1940 Saskatchewan Game Reports       


With World War II in full swing, the economies of the world began to strengthen in 1940, signalling the end of the Great Depression. The role of sports on the home front was viewed as a morale booster. In southern Saskatchewan, the four returning entries from the 1939 Southern League welcomed Weyburn back after a year's absence. The Moose Jaw and Regina teams had name changes, becoming the Elks and Red Sox respectively. Another new team, the Wilcox Cardinals, requested and were granted permission to play only the first half of the season so that their players would be free for harvesting operations.

A new leadership came from within the office of the president in that teams were instructed to make league games a priority and that tournaments would have to take a back seat. A chief scorer was also appointed so that statistics would be tabulated after an absence of several seasons. For the first time in a decade, no barnstorming clubs from the United States were booked for exhibition games which, in the past, had often interfered with a commitment to the league. With the loop still tagged as an "outlaw" circuit, there was no check on imports either at the beginning or the end of the league schedule and some teams used this to their "eleventh hour" advantage, much to the consternation of their adversaries. 

Things started off on a high note for the six teams as they rolled out of the gate but, as had been the case in previous campaigns, the twists and turns that evolved were mind boggling. The Wilcox team played exactly seven games, the last one taking place on July 5, before calling it a season. On that same date, the Notre Dame Hounds participated in their twelfth Southern League contest. Then, a few days later, in what many hailed as a great display of patriotism, almost the entire squad of the Hounds walked away from baseball and civilian life by joining the military. Moans and groans came from one prominent league team to whom the Hounds owed a doubleheader and the ensuing gate receipts, needed for their four-import payroll. In effect, the league shrank from six to four teams in less than a week.

The Regina management then got into the mix by vehemently objecting to Moose Jaw's importation agenda and, rather than trying to solve their differences with the league prexy and a Moose Jaw representative, carried their grievance to the press which, of course, backfired.

Howls were also heard when Nick Metz, after the Wilcox Cardinals had called it a summer and took to the wheat fields, decided he still wanted to play ball and showed up in the camp of the Moose Jaw Elks on July 22. Three of the four remaining teams made import additions late in the season. Only Weyburn, of the remaining quartet, kept the same club personnel throughout league and playoff games.

By the time playoffs got underway, the Regina Red Sox were threatening to quit if these additions were allowed. The Moose Jaw Elks would quit if they weren't allowed and the Weyburn Beavers said they would walk away if Regina didn't play a meaningless last league game in the Soo Line town. The end result of all this bickering was that the pennant winning Liberty Eagles, leading their semi-final series and only one victory away from winning it all, yet dizzy from the constant headaches with the Moose Jaw franchise, threw in the towel.

In the end, the Weyburn Beavers triumphed over the Moose Jaw Elks in a tough series which went eight games although two of those were ties. With the war putting a damper on petroleum products though rationing, no attempt at a provincial championship series was attempted or even discussed.


(May 20)  Although he surrendered only two hits, Moose Jaw pitcher "Molly" Molitor just couldn't find the plate as he issued a whopping 17 bases on balls which led to his downfall as the Weyburn Beavers clipped the Canucks 8 to 7 in the 1940 Southern League opener in the Soo City. The seven-inning game was halted early because of darkness. Without plating an earned run, the Beavers had no trouble scoring but they still had to come from behind to win as the Canucks had a huge fifth inning when they scored six times in sending "Lefty" Walter to the showers. Ralph Hogg got the win in relief. 

Molitor (L) and D. McDonald
A. Walter, Hogg (5) (W) and Campbell, Thompson (5) 

(May 22)  The Weyburn Beavers spoiled opening night for 1,500 Moose Jaw fans when they turned back the eager Moose Jaw Elks 6 to 3. Gayle Shupe, back in Saskatchewan after playing professionally with the Winnipeg Maroons of the Northern League, was steady on the hill for the Beavers, striking out ten, exhibiting a great change of pace and showing pinpoint control in that he didn't walk a solitary batter. Wildness caused the early departure of loser "Molly" Molitor in the third. Moose Jaw shortstop Don Sherran fared best against Shupe, tagging a double and single. Moose Jaw catcher Donnie McDonald as well as Les Wilder and Elmer Ekdahl of the Soo Liners all had two singles.

