blair C/OF, Brown SS, Buckley SS/3B, Bjorklund/Burkland P, Butorac Mike OF/1B, Cady SS/2B, Conrad 1B, Dembro “Lefty” P, Demidoff Pete P/OF, DeMore Louis(Rube) P, Diffenbacher SS/2B, Drew Richard SS/2B/OF, DiPasquale Bill(Mystery) 3B, Exley 3B, Garland Ralphj(Tuffy) 1B, Gibson C, Griffith/Griffiths OF, Hall Al C, Hall W.(Tick) 2B/3B/SS, Hall R. P/2B, Howard 2B, Kirwin OF, Langley 3B, Lauriente Hank OF/1B, Loeske P, Long P, Marshall Matty C, Matovich Steve 2B/SS, McDaniels P, McDonald Doug OF, Morgan “Patsy” OF, Murray MGR, Routledge P/OF, Ryan 1B/P   

Trail Intermediate Shieks :  DeMore Louis OF (also Metaline Falls – KIBL), DePasquali George OF, DePasquali W.(Bill/Mystery) 3B (also Metaline Falls – KIBL), Eustis Sammy 1B, Hall Al C (also Trail – KIBL), Hall W.(Tick) SS (also Trail – KIBL), Lauriente OF (also Metaline Falls – KIBL), Matovich Steve 2B (also Metaline Falls – KIBL), Pradolini Elio(Al) P (also Metaline Falls – KIBL)  


Curlew WA :  Brown C, Milton P, Nelson Merle P  

Grand Forks :  Atwood C, Brothers 2B, Crowe A.F. OF/P, Eamer Les SS, Foote Bill C, Galipeau A. P, Haverty OF, Henderson Ken P, Newbauer F. OF, Scott Perry 3B, Smith W.D.(Doc) 

Malo WA :  Cundy C, Perkins P  

Midway :  Turner C, Wilts P  

Republic WA :    


Concentrator :  Angrove, Burrows #1, Burrows #2, Gough, McMahon G., McMahon J. C, Mellor, Nagle P, Sanderson, Woods

Cranbrook :  Bamford Frank P, Barsford F. SS, Barth E. C, Bevan, Briggs F. OF, Clapp C. 2B, Findley A., Halkis F., Hogarth E. C, Lewis C, Logan J. P/3B, Malcolm, McDonald A. OF, Mortimer P. 3B, Taylor, Woodman V. P

Kimberley :  Clarke OF, Coen Jimmy 3B, Crerar Robert P, Musser C. P/OF, Musser Grennie SS, Peever OF, Pennington P, Rochon 2B, Rogers 1B, Vaughan/Vaughn Tommy C

Lumberton :  Downey Pat 2B, Dwelley Les OF, Hallmire “Shorty” SS, Hunter Fred 3B, Lavoie Ed C, Lewis 1B, Mitchell Bob P, Moran Jim OF, Neuman “Slackey” 1B, Sternberg B. OF

Wardner :  Daw Jack 3B/P, Embree R. SS, Giles H. OF, Markel B. 2B, Reed R. P/2B, Thompson E. OF, Thompson Frank P, Thompson H. C, Thompson S. OF

Wycliffe :  Clark Steve 1B, Crerar L. 2B, Crowe Lloyd, Foster Damon INF, Hinton C, Holman OF, Huffman OF, Jahren Ingie P, Piper Larry 2B, Staples Everett OF/P, Staples Walter OF, Trimble N. SS


Enderby :  Antilla K. Masco, Bercy Manual C, Broome Ernest(Nibby) 3B, Dill Ed MGR, Graham George CF, Grant Elmer RF, Jones George 1B, Jones Jack SS, Keron Pat 2B, Robinson Harold(Scoop) LF, Rowlands Gordon(Corky) , Sparrow George P, Walker Henry SP

Pouce Coupe :  Chalmers 3B, Hall OF, Harper L. OF, Harper Wes 2B, McWha P.C. P, Piper B. 1B, Piper R. SS, Went C. OF, Went O. C

Prince George :  Goodwin SS, Gross “Bud” P, MacLeod, Welch Alex OF



Brantford :  Beemer P, Butler, Cotter P, Davies Elmer, DeMarco, Dickie, Haynes P, Land, Languay, Powers, Scott, Smith Harry P, Wilson P, Wood P

Galt :  Dougherty P, Graham P, Groves, Himes G., Himes N., Hoffman Clare, Hoffman Clay, Kress P, Lewin, Lynch, Murray, Oliver, Watts

