1930 Game Reports / Alberta     

Edmonton Senior Amateur Baseball League

Imperials : Berg Joe P/OF/3B, Castagner “Cas” P/OF, Croft Bert OF/3B/2B, Dodge Norman P/1B/SS/3B/MGR, Dolighan Eric SS, Dorsey John 3B, Hall Al P/OF, Horne Phil 1B, Maher Phil OF, McGillis Louis OF, McHugh Ed OF/C/2B, Smith Cameron C/OF/2B, Steckle OF, Thompson Hubert “Hub” P (also Stockyard Bulls), Young “Pep” 2B

South Siders : Brown Bob P/OF, Cruthers R. “Bobby” 2B, Cody P, Dame George P (also Stockyard Bulls), Ducey John “Lefty” 1B, Eaton Emerson “Buck” P/OF, Fenton Dave 3B/SS, Ferguson “Slim” P/OF, Green George OF/1B, Loyer Henry OF, Mancy Pete OF, Marker SS, Martell Paul C/OF/2B, McDiarmid Bob 2B/OF/MGR, McDonald “Silver” OF/C, Moher Stan SS, Prudhomme OF/C, Roberts “Lefty” P, Runge Bill 1B, Schram C/OF

Stockyard Bulls : Cruthers Ava 3B, Dame George P (also South Siders), Gordon Bill P, Greenlees Clarence 2B/SS/1B/3B/OF/C, Henning Johnny C/1B, King Webb MGR, Kelly OF, Klingspoon Johnny OF/2B, Lutz “Lefty” OF/P, McKinnon Cam 2B/P, Neveczis “Doc” SS/2B/OF, O’Brien Ole “Slim” P, Phillips OF, Quinlan SS/P/3B, Sampson Guy P/2B, Thompson Hubert “Hub” P (also Imperials), Thompson Sammy SS, Wilkes OF, Williamson 1B

Young Liberals : Bartley Jack P/MGR, Berg Val OF/3B, Coatta Ray P/OF, Dingle Lyle 1B, Dorsey Johnny SS, Dunnegan OF/3B, Hinchcliffe C/2B/SS, Ibsen/Ibson “Lefty” P, Kennedy Bob 2B/SS, Lammie Bill 1B/P, Martell Emil SS/OF, McDonald Hugh John 3B, Moebes Fred P, Ottewell “Lefty” P, Pocock P, Pontney OF, Stoetsel Joe P, Van Camp C, Williams Freddy P

Final standings         W     L     Pct.
Young Liberals         13     8    .619
Imperials              14     9    .609
South Siders           11    12    .478
Stockyard Bulls         6    15    .286

Young Liberals and Imperials qualify to play in best-of-seven league championship series

Playoff Finals      (Young Liberals vs Imperials)

(August 17)  Amassing a three-run lead in the first inning and adding to this gradually as the game progressed, the Imperials registered a 7 to 2 win over the Young Liberals in the opening contest of the Edmonton senior amateur playoffs. Although the Oilmen only garnered a 9 to 8 advantage in base hits, their blows came at more crucial moments. Winning pitcher Norm Dodge helped his cause with three singles. “Pep” Young of the winners and Bill Lammie of the Grits both jacked round-trippers.

Dodge (W) and Smith
Moebes (L) and Van Camp

(August 20)  Slashing out five hits in a spirited sixth-inning batting orgy, the Imperials cinched an 8 to 1 triumph over the Young Liberals at Boyle Street Park to grab a two games to none lead in the playoff series for the championship of the Senior Amateur Baseball League. Long Al Hall went the distance on the hillock for the winners, issuing but five hits in the abbreviated seven-inning contest. Leading the offense for the Oil Merchants was third baseman John Dorsey who slammed a triple and single. Other significant offensive contributors were Hall, “Pep” Young and Ed McHugh who each had a double and single.