G. Shupe (W) and Campbell
Molitor (L), Inkster (3) and D. McDonald, Lach

(May 25)  The Liberty Eagles tickled a huge home crowd by taking a 7 to 2 decision from the Notre Dame Hounds in a game shortened to seven innings because of darkness. Newcomer Brown started on the hill for the Eagles and got the win over John Jones. Eldon Levere had three singles for Liberty while the popular "Red" Haley picked up a triple and single.

Jones (L), Singleton (5) and Brown
Brown (W), Evenson (7) and Brucker

(May 26)  In a barrage of hits and errors, the Liberty Eagles downed the Notre Dame Hounds 16 to 10 for their second straight league win in as many days. The game featured heavy slugging on both sides. Featuring the hit parade was a well hit home run by the Hounds' Garth Boesch. Batting honours for the tussle went to "Red" Haley, Eagles' starry second sacker, who had three doubles in five times at bat. Liberty's coloured hurler, Brown, was credited with the victory when a seven-run rally in the eighth put the game on ice.

F. Germann (L) and Brown
Evenson, Brown (7) (W) and Brucker

(May 27)  A rousing ninth-inning finish marked the 4 - 4 draw between the Moose Jaw Elks and the Liberty Eagles in a Southern League game at Ross Park. Darkness did not permit any extra innings. The Antlered Tribe had a 2 to 1 lead entering the ninth but then the Eagles added three counters to take a 4 to 2 lead. With the pressure on, the Elks responded and plated a pair to knot the count. Moose Jaw's Donnie McDonald and Maurice Woeppel of the Eagles both had two hits.

Brown and Levere
Helfrick and D. McDonald, Lach (2)

(May 29)  Playing before a good-sized crowd, the Wilcox Cardinals delighted opening day fans with a 6 to 3 win over the Regina Red Sox. Behind the four-hit pitching of Don Metz, the Wilcox club held complete command of the play as they got to loser Johnny Grossman for eleven hits including a long home run by Cards' outfielder Bob Butcher. Leading the hitting attack for the Redbirds was first baseman Ernie Downton who had a perfect day at the plate with four hits in four trips to the plate. One of his clouts was a double. Teammate Nick Metz drilled a triple and two singles while Harold Pratt had a pair of one-baggers. For the Reginans, "Muttsy" Schmidt singled twice. 

Grossman (L) and Charlton
D. Metz (W) and Clements

(May 31)  Brimming over with confidence at the finish, the youthful Regina Red Sox gained their first Southern League win as they nosed out the Wilcox Cardinals 6 to 4 at Park de Young. Lanky twirler Percy Booker of the Red Sox struck out nine and seemed to get stronger as the game progressed. Besides earning the pitching win, he drilled a two-run double plus a single. Nick Metz of the Cards was able to solve Booker for a pair of singles.

A. Downton, Drew (4) (L) and Clements
Booker (W) and Charlton 

(May 31)  With Denny Evenson fanning twelve in a five-hit performance, the Liberty Eagles took care of the Moose Jaw Elks with an 8 to 2 pasting in the Long Lake town. Evenson's batterymate, Rudy Brucker, slammed a triple and double in support of his chucker. Liberty first sacker Vic Larson singled twice off loser Heffner.

Heffner (L) and Mills
Evenson (W) and Brucker 

(May 31)  Notre Dame pitcher John Jones, working a slow, deliberate pace, kept the Weyburn Beavers off balance and limited them to six safeties while his mates picked up nine hits in backing him to a 2 to 1 squeaker over the Weyburn Beavers. Only two players, Hounds' catcher Brown and Les Wilder of the Beavers managed to pick up two hits.

