1927 Game Reports / Alberta     


The semi-pro aspect of the Edmonton baseball scene in 1927 was almost an afterthought as the tandem of teams that did organize engaged in only one head-to-head clash while joining forces to compete in a few inter-city games. Most of the semi-pro players from the Capital City found their way to the rosters of rural teams competing in exhibition and tournament games.


(May 24)  Edmonton’s all-star semi-pro team celebrated Victoria Day by hanging a pair of defeats on a picked Calgary team by scores of 7 to 5 and 7 to 0.

Leroy Goldsworthy pitched the Edmontonians to the opening-game victory, holding the Cow Towners to eight hits. Losing hurler Stuart Lucas was nicked for ten hits.

Lucas (L) and Howard
Goldsworthy (W) and Goggins

Herman Loblick twirled a seven-hit shutout in the seven-inning nightcap as the defeat was hung upon Ed Kilen. Jerry Stacey and Chuck Henderson had three safeties apiece for the winners with a double included in Stacey’s total.

Kilen (L) and Howard
Loblick (W) and Goggins

(June 5)  Ace slab artist LeRoy Goldsworthy hurled a no-hit, no-run game in pitching the Selkirks past the Elks 9 to 0. Goldsworthy issued just two walks and fanned 13 during his gem. The ‘Kirks lit up losing chucker Joe Baldwin for 11 safeties including a brace of two-run doubles and a lusty three-bagger off the bat of Jerry Stacey.

Goldsworthy (W) and Goggins
Baldwin (L) and Rootes

(June 25)   The touring Regina Balmorals scalped the Edmonton all-stars 11 to 1 before settling for a 3 – 3 ten-inning tie in exhibition doubleheader action at Diamond Park.
Casey Moroschan pitched the Bals to victory in the opener, limiting the Edmontonians to six safeties while his clubmates were battering loser Joe Baldwin and reliever “Buck” Lapp for 13 base blows. Shortstop Leo Dobbyns had four hits for the victors, all singles.

Moroschan (W) and Mulligan
Baldwin (L), Lapp (2) and Goggins

LeRoy Goldsworthy held the highly-touted Reginans to four hits in the closely-contested second match and, although the Stars had eight base knocks off the slants of Balmoral southpaw “Lefty” Ryan, the best they could do was to run across three tallies in the overtime encounter. Former major leaguer Oscar “Happy” Felsch had a home run and a single for the visitors. 

Ryan and Mulligan
Goldsworthy and Scott



(May 18)  Coming from behind twice, the Cubs defeated the Bulls 12 to 9 in a heavy-slugging contest as the lid was blasted off the 1927 Edmonton Senior Amateur Baseball League agenda at the Boyle Street grounds. Standing out in the orgy of hitting was the bat work of Louis McGillis, star outfielder of the Cubs, who smashed out three home runs and two singles off battered heaver Ava Cruthers, who did the flinging for the losers. Adding to the 17-hit barrage presented by the winners was Phil Maher, companion to McGillis in the outer pasture, who lit up Cruthers up for four hits, including a triple. Winning tosser Robinson survived a 13-hit onslaught by the Bulls to complete the mound assignment without relief. Best with the baton for the Stockyard squad were corner infielders Joe Dill and Bill Bell who both spanked the sphere for a triple and a pair of singles. Clubmate Roy Dale followed with a four-bagger and single.  

A. Cruthers (L) and Henning
Robinson (W) and McHugh

(May 20)  In a game marked by the heavy hitting of the winners and loose fielding by both sides, the Bruins defeated the Independents 11 to 7 at the Boyle Street grounds. Although the Independents were held to just three hits by winning pitcher Glen Wilkie, who fanned 11 batters, they managed to throw a scare into the Bruins with a final-inning rally. The victors mounted a 12-hit attack against losing twirler Jim Banks as Johnny Klingspoon and Bob McDiarmid lit him up for home runs while Klingspoon added a triple to his round-tripper. 

Wilkie (W) and Manney, Martel
Banks (L) and Coatta

(May 22)  Running across six counters in the second stanza and eight more in the third, the Independents smothered a sloppy band of Bruins 19 to 12. Middle pasture patroller Patterson swatted a three-bagger and two singles for the victors while outfielder Pete Manney clouted a triple, double and single for the losers.

McLear (W) and Coatta
Rustler (L), Dame, McDiarmid and P. Runge

(May 24)  The Cubs hung a 15 to 6 defeat upon the Bulls at the Boyle Street grounds in another Senior Amateur League tilt that was dominated by the hitters. Outfielder Ed Wright walloped a three-run homer and a pair of singles for the Cubbies while teammate Phil Maher rocketed a triple and a double. Bill Bell, the Bulls’ first sacker, singled three times.

Robinson (W) and McHugh
Gladu (L), Wagner (7) and Henning

(May 26)  The Bruins smothered the Cubs under an avalanche of bingles and runs in copping a 19 to 5 verdict at the Boyle Street grounds. Glen Wilkie earned the complete-game knoll decision by tossing an eight-hitter. The victors slammed the offering of two Cub twirlers for 19 base blows. Heavy hitters in the affair were Bill Runge and Bob McDiarmid of the Bruins, along with the Cubbies’ Ed Wright, who each amassed four bingles.

Roberts (L), Foley and McHugh
Wilkie (W) and P. Runge

(June 1) The Independents handed the Bulls their third straight loss, dropping the Stockyard squad 15 to 8 at the Boyle Street grounds. Fastball artist “Bud” McLear struck out ten in earning the pitching decision over Ava Cruthers. Outfielder Rudyk blasted a triple and a two-bagger for the winning nine while teammate Budd Williamson swatted a pair of doubles. 

A. Cruthers (L) and Henning
McLear (W) and Coatta

(June 3)  The Bruins took over leadership in the Senior Amateur League by knocking off the Cubs 14 to 11. Versatile Henry Loyer of the Bruins smashed a two-run triple in the ninth panel to break an 11 – 11 tie. Loyer had a double in addition to his game-deciding three-bagger. Second baseman Lord and flychaser Pete Manney collected three hits apiece for the winners with a round-tripper included in Lord’s total.  

Wilkie (W) and P. Runge
Robinson (L) and Burnett, McHugh (4)

(June 5)  Outhit by a 13 to 9 margin, the Bulls still managed to break into the win column by coming on strong in the late innings to upset the front-running Bruins 13 to 5.  “Chief” Gladu whiffed 11 and persevered throughout the tilt to cop the hillock triumph over “Lefty” Cooper. A three-run homer by Joe Dill, third baseman for the Stockyards squad, in the eighth episode was the hitting feature of the tussle. Bill Runge led the losers offensively with a double and two singles.

Gladu (W) and Henning
Cooper (L), Rustler (8) and P. Runge

(June 7)  Swatsmiths from the Cubs battered two pitchers from the Independents hard and often as the Baby Bears triumphed 15 to 7 at the Boyle Street grounds. Heading the 15-hit attack of the winners were corner infielders Pep Moon and Harry Pettis who each registered three bingles. Both Cubbies connected for doubles while Pettis, along with teammate Phil Maher, launched home runs. Winning flinger Robinson rang up nine strikeouts.

Tade (L), McLear (4) and Coatta
Robinson (W) and McHugh

(June 9)  In front most of the way, the Independents briefly lost the lead in the top-half of the seventh stanza and, after scrambling for a deuce in their portion of the seventh and final canto of a darkness-shortened contest, had to settle for a 9 – 9 tie with the pace-setting Bruins. The league-leaders out hit the Autonomous nine 10 to 7 and had a home run plus a single from second sacker Bob McDiarmid. Teammate Rollie Hill stroked three singles while left fielder Rudyk paced the Non-Affiliates offensively with a double and one-bagger.

Rustler, Wilkie (5) and P. Runge
Banks and Cote

(June 11)  The Cubs lost a tough Senior Amateur League fixture at the Boyle Street grounds when they went down 8 to 7 before the Bulls in a ten-inning struggle. The Baby Bears led all the way until the eighth episode when the Stockyard squad tied the score at 6 – 6. The ninth chapter was scoreless but, in the overtime round of play, the Cubbies ran across a singleton only to see the Bulls respond with a deuce, the winning counter coming on a wild heave over first base by losing hurler Bill Patterson. “Chief” Gladu went the route on the bump for the victors, whiffing 16 batters along the way. Ava Cruthers and Walt Wagner each stroked a double and one-bagger for the winners. Phil Maher homered and singled for the vanquished Cubs while teammates Sammy Thompson and Harry Pettis both contributed a two-bagger and a one-base rap.  
Patterson (L) and McHugh
Gladu (W) and Henning

(June 12)  The first-place Bruins defeated the Cubs 15 to 9 in a hard-hitting bout at the Boyle Street grounds. The defeat for the Cubs was their second of the weekend. Sporting a substantial lead after three innings, starting heaver Glen Wilkie of the Bruins turned the ball over to reliever Dan Rustler who was hit hard the rest of the way as the Cubs came on strong in the late stages of the game. Paul Runge and outfielder Deutsch had three hits apiece for the Northwest nine while Louis McGillis and Harry Pettis of the vanquished Cubbies replicated the feat. McGillis’ triad of swats included a pair of triples plus a double while Pettis connected for one three-bagger. Runge and Deutsch both had a double as part of their totals. 
Wilkie (W), Rustler (4) and P. Runge
Robinson (L), H. Pettis and McHugh

(June 13)  Frittering away an 8 - 3 lead, the Independents were gored by the Bulls 12 to 8 at the Boyle Street diamond in a Senior Amateur League tussle limited to seven innings because of darkness. Second-stanza reliever Ava Cruthers of the Stockyard Squadron did a good job in keeping the Self Sustainers at bay after ascending the hillock facing a substantial deficit and, for his effort, was credited with the mound victory. Cruthers also did well with the willow, swatting a brace of two-baggers and a single. “Red” Beattie/Beatty cuffed a triple and a one-bagger for the losers.

