1936 Saskatchewan Game Reports      


(May 25)  Augmented by four new players, bringing the total number of imports up to nine, the newly christened Moose Jaw Athletics split a Victoria Day doubleheader with the Medicine Hat Royals at the exhibition grounds diamond, winning the matinee tussle 4 to 3 and dropping the evening game 7 to 2.

With the cagey portsider Wilf "Lefty" Pennington back in a Moose Jaw uniform, the Athletics came from behind in the first game to take the decision. Four eighth inning errors followed by Pennington's single cost the Royals the lead and the game. Medicine Hat out-hit the A's ten to four.

Bray (L) and H. Blaney
Pennington (W) and Cranston

In the second game, Medicine Hat took an early lead and piled their total of tallies up to seven before the A's managed to hit the scoreboard. Royals' backstop Harvey Blaney hit a solo home run off losing hurler George Haigh. The Athletics managed only three hits off winning twirler Mydansky.

Mydansky (W) and H. Blaney
Haigh (L), Heatherton (5), Jinks (7) and Toombs, Cranston

(May 27)  With "Sandy" Thomson leading the way, the Moose Jaw Athletics downed an aggregation from Northgate, North Dakota 4 to 3 in an exhibition encounter. The A's second sacker drilled a triple, double and single, driving in three Moose Jaw runs and scored the fourth himself. "Lefty" Pennington whiffed seven North Dakotans and surrendered four hits to pick up the win. The Northgate nine put up a stiff battle. Urbellis, their husky catcher, made things tough for would-be thieves as he nipped three runners at second with bullet pegs. Outfielder N. Blaska of the visitors had a three-bagger and single to go along with three RBI's.   

Hashberger (L), Fanning (4) and Urbellis
Pennington (W) and Toombs 

(May 29)  The Estevan Maple Leafs, behind the three-hit pitching of Tucker, played an inspired brand of baseball in handing the touring Northgate, North Dakota All-Stars a 4 to 1 trimming. Playing his first game of the year, the Estevan lefthander was in mid-season form and the American aggregation was unable to fathom his slants with any measure of success. He struck out eight batters and walked one while contributing a triple and double to the Estevan cause. The Northgate club turned in a smart game but the Leafs found the slants of Johnston much to their liking and lit him up for eight telling blows.

Johnston (L) and Urbellis
Tucker (W) and Enmark, Holloway

(May 31)  A hard-hitting band of Moose Jaw Athletics slugged their way to a 10 to 5 victory over the Regina Nationals. Backed up by some solid defense, Heatherton, the A's imported twirler, got the mound win by spinning an eight-hitter. Eugene Parks was hammered for 13 Moose Jaw safeties, several of them going for extra-bases. Mill City shortstop Stan Shaley drilled four base hits, one of which was a circuit clout. First sacker Ed Long also connected for a four-bagger among his three hit total. Johnny Stoyand, the former Nationals' outfielder, kicked in with a triple and single as did catcher Walter Englehardt of the Reginans.

Parks (L) and Englehardt
Heatherton (W) and Toombs

(June 1)  Saskatchewan's chilly breezes, combined with the twirling of Nebraskan import Myron Appell, who was not affected to any extent by the weather, were too big a handicap for the Houston Black Buffaloes as the Regina Nationals scored a 15 to 2 victory at renovated Park de Young. The Buffaloes, obviously not at home in the chilly weather, made eleven errors. It was their first loss in 27 starts this season. Appell took no notice of the weather and whiffed 14 batters for an outstanding performance. The game was called after the visitors had batted in the seventh.

Foster (L), Bryant (5) and Huntley
Appell (W) and Englehart

(June 3) The Moose Jaw Athletics took a doubleheader drubbing from the Houston Black Buffaloes in a brace of exhibition games. The Bisons copped the afternoon fixture 7 to 5 and the evening game 13 to 2.

The Texans drilled 12 hits off a pair of Moose Jaw chuckers to earn the win. Johnny Stoyand of the A's and Houston outfielder Mays had home runs.

Brown (W) and Huntley
Werbowsky (L), Jinks (8) and Plotsky

The Buffaloes had another field day in the evening game, slamming out 19 base hits. Outfielder Paige had a triple, double and single as well as six RBI's. Home runs were hit by the Buffaloes' catcher Huntley and Moose Jaw's Stan Shaley and Ed Plotsky.

Hensley (W) and Huntley
Pennington (L), Jinks (5), and Toombs

(June 6)  Lacking punch to get hits when they meant runs, the Regina Nationals went down to defeat at the hands of the Acme Giants by a 5 to 2 score. Solid defense by the Acmes kept the Nats in check with men on base. The Reginans out-hit the tourists by 9 to 7 margin.

Williams (W) and Scott
Steiner (L) and Englehart

(June 6)  The Moose Jaw Athletics turned back a strong team from the mainline town of Broadview twice, by scores of 4 to 3 and 3 to 2.

Behind 3 to 0 entering their half of the eighth of the opener, the A's tied the game and then won out by scoring a single tally in the bottom of the tenth frame. Broadview catcher Lionel Decuir had the game's longest hit, a circuit clout off winner "Lefty" Pennington.