Jones (W) and Brown
G. Shupe (L) and Campbell

(June 2)  Behind the five-hit pitching of Ralph Hogg, the Weyburn Beavers nosed out the Notre Dame Hounds 3 to 1 in a thrilling Southern League battle on the Lane Field diamond in Weyburn. Hogg struck out nine batters in earning the victory over the Hounds' Herb Singleton. Elmer Ekdahl and Archie Stevenson had a pair of singles each for the Beavers. Classy first baseman, "Tub" Demers, of the Collegians managed two long doubles off Hogg's speedball deliveries.

Singleton (L) and  M. Brown
Hogg (W) and Brown

(June 3)  The Regina Red Sox raced right past the surprised Weyburn Beavers and pulled up in second place in the Southern League by shutting out the Soo Line visitors 4 to 0 at Park de Young. Johnny Grossman pitched the five-hit whitewashing for the Reginans. "Lefty" Walter of the Beavers wasn't hit freely either, but the Sox bunched their five hits. The only player on either side to garner two hits was outfielder Chapman of Weyburn.  

A. Walter (L) and Campbell
Grossman (W) and Charlton

(June 4)  Fanning 15 Regina batters and allowing only two scratch hits, Gayle Shupe pitched the Weyburn Beavers to a 4 to 1 win over the Regina Red Sox at the Weyburn exhibition grounds. Shupe had perfect control and didn't walk a single Regina batter. Earl Walter and catcher Don Campbell of the Beavers both had two hits for the winners off Red Sox' chucker Clint Chute.

Chute (L) and Charlton, Merk (5)
G. Shupe (W) and Campbell 

Southern League standings (as of end of June 4)
                      W    L     Pct.
Liberty Eagles        3    0    1.000
Weyburn Beavers       4    2     .667
Regina Red Sox        2    2     .500
Wilcox Cardinals      1    1     .500
Notre Dame Hounds     1    3     .250
Moose Jaw Elks        0    3     .000

(June 5)  In a well-played contest in the Mill City, Elks' pitcher Johnny Helfrick tamed the Regina Red Sox on a three-hitter as Moose Jaw took a 3 to 1 decision from the hustling and crowd-pleasing Queen City invaders. Helfrick fanned seven in earning the mound triumph and also led the Sox offensively with two singles off "Lefty" Logue. Outfielder "Curly" Boyce of the Elks cracked a circuit clout in support of Helfrick.

Logue (L) and Merk
Helfrick (W) and Lach

(June 6)  Taking advantage of five fielding miscues, the Wilcox Cardinals downed the Notre Dame Hounds 6 to 3 in a Southern League contest between the two Wilcox rivals. Don Metz held his alumni opponents to four hits while striking out nine in picking up the hill victory over John Jones. Errors played a large role in the Notre Dame loss as three of the winners' runs were unearned. Bob Butcher led his Cardinal mates at bat with a double and three singles. Don and Nick Metz followed him closely with a brace of raps each. Losing pitcher Jones cracked a pair of singles for the Collegians.

Jones (L), Singleton (8) and Brown
D. Metz (W) and Clements

(June 10)  The bleachers at the Liberty ball diamond were jammed to capacity to watch the undefeated Liberty Eagles maintain their edge in the Southern League as they nosed out the Weyburn Beavers 3 to 2. Star of the game was Liberty pitcher "Lefty" Johnson who held the Beavers to four scattered hits.  Gayle Shupe had two of them. Johnson had things under control at all times and helped with the bat by collecting two singles and a double. "Lefty" Walter struck out a dozen of the homesters in a losing effort.