Wagner, A. Cruthers (W) (2) and Henning
Banks, McLear (L) (5) and Coatta

(June 15)  A pinch-hit single by “Chief” Gladu in the bottom-of-the-ninth inning drove in outfielder Neveczis with the walkoff winning run as the Bulls prevailed 10 to 9 over the Bruins in a see-saw encounter. The losers, who had more base raps, used three chuckers while Walt Wagner, who ascended the hill in the seventh session for the Cattlemen, was credited with the heaving triumph. Johnny Klingspoon of the losing Northwest nine led all swatsmiths, slamming a pair of doubles and a single. Joe Dill went yard with a four-bagger and added a single for the Bovines.  

Cooper, Rustler (6), Dame (L) (8) and P. Runge
McLennan, Wagner (W) (7) and Henning

(June 17)  Rain halted play after eight innings of a Senior Amateur tussle at the Boyle Street diamond in which the Independents and Cubs were deadlocked at 12 – 12. The Cubbies established a 10 to 2 lead after three innings of play but were unable to hold it, in good measure because of their sloppy play. Pounding the pill for a double and single each were Phil Maher and Louis McGillis of the Baby Bears as well as catcher Tade of the Independents.

Coatta and Tade
Ferris, Robinson (4) and McHugh

(June 21)  The Independents threw a jolt into the Bruins by doubling their foes 4 to 2 in a well-played contest. Ray Coatta effectively spaced ten hits to annex the mound decision over Glen Wilkie who gave up eight safe swats. Third baseman Magrath/Megrath of the victors and outfielder Pete Manney of the Northwest nine each pounded the pill for three singles.

Coatta (W) and J. Winkelaar
Wilkie (L) and P. Runge

STANDINGS          W       L       Pct.
Bulls              4       3      .571
Independents       3       3      .500
Bruins             4       4      .500
Cubs               3       4      .429

(June 25)  The Cubs batted out a comparatively easy 12 to 4 victory over the free-falling Bruins at the Boyle Street grounds. The victors sent losing twirler “Lefty” Cooper packing in the third round after building up a substantial lead. Winning pitcher Allan Hall led the Northwest nine to six hits in going the distance. Pacing the 15-hit onslaught of the winning Baby Bears was outfielder Louis McGillis who connected for a home run, a double and two singles.

Cooper (L), Rustler (3), Dame (7) and P. Runge
Hall (W) and McHugh

(July 1)  The Cubs and Bulls divided a holiday twin-bill at the Boyle Street diamond, the Bovines prevailing 7 to 5 in the opening clash while the Baby Bears rebounded to take the finale 16 to 4.

The lid-lifter was a nip-and-tuck affair in which the Bulls finally forged ahead to stay in the sixth session. “Chief” Gladu, nicked for five hits, took the complete-game win. Heading the balanced 13-hit attack of the Cattlemen against losing twirler Allan Hall was Joe Dill who banged out a triple and single.

Hall (L) and McHugh
Gladu (W) and Henning

The second game was a rather listless affair with the Cubs racking up an easy victory. The Stockyard Squad started Gladu again on the hillock but he was not up to the iron-man task and was bounced from the bump after three rounds. Bill “Wop” Patterson went the route for the Baby Bears, stifling the Bulls on five hits while fanning an equal number. First baseman Harry Pettis stroked a quartet of safeties for the winners, all singles, while Louis McGillis delivered a two-base hit plus a brace of singles.      

Patterson (W) and McHugh
Gladu (L), A. Cruthers (4), Dill (9) and Henning, McLure

(July 7)  The Bulls scored a 4 to 1 victory at the expense of the Bruins in a game that had a number of sparkling plays mixed in with the stellar work of the opposing chuckers. Only nine hits were doled out by the mound foes, winning hurler “Chief” Gladu and Glen Wilkie of the Northwest nine, with the Stockyard Squadron collecting five of them. Johnny Klingspoon of the losers, with two singles, was the lone multi-hit player in the contest.

Wilkie (L) and P. Runge
Gladu (W) and Henning

(July 10)  Two Senior Amateur Baseball League games were run off at the Boyle Street grounds in an effort to make up some rained-out encounters. The Cubs beat the Bulls 5 to 3 in the first game and the Bruins nosed out the Independents 3 to 1 in a ten-inning finale.
A three-run rally in eighth-inning by the Cubbies locked up their opening-game victory as Allan Hall gained the hillock verdict over “Chief” Gladu. Sammy Thompson and Phil Maher each unloaded a double and single for the winners. 

Gladu (L) and Henning
Hall (W) and Wolfe

Struggling of late, the Bruins finally got their act together to win a game by breaking open a 1 – 1 tie with a deuce in the overtime round of the late engagement. Two errors and a wild pitch in the tenth inning by the Autonomous Aggregation helped immensely. George Dame, who took over mound duties in the fourth frame following a lengthy rain delay, annexed the slab decision. Losing twirler “Bud” McLear hurled the distance, fanning 11 while allowing six hits. The Runge brothers, Bill and Paul of the winning Northwest nine, along with Emile Martel and E. Fenton of the vanquished Non-Affiliates, each stroked a couple of singles.  

Wilkie, Dame (W) (4) and P. Runge
McLear (L) and Coatta

(July 11)  Facing a 2 – 0 deficit as they came to bat for the final time, the Independents won a thrilling 3 to 2 game from the Bruins at the Boyle Street diamond. “Red” Beattie, who had doubled to open the top-of-the-ninth and moved to third on an infield single by first sacker Magrath/Megreth, broke the shutout by scoring on a groundout. Winning chucker “Bud” McLear followed with a double that plated Magrath/Megreth with the equalizer and scampered home himself with the lead tally on a hot grounder along the first base line by outfielder Rudyk. The Bruins could not score in their half of the chapter. George Dame tossed the entire game for the Northwest nine as both he and McLear had opposed each other in a mound joust just 24 hours previous. Beattie had another two-bagger, garnered earlier in the contest, to go along with his table-setting swat in the final canto.

McLear (W) and McHugh
Dame (L) and P. Runge

(July 13)  Manager “Cap” Spiessman wrote his name onto the lineup card for the first time all season and, despite drilling four base hits, his Bruin charges continued to nosedive as they were walloped 12 to 5 by the improved Cubs. Norman Dodge, also making his inaugural appearance of the campaign, hurled the first six stanzas for the Cubbies and earned the hillock triumph. Louis McGillis  slapped out a double and two singles for the winners while Ed McHugh swatted a brace of two-baggers.

Dodge (W), Honnochko (7) and Wolfe, McHugh (7)
Wilkie (L) and P. Runge

(July 15)  The Independents won very handily over the Bulls by a score of 18 to 2 at the Boyle Street grounds. The Maloney brothers, newcomers to the Independents, had a big hand in the victory. 

(July 17)  The Bulls and Cubs each picked up wins in doubleheader action at the Boyle Street grounds, the former defeating the Bruins 5 to 1 and the latter taking the Independents into camp 11 to 1.
Both teams had eight hits in the opener but winning tosser Walt Wagner of the Bovines more ably spaced the bingles against him. Losing chucker Glen Wilkie was yanked in the third round after being hit hard. Ava Cruthers had a double and a one-bagger for the Stockyard Squadron while Wagner, along with Henry Loyer of the losing Bruins, both stroked a pair of one-base raps.

Wagner (W) and Henning
Wilkie (L), Dame (3) and P. Runge

The windup affair was one-sided from start to finish. Louis McGillis and playing-manager Harry Pettis, with three safeties apiece, led the surging Cubbies at the plate in support of winning slabster Allan Hall. McGillis’ total of blows included two doubles while Pettis picked up one two-bagger.   

McLear (L), Banks (3) and Tade, Cote (5)
Hall (W) and Wolfe

(July 21)  The Bruins clipped the error-prone Independents 6 to 1 at the Boyle Street grounds in a less-than-spectacular contest. Glen Wilkie, the winning pitcher, while he allowed only three hits and struck out ten, marred his performance by issuing ten free passes to first base. Losing chucker Ray Coatta, nicked for seven safeties while fanning seven, was let down continually by his mates who committed 11 fielding miscues. Henry Loyer and infielder McDonald both singled twice for the victorious Northwest nine.   

Wilkie (W) and P. Runge
Coatta (L) and H. Maloney

(July 23)  The Bulls edged the Cubs 5 to 4 in a closely-fought Senior Amateur League battle in which the losers held a 12 – 9 margin in base hits. Both pitchers of record were yanked in the eighth episode. Leading hitters in the engagement were Bobby Cruthers of the Stockyard Squadron as well as “Pep” Moon and Ed Wright of the Baby Bears, all of whom clipped the horsehide for three singles. 

Wagner (W), Gladu (8) and Henning
Patterson, Hall (8)and McHugh 

(July 24)  Twin-bill action at the Boyle Street diamond saw the Independents clobber the Bulls 14 to 6 in a loosely-played opener while the Cubs beat the Bruins 5 to 3 in the follow-up event.
After securing a commanding lead early in the lid-lifter, the Independents were never in danger at any time as “Bud” McLear cruised to the pitching win with an eight-hitter. Heading the 14-hit offense for the victors was third baseman Kitchener who hammered a double and three singles. Ray Coatta followed with a two-bagger and a pair of singles while “Red” Beattie delivered a triad of one-base raps.