Boguille (L) and Decuir
Pennington (W) and Toombs

The Mainliners were held scoreless for eight innings in the nightcap by George Haigh before breaking through for a pair. Losing chucker Eugene Bremmer had a brace of hits. Moose Jaw's Stan Shaley poked the game's longest blow, a triple.

Bremmer (L) and Decuir
Haigh (W) and Toombs 

(June 9)  Twirling a five inning six-hitter, new hurler Wilf Trapp of the Regina Nationals blanked the barnstorming Michigan Wolves 5 to 0. In a steady mist, Trapp fanned six of the travellers. Second sacker Loyal "Charmie" Nash provided a pair of triples in support of the Nats' hurler.

Stevenson (L), Ducey (1) and Ray
W. Trapp (W) and Englehart

(June 9)  The Broadview Red Sox took out the Northgate tourists by a 5 to 0 count in the Mainline town. Jim Miller struck out eight in earning the two-hit win. Harold Horeak had three hits for the Sox including a triple and double. First baseman Dixon had both hits for the Dakotans.

Goodwin (L), Jeckart (6) and Johnston
Miller (W) and Decuir

(June 12)  Sore-armed Pat Carter saw his team's defense crumble around him as the Regina Nationals booted the ball ten times, making things easy for the Houston Black Buffaloes who went on to dump the Reginans 8 to 4. Cliff Hogg of the Nats with a triple and double off winning hurler Hensley was the game's most productive hitter.

Hensley (W) and Huntley
Carter (L) and Englehart

(June 13)  Import Myron Appell gave a Park de Young crowd the thrill of a lifetime and caused a group of coloured ball players to become exceedingly peeved as he twirled a no-hit game and fanned 17 batters as the Regina Nationals finally overcame the Houston Black Buffaloes 5 to 2 in the second half of a twin bill. In the afternoon contest, the Buffs won out 6 to 1.

The Buffs broke a 1 - 1 deadlock in the matinee event by plating four runs off loser Gene Parks in the seventh. Winning pitcher Bryant held the Nats to four singles. Third sacker Dunbar had a double and single to lead the Bisons at the dish.   

Bryant (W) and Huntley
Parks (L) and Englehart

Appell had an average of two strikeouts an inning as he breezed to victory. Brown, the Buffaloes heaver, turned in a solid performance too, allowing only four singles but his mates played very loose defensively.    

Brown (L) and Huntley
Appell (W) and Englehart

(June 13)  The Michigan Wolves, a group of coloured baseballers, were beaten down twice by the Moose Jaw Athletics, the scores being 11 to 5 in the opener and 19 to 8 in the seven-inning follow-up game which ended early because of darkness.

Scoring five times in the home half of the first, the A's never trailed in the first game, pasting the Wolves' White for 14 base blows. Wes Warbowsky, a new acquisition for the Athletics, tossed the first five innings for the winners.

White (L) and Hill
Warbowsky (W), Haigh (6) and Resimius

The Mill City crew continued their assault on the Michigan pitcher, White, who again started for the visitors in the finale, finally being replaced by Stevenson in the sixth. The A's scored in every inning but the second frame in this one, again banging out 14 hits. Stan Shaley homered for the winners.

White (L), Stevenson (6) and Hill, Ray
Jinks (W), Riddell (5) and Resimius

(June 15)  The Regina Nationals and Moose Jaw Athletics got through five innings of baseball before rain took over and ended the Park de Young encounter. The Nats were 2 to 1 winners in the abbreviated contest in which winning chucker "Lefty" Steinert's fourth inning single drove in the tying run and allowed another runner to score when A's catcher Bert Resimius dropped the horsehide on the relay throw to home plate. Both teams garnered four hits.

Haigh (L) and Resimius
Steiner (W) and Kokran

(June 15) The Weyburn Beavers walloped the Michigan Wolves, a touring coloured baseball aggregation, by a 10 to 4 count in an exhibition game in the Soo City. Weyburn's Ralph Hogg hurled the complete game win.

Stevenson (L) and Ray
Hogg (W) and Cousins

(June 17)  With Ralph Hogg on the slab for the entire nine innings, the Weyburn Beavers took a 25 to 2 pounding at the hands of the touring House of David team. The whiskered wonders simply overpowered the homesters in virtually every aspect of the game.

Schroeder (W) and Humbrecht
Hogg (L) and Cousins

(June 18)  Myron Appell had his first setback as a member of the Regina Nationals as the Houston Black Buffaloes, the victims of his no-hitter less than a week ago, pounced upon the elongated moundsman for ten hits and a 6 to 3 victory in 12 innings against the Nats at Park de Young. Other than a three-run first inning outburst, the Reginans were quiet with the bat but Appell kept them in the game, fanning 15 Texans, until the disastrous twelth when the Buffs touched him for a triple, double and two singles.