A. Walter (L) and Campbell
L. Johnson (W) and Ward

(June 10)  Harry O'Brien and winning pitcher "Lefty" Logue hit eighth inning home runs to power the Regina Red Sox past  Moose Jaw's tailend Elks 8 to 3 at Park de Young. O'Brien's two-run shot broke a 3 - 3 deadlock and put the Crimson Hose ahead to stay. Losing twirler Jim Jinks of the Elks had two of the eight blows that Moose Jaw collected off Logue. Ken Charlton and Skipper Hall came through with two singles each for the winners.

Jinks (L) and Lach
Logue (W) and Charlton 

(June 11)  The Notre Dame Hounds, taking advantage of Regina defensive lapses, handed the Red Sox a 7 to 4 defeat at Lane Field. Hugh Crooks, a newcomer to the Hounds' fold, struck out eight Reginans to pick up the pitching win over Dick Terry. Crooks' timely seventh inning single drove home three runs which helped salt away the victory. Terry had a better-than-average game for the Sox, giving up only three hits but his club just wasn't able to manufacture runs at crucial tomes. Terry had two hits on offense which matched teammates "Lefty" Logue and Harry O'Brien.

Terry (L) and Charlton
Crooks (W) and Brown

Southern League standings (as of June 11)
                       W     L     Pct.
Librty Eagles          4     0   1.000
Wilcox Cardinals       2     1    .667
Weyburn Beavers        4     3    .571
Regina Red Sox         3     4    .429
Notre Dame Hounds      2     4    .333
Moose Jaw Elks         1     4    .200

(June 12)  Serving up almost flawless baseball, the impressive Wilcox Cardinals took a firm grip on second place in the Southern League with a 4 to 3 win over the luckless Moose Jaw Elks, although the Soo Liners had to go an extra frame to finish the job. Moose Jaw took a 2 to 0 lead in the third. Gordie Inskster, twirling for the Lodgemen, held the Redbirds scoreless for the first six frames. Don Metz' double in the seventh drove in a pair to tie things up. Metz then scored a go-ahead run on George Drew's single. The Elks knotted things up in the last of the ninth and in the tenth, Bob Metz reached base on a fielder's choice, stole second and plated the eventual winner on a hit by Aubrey Downton. Don Metz got the mound win over Inkster as both pitchers went the distance. Metz also led his team with the stick, drilling a double and single. Elks' shortstop Don Sherran reciprocated by picking up a two-bagger and single.

D. Metz (W) and Clements
Inkster (L) and Lach 

(June 12)  The Weyburn Beavers climbed all over Johnny Grossman and the Regina Red Sox when they shellacked the Queen City visitors 13 to 2. Slamming Grossman for 19 base hits, the Weyburnites fattened their batting averages throughout this one-sided contest and made things easy for winning twirler Gayle Shupe. Cliff Watt had four hits in five trips, one of them a three-bagger, for the winners while second baseman Archie Stevenson collected three doubles. 

Grossman (L) and Charlton
G. Shupe (W) and Thompson

(June 14)   Pitchers took a beating in a seven-inning Park de Young contest that saw the Notre Dame Hounds stagger to a 9 to 7 victory over the Regina Red Sox. With the wind howling, playing conditions were far from being adequate but the Hounds' Herb Singleton managed to survive to take the win over Percy Booker. It was a slugfest in the early innings and the twirlers were continually in trouble. Singleton poked out four hits to help his cause in this draggy affair. Dave "Lefty" Logue stood out for the Red Sox. His three hits included two lusty doubles.

Singleton (W) and Brown
Booker (L), Chute (6) and Charlton

(June 15)  Roaring from behind with a five-run rally in the sixth inning, the Wilcox Cardinals downed the Moose Jaw Elks 9 to 7 in an exciting Southern League game. After trailing by a 7 to 2 count at the end of the fifth inning, the Redbird bats came to life in the sixth and battered the submarine deliveries of loser Johnny Helfrick for six hits and five big counters. Although hit fairly hard throughout the nine innings, Don Metz went the distance for the Cards to earn the win. Elmer Lach and "Sandy" Thompson both lit up Metz for a double and a brace of singles. Bob Butcher with a triple and single led the Wilcox crew at the dish.