McLear (W) and H. Maloney
Gladu (L), A. Cruthers (4) and Henning

The twilight tilt was more closely contested as rival hurlers Allan Hall of the Cubbies and the Bruins’ Glen Wilkie both pitched well. A three-spot by the Baby Bears in the sixth spasm put them in charge of the proceedings. Ed McHugh and Harry Pettis both stroked a double and a single for the winners while second sacker Lord of the Northwest nine singled on three occasions.

Hall (W) and McHugh
Wilkie (L) and P. Runge

(July 27)  The Bulls edged the Cubs 3 to 2 in a hard-fought Senior Amateur League fixture at the Boyle Street diamond. Ava Cruthers did the heaving for the winners and turned in a fine game, holding the Cubs to four scattered hits although giving up six walks. Losing chucker Allan Hall was touched for six safeties but was let down in the pinches by some poor backup from his mates. The Bovines did all of their scoring in the fourth frame. Playing-manager Harry Pettis of the losing Baby Bears, with a pair of singles, was the only batter in the tilt with plural hit totals.

A. Cruthers (W) and Henning
Hall (L) and McHugh

(July 31)  In the first of two Senior Amateur League tussles played at the Boyle Street grounds, the Bulls sent the Bruins down to a 10 to 7 defeat. In the late skirmish, the Independents beat the Cubs 7 to 6, the fixture being marked by numerous errors.
The Bulls started out strongly in the matinee tilt, securing two runs in the first inning, and held the lead all the way. Walt Wagner copped the hillock verdict over George Dame as both chuckers went the distance. Wagner and Bill Bell each swatted a double and single for the winning Stockyards squad while second baseman Lord led the Northwest nine at the dish with a home run and a one-bagger. 

Dame (L) and P. Runge
Wagner (W) and Henning

The Cubs, coming on strong during the late stages of the second joust, were never able to fully recover after the Independents took a commanding lead in the first few innings. Ray Coatta went the route on the bump for the win over Allan Hall who was derricked in the third round. Coatta helped his own cause with a double and one-bagger. The Cubbies’ Phil Maher blasted a triple and a couple of singles in a losing effort.

Hall (L), Robinson (3) and McHugh
Coatta (W) and Patterson

(August 2)  The Cubs gave the Independents a terrible lacing at the Boyle Street diamond, the final score being 12 to 3. Norman Dodge, who pitched for the Cubbies, was able to dig himself out of a number of holes to cop the complete-game win. The Self-Sustainers, led at the plate by third baseman Kitchener who had three singles, had plenty of chances to score more runs but left 14 baserunners stranded. Playing-manager Harry Pettis swatted a triple and double for the victors while catcher Ed McHugh pounded a pair of two-baggers.

Dodge (W) and McHugh
McLear (L), Banks (5) and J. Winkelaar

(August 4)  A  6 to 3 conquest of the first-place Stockyard Bulls by the Northwest Bruins moved the Cubs into a tie with the Bulls for top-spot in the Senior Amateur circuit. Plating a four-spot in the third frame, the Northwest nine put an end to losing pitcher “Chief” Gladu’s evening on the bump. Winning pitcher Glen Wilkie struck out eight in going the distance. Both teams stung the horsehide for nine safeties. Wilkie and teammate Bob McDiarmid led the way for the winners with three base raps apiece with a double included in McDiarmid’s total. Walt Wagner slugged a bases-empty home run for the Stockyards Squad.

Gladu (L), A, Cruthers (4) and Henning
Wilkie (W) and P. Runge

(August 6)   Ava Cruthers struck out ten and yielded just two hits as the Bulls whitewashed the Independents 5 to 0. Walt Wagner picked up a double and a one-bagger for the victorious Stockyards Squadron. 

McLear (L), Banks () and Patterson   
A. Cruthers (W) and Henning

(August 7)  In a pair of fixtures at the Boyle Street diamond, the Northwest Bruins doubled the Cubs 8 to 4 and the Bulls, for the second time in successive engagements, triumphed over the Independents, the score being 7 to 2.
The Bruins had a decisive 14 to 7 advantage in hits while copping the opener in which Glen Wilkie took the complete-game mound decision. George Dame swatted a double plus a brace of one-base raps for the triumphant Northwest nine. Ken Duggan doubled and singled for the Cubbies. 

Robinson (L), Hall (1) and McHugh
Wilkie (W) and P. Runge

A trey in the fifth frame put the Bovines in charge of the sunset skirmish. Winning heaver Walt Wagner fanned 11, walked three and limited the opposition to just four hits. Wagner was also impactful with the bat, stroking a triad of singles. Outfielder Gillies doubled twice for the Non-Affiliates. 

Wagner (W) and Henning
Bartley (L) and Patterson

(August 8)  The fading Independents dropped their third game in three days, taking a 14 to 2 trimming at the hands of the Cubs. The Autonomous Aggregation found themselves in a 10 – 0 hole after five frames and never recovered. Norman Dodge tossed a five-hitter for the easy win. Catcher Ed McHugh cuffed a double and a pair of singles for the victors.

Banks (L) and Rudyk
Dodge (W) and McHugh

(August 10)  The slump-ridden Independents were easy pickings for the front-running Stockyard Bulls who rolled to a 17 to 6 pasting of the Non-Affiliates in an error-filled match. Darkness prevented play after seven innings. “Chief” Gladu limited the losers to just three hits, all singles, while walking only one and fanning seven. Second baseman Buster Jeglum slapped out a double and two singles for the Bovines while teammate Bill Bell hammered a home run and one-bagger.

Gladu (W) and Henning
Cote (L) and Rudyk

(August 12)  The Northwest Bruins put another nail in the coffin of the Independents, squeaking past the shorthanded Autonomous Aggregation 4 to 3 in a darkness-shortened, five-inning contest. George Dame, in a relief role, copped the mound decision. Henry Loyer, with a double and two singles, had a perfect three-for-three evening at the plate for the winners. 

Cooper, Dame (W) (4) and P. Runge
Banks (L) and Dorsey

(August 14)  The final two games of the regular schedule were run off in a doubleheader in which the second-place Cubs disposed of the Independents 12 to 3 while the Bruins toppled the pennant-winning Bulls by a 10 to 3 count. Neither result had a bearing on the final standings.
Winning slabster Allan Hall rationed the cellar-dwelling Independents on four hits in the matinee contest, walking just one while breezing seven along the way. The Baby Bears combed loser Ray Coatta for a dozen base blows as Louis McGillis, with two doubles and a one-bagger, led the way. Hall and third baseman “Pep” Moon also raked Coatta’s offering for a pair of two-baggers.

Hall (W) and McHugh
Coatta (L) and Patterson

In the finale, Bruins’ hurling ace Glen Wilkie breezed to the win, racking up a dozen strikeouts while walking six and allowing seven hits. The Cattlemen used four chuckers with starter Ava Cruthers absorbing the setback. Johnny Klingspoon of the winners and Bulls’ outfielder “Shorty” Phillips each cracked a pair of two-baggers.

A. Cruthers (L), McLennan (3), Passmore (6), Gladu (7) and Henning
Wilkie (W) and P. Runge

FINAL STANDINGS       W      L      Pct.
Bulls                13      9     .591
Cubs                 12      9     .571
Bruins               10     11     .476   
Independents          7     13     .350

PLAYOFF FINALS  Cubs vs Bulls  (best-of-seven series)

(August 16)  With Norman Dodge pitching a fine brand of baseball, the Cubs took the lead in the series to decide the champion of the Senior Amateur Baseball League by defeating the Bulls 9 to 3. The Cubbies shot into the lead right from the start and looked like winners all the way, Dodge scattered seven safeties effectively while his clubmates were busy battering the slants of losing heaver Ava Cruthers for 15 safeties. Louis McGillis, with four singles, and Ed McHugh, with a triple, double and single, were the outstanding batters for the victors.

A. Cruthers (L) and Henning
Dodge (W) and McHugh

(August 18)  The Cubs made it two straight in the Senior Amateur League finals, disposing of the Bulls with ease 15 to 7. Allan Hall, on the mound for the Baby Bears, got off to a shaky start, surrendering three-spots in each of the first and second spasms. After that, however, he tightened up while his mates were battling back to forge ahead in the fifth, sending losing twirler Walt Wagner to the sidelines. The big blow during the uprising that turned the tide was a three-run homer by “Pep” Moon.  Outfielders Louis McGillis and Ed Wright had three hits apiece for the winners with a triple and double included in McGillis’ sum of swats. Roy Dale belted a round-tripper and a one-bagger for the Stockyard Squad while Bill Bell connected for a triple and two-bagger.

Hall (W) and McHugh
Wagner (L), McLennan (5) and Henning

(August 20)  A rousing eighth-inning rally, which netted them five big runs, gave the Bulls a much-needed 5 to 3 conquest of the Cubs in the third game of the Senior Amateur League finals. Trailing 1 to 0 as they came to bat for the final time in the darkness-shortened affair, the Bovines got to an upset losing chucker Norm Dodge for a double and three singles after the leadoff hitter reached base on an error, all of which netted four runs. The fifth tally resulted during a ground out after Dodge had been replaced by Allan Hall. Winning pitcher ”Chief” Gladu then struggled to maintain the margin in the bottom-half of the canto, yielding two markers before the final out was made. Bobby Cruthers and “Red” McClure were best with the stick for the winners, each poking a double and two one-base raps.