Guelph :  Atcheson, Brown, Clark, Goyer P, Jones, Lesage, Little Sandy, McGunnigle, Nunan, O'Connor F., O'Connor J., O'Connor T. P, Pequegnat, Poole P, Whetstone P

London :  Armstrong, Arnott, Baker P, Doherty, Down Hank P, Filmore, Fitchett, Isaacs, McWaine, Michball, Pring P, Quick P, Reilly, Smith

Preston :  Alman, Hales P, Hemphill, Julke, Klaehu, Leeds P, Masters, McAvoy, Mellanby, Sommers, Talbot, Wilkinson, Young P

Stratford :  Backham, Burling, Dolson, Douboro, Edwards, Griffin, Gross, Kerslake P, Lavelle, Livermore, Marks P, McKenzie, Mitchell, Pringle, Pullin, Young P

St. Thomas :  Arlein, Barclay, Billings P, Binns, Burling, Cabot, Campbell, Doan, Evans, Graham, Lindsay, Monk P, Morden P, Riseborough

International exhibition game opponents & Other

Bellingham :  Coach Bryan P, Coffman OF, Johnson OF, Larson 3B, Lewis 2B, McAllister OF, Mitchell SS, Thon C, Vanderford 2B, Visentaimer 1B

Coeur D'Alene, ID :  Ault Salty P

Fort Worden, WA :  Black C, Brindley OF, Cannady OF/3B, Kukoda SS, Lawrence 3B, Patterson 2B, Seabrook P, Spencer OF, Tello 1B, Tredennick OF, Vincent P

Great Falls MT : Corey P, Demke 1B, Dunwoody OF, Harvie 3B, Houck OF, Jones C, Marshall OF, Snyder 2B, Taylor SS

Great Northern Railway, St. Paul, MN :  Bairman OF/2B, Drost OF, Dwyer SS, Gibbons, Jackson F. OF, Nichols C. 2B, Seiler 1B, Stemig 3B, Stepnick A. C, Turgeson P, Weinke Lefty P/OF

Ione WA :  Depew OF/2B, Ellersick C, Hale OF, Hull “Chief” P, Kneely OF, Lempke 1B, Moran SS, Schurch 2B, Sheridan 3B, Widger OF, Wyman 2B

Plentywood, Montana :  Chekaluk Steve P, Felsch Oscar “Happy” OF (also Scobey MT), Galvin P, Gass 2B, Gullickson 1B, Hester 1B, Hub 3B, Ling P, Mattick Steve OF, Risberg Charles “Swede” P/SS (also Scobey MT), Shupe OF, Smith OF, Taylor SS, Tschida SS, Weinberger C, Wirtzberger 3B

Port Angeles, WA :  Anderson SS, Dodge OF, Ervin Jack  P, Johnson 2B, Mitchell 1B, Pawless 3B, Riddle C, Slovacki OF, Sutton P, Williams OF

Scobey, Montana :  Boardman Charlie LHP/OF, Cottingham Delno P, Dallas Porky 2B/OF, Eastman George(Chief) SS, Felsch Happy OF/P, Guyer Honey OF/3B, Hilden Wally OF, Lupe, Joe, Marshall C, Mattick Steve OF,McIntyre C, Meyers Johnny 3B/P, Risberg Swede 1B, Seiffert Leo 2B/P, Walker OF, Wallace OF/C, Whipple OF

Seattle Eagles :  Chambers OF, Chisholm C, Harry OF, Marble SS, McConaghy OF, McKinley 1B, Powers 3B, Sanbstron P, Saura 2B

Sweet Grass MT : Abbott OF, Bissett 3B/OF, Campbell C, Chapman OF, Clark 3B, Cocklin SS, Dawson 2B/SS, Hamilton SS/P, Hanley P/SS, Meeley 2B, Moberly C. OF, Moberly W. 1B, Nelson OF, Patton OF/P, Robertson P, Smith SS, Williford "Pep" P

University of Washington Huskies : Beckett Hughie 3B/SS/1B, Boyd C, Frayne Dick OF, Gardner Hal P, Graves Dorsett(Tubby) MGR, Jackson Harold 3B, Jones “Lefty”, Langlie Art 2B, Leavers Luke 1B, McKenzie Ken OF, Provost Al OF/3B, Shager Grant OF, Shidler Harold P, Tesreau Elmer P, Tesreau Louis SS, Walby Gene C

Whitefish MT : Babcock OF, Baker 2B, Beard SS, Bergen C, Gabbert 3B/P, Gregg C/3B, Knapton 1B, Matthews OF, Payne OF/3B, Price P, White OF