Ottewell (L), Williams (6) and Van Camp
Hall (W) and Smith 

(August 22)  The Imperials increased their lead in the city senior baseball finals by taking the third contest 14 to 6 over the Young Liberals. Joe Berg came on as a first-inning fireman for the Oilers, tossing the remainder of the joust to record the mound win. Leading willow-wielders for the victors were Bert Croft with a four-bagger and single, Ed McHugh with a brace of doubles and Eric Dolighan with a two-run circuit-clout.

Castagner, Berg (W) (1) and Smith
Coatta (L), Moebes (5) and Van Camp

(August 24)  Aided by the fine mound work of stocky veteran Joe Stoetsel, the Young Liberals kept in the running for the Edmonton city senior crown by scoring a 7 to 4 victory over the Imperial Oilers at Boyle Street Park. Stoetsel held the Esso Gang to seven hits while fanning five. First baseman Bill Lammie was the heavy hitter for the Politicians in this game, clouting a home run and double.

Stoetsel (W) and Van Camp
Dodge (L) and Smith

(August 25)  The fifth game of the Edmonton Senior Amateur Baseball League finals settled nothing as the Imperials and Young Liberals battled to a 7 – 7 draw in a game which had to be terminated after eight innings because of darkness. The Grits out-hit the Oilers by an 11 to 9 margin. Bill Lammie’s two-out double in the bottom of the eighth canto, his second two-bagger of the game, drove home the tying run for the Politicians. Ed McHugh of the Imperials, with a double and a pair of singles, was the contest’s offensive leader.

Hall and Smith
Ottewell, Moebes (8) and Van Camp

(August 27)  Taking advantage of Joe Stoetsel’s inconsistent control in the opening inning for a quartet of walks and one hit, the Imperials plated five big runs and went on to capture the 1930 Edmonton Senior Amateur Baseball League tiara by slamming the Young Liberals 9 to 4. Joe Berg took the mound decision, firing a seven-hitter. Phil Horne tripled and singled for the winners while teammate Eric Dolighan blasted a long round-tripper.

Stoetsel (L) and Van Camp
Berg (W) and Smith

Edmonton staged its own version of the Alberta senior baseball finals when the Senior Amateur League champions of the capital City, the Imperials, battled the Nacmine Athletics, previously disqualified in their series against the Calgary Dodgers. Making no mention of the Dodgers and labelling the Nacmine nine as the southern Alberta titlists on the basis of their last two, somewhat tainted, on-field wins against the Cowtowners, the Edmonton Bulletin hyped the forthcoming series as the north-south showdown. The best-of-five affair, completely unsanctioned by the AABA, opened with three games in Edmonton and concluded with a doubleheader in Drumheller.

(August 31)  Behind the superlative pitching of Virgil Neis, the Nacmine Athletics grabbed the opening game of their best-of-five series with the Edmonton Esso Imperials. Taming the Oil Merchants on three hits, Neis rang up eight strikeouts and was instrumental in the Nacmine 6 to 2 victory. A four-run sixth inning decided the contest in favor of the A’s. Moody and Parker both singled twice for the winners.

Neis (W) and Wiggins, Clappison (8)
Berg (L) and Smith

(September 1)  Taking both games of a Labor Day twin-bill by scores of 11 to 2 and 7 to 2, the Edmonton Imperials assumed a one-game lead in their showdown series. Nacmine hurler Paul Nelson was sent packing halfway through the opening match of the holiday double-dip. Neither Nelson nor his relief helper Helm were able to shut the door in the pinches as the A’s defense committed four costly errors behind them. Athletics’ shortstop Pepper led all batters with a double plus a brace of singles. Ed McHugh and Cam Smith of the Edmontonians each had a double and single.

Thompson (W) and Smith
Nelson (L), Helm (5) and McLaughlin, Wiggins

Playing-manager Norm Dodge of the Oilers took the hillock for the second tussle and pitched a steady eight-hitter in registering the win. First-game mound winner Virgil Neis was lit up for ten hits by the Capital City crew in absorbing the loss. Edmonton outfielder Louis McGillis and first baseman Phil Horne both slammed three hits off Neis. One of McGillis’ blows was a circuit-clout while Horne’s total included a triple..