Gladu (W) and Henning
Dodge (L), Hall (8) and McHugh

(August 22)  The Bulls evened the best-of-seven final series at two games apiece by handing the Cubs a 5 to 1 setback at the Boyle Street rounds. The Bovines were full value for their victory, riding the smooth seven-safety performance of moundsman Ava Cruthers who doled out just one free pass. Losing slabster Bill “Wop” Patterson was kayoed off the clay throne after surrendering five hits and five runs in 2-2/3 innings. Heading the eight-hit offense of the winners was hot corner custodian Joe Gill who swatted a double and a pair of singles.
Patterson (L), Hall (3) and McHugh
A. Cruthers (W) and Henning

(August 24)  The rampaging Bulls rang up their third straight triumph in the Senior Amateur League finals by disposing of the Bulls 8 to 6 at the Boyle Street diamond. The Stockyard Squad had to overcome an early four-run deficit to pull out the victory, knotting the count in the eighth before taking control of the final verdict with a four-spot in the ninth. Both winning heaver “Chief” Gladu and the Cubbies’ Norman Dodge were lit up frequently with the Cattlemen holding a 15 – 11 advantage in base knocks. Shortpatcher Walter Wagner played a great game for the Bovines, sparkling defensively as well as delivering three safe hits, one of which was a double. Clubmate Johnny Henning added a brace of two-baggers.

Gladu (W) and Henning
Dodge (L) and McHugh

(August 26)  The Cubs went on an 11-hit batting spree to beat the Bulls 11 to 7 and force a seventh and deciding game in the Senior Amateur League finals. Facing elimination, the Baby Bears got to losing pitcher Ava Cruthers for a trey in the second stanza and reliever “Chief” Gladu for a six-spot in the fifth frame to put the game on ice. Winning tosser Allan Hall struggled at times but persevered to the eight-hit victory. Ed McHugh whacked a triple and double for the Cubbies while Carruthers was best with the baton for the losers with a brace of two-baggers.

Hall (W) and McHugh
A. Cruthers (L), Gladu (4) and Henning 

(August 28)  In front of 4,000 fans, the Stockyard Bulls edged the Cubs 5 to 4 to annex the 1927 Edmonton Senior Amateur Baseball League title. Errors were costly to the Cubs whose two hurlers allowed the winning Bovines only four hits. Winning moundsman “Chief” Gladu was nicked for seven safeties including an early solo home run by Cubbies’ catcher Ed McHugh. The teams were deadlocked at 4 – 4 entering the eighth episode when the Cattlemen got to sixth-stanza reliever Norm Dodge for the winning tally, an unearned run, when Walt Wagner reached second base base on a throwing error to first and scored on McHugh’s overthrow to third base following a passed ball. Dodge, with a double and single, was the lone multi-hit batter in the tilt.   

Gladu (W) and Henning
Hall, Dodge (L) (6) and McHugh


Hudson’s Bay     

(August 21)  The Journal ball team clinched first-place in the Mercantile League by taking both ends of a doubleheader from the Swifts squad by scores of 10 to 3 and 9 to 7. Davis and Banks were the winning heavers for the Pressmen.

Davis (W) and Cairney
Slate (L) and Colville

Slate, A. Cruthers, Slate and Colville
Banks (W) and Cairney

(August 25)  Ramsey’s Department Store remained in the running for a playoff spot by defeating Hudson’s Bay 8 to 5 at the Boyle Street grounds. To tie the Chevrolets for second-place and force a tie-breaker, Ramsey’s must win over Swifts in the final regular-scheduled league encounter.

Robinson (W) and McHugh
McLellan (L) and Burnett

(August 27)  Swifts defaulted the final league contest 9 to 0 to Ramsey’s, advancing the Storemen into a second-place tie with the Chevrolets.

STANDINGS          W       L      Pct.
Journal            9       3     .750
Chevrolets         7       5     .583
Ramsey’s           7       5     .583
Swifts             5       7     .417
Hudson’s Bay       2      10     .167


(August 31)  A four-run splurge in the third inning lifted Ramsey’s to a 5 to 3 sudden-death win over the Chevrolets and a date with the first-place Journal in the Mercantile League finals.

Wilson (L) and H. Wolfe
Robinson (W) and McHugh

PLAYOFF FINALS  Ramsey’s vs Journal  (best-of-five series)

(September 2)  The rampaging Ramsey’s nine maintained their momentum by clipping the pennant-winning Journal aggregation 6 to 2 in the opening game of the Mercantile League final series. The final result was remarkable in that the Retailers, despite holding a 10 – 5 advantage in base hits, committed no less than 11 errors yet somehow managed to escape almost unscathed. Third baseman Robinson poked a double and a one-bagger for the victors.

Dodge (L) and Cairney
Patterson (W) and McHugh

(September 8)  The Edmonton Journal baseballers squared the Mercantile League finals at a game apiece by decisioning Ramsey’s 6 to 5 in an affair reduced to six stanzas by darkness. Norm Dodge copped the mound triumph at the expense of Ramsey’s slabster Robinson.

Robinson (L) and McHugh
Dodge (W) and Cairney

(September 11)  A three-run outburst in the sixth spasm pushed Ramsey’s past the Journal 6 to 4 at the Boyle Street diamond. Trailing 4 – 3 in the nip-and-tuck event, the Storemen started their rally when the Newsmen gifted them a pair of one-out baserunners as a result of errors. Phil Maher followed with a single to load the sacks. A second out was tallied on a whiff but then outfielder Spencer ripped a rousing two-run double and Ed McHugh followed with an RBI-single. The Retailers, led by McHugh who had a triple and two additional singles to along with his insurance run-producing one-bagger, had a wide 14 to 7 margin in base raps. Winning tosser Robinson recorded ten strikeouts compared to seven by losing slabster Norman Dodge.    

Dodge (L) and Cairney
Robinson (W) and McHugh

(September 19)  With winning hurler Davis pitching gilt-edged ball and holding the Ramsey sluggers to a pair of hits, the Journal balltossers doubled the Merchants 8 to 4 to tie the Mercantile League finals at two wins for each side. The Newsies raked losing twirler Patterson for nine hits including a single, double and home run by shortstop Harold Bowling.   

Patterson (L) and McHugh
Davis (W) and Cairney

(September 22)  A 10 to 7 conquest of Ramsey’s Department Store gave the Edmonton Journal baseball team the 1927 championship of the Mercantile Baseball League. It was an uphill battle for the Newsmen after the Retailers ran across all of their tallies in the second spasm to take a 7 to 5 lead. The Pressmen had opened with a bang, scoring once in the first and adding four more in the top-of-the-second spasm. Credit for the victory goes to winning slabster Norman Dodge who replaced starting heaver Davis in the explosive second session and held the Merchants hitless and scoreless for the remainder of the tussle. Losing moundsman Patterson went the distance, surrendering 11 safeties. Keystone sacker Rundle, catcher Cairney and flychaser DeLong of the winners all collected a double and single.

Davis, Dodge (W) (2) and Cairney
Robinson (L) and McHugh


Lethbridge Miners
Magrath Tigers
New Dayton
Spring Coulee

Cardston Colts
Carmangay (dropped out shortly after start of season)
Hillspring Irrigators
Lethbridge Cubs


(May 27)  Macleod overcame an early deficit and went on to lambast the visiting Lethbridge Miners 10 to 6 in a seven-inning exhibition encounter.  A grand-slam home run by Cliff Dean in the second stanza pulled the hosts out of a three-run hole and staked them to a lead which they never lost.

S. Seaman (L) and Swedish
Johanson, Burrows (W) (3) and Long

(June 6)  Johnny Pisko held Carmangay to two hits in pitching the Lethbridge Miners to a 6 to 2 win over hosting Carmangay in an exhibition bout.


(July 9)  Weakness in the infield by the Raymond nine led to a 13 to 1 shellacking by Spring Coulee.

Nalder (L), McKnight (5) and Ralfson/Rolfson
Gilchrist (W) and Rice

(June 15)  Although Ted Randle whiffed 15 batters and tossed a nifty five-hitter, the absence of timely swats by the Lethbridge Cubs spelled defeat in the Southern Alberta League opener as Macleod’s visiting diamond squad tucked away a 5 to 1 victory. Johanson started on the hill for the invaders but was given the hook after the third round. Clive Burrows, who succeeded him, pitched well and fanned seven during his six stanzas on the knoll. Second baseman Cliff Dean swatted a pair of doubles for the winners while Art Green, with a single and two-bagger, had half of the Cubs’ four-hit production.

Johansen, Burrows (W) (4) and Long
Randle (L) and Lawson

(June 15)  Losing his shutout bid in the ninth innings due to some ragged play by his mates, right-hander Norman “Big Six” Geoghegan pitched the Lethbridge Miners to a 6 to 3 road victory over the Raymond nine.

Geoghegan (W) and Snowden
McKnight (L) and Hicken

(June 15)  Hosting New Dayton bowed before the Spring Coulee nine 7 to 1 as winning heaver Joe Tuftland turned in a six-hit mound effort with eight strikeouts. Bill Eagleson, who toed the rubber for the losers in all but the opening panel, allowed only one hit for the remainder of the game after taking over from losing hurler Shalosky

(June 15)  Hosting Cardston and Hillspring battled to a 1 – 1 draw in the season opener for both squads.

(June 17)  In spite of being outhit, the undefeated Spring Coulee nine turned in a third victory by clipping visiting Magrath 7 to 3.

Turner (L) and Harris
Gilchrist (W) and Rice

(June 17)  The invading Lethbridge Cubs edged Macleod 2 to 1 in an exciting Southern Alberta League encounter. Macleod made a strong bid to tie the score in the bottom-of-the-ninth inning but baserunner Frey died on third base.

Sleightholm (W) and Lawson
Johanson (L), Burrows and Long

(June 17)  Invading Hillspring whitewashed West-Division rival Cardston 15 to 0 as winning pitcher Willard Brooks limited the Temple City nine to just two hits.

