1936 Manitoba Game Reports      


The circuit was reduced in size from six to four entrants in 1936 with the intent of striking a more competitive balance within the loop. Once again, as was the case in 1935, coverage afforded the Greater Winnipeg Senior Baseball League within the printed media of Manitoba’s capital city was very skimpy in content. However, there was improvement in the frequency of reporting.

Transcona finished two games ahead of Norwood in the tightly-contested first-half series and then bounced the runners-up in two straight playoff encounters.

St. Boniface, Transcona and Norwood finished in a three-cornered tie atop the loop in the second-half series and the gracious Railroad Towners, first-half winners, agreed to drop out of a tie-breaking series, claiming it would take too long to declare a winner with three teams involved. This left Norwood and St. Boniface to duke it out and the Cathedral City nine prevailed in a three-game tie-breaker.

With the momentum of that winning series behind them, the Saints went on to upset Transcona four-games-to-two in league finals to repeat as Senior champions after winning the Intermediate title in 1934.

St. Boniface


(June 1)  A four-way deadlock exists after 12 games have been played in the first-half series of the Greater Winnipeg Senior Baseball League. Each of the four entrants has won three and lost three encounters.

FIRST-HALF FINALS  Norwood vs Transcona  (best-of-three series)

(July 10)  Transcona scored twice in the ninth inning to nip Norwood 5 – 4 in the opening match of the G.W.S.A.B. first-half finals. With two out in the ninth inning, Labag singled to drive in the tying run. Blaquiere followed by blasting out a triple to drive in Labag with the winning tally.

(July 15)  Transcona defeated Norwood for the second straight game to earn the first-half series playoff title.


(July 20)  Norwood moved into a tie for top spot in the second-half series with their victim when they doubled Transcona 10 – 5.

Stobie (W) and Blaquiere 
Forcese (L) and Roche

(August 21)  A three-way tie for first place in the G.W.S.B.L. second-half standings resulted after Norwood defeated C.U.A.C. in the final game of the regular schedule.

Transcona *      8 – 6    .571
Norwood          8 – 6    .571
St. Boniface     8 – 6    .571
C.U.A.C.         4 – 10   .286

*Transcona voluntarily dropped out of the second-half tie-breaking series.

SECOND-HALF TIE -BREAKER  Norwood vs St. Boniface  (best-of-three series)

(August 29-30)  Heavy hitting featured the two games played in the second-half tie-breaker series over the weekend.
St. Boniface copped the Saturday tilt 17 – 6 while Norwood rebounded for a 16 – 4 triumph in the Sunday affair.

Knight, Lambert and Clement
Forcese, Belanger, Barchuk and R. Roche

Avery (W) and D. Roche
Knight (L), Ridgedale and Hanke

(September 1) Climaxing a steady drive in which they lost but twice in eleven contests, St. Boniface eliminated Norwood from the playoff picture with a 7 – 3 conquest in the third and deciding tilt in the second-half tie-breaker. Maurice Eyford had five RBI’s for the victorious Saints in support of winning chucker Athol Foster

Found (L), Avery (6) and R. Roche
Foster (W) and Hanke

OVERALL LEAGUE FINALS  St. Boniface vs Transcona  (best-of-seven series)

(September 3)  Taking advantage of shaky defensive play by the Saints, Transcona got the jump on St. Boniface and annexed the opener of the G.W.S.B.L. finals 4 – 2.

(September 12-13)  Resilient St. Boniface came back from a first-game defeat to notch three wins against Transcona over the weekend, The Saints prevailed by scores of 10 – 9, 5 – 3 and 11 – 5. Aime Pageot had eight hits for the victors in the three-game seep while teammate Maurice Eyford registered a half-dozen safe swats.

Foster (W) and Clement, Pelissier
Gauer/Gaver, Olien and F. Stobie

Lameroux (L) and F. Stobie
Lambert (W) and Leveque

Hancox, Olien, Lameroux and F. Stobie
Knight, Foster and Leveque

(September 19-20)  A split of two games over the weekend was sufficient for St. Boniface to end the final series in six games with four wins to their credit. At Transcona Saturday, the Railway Towners stayed alive by winning 8 – 3.  The Saints then closed things out by taking Transcona into camp 7 - 1 to capture the 1936 G.W.S.B.L. crown.

Lameroux (L) and F. Stobie
Foster (W) and Leveque


No evidence was found on the sports pages of the 1936 spring and summer editions of the Brandon Daily Sun that the Wheat City had representation in any intra-city or inter-city Senior or Junior baseball leagues



Harvey’s *               
I.L.P. Cubs                 
St. Boniface                   

*Regular-season and playoff winner


Rolling Mills