1934 Steveston Fuji      

1934 Steveston

The 1934 Steveston, BC, Fuji. Players yet to be identified.

[Photo from the Nikkei National Museum & Cultural Centre, Vancouver]

We are unsure of the year of the following two photos of the Steveston team.  We wonder if Shinichi Matsuo and Kozo Kitagawa shown below might well be the individuals on the left and right above. If so, the photo below would seem to be quite a few years after 1934.

Steveston left

           Shinichi Matsuo on extreme left.

Steveston right      
          Kozo Kitagawa on extreme right.

[Photo from Nikkei Images, National Nikkei Museum and Heritage Centre Publication ISSN#1203-9017 Spring 2007, Vol. 12, No. 1]

1933 Steveston

[Photo from History of the Steveston Buddhist Temple, 2011]