Brooks (W) and Hovis
Cahoon (L), Mulholland (5), Lee (9) and Thompson, J. McKenzie

(June 22)   Taking an early lead, homestanding Raymond cruised to an 18 to 7 triumph over New Dayton.

Eagleson (L) and Gorrill
Brewerton, McKnight and Hicken

(June 22)  Holding the punch less Lethbridge Cubs to just three hits, Doug Allred struck out 11 batters in pitching the visiting Hillspring nine to an easy 10 to 0 whitewashing of the Lethbridge Cubs. Hillspring did most of their offensive damage in the final four frames, driving losing chucker Ted Randle off the knoll in the sixth spasm. Outfielder Golden Allred smacked four safeties, including a double, for the winners. Hot corner custodian Campbell, Clarence Strate and shortpatcher Stuckey each contributed three singles. Third sacker Art Green had two of the three Lethbridge hits.

D. Allred (W) and Hovis
Randlle (L), Sleightholm (6) and Lawson

(June 22)  Strong pitching by Joe Tuftland, backed by air-tight support, spelled the downfall of the visiting Lethbridge Miners who dropped a 9 to 3 decision to Spring Coulee. The win was the fourth in succession for the Couleemen. Finishing with an eight-hitter, Tuftland fanned 11 and had the Miners stifled on one base rap until the seventh stanza. Loser Pete Seaman was in trouble right from the start, getting the hook in the fifth frame. Ernie Long paced the 15-hit attack of the victors, banging out two doubles and a single. R. Long followed with three singles. Second baseman Wylie tripled and singled for the losers.

P. Seaman (L), Pisko (5) and Yorko
Tuftland (W) and Rice

(June 22)  After being throttled in their league opener, Cardston turned things around and redeemed themselves by blanking Macleod 3 to 0.

Burrows (L) and Dillingham
Cahoon (W) and J. McKenzie

(June 24)  The Lethbridge Miners travelled to Magrath and doubled their Garden City hosts 6 to 3. Johnny Pisko earned the pitching decision over Roy Minnion.

(June 24)  New Dayton romped to any easy 14 to 1 victory over travelling Raymond. Nine runs in the second inning by the Daytonites put the result on ice.

Perrin/Perron (L), McKnight (2) and Hicken
Eagleson (W) and Gorrill

(July 1)   New Dayton travelled to Magrath an took a 3 to 1 Dominion Day contest from their hosts.

Eagleson (W) and Gorill
R. Minnion (L) and D. Minnion

(July 4)  Before a record crowd in Cardston, the visiting Lethbridge Cubs struck for three runs in the second stanza and went on to defeat the Temple City nine 4 to 3.

Randle (W) and Lawson
Cahoon (L) and J. McKenzie

(July 4)  New Dayton handed the Spring Coulee aggregation their first setback in Southern Alberta League play, nosing out the Daytonites 4 to 3. Both teams registered ten base hits. Winning tosser Bill Eagleson recorded a dozen strikeouts.

Eagleson (W) and Gorill
Gilchrist (L) and Rice

(July 6)  Although outhit 7 to 5, invading New Dayton made the best of their opportunities and crept another rung up the East Division ladder when they trimmed the Lethbridge Miners 6 to 2 at Adams Park. Youthful southpaw Bill Eagleson fanned 13 in taking the mound decision over Johnny Pisko. Top hitter in the affair was second baseman Wylie of the Coal Heavers who stroked two doubles and a single. 

Eagleson (W) and Gorrill
Pisko (L) and Yorko

(July 6)  In a poor defensive display by both combatants, visiting Cardston trimmed Macleod 12 to 7.

(July 8)  In probably the best encounter of the campaign, surging New Dayton edged the visiting Lethbridge Miners 1 to 0. Winning flinger Bill Eagleson whiffed 14 and stymied the Miners on one hit. Losing twirler Johnny Pisko yielded just three safeties, the most damaging one coming in the sixth spasm when outfielder Robinson delivered an RBI-single to drive in Oliver with the game’s lone counter. 

Pisko (L) and Yorko
Eagleson (W) and Gorrill

(July 8)  Aided by perfect defensive support, George Turner, young Magrath twirler, breezed 14 batters and fired a five-hitter in leading the Garden City club to a 4 to 2 win over Raymond. Outfielder Davis clubbed a double and a single for the victorious Tigers. 

Workman (L), Nalder (5) and Perrin/Perron
Turner (W) and Coleman

(July 8)  Spring Coulee scored six runs in the sixth inning to double Raymond 8 to 4. The victors piled up 14 hits while the Sugar City nine accumulated eight.

Zabriski (L), Nalder (6) and Hicken
Rice (W), Gilchrist (8) and Head

(July 8)  The youthful Macleod aggregation inflicted the first loss upon hosting Hillspring in league play, waxing the hosting Irrigators 11 to 6.

Burrows (W) and Dean
Brooks (L), D. Allred (7) and Strate

(July 13)  The Lethbridge Cubs maintained their hold on second place in the West Division when they took the Cardston Colts into camp 9 to 2 at Henderson Park. Doug Kiever spanked the spheroid for a double and three singles in leading the Baby Bears offensively. Teammate Hanford swatted three one-baggers. Both winning chucker Ted Randle and Ab Cahoon of the Colts fanned a dozen opposing batters as Cahoon belted a solo homer. 

Cahoon (L), Mulholland (6), Cahoon (7) and J. McKenzie
Randle (W) and Lawson

(July 13)  The Lethbridge Miners boosted their batting averages and added another victory at the expense of the Raymond nine who were walloped 14 to 2 at Adams Park. Norman Geoghegan fanned eleven and was nicked for only five scattered safeties plus two walks in securing the complete-game heaving victory. Catcher Yorko slapped out three hits for the winners while first baseman Sloan contributed a double and single. 

Nalder (L), Tollestrup (6) and Hicken
Geoghegan (W) and Yorko

EAST                       W       L       Pct.
Spring Coulee              5       1      .833
New Dayton                 5       2      .714
Lethbridge Miners          3       3      .500
Raymond                    2       6      .250
Magrath                    1       4      .200

WEST                       W       L       Pct.
Hillspring                 2       1      .667
Lethbridge Cubs            3       2      .600
Cardston                   2       3      .400
Macleod                    2       3      .400

* Carmangay record of 0 – 2 not included

(July 15)  Macleod and the Lethbridge Cubs tied 1 – 1.

(July 18)  The Lethbridge Miners chalked up a one-sided 16 to 1 triumph over the hosting Magrath Tigers. Johnny Pisko registered the hillock conquest while George Turner, sadly lacking in support by his Garden City mates, was hammered in taking the defeat.

Pisko (W) and Swedish
Turner (L) and Harris

(July 20)   Running across three counters in the eighth episode at Adams Park, the Lethbridge Miners defeated front-running Spring Coulee 5 to 2 to move into a second-place tie with New Dayton in the East Division, a full game behind the Couleemen.  Winning slabster Norm Geoghegan, who whiffed 15 batters and yielded seven safeties, was tough in the pinches against the pace setters, pulling himself out of a jam on two occasions with crucial strikeouts. Third baseman Cooke of the Coal Heavers belted a home run and single. Catcher Rice of the vanquished nine stroked three singles.

Gilchrist (L) and Rice
Geoghegan (W) and Yorko

(July 20)  Bad roads slowed down the arrival of the travelling Lethbridge Cubs who still managed to take a 4 to 2 verdict from hosting Hillspring in an abbreviated five-inning tilt, a win which allowed them to leapfrog past their victims into top spot in the West Division.

D. Kiever (W) and Lawson
D. Allred (L) and xxx

No playoff for overall league supremacy between the respective first-place division finishers ensued. Both clubs proceeded directly into the provincial playdowns.  Eight of the nine clubs that finished the 1927 season, the lone exception being the Magrath club, registered for Alberta playoffs at the Intermediate level.

1927 Southern Alberta Intermediate Baseball Playoffs

FIRST  ROUND  (best-two-of-three series)
Lethbridge Miners vs Lethbridge Cubs

(July 25)  A three-run homer by first baseman Sloan in the bottom of the ninth inning allowed the Lethbridge Miners to escape with a 7 – 7 tie in their opening playoff match with the crosstown Lethbridge Cubs. Darkness prevented any overtime play. The Baby Bears had a 7 to 5 base-hit margin during the contest with fly chaser O. Keiver the only player in the game to collect a brace of raps. Hot corner sacker Cooke of the Coalmen joined his teammate Sloan in slugging a round-tripper.

D. Keiver and Lawson
Pisko, S. Seaman (4) and Yorko 

(July 27)  With both squads performing flawlessly afield, the Lethbridge Miners drew first blood in the provincial playoff series with the Lethbridge Cubs by edging the Bruins 1 to 0 in a fracas which was limited to seven innings. Third baseman Cooke of the Miners singled in outfielder J. Pisko with a third-inning single for the game’s lone run. Shortstop Sinclair of the winners, with a pair of doubles, was the only swatter in the skirmish to accumulate plural hit totals.

S. Seaman (W) and Yorko
Randle (L) and Lawson

(July 28)  The Lethbridge Miners advanced one step in their quest for Alberta intermediate baseball supremacy by eliminating their city cousins, the Lethbridge Cubs, 9 to 3 in the third joust of their playoff showdown. The Coal Heavers led all the way after building up a commanding 7 to 0 lead with three and a half innings in the books. Infielder Cooke and outer pasture fly chaser Steve Seaman of the victors both ripped the apple for a double and single.

Grant (L), Pisko (4) and Yorko
Randle (W), A. Green (5) and Lawson

Lethbridge Miners won series from Lethbridge Cubs, two games to none with one game tied.