Neis (L) and McLaughlin
Dodge (W) and Smith 

(September 7)  Edmonton Imperials‘ pitcher Joe Berg logged over 17 innings on the hillock as the Oilers divided a doubleheader with the hosting Nacmine Athletics, a split which allowed them to grab their version of the 1930 Alberta senior baseball crown. Entering the opening contest as a reliever in the first inning of a 10 – 0 game that appeared already hopelessly lost, Berg tossed the remainder of the contest which the Oilmen dropped by a score of 12 to 9. He was sent back to the mound in the second fixture to do the iron man stunt and he came through in grand style, setting the Nacmine sluggers down on three widely scattered hits and propelling the Imperials to a 4 to 1 triumph to take the series three games to two. With or without the blessing of the AABA, the Nacmine nine found themselves in the role of losers in both final series, the official version against the Calgary Dodgers and now in the outlaw rendition with the Edmontonians. After being staked to a 10 to 0 first inning lead, Nacmine’s Virgil Neis, although performing at a level far from his best, simply had too big a margin for the Oil Merchants to overcome. First baseman Parker led the winners from the batters’ box with a home run and triple.

Hall (L), Berg (1) and Smith
Neis (W) and Wiggins

Berg’s sensational hurling augmented by the heavy clouting of Ed McHugh and Eric Dolighan were the keys to copping the series’ clincher. McHugh poled a two-run four-bagger to go along with a single while Dolighan singled three times.

Nelson (L) and McLaughlin
Berg (W) and Smith 

Alberta Amateur Baseball Association playdowns

In a confusing set of playdowns, the Edmonton Imperials ended up as the Alberta senior champions in spite of original reports citing the the Calgary Dodgers and the Nacmine Athletics as the only teams registered with the AABA to enter the 1930 Alberta senior amateur playoffs. The Calgarians, defending intermediate champions of the province, also registered a second time with the AABA to make a claim for back-to-back intermediate crowns. It was not clear if the Calgary - Nacmine series was for the Southern Alberta championship or intended as the provincial final.

Senior division playoffs

(July 30)  In a slugging battle, the Nacmine Athletics collected 15 hits in defeating the Calgary Dodgers 10 to 9 in the first of a possible five game series to decide the senior baseball supremacy of the province. Outfielder Moody’s eighth-inning single drove in the deciding run. Shortstop Pepper of the A’s had three hits as did teammate Parker. Mickey King and Stew Vickerson of the Dodgers also had a trio of base knocks with one of Vickerson’s being a round-tripper. Winning chucker Neis rang up 13 whiffs. 

Neis (W) and McLaughlin
Ringland, J. Gelitz (L) (6) and Long, Hides

(August 3)  The Calgary Dodgers took a one-game advantage over the Nacmine Athletics in the best-of-five series for the Alberta senior baseball championship when they took both ends of a doubleheader played in Drumheller, taking the sloppily played afternoon contest by an 11 to 9 count and then steamrolling over their hosts 11 to 0 in the evening encounter. The opener, a ragged exhibition of baseball, produced ten errors, five by each team. The A’s out-hit the invaders by a 14 to 10 count but the Calgarians took better advantage of their scoring opportunities. Nacmine catcher Joe McLaughlin led all batters with four base hits.

Howard (W) and Hides
Nelson (L) and McLaughlin

After four scoreless innings in the second event, the Dodgers took a 1 to 0 lead in the fifth and then pulverized the Athletics by plating a half dozen counters in the sixth and adding four more in the seventh. Art Kay went the distance on the hillock to capture the shutout win. He surrendered eight base hits and twice retired the side with the sacks full. First baseman Stew Vickerson paced the Dodgers’ ten-hit offense with a triple, double and single.