Bryant (W), Hensley (6) and Huntley
Appell (L) and Englehart

(June 19)  The Moose Jaw Athletics came apart at the seams in the seventh frame and allowed the Regina Nationals to blow past them by a 6 to 3 count. With "Lefty" Pennington on the hill, protecting a 3 to 2 lead, the A's started to throw the ball into every corner of the ballpark while four Regina runners crossed the plate. Pat Carter did a neat mound job for the winners, tossing a six-hitter. The Nats' Bryan Forster liked what he saw off the slants of Pennington, lighting him up for a double and a brace of one-baggers.

Pennington (L) and Resimius
Carter (W) and Kokran

(June 20)  The Moose Jaw Athletics dropped the first game of an exhibition doubleheader to the Houston Black Buffaloes 10 to 3 but stormed back to defeat the touring coloured team 4 to 1 in the nightcap.

The afternoon contest was one-sided as the Houstonites blasted a pair of Moose Jaw ball tossers for 16 base blows with outfielder Brown and catcher Dunbar leading the batting pack with a trio of raps each.

Hensley (W) and Dunbar
Werbowsky (L), Heatherton (5) and Resimius

Both teams played snappily in the late encounter which saw Moose Jaw chucker Art Riddell limit the Buffaloes to four safeties. Athletics' outfielder Ken Blaney had three base raps and a pair of RBI's to lead the hit parade.

Brown (L) and Dunbar
Riddell (W) and Toombs

(June 22)  The Regina Nationals hammered a pair of Northgate twirlers for 13 hits in scoring a 9 to 2 victory at Park de Young. Eugene Parks turned in a good game on the mound for the Nats, giving up seven hits and whiffing nine. Art Sihvon, Regina outfielder, was far and away the top batter in this game accumulating a double and three singles.

Hashberger (L), Johnston (5) and Chester
Parks (W) and Englehart

(June 24)  Making his first appearance of the campaign, veteran "Swainey" Swainson pitched the Regina Nationals to a 6 to 0 whitewashing of the revamped Moose Jaw Athletics. With his old hook working to perfection, Swainson baffled the A's on a five-hitter while fanning ten as the Nats took advantage of their scoring opportunities.

Jinks (L), Pennington (8) and Toombs
Swainson (W) and Englehart, Kokran (2)

(June 24)  The Broadview Red Sox stepped into a doubleheader with the Houston Black Buffaloes, battling to a 9 - 9 draw in the first game and throttling the visitors 7 to 1 in the second event.

The seven-inning opener developed into a free-for-all hitting spree which saw Broadview's Roy Schappert emerge with a three-hit afternoon.

Glass, Ryan (1), Foster (3) and Huntley
Bremmer and Decuir

The Red Sox broke open a 1 to 1 finale by plating six runs in their half of the eighth to walk away with the win. Outfielder Mack Sinclair led the Scarlet Hose at the dish with three hits, a feat duplicated by Mays of the Buffaloes.

Cropper (L) and Huntley
Webb (W) and Decuir

(June 26)  Failure to bunch their hits cost the Estevan Maple Leafs a 6 to 3 decision in an exhibition tilt with the Broadview Red Sox. The Leafs out-hit the visitors 12 to 8 with first baseman Kendall heading the batting list with a triple, double and single.

Boguille, Miller (4) (W) and Decuir
Inman (L) and Enmark

(June 29)  Houston Black Buffaloes, five times a winner over the Regina Nationals on the ball diamond this season, took it on the chin in their latest set-to as the Reginans prevailed 6 to 1 at Park de Young. Winner Myron Appell and reliever Gene Parks limited the visitors to six hits. Leading the winners' 12-hit attack was outfielder Cliff Hogg who had a double and single.

Dunbar (L), Hensley (7) and Huntley
Appell (W), Parks (6) and Englehart, Kokran (6)

(June 30)  The Houston Black Buffaloes made their farewell appearance on the Regina ball diamond a winning one as they scored an 8 to 3 victory over the Regina Nationals. Loser Pat Carter was shelled for 15 hits. Batting laurels went to the Buffs' Mays who had a home run, triple and double.

Brown (W) and Huntley
Carter (L) and Englehardt

(July 3)  Long-range blasts from the bats of Lowell "Chappie" O'Connor and "Charmie" Nash helped Myron Appell and the Regina Nationals defeat the Broadview Red Sox 4 to 1 in a rain-shortened seven-inning game at Park de Young. The Regina win snapped the Red Sox string of unbeaten games at 21. Broadview stacked Jim Miller, a coloured heaver, against Appell and the chunky mainliner wasn't far behind Appell in effectiveness. Both chuckers allowed four hits but Appell had a 13 to 7 edge in strikeouts. O'Connor had a double and triple while Nash had a three-bagger that drove in a pair of runs.

Miller (L) and Decuir
Appell (W) and Englehart

(July 5)  The renovated Moose Jaw Athletics took the long end of a 9 to 4 score from the visiting Swift Current Cardinals in exhibition play. "Lefty" Pennington chalked up 13 strikeouts in picking up the win, although he did surrender a pair of homers, one each to ex-teammate Stan Shaley and Pete GalbraithBilly Hodgkinson sparked the A's offensively with a double and two singles.

Heatherton (L), Spring (8) and Stevers
Pennington (W) and Resimius

(July 5)  A pair of seldom-used hurlers took to the hill and led the Regina Nationals to a double-bill sweep of the Broadview Red Sox at Regina's Park de Young by scores of 19 to 3 and 7 to 2.