D. Metz (W) and Clements
Helfrick (L), Inkster (8) and Lach

(June 15)  Baseball fans in Liberty were treated to an exhibition of slugging as the hometown Eagles added another win to their credit by trimming the Regina Red Sox 15 to 13. It was a rough game for the hurlers as the two teams combined for 28 hits. Batting star of the night was "Muttsy" Schmidt who poled out two home runs for the Red Sox and added a double for good measure. His hitting was matched by Denny Evenson of the Eagles who had a homer, triple and a single to his credit while winning chucker Brown smashed out yet another home run.

Brown (W) and Ward
Logue (L), Terry (2) and Charlton

(June 16)  The Liberty Eagles tasted defeat for the first time in seven Southern League starts when they dropped the nightcap of a doubleheader 10 to 3 to the Notre Dame Hounds. In the opener, the Eagles had things their own way as they chalked up a 12 to 5 victory.

The first contest saw "Lefty" Johnson, coloured Liberty hurler, hold the College Lads to 10 scattered hits while his mates pounded the offerings of John Jones for 16 hits and 12 runs. Leading the Liberty batting arsenal was shortstop Eldon Levere who collected three hits. "Tub" Demers, the Hounds' first sacker, led the College Gang, also with a trio of base raps.

L. Johnson (W) and Ward
Jones (L) and Brown

The follow-up encounter saw the Liberty team holding the lead until the seventh inning when the Hounds came to life to knot the count at 3 - 3. Then in the eighth, the Dogs battered loser Bill "Smokey" Johnson with a vengeance, pouring it on for seven tallies. Garth Boesch blasted a three-run circuit clout for the Notre Damers. Hugh Crooks picked up the mound win, fanning nine along the way. "Red" Haley and "Lefty" Johnson each picked up a trio of hits for the Long Lakers.

B. Johnson (L) and Ward
Crooks (W) and Brown

Southern League standings (as of end of June 16)
                         W     L    Pct.
Liberty Eagles           6     1    .857
Wilcox Cardinals         4     1    .800
Weyburn Beavers          5     3    .625
Notre Dame Hounds        4     5    .444
Regina Red Sox           3     7    .300
Moose Jaw Elks           1     6    .143  

(June 17)  The Moose Jaw Elks combined defensive skill and timely hitting to subdue the Notre Dame Hounds 8 to 4 in a Southern League tussle at Ross Wells Park. Effective relief hurling by Gordie Inkster was a big factor in the Moose Jaw club's much-needed win. Herb Singleton, knocked from the rubber after three innings, took the loss. "Sandy" Thomson and "Curly" Boyce both singled twice for the winners. Vince Germann was the best hitter for the Hounds, smacking a triple and single.

Singleton (L), Boesch (4) and Brown
Molitor, Inkster (3) (W) and Lach

(June 17)  Liberty's Doug McLean hurled an effective four-hitter in leading the Eagles to a narrow 2 to 1 win over the visiting Wilcox Cardinals. In picking up their seventh win of the campaign, the Long Lakers scored the winning run on a fifth inning squeeze play. Loser Aub Downton held the winners to four hits, two of which were doubles by Bill Roney. Don Metz paced the Redbirds' offense with three singles.

A. Downton (L) and Clements
McLean (W) and Ward

(June 19)  The youthful Regina Red Sox eked out a 5 to 4 win over the Moose Jaw Elks before more than 2,000 fans at Ross Wells Park. "Red" Tilson's ninth inning single broke a 4 - 4 tie and drove in "Muttsy" Schmidt with the game winner. Tilson was Regina's best with the hickory, blasting a home run as well. Frank Merk followed with a pair of singles. Infielder "Sandy" Thomson had a perfect night at bat for the Elks, banging out a pair of doubles and a single in three trips to the platter.