Neis (L), Nelson (6) and Wiggins, McLaughlin
Kay (W) and Hides

(August 10)  The Calgary Dodgers were noted as the apparent 1930 Alberta senior amateur baseball champions. In a confusing end to a series in which the Dodgers held a two games to one lead over the Nacmine Athletics after three games were in the books, the August 11 edition of the Calgary Daily Herald reported that the two competing teams travelled to Rockyford for the fourth and a possible fifth game of the series. According to the article, the ensuing brace of games, in which the Athletics prevailed by scores of 11 to 9 in both contests, were considered as exhibition contests only as it had developed that only a few of the Nacmine players had been registered with the AABA and were therefore ineligible to compete. The Drumheller Review of August 15 panned the AABA action, referring to it as a “committee room win by the Calgarians” where, on the basis of actual play, Nacmine had won three of the five games. Nonetheless, in early September, the Nacmine club faced off against Edmonton Imperials in what was billed as the Alberta Senior Championship.

(August 31)  In the opening game of a best-of-five series at Edmonton, Virgil "Husky" Neis was outstanding Sunday twirling a three-hitter, all singles, to pace Nacmine to a 6-2 victory over the Imperials. With the exception of the sixth inning when the Athletics erupted for four runs, Joe Berg, on the hill for Edmonton, had a solid game allowing just eight hits. Parker and Moody each contributed two hits for the winners.

Neis (W) and Clappison
Berg (L) and Smith

(September 1)   In the first game of Monday's playoff double-header, Edmonton scored three in the top of the first inning and coasted to an 11-2 victory to tie the series at a game apiece. Hub Thompson yielded ten hits but managed to go all the way for the Imperials. Paul Nelson, the ace of the Athletics, gave way to Helm mid-way through the contest. Centre fielder Bert Croft paced an 11-hit Edmonton attack with a double and two singles. Phil Horne, Ed McHugh and Cameron Smith had two hits apiece. Every batter in the Imperials lineup had at least one score. Shortstop Pepper of Nacmine had three hits in a losing cause.

Thompson (W) and Smith
Nelson (L), Helm and McLaughlin, Wiggins

In the finale, Edmonton broke open a tight game with three runs in the sixth inning en route to a 7-2 win and a one game lead in the best-of-five series. Left fielder Louis McGillis powered the Imperials' offense with a home run and two singles while Phil Horn added three hits, including a triple and double, and scored three times.  Norman Dodge scattered eight hits in going the route on the hill for the winners to best Virgil Neis who allowed ten hits.

Neis (L) and McLaughlin
Dodge (W) and Smith

(September 7)   The Edmonton Imperials downed Nacmine 4-1 in the second game of Sunday's double-header to capture the Alberta senior championship three games to two. Nacmine tied the set by taking the opener 12-9.

Nacmine erupted for ten runs in the first inning of the first contest and held on to dump the Imperials 12-9. Edmonton out-hit Nacmine 13 to 10. The Athletics managed the win in spite of six errors.  Edmonton had rebounded with three runs in each of the 2nd, 4th and 7th innings to trail by just one run before the Athletics plated a pair in the 8th as insurance. McLaughlin smacked a double and Parker, who had two hits and three runs, followed with a homer for the home squad. Virgil Neis went all the way for the winners.  John Dorsey rapped three hits for the Imperials. Starter Al Hall didn't make it out of the first inning for Edmonton as Joe Berg relieved with just one out and went the rest of the way before a brief rest and a complete game in the second contest.

Hall (L), Berg and Smith
Neis (W) and xxx

Edmonton took a 4-0 lead in the deciding game and rode Joe Berg's three-hitter to the win and the championship. Right fielder Ed  McHugh swatted a homer for Edmonton in the seventh.  Nacmine centre fielder McCoy made an outstanding running one handed catch in the sixth cutting off two runs. Paul Nelson, who allowed seven hits, took the loss for the Athletics. Shortstop Eric Dolighan led an eight-hit attack for the winners with three safeties.

Berg (W) and Smith
Nelson (L) and xxx

Intermediate division playoffs


(July 16)  Playing on the home turf of the Olds nine, the Calgary Dodgers copped the initial contest in their best-of-five playoff series with the homesters by taking a 6 to 4 decision. The game was tied until the top of the ninth when the Dodgers plated a pair. Johnny Gerlitz tossed a four-hitter to claim the win. Leo Murphy singled twice for the winners while W. Sutherland had a double and single for Olds.