Cliff Hogg, who hadn't gone to the hill for a couple of seasons, went the distance in the opener as his mates provided him with loads of offensive support. He also had three hits including a home run. "Lefty" Steiner had a triple and a pair of one-baggers while Walt Englehart had two doubles and a single. 

Bremmer (L), Boguille (2), Decuir (6), Miller (7) and Decuir, K. Bates (6)
Hogg (W) and Englehart 

In the late encounter, "Swainey" Swainson and his curve ball came through as Eugene Bremmer of the Sox started and lost for the second time in the twin-bill. The Nats out-hit the visitors 6 to 5 in this one.

Bremmer (L)and Decuir
Swainson (W) and Kokran

(July 6)  The Mexican Aztecas made their Canadian debut at Park de Young and received a rude reception as the Regina Nationals' Myron Appell had his "fast one" moving in a 2 to 0 shutout of the visitors. Appell fanned 17 Aztecas while allowing five scattered singles. Regina's Lowell "Chappie" O'Connor led the Nats' offense with three hits.

Castillo (L) and Ybarra
Appell (W) and Englehart

(July 7) Lowell "Chappie" O'Connor hit a grand-slam home run as the Regina Nationals blasted the Moose Jaw Athletics 16 to 6 at the exhibition grounds in the Friendly City. The visiting A's spoiled the festivities for Wilf "Lefty" Pennington who was being honored by the Moose Jaw fans. Pennington was yanked from the slab in the fifth when the Nats scored seven times. 

Steiner (W) and Englehart
Pennington (L), Riddell (5) and Toombs

(July 8)  Clouting the offerings of three Moose Jaw hurlers freely, the Swift Current Cardinals trounced the free-falling Moose Jaw Athletics 13 to 3 in an exhibition contest in the Frontier City. Feature of the contest were a pair of home runs belted by Cardinals' outfielder Springe.

Heatherton (W) and Stevers
Riddell (L), Jinks, Plotsky and Toombs, Resimius 

(July 10)  Porter Moss, a Negro submarine ball pitcher, took over at Park de Young and hurled the Cincinnati Tigers to a 5 to 0 blanking of the Regina Nationals. Moss fanned 16  in gaining the triumph, allowing only one hit, a fourth inning double by "Charmie" Nash. His tantalizing delivery completely baffled the Nats. Up against probably the best touring team to hit Regina, the Nationals' Myron Appell pitched well, especially in the pinches, as he fanned 12 batters. Robinson, the Tigers' fine outer pastureman, did the most damage against Appell, lighting him up for a triple and double.

Moss (W) and Johnson
Appell (L) and Englehart

(July 11)  The Cincinnati Tigers took a pair of games from the Regina Nationals at Park de Young by scores of 8 to 6 and 3 to 2.

The Nats out-hit the visitors from Ohio by a 16 to 12 margin in the matinee encounter but just weren't able to move runners around to the same extent as the coloured aggregation. Tigers' catcher Smith had a home run off loser Gene Parks.

Houston (W) and Childress, Smith
Parks (L) and Englehart

"Lefty" Steiner had flawless control in the nightcap but, even though out-hit again, Cincinnati managed an eighth inning run to beat him. The Reginans collected three hits in the bottom of the ninth and the tying run was cut off at the plate on a perfect throw from center fielder Robinson. Three Nationals' players, Cliff Hogg, Jack Campbell and Steiner all had a trio of hits.

Russell (W) and Johnson
Steiner (L) and Kokran

(July 13)  The touring Mexican Aztecas hammered the Moose Jaw Athletics 13 to 4 before a sparse crowd at the exhibition grounds diamond. Five of the visitors 14 hits off a pair of A's pitchers went for extra bases.

Parra (W) and Ybarra
Pennington (L), Plotsky (9) and Toombs

(July 15)  Lawrence "Lefty" Steiner pitched a neat game but his defense let him down at crucial times, resulting in four unearned runs as the barnstorming Mexican Aztecas won a close 4 to 2 game from the Regina Nationals. Both Steinert and winning hurler C. Perez gave up six hits. Both second basemen, "Charmie" Nash of the Reginans and Pulido of the Mexicans had a pair of hits.

C. Perez (W) and Ybarra
Steinert (L) and Kokran, Englehart (7)

(July 16)  Spotting Weyburn three early runs, the Estevan Maple Leafs made a valiant comeback attempt but fell short as the Beavers hung on for a 5 to 4 win in an eight-inning exhibition game in the Coal Town. Each club had a batter, Sid Craddock of the visitors and Ned Rooney of the Leafs, who belted a triple plus a pair of singles.

Hogg (W) and Cousins
Tucker (L), Elson (2) and Wenzell

(July 16)  The Moose Jaw Athletics are no longer on life-support. As of this date, they have been scrapped for the remainder of the season. Lack of support at the gate was given as the reason for the collapse of the club.