Hillspring vs Macleod

(July 26)  Hillspring  8 - Macleod  2

Burrows (L) and Long
D. Allred (W) and Brooks

(July 28)  Hillspring  8 - Macleod  0

D. Allred (W) and Brooks
Burrows (L) and Long

Hillspring eliminated Macleod in two straight games.

Cardston vs Spring Coulee
Cardston defaulted – Spring Coulee advanced.

Raymond vs New Dayton
Both teams withdrew from provincial playoffs.

SECOND  ROUND  (best-two-of-three series)
Hillspring – bye to third round.
Spring Coulee vs Lethbridge Miners

(August 1)  The Lethbridge Miners copped the opener in the second-round of provincial playdowns by hammering the hosting Spring Coulee nine 11 to 3.

Geoghegan (W) and xxx
Turner (L), Gilchrist and xxx

(August 2)  Spring Coulee was ousted from further playoff action after absorbing a 7 to 5 defeat at the hands of the Lethbridge Miners. The invading Coulee Clan opened up a five-run lead in the opening frame but were unable to add to their total during the remainder of the contest while the Pitmen gnawed relentlessly away at the deficit, tying matters in the seventh canto and going ahead in the eighth round on burly backstop Yorko’s two-run dinger. Both squads rang up seven base swats as winning tosser Steve Seaman showed plenty of pop with his bat, clipping the orb for a double and two singles.

Gilchrist (L) and Rice
S. Seaman (W) and Yorko

Lethbridge Miners won series in two games straight.

THIRD  ROUND  (best-of-three series)
Hillspring vs Lethbridge Miners

(August 8)  Hosting Hillspring and the Lethbridge Miners clashed in a five-inning 0 – 0 draw to start things off in round three playoff action. The Miners had runners on base in every inning except the opening panel but were stymied by Hillspring chucker Doug Allred, time and time again, from scoring. The game was late getting started so darkness prevented further play.

Geoghegan and xxx
D. Allred and xxx

(August 10)  The Lethbridge Miners and Hillspring divided a playoff doubleheader at Adams Park, the visitors winning the afternoon contest 14 to 10 while the Miners took the twilight tilt 12 to 6. Hillspring knocked losing flinger Norman “Big Six” Geoghegan around for 15 safeties in the first tussle with catcher Willard Brooks leading the way with five base blows, including a home run and a double. Brothers Doug and Ken Allred shared the pitching duties for the winners, combining for 16 strikeouts between them. Reliever Ken also did well with the willow, spanking the sphere for a double and a brace of one-baggers. Catcher Yorko had a home run for the Lethbridge nine.

D. Allred (W), K. Allred (5) and Brooks
Geoghegan (L) and Yorko

The lusty hitting continued into the second affair with the Coal Heavers amassing 14 base raps to 13 for the invaders. Lethbridge put the game away with a nine-run production over the fourth, fifth and sixth stanzas. First baseman Morrison of the Pitmen had a solid game with the bludgeon, ripping a triple, double and two singles. Teammate “Lefty” Grant contributed a double and a pair of one-baggers while Doug Allred singled three times for Hillspring. 

D. Allred (L), K. Allred (5) and Brooks
S. Seaman (W) and Yorko

(August 24)  After numerous delays in completing the series, a final game was never played as the Lethbridge Miners were hit by sickness which prevented the team from travelling to Hillspring for the scheduled fourth game, resulting in a forfeiture.

Hillspring takes the series two games to one with one game tied.

A proposed final series between Hillspring and the northern Alberta champion, Innisfail, never materialized.


Calgary Athletics
Calgary Hustlers
East Calgary

High River

(May 24)   An outfield flyball off the bat of catcher F. Callahan that fell in for a double when the middle pasture patroller lost the ball in the sun in the bottom-of-the-ninth inning provided the winning run as Claresholm nipped Stavely 5 to 4. After coming out of the gate slowly, both winning heaver Dodger Lewis and Stavely starter “Slim” Haynes found the groove although Haynes was forced out of the contest in the sixth spasm with a sprained finger as Si Siler came on in relief and was tagged with the unfortunate loss.

Haines, Siler (L) (6) and Allan/Allen
Lewis (W) and Callahan

(May 27)  East Calgary baseballers made their debut in senior company with a 5 to 3 victory over the Hustlers at Mewata Park. Winning pitcher Tommy Clancy tossed a four-hitter but was given poor support afield, his mates erroring on six occasions. Losing twirler Bill Walker pitched a steady game, fanning 13 but he was touched for eight hits, one a two-run circuit clout by Russ Gibson in the fourth round. Gibson added another pair of RBI’s with a two-run single in the sixth session, bringing his total to four. Clubmate Adams, manning the initial sack for the victors, added a three-bagger and a single.

Walker (L) and Henderson, McDonald
Clancy (W) and Hides

(May 30)  High River upset the dope when they upended the highly-touted Claresholm club to the tune of 6 to 3. The Rivermen took the upper hand from the start and were never in danger of losing the lead. Every batter in the lineup of the winning nine had at least one hit off losing hurler “Dodger” Lewis who was combed for 14 safeties. Claresholm managed just six bingles off the slants of winning slabster Al Wissler and reliever Ken Ringland.

L. Lewis (L) and Callahan
Wissler (W), Ringland (8) and Frumerie

(May 31)  The Athletics opened their campaign with an exciting 4 to 2 victory over East Calgary at Mewata Park. Three hits in the sixth round that brought in three tallies propelled the A’s to the win. Ed Killen hurled the compete game for the winners, striking out 11 batters. Losing flinger Ray Brayne and sixth-spasm reliever Tommy Clancy shared hurling duties for the East Siders. Both teams managed just four safeties but the Athletics were the superior team on defense. Russ Gibson of the losers, with a triple and single, was the only batter in the game with two base raps.

Brayne (L), Clancy (6) and Hides
Killen (W) and Howard

(June 1)  Before the well-filled bleachers at Mewata Park, invading Claresholm nosed out the Hustlers 3 to 2 in an exciting pitching clash between the visitors’ “Dodger” Lewis and Bill Walker of the Hillhurst nine. Lewis fanned 12 and yielded five hits while Walker whiffed six and gave up an equal number of safeties. The victors did all their scoring in the sixth round but none of their tallies were earned. Shortstop “Dutch” Gainor led the invaders offensively with a double and a single.

L. Lewis (W) and Callahan
Walker (L) and Henderson

(June 1)  Starting heaver “Slim” Haynes tossed a three-hitter as Stavely trimmed visiting High River 5 to 2. Losing chucker Al Wissler was touched for eight safeties

Wissler (L) and xxx
Haynes (W), Allan/Allen and Allan/Allen, xxx

(June 2)  Timely hitting by the Stavely nine propelled them to a 5 to 2 conquest of homestanding High River. Trailing throughout the contest until two had been retired in the seventh stanza, the winners pushed across four counters to take control of the game.

Haynes (W) and Allan/Allen
Wissler (L) and Frumerie

(June 3)  Dick Richardson’s timely triple in the bottom-of-the-ninth canto, aided by an overthrow to third base, allowed the Athletics’ outfielder to cross home plate with the winning tally as the A’s edged the Hustlers 8 to 7 in a hard-fought Mewata Park affair. Stuart Lucas hurled for the winners and was nicked for ten safeties including a home run and single by first baseman Emil Borgens. Second-inning reliever Bobby MacKenzie suffered the loss. Catcher Art Howard had three base raps for the victors, all singles, while Richardson added a one-bagger to his final-stanza blow as part of the Athletics’ 12-hit offense.

Nelson, R. MacKenzie (L) (2) and Henderson
Lucas (W) and Howard

(June 6)  Under a steady barrage of bingles from the lumber of the Hustlers, East Calgary went down to a 19 to 5 defeat at Mewata Park. The Hillhurst squad bagged 18 base blows in the one-sided affair while the East Siders were imploding with ten fielding miscues. Bill Walker pitched the compete-game victory for the Hustlers but was clipped for 11 hits, including three singles by Norm Hides, in doing so. Middle infielders Leo Murphy and Riley had four safeties apiece for the winners with Riley connecting for a triple and Murphy a two-bagger. Clubmate J.B. Gerlitz stroked three singles.

Walker (W) and Henderson
Brayne (L), Clancy (4), Morasch (8) and Hides, Vickerson

(June 7)  Invading Stavely and Claresholm battled for 13 innings before the hosts pushed across the winning counter to come away with a 5 to 4 victory. Catcher F. Callahan’s Texas Leaguer over first base drove “Dutch” Gainor home with the deciding marker. Winning slabster Lincoln “Dodger” Lewis had 18 strikeouts while loser Si Siler fanned six. Stavely’s Ganosik swatted a second-stanza home run.

Siler (L) and Allan/Allen
L. Lewis (W) and Callahan

(June 9)  High River captured a rain-shortened, six-inning bout from the visiting Calgary Hustlers. Catcher A. Frumerie’s ringing fourth-inning double drove in two runs for the victors in support of winning chucker Al Wissler while Paul Thompson’s theft of home in the sixth added a third tally.  

R. MacKenzie (L), Walker (6) and Henderson
Wissler (W) and Frumerie

(June 13)  Returning to game activity after a nearly a week of rain, the Hustlers took the Athletics into camp 4 to 2 at Mewata Park. The Hustlers only secured four hits off losing twirler Ed Kilen while winning flinger Bill Walker yielded five safeties but neither hurler was sharp when it came to locating the strike zone as Walker walked six while Kilen issued four free passes and hit three batters. The A’s struck first with a deuce in the second round but the Hillhurst nine came right back in their half of the session to tie the score on a two-RBI single off the bat of E.W. Borgens. Walker drove in the winning run with a single in the sixth round as the victors added an insurance counter on the same play. 