Grossman (W) and Merk
Molitor, Helfrick (4) (L) and Lach

(June 21)  Regina's biggest baseball crowd of the summer was treated to a seven-inning slugfest which saw Liberty's fancied Eagles being held to a 9 - 9 tie by the inspired Regina Red Sox. Home runs were the order of the night and, in the end, it was veteran "Red" Haley's three-run circuit smash in the sixth that gave the Eagles an even break. Earlier in the game, Harry O'Brien and "Lefty" Logue had connected for homers to drive in five Regina runs. Haley's batting was the night's feature. He had five RBI's on three hits in three official trips to the plate. Regina's Logue also accumulated three base blows.

Evenson and Ward
Terry, Grossman (5) and Merk

(June 22)  Although the Liberty Eagles out-hit the Moose Jaw Elks, that wasn't good enough and the cellar dwellers chalked up a 7 to 3 victory against the league leaders, earning the plaudits of more than 2,500 spectators at Ross Wells Park. It was Liberty's second loss and Moose Jaw's third win. Starry performer with the bat for the winners was Norm Larson who had four hits in as many times up. The downfall for the Eagles came when they accumulated seven errors. Moose Jaw's Bill Vogeli displayed cool-headed effectivemess on the slab, puncturing potential Liberty threats. He was touched up for a solo dinger in the first by losing pitcher Denny Evenson.

Brown (L) and Ward
Vogeli (W) and D. McDonald

(June 23)  In a close and exciting game, the Notre Dame Hounds edged past the Regina Red Sox 7 to 5. Hugh Crooks picked up the win with a stellar relief job. He retired seven batters via the strikeout route in the four innings he worked. The game's leading hitter was Regina's "Muttsy" Schmidt who slashed three hits in four official at bats. "Red' Tilson and "Lefty" Logue both had a pair of hits for the Sox with Tilson's total including a triple and Logue's a double. Garth Boesch's double and single led the Dogs offensively.

Logue (L) and Charlton
Jones, Crooks (6) (W) and Brown

(June 24)  The Weyburn Beavers got the jump on Liberty in the crucial three-game series between these two clubs when Ralph Hogg set the Eagles down on two hits as the Beavers won 3 to 0. Hogg and Elmer Ekdahl both singled twice off loser "Lefty" Johnson.

L. Johnson (L) and Tait
Hogg (W) and Thompson 

(June 25)  The Weyburn Beavers took over as leaders in the Southern League by winning their second straight game from the Liberty Eagles by a 4 to 1 score in the first game of a scheduled double-bill. The nightcap was rained out and will be played tomorrow. "Lefty" Walter set the Eagles down on three hits while his teammates collected nine raps from the offerings of loser Doug McLean. Walter also sent ten Eagles down swinging. Elmer Ekdahl clouted a  solo round-tripper for the Weyburnites in the fifth. Les Wilder came through with a double and single for the winners.

McLean (L) and Tait
A. Walter (W) and Campbell

(June 26)  The Liberty Eagles, set down with but five hits in their last two games, turned on Ralph Hogg and Art Walter and cracked out 12 hits from their offerings to defeat the Weyburn Beavers 6 to 3 in the final tussle of their three-game Southern League series. Liberty opened up with three tallies in the first inning and were never headed. "Lefty" Johnson, playing first base for Liberty, was their best swatter of the evening, belting a double and two singles. Winning hurler Denny Evenson and shortstop Brown, both of whom had been held hitless in the previous two encounters, found their batting eyes and each had two safeties. Archie Wilder picked up a three-bagger and single for the losers.

Evenson (W) and Tait
Hogg (L), A. Walter (7) and Thompson  

(July 3)  The mighty mauling Beavers from Weyburn rolled into Moose Jaw and stopped long enough to tag a 10 to 1 lacing on the Elks in Southern League play. Weyburn's Gayle Shupe handcuffed the Antlered Tribe on three hits, one a homer by playing manager "Haddo" Mills. The Beavers opened up a first-inning 4 to 0 lead and coasted from there. Shupe and Ralph Hogg each picked up two hits for the Soo Liners.