(July 17)  The Cincinnati Tigers looked invincible at Park de Young as they opened up an early 8 to 0 lead and coasted from there, winning a 9 to 0 game from the Regina Nationals who played probably their worst game of the season. Cincinnati's Porter Moss had the Nats off-balance all night with his submarine ball although they were able to nick him for six safeties. It wasn't altogether losing pitcher Myron Appell's fault that the score was so one-sided as his mates played a disappointing brand of ball. Tigers' shortstop Easterling lit Appell up for a two-run first inning dinger and after that the rout was on. Easterling wound up with three hits as did Cincinnati third sacker Carter and Bryan Forster of the Reginans. 

Moss (W) and Johnson
Appell (L) and Englehart

(July 17)   Returning to their old form and aided materially by the three-hit hurling of Jimmy Miller, the Broadview Red Sox handed the touring Mexican Aztecas a 5 to 2 defeat in an exhibition baseball attraction. Gene Bremmer's two-run homer in the eighth sealed the deal for the Crimson Hose.

Arriola (L) and Ybarra
Miller (W) and Bates

(July 19)  Smart baserunning by the Mexican Aztecas propelled them to a 10 to 8, 11-inning win over the Regina Nationals at Park de Young. Aztecas' shortstop Gonzales made a daring steal of home in the top of the 11th to put the Mexicans one up. In the same frame, teammate Parra plated an insurance run by romping home on a double steal. The visitors had a 8 to 3 lead until the seventh when the Nats knotted the count, the score remaining that way until the second extra frame was completed. Marty Kokran had a home run for the Reginans while Bryan Forster ripped a double and a pair of singles.  

C. Perez, Castillo (7) (W) and Ybarra                     
Parks, Appell (5) (L) and Kokran, Englehart

(July 20)  The second three-hit performance within a week by their mound staff led the Broadview Red Sox to a 3 to 0 vicyory over the Northgate, North Dakota ball club. This time it was Dick "Lefty" Webb who took to the slab and held the Dakotans to three scratch hits. Harold Horeak led the winners at the plate with a double and single.

Johnson (L) and Chester
Webb (W) and Decuir

(July 21)  "Lefty" Steiner pitched a no-hit, no-run game at Park de Young as the Regina Nationals humiliated an inept group of baseballers known as the Pierre All-Nations squad by a 17 to 0 count. The visitors committed 15 errors and were, easily, the worst ball club to hit Regina in years. Johnny Stoyand, back with the Nats after the collapse of the Moose Jaw Athletics, picked up four hits and had three stolen bases in his return to the Queen City.

F. Jensen (L), Manese (2) and M. Schroeder, Manese (1), M. Schroeder (2)
Steiner (W) and Kokran

(July 24)  The latest acquisition to the Nationals' pitching staff, "Dutch" Christiansen, twirled the Reginans to a 8 to 3 win over the Boston Royal Giants. The southpaw found himself in plenty of bad holes but always seemed at his best when the cards were stacked against him. His mates provided him with plenty of run support as well. Art Sihvon picked up a double and a brace of singles off losing hurler Robinson.

Robinson (L) and White
Christiansen (W) and Kokran

(July 27) The House of David's smart baseballers were given a tough test but still managed a 3 to 0 win over the Regina Nationals before a better than average crowd at Park de Young. Both the Nats and the Davids had seven hits but the bearded boys bunched four of their raps to salt away the game. Harold Horeak, over from the Broadview Red Sox, stole all the limelight in the hitting department for the Nationals with four hits  in four turns at the plate.

Larson (W) and Flynn
Appell (L) and Englehart

(July 28)  "Lefty" Steiner had control problems and was yanked from the hill in the opening frame as the touring House of David team took care of business by knocking off the Regina Nationals 5 to 2. The usually effective southpaw just couldn't hit the plate and was relieved by "Dutch" Christiansen with none out in the first, when two runs had already scored and the bases were full. The David's pitcher, Don Henry, looked impressive on the hill and had the Nats, with the exception of new outfielder Joe Lindt who drilled three hits off his slants, at his mercy.

Henry (W) and Flynn
Steiner (L), Christiansen (1) and Kokran

(July 29)  The House of David baseball team made a clean sweep of their series in Regina when they dropped the Nationals 7 to 1 at Park de Young. "Lefty" Steiner, who failed to last an inning the previous night, got the call again and was still far from his best, surrendering eleven hits to the unshaven crew. Al Nusser, the visitors' hurler, gave up only six to the Nats and struck out 15. Extra-base hits were common with the Davids' Roy Hutson showing the way with two triples.

Nusser (W) and Flynn
Steiner (L) and Englehart 

(July 30)  The Broadview Red Sox extended the touring House of David to 12 innings before losing out 2 to 0. A ball hit by shortstop Dick Atwell of the bearded travellers in the third extra frame was not seen in the dusk by the Red Sox' outer gardener and fell in for a two-run double.

Dacus (W) and Flynn
Bremmer (L) and Bates

(July 30)  The classy Kansas City Monarchs proved to be too much for the Regina Nationals who fell to the visiting barnstormers 9 to 1. Even Myron Appell, the Nats' speedball artist, was no match for the coloured visitors, who rapped out 16 base hits in support of winning chucker Floyd Kranston.