Kilen (L) and Howard
Walker (W) and Henderson

(June 14)  Visiting High River walked all over Stavely to the tune of 8 to 1 as winning heaver Al Wissler buffaloed the homesters with his assortment of pitches. Losing slabster “Slim” Haynes pitched a steady game but his support at times was ragged.

Wissler (W) and Frumerie
Haynes (L) and Allan/Allen

(June 15)  Registering base hits in every inning but the sixth, the Calgary Hustlers crushed visiting High River11 to 4. Bobby Mackenzie hurled a solid game for the Hillhurst nine, rationing eight hits effectively including a triple and two singles to second sacker Paul Thompson of the Rivermen. Flychaser E.W. Borgens was the star hitter of the encounter, belting a two-run homer, a double and a pair of singles as part of a 15-hit attack mounted by the Calgarians. 

Ringland (L), Hugh McCullough (8) and Frumerie
R. MacKenzie (W) and Henderson

(June 15)  After Claresholm staged a three-run rally in the top-of-the-ninth inning to wipe out a 6 – 3 deficit, homestanding Stavely came back in the bottom-half of the frame to plate the winning run, taking the encounter 7 to 6. Earl “Swede” Wagness and winning tosser Si Siler both launched round-trippers for the winners with Siler’s blast driving in a runner ahead of him.

Geddes (L) and M. Berg
Siler (W) and Allan/Allen

(June 17)  The Athletics crushed East Calgary 11 to 2 in a hard-hitting affair at Mewata Park. Given sterling support by his teammates, Stuart Lucas hurled a steady seven-hitter and swished ten in copping the complete-game knoll triumph. The A’s broke the game open with a six-spot in the seventh stanza. Outfielder Charlie Huffman, with a triple and two singles, led the ten-hit attack of the winners. Stan Savage followed with a pair of two-baggers. Maxie Morasch clouted a solo four-bagger for the East Enders.

Clancy (L), Brayne (8) and Hides
Lucas (W) and Howard

(June 17)  Homestanding High River won over Claresholm 3 to 1. A two-run homer by Paul Thompson in the seventh round was the deciding factor. Tossing an eight-hitter for the mound verdict was Al Wissler who had nine strikeouts. The victors clipped losing chucker “Dodger” Lewis for ten safeties. Lewis fanned 11 batters.

L. Lewis (L) and Callahan
Wissler (W) and Frumerie

(June 22)  Battling through 11 innings, East Calgary defeated Claresholm 6 to 5 at Mewata Park. Trailing 4 to 3, the East Enders forced a deadlock in the eighth episode when catcher Norm Hides tripled and continued home when the retrieved pill was thrown wild of the hot corner station. After a scoreless ninth, each team scored once in the first overtime round. In the bottom-half of the second bonus session, Pete Gerlitz scored the winner following a trio of Claresholm errors. The victors had a 10 to 7 margin in base hits. Hides had a brace of singles in addition to his timely three-bagger. “Dodger” Lewis fanned a dozen in absorbing the painful setback.  

L. Lewis (L) and Nelson
Clancy (W) and Hides

(June 22)  In by far the most competitive game of the current Alberta Southern League campaign, the Calgary Athletics and homestanding Stavely went tooth-and-nail against each other for 16 innings without declaring a winner. Stuart Lucas of the Calgarians and Stavely’s Si Siler hurled their way over the full route in the hard-fought 1 – 1 draw. The hosts drew first blood in the sixth spasm when Mark Jenkins doubled and scored on Bob Smith’s timely single. The A’s pulled even in the ninth after Frank Mastel singled, moved to second on an error and sprinted across the dish when Joe McGoldrick drilled a one-bagger. Stavely had 13 safeties to ten for the Calgarians. Siler whiffed 17 and walked one while Lucas struck out ten and issued two free passes. Top swatsmiths in the extended event were Smith and Roy Jenkins, both of the home towners, who each had three bingles. 

Lucas and Howard
Siler and Allan/Allen

(June 24)  Stavely batters lowered the boom on “Dodger” Lewis for 12 hits in taking a well-earned 8 to 1 decision from visiting Claresholm. Winning flinger “Slim” Haynes limited the vanquished nine to just five hits, three of which were garnered by Paul Oszust. Vern Anderson of the victors lit up Lewis for a triad of safe swats while Alex Allen, Roy Jenkins and George Yanosik each checked in with a pair of safeties.

L. Lewis (L) and Nelson
Haynes (W) and Allan/Allen

(June 24)  Annexing a close 7 to 6 verdict over invading High River allowed the Calgary Athletics to leapfrog over their victims into top spot in the Alberta Southern Baseball League standings. High River came back twice from deficits to tie the score as the teams entered the ninth deadlocked at 6 – 6. In the bottom half of the chapter, Joe McGoldrick singled up the middle, moved to the keystone sack on a sacrifice, advanced to third on a groundout and, with two retired, galloped to the platter with the walkoff winner when Bill Fleming sent the horsehide spinning over second base with a timely bingle. Both squads clipped the apple for eight safeties as McGoldrick added an earlier triple to his late one-bagger. The Rivermen, plagued by six errors, had home runs from losing chucker Al Wissler, a solo blast, and third baseman L. Walker, a three-run shot. Teammate W. Lipsett ripped a double and a pair of singles while spitball artist Wissler clubbed a double to go along with his round-tripper. Seventh-inning reliever Stu Lucas copped the hillock decision.   

Wissler (L) and Frumerie
Kilen, Lucas (W) (7) and Howard, McGoldrick (7)

STANDINGS            W       L       Pct.
Athletics            3       1      .750
High River           4       3      .571
Stavely              2       2      .500
East Calgary         2       2      .500
Hustlers             3       4      .429
Claresholm           2       4      .333

(June 27)  The Hustlers took on the Athletics, clipping their Calgary foes 8 to 3 at Mewata Park. Bill Walker, on the hill for the Hillhurst aggregation, tossed a four-hitter, walked just one, fanned 11 and was given solid defensive support. Losing flinger Stuart Lucas was combed for eight safeties and two free passes while fanning three. The Hustlers, who never trailed, were led at the dish by catcher Henderson and Donnie McFadyen who each had two base raps.

Walker (W) and Henderson
Lucas (L) and Howard.

(July 4)  Star hurler Bill Walker of the Hustlers struck out 14 and limited opposition batters to just three hits as he pitched the Hillhurst nine to a 5 to 2 victory over East Calgary. The East Siders played poor defensively behind losing chucker Ray Brayne, committing eight errors.  Donnie McFadyen led the victors with the willow, stroking three singles.

Brayne (L) and Hides
Walker (W) and McDonald

(July 6)  Outhit by an 8 to 5 margin, the Calgary Athletics managed to nose out visiting Stavely 4 to 3 at Mewata Park. With the score tied at 3 – 3 in the bottom-half of the sixth session, Rosie Helmer reached second base on a wild heave over first, advanced to third on a groundout and slid home safely with what turned out to be the deciding run when winning heaver Ed Kilen hit a scratchy roller in front of the dish. Joe McGoldrick staked the A’s to an early lead with a sacrifice fly in the second stanza and a two-run homer in the third but the invaders were able to knot the count after 5-1/2 frames following outfield errors in both the fifth and sixth chapters. Both Kilen and losing twirler Si Siler rang up ten strikeouts in route-going performances.

Siler (L) and Allan/Allen
Kilen (W) and Savage

(July 6)  The travelling Calgary Hustlers were mauled 14 to 2 by hosting Claresholm. Winning hurler Lincoln “Dodger” Lewis exited the clay throne with a substantial lead in the sixth spasm as “Bus” Geddes mopped up. Lewis had four hits off losing chucker Bobby Mackenzie while J.B. Gerlitz was best with the baton for the Hillhurst nine, stroking three singles.

R. MacKenzie (L) and xxx
L. Lewis (W), Geddes (6) and Scott

(July 7)  Errors proved costly to homestanding Claresholm who were  defeated 5 to 2 by High River in an exhibition fixture.

(July 8)  With Alva “Bus” Geddes on the hill, Claresholm stopped hosting Stavely 3 to 1. Losing slab artist “Slim” Haynes pitched well but was given poor support in the pinches.

Haynes (L) and Allan/Allen
Geddes (W) and Scott

(July 11)  Stavely took sweet revenge on the Claresholm nine for a close setback last week by nosing out the visitors 3 to 2. Singles by Roy Jenkins and Mark Jenkins as well as a sacrifice fly by catcher Alex Allan/Allen each drove in a tally for the victors. Laurie Scott, with an infield groundout in the second spasm, and “Tiny” Thompson’s RBI-double in the eighth episode, accounted for the Claresholm scoring. “Dodger” Lewis copped the hard-fought mound decision over Si Siler. 
L. Lewis (W) and Scott
Siler (L) and Allan/Allen

(July 11)  The Athletics and East Calgary ran out of illumination and had to settle for a 9 – 9 tie at Mewata Park. The A’s had a 12 to 9 advantage in bingles over the East Siders. Stan Savage doubled twice for the Athletics while Maxie Morasch and Charley Biles of East Calgary each stroked a two-bagger and a single.

Kilen and Howard
Brayne, Clancy (5) and Hides 

(July 18)  Failing to field a full team, the Athletics forfeited their game to the Hustlers 9 to 0.

(July 20)  Pitcher Woodworth of the Hustlers hurled his team to a 5 to 0 whitewashing of East Calgary, striking out 12 along the way while yielding just five singles, one of which was very scratchy. Donnie McFadyen, with a triple and two singles, headed the seven-hit offensive attack of the winning Hillhurst aggregation against losing chucker Tom Clancy.  

