1926 Vancouver Asahi, Terminal League Champions     

1926 Vancouver Asahi

Back row (left to right) Eddie Kitagawa, Sally Nakamura, Reggie Yasui, Junji Ito, Tom Miyata, Mickey Sato, Tom Matoba, Charlie Tanaka, Harry Miyasaki MGR. Front row - George Kato, Ty Suga, Roy Yamamura, Roy Nishidera, Frank Nakamura, Yo Horii.

[Original photo from Asahi : A Legend in Baseball, Pat Adachi]

The following is from the Vancouver Sun, August 07, 1926.

These sons of Nippon, who have mastered the American pastime to such an extent that they outclassed all opposition in the Terminal League, are about the most popular baseball aggregation in the city. They have made friends at the Powell Street grounds by their snappy and clean play on the field and should be heard from the the playoffs this year. The boys are noted for their team play and in Harry Miyaski have one of the smartest managers in amateur baseball circles.

1926 Asahi

Back row (L-R) - Reg Yasui C, Satochi “Sally” Nakamura 2B, Charles Tanaka 1B, Niichi "Tom" Matoba RF, Hiroshi “Frank” Nakamura 2B, (inset) Kenichi "Ken" Doi P, Tom Miyata LF.

Centre - Eddie Kitigawa CF (Captain), Junji “George” Ito 3B, Dr. Kuzuhara President, Sanzoku "Harry" Miyasaki MGR, Yo Horii C.

Bottom - George Kato P, Roy Nishi/Nishidera P, Kenichi "Ty" Suga P, Roy Yamamura SS, Mickey Sato RF.