Kranston (W) and Elso
Appell (L) and Englehart

(July 31)  Broadview's snappy Red Sox squad handed the touring House of David an 8 to 5 trimming in a six-inning encounter played in Indian Head. Jim Miller, Broadview's dusky hurler, picked up the win. An exhibition of "pepper ball" by the House of David members went over big with the crowd. 

Tally (L) and Flynn
Miller (W) and Bates

(August 3)  The Acme Giants from Shreveport, Louisiana paid a return visit to the Queen City and slipped off with a hard-fought 3 to 1 win over the Regina Nationals. Markham, the Acme pitcher, was in rare form as he fanned 14 Reginans and allowed only four singles. The visitors got to "Lefty" Steiner early on but the Nationals' southpaw improved as the game went along and turned in a fine six-hit job.

Markham (W) and Scott
Steiner (L) and Kokran

(August 4)  The loose-jointed Barney Morris, coloured pitcher for the Bismarck Churchills, struck out 20 Regina batters at Park de Young as the visitors from North Dakota took out the Regina Nationals 6 to 3. Both Morris and loser Myron Appell of the Nats surrendered seven base blows. Bismarck catcher Quincy Trouppe was the game's top hitter with a pair of doubles plus a single. Joe Haberman of the Nationals lit up Morris for a two-run homer.

Morris (W) and Trouppe
Appell (L) and Englehart

(August 5)  The Bismarck Churchills recorded their second straight win over the Regina Nationals, this time by a lop-sided 14 to 2 margin. Bismarck smashed 17 safeties off loser "Dutch" Christiansen while Hilton Smith, the Churchills' coloured heaver, gave up but six while fanning 17. Smith also belted a brace of three-baggers, a double and a single.

Smith (W) and Trouppe
Christiansen (L) and Kokran

(August 5)  The Broadview Red Sox took an 11 to 1 trimming from the travelling Acme Giants in the Mainline Town. O'Neil and Horn of the Acmes each had three hits as did Lionel Decuir of the hosts.

Reed (W) and Scott
Boguille (L) and Bates

(August 6)  The hard-hitting Bismarck Churchills made it three straight by pulverizing the host Regina Nationals 13 to 2. Winning pitcher Gaines, a southpaw, fanned 15 along the way and also had three hits off loser "Lefty" Steiner.

Gaines (W) and Trouppe
Steiner (L) and Englehart

(August 7)  The Acme Giants trimmed the Weyburn Beavers 10 to 1 in an exhibition contest in the Soo City. McFall, pitching for the Giants, allowed the Beavers only three hits.

McFall (W) and Scott
Vogeli (L) and Cousins

(August 7)  Bismarck's heavy hitting baseballers, the Churchills, won out over the pesky Broadview Red Sox 8 to 3. Third sacker "Red" Haley of the Dakotans went four for four at the dish. 

Bremmer (L) and Bates
Morris (W) and Trouppe

(August 9)  Behind Myron Appell's three-hit pitching, the Regina Nationals snapped out of their recent slump with a 6 to 1 victory over the Acme Giants. The Nats collected only six hits but they made everything count. "Lefty" Steiner did the best work with the stick for the winners as he ripped a double and single.

Walker (L) and Scott
Appell (W) and Englehardt 

(August 9)  The Bismarck Churchills took an 8 to 5 decision from the Broadview Red Sox in a game played at Indian Head. Winning pitcher Hilton Smith fanned 14 Crimson Hose batters. First baseman Axel Leary homered for the Churchills. Mack Sinclair was the most consistent hitter for the Sox as he had three base blows in four tries.

Webb (L) and Bates
Smith (W) and Trouppe

(August 11)  Hits and runs were plentiful at Park de Young in a game which saw the touring Boston Royal Giants defeat the Regina Nationals 10 to 9. The Reginans fell behind early, tied it up and then lost the lead again for good in the seventh frame. The Beantowners out-hit the Nats by a 14 to 9 margin. Picking up the pitching win for the coloured tourists was moundsman Allen who also led the Giants at the dish with a double and a pair of singles. Shortstop Lowell "Chappie" O'Connor of the Nats picked up a triple and double as well as scoring three times.

Allen (W) and White
Swainson, Christianson (2) (L), Appell (8) and Englehardt 

With the onset of the Saskatchewan senior baseball championships, exhibition play for the summer of 1936 pretty well wrapped up at this point.

Following their lengthy exhibition game schedule in 1936, the Regina Nationals set out to defend their Saskatchewan senior baseball crown with a roster made up of a high percentage of the same players they had used during the summer exhibition run. As they progressed in each series, however, they went for the most part with home-town talent augmented by a few other Canadian players. The majority of the American players they had used during the exhibition campaign were dispersed elsewhere including their top pitcher, Myron Appell, who was to grow a beard and join the House of David as they began a tour of Mexico on September 1. All playoff series were designated to be best three out of five.


First up for the Nationals in the southern Saskatchewan regional playoffs were the Swift Current Cardinals who had just eliminated the team from Shaunavon. The Cardinals had a number of players who had begun the season with the now-defunct Moose Jaw Athletics. For this series, both teams utilized the players with which they had finished the exhibition season.