Clancy (L) and Hides
Woodworth (W) and P. MacKemzie

(July 24)  Soaring High River, with regular second baseman Paul Thompson on the hill, made a clean sweep of their series with Stavely, nosing out their South Division rival 6 to 5. Al Wissler crashed out a home run for the winners off losing twirler Si Siler.

(July 25)  Al Wissler belted two home runs and a single to propel the red-hot High River aggregation to a 14 to 7 lambasting of East Calgary. Clubmate Paul Thompson also launched a circuit-clout to go along with a one-bagger while winning pitcher Phil Heim and first baseman Acton delivered three singles apiece. First sacker Adams swatted a triple and two singles for the vanquished East Enders. 

Heim (W) and Frumerie
Brayne (L), Engle (5) and Hides, Morasch

(July 27)  Si Siler hurled Stavely to a 4 to 1 conquest of the visiting Calgary Hustlers.

(July 28)  Having only seven players available, East Calgary forfeited their game to the Athletics 9 to 0.

(July 29)  The twisters presented from the right flipper of Bill Walker were far too much for visiting Stavely to deal with as the ruralites were blanked 3 to 0 by the Calgary Hustlers. Walker stopped the invaders cold on two hits and walked nary a batter. The Hillhurst nine managed just five safeties off losing chucker “Slim” Haynes with “Pudge” Mackenzie collecting two of them.

Haynes (L) and Allan/Allen
Walker (W) and Henderson

(August 3)  Overcoming a first-inning 3 – 0 deficit, the Hustlers rolled past the Athletics 7 to 4 at Mewata Park. Third-inning reliever Bill Walker picked up the win, allowing just three hits during his seven stanzas on the knoll. Versatile E.W. Borgens clouted a three-run homer and a single for the winning Hillhurst nine while teammate Leo Murphy tripled and singled twice. Joe McGoldrick laced three one-baggers for the losing A’s.

Lucas (L) and Howard
Henderson, Walker (W) (3) and P. MacKenzie, Henderson (3)

Alberta Southern Baseball League final result

(August 12)  High River pitcher Phil Heim gave up five scattered safeties and fanned nine opposing hitters in leading his team to a 9 to 0 whitewashing of East Calgary. The game was called after seven innings because of darkness. The win by High River over East Calgary and an earlier defeat of the Calgary Athletics by Claresholm anointed High River as winners of the Southern Alberta League for the third consecutive season.

Engel (L), Biles (7) and Henderson
Heim (W) and Frumerie


Red Deer

(May 26)  The Central Alberta Baseball League opened with hosting Red Deer shading Bentley 5 to 3 in an evenly-matched affair. Sherrill Welliver had some control issues but persevered to cop the complete-game mound decision. Bentley used two chuckers. Red Deer first baseman Ray had the game’s most impactful blow, a bases-loaded triple in the fourth frame. 

(May 31)  Travelling to Blackfalds, the Red Deer nine came away with an 8 to 3 victory. Schmidt and Wilf Blades did the hurling for the winners, Blades taking over mound chores in the sixth spasm.

(May 31)   With Joe Baldwin on the hill for the first six sessions while Clarence Johnson mopped up, Clive toppled visiting Bentley 8 to 2. Gus Harstaadt was saddled with the loss.

(June 7)  Roaring out of the gate with plenty of offensive gusto, visiting Clive took the measure of Red Deer 12 to 4.

Shortt (W), A. Baldwin and A. Baldwin, Shortt
Welliver (L), Schmidt and Taylor

(June 10)  Homestanding Red Deer doubled Blackfalds 14 to 7 in a rather ragged contest. Winning heaver Wilf Blades yielded seven hits and recorded 16 strikeouts. The winners collected 14 base raps of a duo of Blackfalds’ chuckers as George Dancocks led the way with a triple and two singles.

J. Farewell (L), Bills (4) and McLennan
W. Blades (W) and Taylor

(June 20)  Showing improvement after a slow start to the season, Blackfalds travelled to Clive and clipped the homesters 8 to 5.

(June 23) 

(June 24)  Bentley bounced the travelling Red Deer nine 10 to 6, driving losing pitcher Harrison to the showers in the seventh stanza..

(June 27)  Hosting Blackfalds nosed out Red Deer 5 to 4, scoring the winning run in the bottom-of-the-ninth inning.

(June 30)  Red Deer set back the invading Blackfalds balltossers 6 to 4. Wilf Blades, who came on in relief of Red Deer starter Schmidt in the third inning, blanked the visitors the rest of the game and received credit for the knoll victory.  

(July 6)  Red Deer went on a slugging spree and trounced Blackfalds 12 to 3. The Red Deer diamond was slow and muddy, resulting in several errors. Winning pitcher Sherrill Welliver struck out 12 batters in the five innings that he toiled.

J. Farewell (L) and McLennan
Welliver (W), W. Blades (6) and Taylor

(July 8)  Red Deer picked up a well-earned 9 to 3 road victory at Clive. Winning hurler Wilf Blades belted a solo home run and a two-run double to help his cause. 

(July 29)  With J. Blades toeing the rubber for the first time this season, Red Deer whitewashed  the homestanding Bentley nine 8 to 0. Blades, receiving airtight support from his clubmates, held the losers down to two scratch hits.

J. Blades (W) and Johnson
Eklay (L). Harstaadt (7) and Williams

(August 9)  Bentley ran across nine runs in the first two innings and cruised to a 10 to 4 triumph over hometown Red Deer.

Harstaadt (W) and Williams, Morrison
J. Blades (L), W. Blades and Taylor

(August 15)  Clive battered the hosting Red Deer aggregation 18 to 3. Clarence Johnson was the winning twirler.

C. Johnson (W) and A Baldwin
Welliver (L) and Taylor 



(June 1)  Innisfail nosed out visiting Carstairs 4 to 3 in Rosebud League action.

(June 3)  Didsbury blew open a close game with an eight-spot in the fifth frame en route to an 11 to 5 thumping of homestanding Olds.

Johnson (W), Stauffer and Clemens
Gooder (L), Lacey, Hanson and Pitts

(June 7)  Visiting Innisfail fell 8 to 6 to the Didsbury nine.

(June 20)  Bowden travelled to Didsbury and held the home team to a ten-inning 2 – 2 draw. “Shorty” Beddome pitched the entire game for the visitors while starter Cecil Studer and Johnson shared the hurling duties for Didsbury.

(June 21)  Invading Olds, with O. Hansen/Hanson on the hillock, turned back Innisfail 8 to 4. The visitors took command of things in the opening panel when they ran across a three-spot.

Hansen/Hanson (W) and Pitts
Cousins (L) McMahon (4) and Thompson

(July 11)  Olds pounced on hosting Didsbury for a 12 to 8 road victory. 

(July 11)  Innisfail, with a 6 to 4 advantage in base hits, hung on to defeat visiting Olds 4 to 3.

Hansen/Hanson and Pitts
McMahon (W) and Thompson

STANDINGS            W        L        Pct.
Carstairs            7        3       .700
Innisfail            4        3       .571
Olds                 4        4       .500
Bowden               5        5       .500
Didsbury             0        5       .000

(July 13)  Olds defeated visiting Didsbury 12 to 8.

Studer (L), Liesemer and Clemens
Elry (W), Gebert and Lacey

(July 18)  Carstairs clipped the hosting Didsbury squad 4 to 1.


Blairmore Tuxis
Coleman Cubs

June 16)  A theft of home in the last-half of the eighth episode by Gardiner allowed the homestanding Coleman Cubs to claim a 10 – 10 tie with Michel.

Sadlish and Zeith
Kane and Gate/Gates

(July 6)  Hosting Coleman overcame an early deficit and went on to trounce Blairmore 14 to 6.

Dicken (L), Vejprava and Van Duran
Kane (W), B. Russell (6) and Gardiner

(July 10)  The Coleman Cubs overcame a one-run deficit by scoring twice in the last-half of the ninth inning to defeat visiting Fernie 4 to 3. A run-scoring single by Bob Hoggan knotted the count while an RBI-hit off the bat of Bordulla drove in the winning tally. “Lefty” Palecek, with seven strikeouts, copped the knoll decision over Fernie’s Sikora, who whiffed 11. Runge of the Cubs was credited with a tainted inside-the-park four-bagger when the flyball he launched was badly misjudged in the outer pasture allowing the horsehide to roll down into a hole.

Sikora (L) and Steinert
Palecek (W) and Gardiner

(July 13)  The Coleman Cubs hung on to defeat visiting Michel 13 to 10 in a wild Crow’s Nest Pass League affair. Runge belted a home run for the winners.

Cassler (L), Sadlish (4) and Hampton
Milley (W), Kane (6) and Gardiner

(July 20)  Pounding the horsehide with authority, the Coleman Cubs blasted their way to a 15 to 6 conquest of visiting Blairmore. John Houbregs clubbed a two-run homer for the losers off the slants of winning chucker Milley.

Hornquist (L) and Van Duren
Milley (W), Kane (9) and Blecha


C.P.R. (commonly referred to as Cee Pees)
Hutchinson’s Saddlery *
Maple Leafs

* winner of both halves of split schedule




Dutch Flats
Pincher Creek
Spring Ridge


Red Willow                                                                  




Angus Ridge


Fort Saskatchewan
Partridge Hill


Grande Prairie
Spirit River




East End
Riverside Y.M.C.A.         
St. Mary’s

GAME REPORT (August 8) In a clash between two teams that had just one loss each during the regular season, the Riverside Y.M.C.A. defeated St. Mary’s 6 to 4 to win the 1927 Calgary Junior Baseball League championship.

Fox (W) and D. Luft
Howard (L) and Lance