1939 Trail Cardinals, West Kootenay Champions     

Back row (L-R) - Mike Wolfe, H. "Brick" Edmunds, Andy Bilesky, Julie Bilesky, Mushy Anselmo, Wish Milburn COACH, Joe Monaldi, Tommy Wolfe.

Front - S. Harrison, Cliff "Lefty" Bogstie, Ken Stanton, Louis "Rube" DeMore COACH, A. Miscisco, Barss Dimock, Sammy Saprunoff, Gerald "Sixto" Simpson, S. Saprunoff TRAINER. P. Zuk & G. Woods (Bat Boys)

And, another look at the 1939 champs. So big, we've split it in two.


(L to R) Marcelo “Mushy” Anselmo, Art Miscisco, Joseph “Wish” Milburn, Ken Stanton, Sammy Saprunoff, Howard “Brick” Edmunds, Tommy Wolfe

L-R - Julie Bilesky, Cliff Bogstie, Mike Wolfe, Andy Bilesky, Barss Dimock, unknown, unknown, Gerald “Sixto” Simpson, Joe Monaldi, Louis “Rube” Demore, Tom “Smokey” Harrison.