Swift Current Cardinals player roster for the south Saskatchewan regional playoffs  : 
Blaney Ken OF, Evers, Galbraith Pete OF, Hoffman Maynard P/OF, Karahan Mike SS, Kelly 3B, Long Fred 1B, Plotsky Ed OF/C, Randolph 3B/OF, Shaley Stan 2B, Springe P/OF, Stevers Pat C 

Regina Nationals player roster for the south Saskatchewan regional playoffs  : 
Appell Myron P, Bird Webb 2B/3B, Campbell Jack "Jersey" 1B, Christianson "Dutch" P/1B, Englehart Walter C, Forster Bryan 3B, Hogg Cliff OF, Lindt Joe OF, O'Connor Chappie SS, Sihvon Art 2B, Steiner Lawrence "Lefty" P/OF/1B, Stoyand Johnny OF

(August 10)  The visiting Swift Current Cardinals proved to be a worthy opponent for the Regina Nationals as they extended the Nats in a seven inning, darkness shortened encounter before losing 4 to 3 in the opener of their regional playoff series. The Cards threw a scare into the homesters as they led 3 to 0 entering the bottom of the sixth. "Jersey" Campbell's bases-loaded single off losing hurler Springe put the Reginans back into contention and then Cliff Hogg drove in the tying and go-ahead runs with another one-bagger. "Dutch" Christiansen struck out ten Redbirds in earning the win.

Springe (L) and Stevers
Christiansen (W) and Englehart

(August 12)  Playing in Speedy Creek, the Swift Current Cardinals and Regina Nationals divided a playoff double-dip in which the visiting Reginans took the matinee game 4 to 2 while the home-standing Cardinals roared back with an 8 to 5 triumph in the finale.

The early game featured a fine pitching performance by Regina's Myron Appell who held the homesters to five hits while fanning twelve. Catcher Pat Stevers was the only Redbird who was consistently able to solve the offerings of Appell as he collected three safe blows. Nationals' outfielder Johnny Stoyand did him one better, slapping four hits off loser Maynard Hoffman. Ken Blaney had a homer for Swift Current.

Appell (W) and Englehart
Hoffman (L) and Stevers

The evening fixture was a free-hitting affair which ended after seven and a half frames when darkness prevailed. Both clubs had twelve safeties but the Cardinals cashed in more frequently on their scoring opportunities. The game's top two hitters were both members of the visiting Reginans, Cliff Hogg and Bryan Forster. The Nationals' tandem recorded three hits apiece off winning hurler Springe.

Steiner (L) and Englehart
Springe (W) and Plotsky

(August 13)  Game four in the south Saskatchewan senior baseball playoffs decided nothing as the Swift Current Cardinals and the Regina Nationals played to a 3 - 3 stalemate which ended after nine frames when darkness took over. All the scoring was done in the first three innings and then the pitchers took control of things. The Reginans out-hit their Frontier City hosts by an 8 to 7 margin. Shortstop Mike Karahan had a two-run homer for the Redbirds.

Appell and Englehart
Hoffman, Springe (7) and Stevers

(August 14)  Failing to bunch their hits, the Swift Current Cardinals were knocked out of the Saskatchewan senior baseball playoffs after a hectic series with the Regina Nationals. The Reginans won game five 4 to 2 at Park de Young to take the series three games to one with one game tied. The Cards got to winning pitcher "Dutch" Christiansen for seven safeties, including three doubles, but in the pinches the portsider bore down in fine style. Losing twirler Springe of the Cards tossed a five hitter but allowed the Nats three seventh inning tallies when Christiansen bunted one home and Lowell "Chappie" O'Connor drove in two more with a single. Springe did well with the bat, leading both teams in collecting a double and two singles. The Nationals now advance to play the Weyburn Beavers in the south Saskatchewan senior baseball finals. The Beavers recently eliminated the Estevan Maple Leafs to qualify for their showdown with the Queen City contingent. 

Springe (L) and Plotsky
Christiansen (W) and Englehart


The Weyburn Beavers came into this series with much the same roster as they had during their lone Southern League season of a year ago. With the added year of experience, the young, up-and-coming Weyburnites were prepared to give the Regina Nationals all that they could handle. 

Weyburn Beavers player roster for the south Saskatchewan senior baseball championship
Brady Dillon OF, Cousins Bill C, Craddock Sid 3B, Frederickson George 1B, Hogg Ralph P/OF, Loree Len 2B, Porteous Dunc SS, Walter Art "Lefty" P/OF, Young Andy OF/P

Regina Nationals player roster for the south Saskatchewan senior baseball championship
Bates Winston "Lefty" P, Bird Webb C, Campbell Jack "Jersey" 1B, Forster Bryan 2B/3B, Haberman Joe OF/3B, Hanna Mark OF, Hogg Cliff OF, O'Connor Chappie SS, Parks Eugene P, Sharber Jack "Lefty" P/OF, Sihvon Art 2B/C, Steiner Lawrence "Lefty" P/OF, Stoyand Johnny OF, Trapp Joe 3B/1B, Wenaus C

(August 17)  The Weyburn Beavers and Regina Nationals halved the spoils in a south Saskatchewan playoff doubleheader at Park de Young. The Nationals took the first contest 1 to 0 and the Beavers responded by carrying off the nightcap 8 to 7.

