1935 Vancouver Home Gas     

1935 Home Gas

Home Gas roster : Adshead Billy OF/2B/C (also U.D.L.) 3B/OF, Cross Abe 1B, Dodd (also Arnold & Quigley), Dudgeon Fred C, Edy Ross OF, Girard Gus OF (also Brunswicks – Terminal League), Gourley P, Gray Dave P, Haffner D. 2B/OF/SS, Ingram “Biff” C, Kasmer/Kasmir Johnny C, Kershaw Ernie P, Mahon SS, Mann Bert (also Athletics) SS/2B, Muscutt Doug P, Musgrave Tommy P, Pamphlet/Pamphlett Percy 3B/OF (also Athletics), Richardson Bill P, Rosen OF, Sherman OF/2B, Stewart Don 1B/OF/MGR, Thirsk Bruce OF, Tollefson, Weinker Hal 3B, White Harry SS

[Photo from the City of Vancouver Archvies, CVA 99-4798. Photo by Stuart Thomson]