1934 BC Snapshots     

Boyd StaggsRalph Stong

Above - A pair of Vancouver standouts. Left - catcher Boyd Staggs of Vancouver's Arnold & Quigley. Right - Ralph Stong of the Vancouver Athletic Club.

[Images edited from the originals available through the Vancouver Archives, Staggs CVA 99-2847 and Stong CVA 992849]

Below - educated guesses on the IDs of the pair below. Left - Art McLarney the Arrows shortstop. Right - Johnny Nestman, the Arrows third baseman and manager.

[Images edited from the originals available through the Vancouver Archives, McLarney CVA 99-2850 and Nestman CVA 99-2846]

Art McLarneyJohnny Nestman

Below left - Norm Trasolini, a fixture in Vancouver ball from the late 20s into the 40s, was the clown prince of local ball.

Below right - Catcher Tony Telosky of Arnold & Quigley was one of six Telosky brothers (John, Tony, George, Pete, Sam, Andy) who played in BC, mainly in the 1920s, 30s and 40s.

[Images edited from the originals available through the Vancouver Archives, Trasolini CVA 99-2845, Telosky CVA 99 2848]

Norm TrasoliniTony Telosky

Jimmy Watters

Photos below from the Vancouver City Archives, Stuart Thomson fonts


Left - Jimmy Watters, playing manager of Vancouver Arnold & Quigley.

This was Watters's 19th season in Vancouver baseball and he would continue playing and managing into the 1940s.


Below left - Charlie Miron, veteran outfielder/third baseman for Arnold & Quigley. In it's 15th season in Vancouver ball, Miron finished strong hitting .261 and leading the league in doubles. Centre - Ace starter Hal Puder of the Vancouver Athletic Club. Right - Dave Gray, stalwart starter of the Arrows.

Charlie MironHal PuderDave Gray

Below left - Arnold & Quigley right-hander Eddie Van Pelt, a 19-year-old import from Los Angeles. Middle - Ernie Paepke, the playing manager of Home Gas. Right - outfielder Nick Craig of Arnold & Quigley

Van PeltErnie PaepkeNick Craig

Below left - Lefty hurler George Boston of Arnold & Quigley. Middle - Larry Holden, Arnold & Quigley. Right - Joe McCarthy, Arnold & Quigley

George BostonLarry HoldenJoe McCarthy

Below left - Earl Lewis of Arnold & Quigley.  Right - Joe Dailey, Vancouver Athletic Club

Earl LewisJoe Dailey

Below left - Gus Girard, Home Gas. Middle - Marion Felt, Pitcher, Arnold & Quigley. Right - Eddie Holden, A&Q

Gus GirardMarion FeltEddie Holden

Below left - Jimmy McKissock, Vancouver Athletic Club.  Middle - Johnny Kasmer, Home Gas. Right - Fred O'Farrell, shortstop Arnold & Quigley and VAC. 

Jimmy McKissockJohnny KasmerFred O'Farrell

Below - Andy Padovan, Vancouver Athletic Club.   Middle - Don Weaver, Home Gas. Right - Bruce Thirsk, Home Gas.

Andy PadovanDon WeaverBruce Thirsk

Below - action in a 1934 game between the Vancouver Athletic Club and Home Gas. Andy Padovan is the catcher for VAC. The batter and umpire are unknown. Action

[Image edited from the originals available through the Vancouver Archives, CVA 99-2842]

1934 action Henry

Above - action in the Vancouver Senior League between Arrow Transfer and Arnold & Quigley. The catcher is likely Ed Henry. Batter and umpire unknown.

Below - Safe at home !  The Arnold & Quigley catcher is likely Boyd Staggs. The base runner sliding home (hidden behind the catcher and the cloud of dust) is not known. Umpire unknown.

[Images edited from the originals available through the Vancouver Archives, top CVA 99-2839, bottom CVA 99-2838]

Home Safe

Above - Rival managers Johnny Nestman (Arrow Transfer) and Coley Hall (Vancouver Athletic Club) in discussion with umpires prior to the start of a 1934 Vancouver Senior City League game.

Below left - Vancouver Athletic Club shortstop Frankie Plouf and (right) Home Gas left-hander Don Weaver.

Terminal League poster


Vancouver Sun ad hyping the opening game in the 1934 Terminal Baseball League with world welterweight boxing champion, Jimmy McLarnin of Vancouver, as the featured guest.

The loop was referred to as the “Dime Circuit” as per its ten cents admission charge