The first game featured a fine mound joust between Weyburn's Andy Young and "Lefty" Steiner of the Nationals. The Reginans got their one big run in the seventh on the strength of a single by Joe Haberman, Johnny Stoyand's double and a fielder's choice. Steiner shut down the visitors on two hits to pick up the win.

Young (L) and Cousins
Steiner (W) and Bird

The follow-up game under the lights was wild and woolly and packed with a lot of excitement as the last inning came around. Trailing by four runs in their last turn at bat, the Nationals got to winner Ralph Hogg for three tallies and had a pair of baserunners with only one out when Andy Young came to Hogg's rescue by taking the hill and recording the final two outs. Out-hitting the Beavers 13 to 7, the Nats were led at the plate by "Jersey" Campbell who belted a pair of doubles to go along with a single.

Hogg (W), Young (9) and Cousins
Parks (L) and Bird 

(August 19)  The Regina Nationals annexed their fifth straight southern Saskatchewan senior baseball crown by taking both ends of a double-bill from the homestanding Weyburn Beavers by scores of 8 to 7 and 13 to 5. The Nats prevailed in the series three games to one and picked up the J.T.M. Anderson trophy in the process.

The afternoon contest was a see-saw affair.. The Nationals had a decided edge in base hits, slapping out 14 to the Beavers' six. Joe Haberman's eighth inning hit gave the Reginans the winning marker. Haberman had four hits in total including a three-bagger.

Bates, Sharber (4) (W), Steiner (8) and Wenaus
Hogg (L) and Cousins

The Nationals sewed up the second contest and the championship of the south country by scoring eight times off loser Andy Young in the fifth frame. The Beavers were never able to recover. Winston "Lefty" Bates tossed a fine seven-hitter for the Nats in earning the playoff win. Bates also picked up three hits as did Weyburn second baseman Len Loree.

Bates (W) and Wenaus
Young (L), Walter (6) and Cousins 


With the southern crown safely stowed away, the Regina Nationals made preparations to battle the Saskatoon Gems, winners of the northern title, for the provincial championship and the Leader-Post trophy. 

Saskatoon Gems player roster for the Saskatchewan senior baseball championship series
Clarke Roy 3B, Corbin "Ace" P, Dunbar 1B, Folk Alex P, Major Eddie 2B, McKay SS, Morbin Phil OF, Newboldt Earle P, Parsons Garnet P/OF, Reeve "Curly" C, Stouse John OF, Wells OF

Regina Nationals player roster for the Saskatchewan senior baseball championship series
Campbell Jack "Jersey 1B, Forster Bryan 2B, Haberman Joe 3B, Hanna Mark OF, Hogg Cliff OF, Kokran Marty C, O'Connor Chappie SS, Sharber Jack "Lefty" P, Steiner Lawrence "Lefty" P/OF, Stoyand Johnny OF

(August 26)  The Regina Nationals took a stranglehold on the Saskatchewan senior baseball championship and the Leader-Post trophy by taking both ends of a twin-bill from the Saskatoon Gems, the scores being 8 to 0 and 3 to 2.

In the twilight contest, the Gems appeared to be quite tentative as the Nationals pounded the offerings of Alex Folk and "Ace" Corbin all over the ballpark for an assortment of hits, errors and bonehead plays which netted eight runs before the game was called after seven frames. "Lefty" Steiner breezed to victory with a two-hitter. The Nationals ran wild on the basepaths, swiping eight bases. Lowell "Chappie" O'Connor was the only batter from either squad to manufacture two hits.

Folk (L), Corbin (1) and Reeve
Steiner (W) and Kokran

With Gene Parks toeing the rubber for the Nationals in the contest under floodlights, the northerners looked more confident and made the hits they garnered count, taking an early 1 to 0 lead. The Nats tied things in the third and took the lead for good in the fifth by counting a pair off losing hurler Garnet Parsons. Parks finished with a five-hitter in recording the win. Cliff Hogg led the Nats at the dish with three singles while teammate Jack "Jersey" Campbell drilled a brace of doubles.

Parsons (L) and Reeve
Parks (W) and Kokran

(August 27)  Once again, the Regina Nationals are masters of all they survey on the Saskatchewan senior baseball landscape. Playing at Park de Young, they climaxed another triumphant season, winning the senior championship of the province and the Leader-Post trophy for the fifth consecutive season. The final score, a 13 to 4 blowout of the Saskatoon Gems, gave the Nats a three-game sweep of their series. At one point in the game, after four complete innings, the Saskatonians who were the designated home team, held a 4 to 3 lead but then the Regina artillery took over in the later innings and the rout was on. Jack "Lefty" Sharber was credited with the victory on the basis of a six-hitter. Second sacker of the Nats, Bryan Forster was top dog with the hickory, banging out a pair of doubles plus a brace of singles.

Sharber (W) and Kokran
Folk, Newboldt (1) (L) and Reeve