G. Shupe (W) and Thompson
W. Emerson (L) and Mills

(July 5)  The Regina Red Sox broke the spell that the Notre Dame Hounds had held over them as the Queen City kids bounced the Collegians 8 to 4 in a somewhat listless Southern League engagement at a damp Park de Young. Regina's Johnny Grossman held the Hounds to three hits to pick up the triumph. He also singled home the lead and insurance runs. His teammates, however, did their best to boot the game away in the early innings. Harry O'Brien of the Scarlet Hose was the only batter on either team to register a pair of base knocks.

Singleton (L), Boesch (5) and Brown
Grossman (W) and Charlton

(July 5)  The Weyburn Beavers took over possession of first place in the Southern League by blanking the Wilcox Cardinals 3 to 0. "Lefty" Walter and Aubrey Downton hooked up in a classic pitcher's duel to show the crowd first class hurling. A scratch hit by Clint Squires in the eighth frame robbed Walter of a no-hitter. Walter fanned 15 batters while Downton sent ten down swinging. Les Wilder, the Beavers' first baseman, had a perfect evening at bat getting three hits in as many trips to the plate.

A. Downton (L) and Clements
A. Walter (W) and Thompson

Southern League standings (as of end of July 5)
                         W    L    Pct.
Weyburn Beavers          9    4    .692
Liberty Eagles           8    4    .667
Wilcox Cardinals *       4    3    .571
Notre Dame Hounds*       5    7    .417
Regina Red Sox           5    8    .387
Moose Jaw Elks           3    8    .273

* Both the Wilcox Cardinals and Notre Dame Hounds played their last 1940 Southern League game on July 5. Records of the remaining four teams to remain unchanged and be carried forward as such.

(July 7)  The Liberty Eagles and Weyburn Beavers divided the honors in a Southern League doubleheader before a record crowd at Manitou Beach. The Beavers took the first game 8 to 5 while the Eagles came back to take the nightcap 6 to 2.

Although touched for ten base raps, Weyburn's Gayle Shupe managed to set 13 Eagles down on strikes in the first game while Liberty's Bill "Smokey" Johnson was inclined to be a bit wild. Beavers' outfielder Cliff Watt connected for a home run and triple off Johnson while third sacker P. Brown of the Long Lakers lit up Shupe for a four-bagger and single.

G. Shupe (W) and Brown
B. Johnson (L), McLean (6) and Ward

Liberty pitcher Brown held Weyburn to three hits in the follow-up affair while the Eagles slammed Ralph Hogg's offerings for 11 base raps, three each by Eldon Levere and Bill Roney.

Hogg (L) and Brown
P. Brown (W) and Ward

(July 8)  The Weyburn Beavers rolled into Regina and found the youthful Red Sox a hard bunch to handle. The Reginans scored a 5 to 1 triumph in a game that had the Park de Young faithful enthused. Hero of the victory was Dave "Lefty" Logue, the Red Sox chucker. His southpaw slants had the Beavers under control at all times and he backed up his mound performance by driving in three of Regina's five runs. The evening's other batting stars were "Red" Tilson of the Sox and Ralph Hogg of the Beavers who each had three safeties.

L. Wilder (L) and Thompson
Logue (W) and Charlton 

(July 12)  In a game filled with arguments over umpire's decisions, the Moose Jaw Elks held the Weyburn Beavers to a 1 - 1 tie. "Molly" Molitor, twirling for the Elks , issued six walks but was able to bear down when it mattered to limit the Beavers to three scratch hits. Gayle Shupe of the Beavers fanned 12 batters but three of the seven Moose Jaw hits went for extra bases. The top hitter in this sawoff was Don Mills of the Elks who had two triples and a single.