J. Gerlitz (W) and Hides
Devolin (L) and Wyman

(July 23)  The Calgary Dodgers won their way to the semi-final round of the Alberta intermediate baseball playdowns by defeating Olds in a double-bill at Hillhurst Park. The results were 14 to 5 in the first contest and 4 to 1 in the nightcap. The opener remained close until the eighth frame when the Cowtowners broke through for eight runs. Winning tosser Johnny Gerlitz had a home run and single at the dish.

Devolin (L), B. Gooder (6) and Wyman
J. Gerlitz (W) and Hides

The Dodgers had a 5 to 4 advantage in base hits in the follow-up tussle. Hube Gooder of Olds was the game’s top swatter with a home run and single.

I. Sutherland (L) and Wyman
Ringland (W), Howard (6) and Long, Hides

(August 1)  Heads of amateur baseball in the province have decided that the doubleheader played at Hillhurst Park in Calgary on July 23 between the hosting Dodgers and Olds was invalid. Olds protested the two games as the pitching distance to home plate was measured as being shorter than the regulation distance. With the Dodgers also involved in senior playdowns against Nacmine over the course of the next ten days, the intermediate semi-final with Olds has now been reduced to a best-of-three affair.

(August 13)  Slugging their way through the Olds nine, the Calgary Dodgers crashed their way to the Alberta intermediate baseball finals with a 23 to 5 victory at Hillhurst Park. They now meet Cardston for the honors which the Dodgers are defending. Four Cowtown swatters, Stew Vickerson, Johnny Gerlitz, Russ Gideon and winning pitcher Ray Howard, all bashed out four base knocks. Vickerson hit for the cycle, slamming a leadoff tater in the fifth, a three-bagger, double and single. Included in Gerlitz’ total were a circuit-clout and a two-bagger. Second baseman O’Neil of Olds also chalked up four hits, all singles.

Hanson (L), I. Sutherland (4), H. Gooder (4) and Wyman
Howard (W), Kay (7) and Hides 

Alberta Finals

(August 20)  With a twin victory over the Cardston Maple Leafs, the Calgary Dodgers are well on their way to retaining the intermediate championship of Alberta. The Dodgers took the afternoon assignment by a 14 to 3 verdict when they connected for 14 hits off Leaf pitching ace Ab Cahoon and followed up with 16 base blows in chalking up a 13 to 10 triumph in the late encounter. Calgary’s Ray Howard held the visiting Leafs to six hits in the matinee tussle. Stew Vickerson was the leading light for the Dodgers with the stick as he stung the ball for a double and three singles.

Cahoon (L) and McKenzie
Howard (W) and Hides

The Calgary bats stayed hot in the second affair which saw a three-hit game by catcher Norm Hides, a pair of triples by Stew Vickerson and a three-run homer by Kelly Long.

Woodward (L) and McKenzie 
Ringland (W), Bullard (7) and Hides

(August 22)  For the second time in as many years, the Calgary Dodgers are the Alberta intermediate baseball champions. Taking the second game of a doubleheader in the Temple City earned the title with three victories out of four starts. The willow was laid on thick in both games. Cardston took the afternoon contest by an 18 to 9 score while the Calgary club turned around in the twilight fixture and laced the horsehide to collect a 16 to 9 decision and end the series. Ab Cahoon took the mound for the Maple Leafs in the opener and rang up eight strikeouts in posting the win. The Dodgers used four pitchers in an attempt to stop the bleeding inflicted by the Leaf lumber. Glenn Hansen and Jake Newbar stroked four-baggers for Cardston.

Howard (L), Kay (3), Ringland (5), J. Gerlitz and xxx
Cahoon (W) and xxx

Calgary got away to a flying start in the evening and romped home with eight runs in the second inning after Cardston had take a two-run lead in the first. Ab Cahoon once more toed the rubber for the Leafs but, after a continuous pounding, was finally driven to the showers in the eighth. Johnny Gerlitz survived the full nine frames to earn the hillock victory for the Dodgers.

J. Gerlitz (W) and xxx 
Cahoon (L), xxx (8) and xxx