Molitor and Mills
G. Shupe and Thompson

(July 13)  In spite of being out-hit 11 to 7, the hustling Regina Red Sox dropped the Moose Jaw Elks 6 to 1 at Ross Wells Park. "Lefty" Logue, like a house afire, struck out 11 Moose Jaw batters. Loser Bill Vogeli gave up only two hits in his seven innings on the hill but was hampered by some shaky defensive plays. "Red" Tilson drove in three runs for the winners.

Logue (W) and Charlton
Vogeli (L), Inkster ((8) and Mills

(July 14)  The Liberty Eagles moved a game ahead of the Weyburn Beavers in the race for top spot in the Southern circuit when they grabbed both ends of a Manitou Beach twin-bill from the Regina Red Sox. The first game ended 8 to 4 and the second 14 to 3.

The Sox were able to touch up "Lefty" Johnson for only five hits in the matinee game while the Eagles jumped all over Johnny Grossman for 15 base blows. Bill Roney lit the Regina hurler up for four safeties while "Red" Haley followed with three.

L. Johnson (W) and Ward
Grossman (L) and Charlton 

The second encounter was just as bad for the Queen City pitcher, Clint Chute, who had 17 of his slants slammed for base hits. Leading the batting onslaught was Eldon Levere with five base blows, one of which was a double. P. Brown, playing this game in the outer garden, was right behind him with four hits.

Chute (L) and Charlton
McLean (W) and Ward 

(July 16)  A hot-potato pop fly muffed by Moose Jaw pitcher Bill Emerson gave the Regina Red Sox a gift 6 to 5 win over the Elks in a Park de Young encounter. The two-out, last of the ninth dropped ball sunk the Elks further into the league cellar, making it likely that they will be the fourth-place team for the upcoming playoffs. "Lefty" Logue picked up his third win in a row for the Sox. Moose Jaw's "Sandy" Thomson, wth a double and single was the game's most productive hitter.

Emerson (L) and Mills
Logue (W) and Charlton

(July 17)  The Moose Jaw Elks defeated the Weyburn Beavers 10 to 6 before 2,000 fans at Ross Well Park. Down 5 to 0 at the end of two and a half innings, the Elks responded with six counters in the bottom half of that frame. From there, they maintained a slight lead, keeping losing pitcher Ralph Hogg at bay with their 13-hit attack. Gord Inkster pitched 5 2/3 innings of solid relief to earn the win. Bill Emerson had a trio of base raps for the Elks. Third sacker J. Chapman drilled a home run for the losers.

Hogg (L) and Thompson
Molitor, Inkster (3) (W) and D. McDonald

Southern League standings (as of end of July 17)
                    W    L   Pct.
Liberty Eagles     11    5   .688
Weyburn Beavers    10    7   .588
Regina Red Sox      8   10   .444
Moose Jaw Elks      4   10   .286

(July 18)  An umpire's decision to call the game because of darkness robbed the Regina Red Sox of a possible victory against the Moose Jaw Elks. The Sox had scored the tying and lead runs in the top half of the eighth before the plate arbiter decided the illumination was insufficient to complete the other half of the frame which then saw the score revert to the end of the seventh with the Elks ahead 7 to 6. Frank Zimmerman of the Red Sox was the night's number one hitter, gathering three singles from four official plate appearances.

Chute (L) and Merk
Maze, Inkster (3), Reynoldson (5) (W) and R. Emerson 

(July 19)  Moose Jaw's rejuvenated Elks sounded a warning that they will be tough in the playoffs when they took down the Regina Red Sox 9 to 5 at Park de Young. The victory slightly improved Moose Jaw's tailend position plus it gave the Elks a flock of confidence as they held the Sox in check all the way and hammered out 16 hits off loser Johnny Grossman. Ross Allen was on the hill for Moose Jaw and what he lacked in finesse, he made up for in determination. "Sandy" Thomson with a pair of doubles plus a single and Norm Larson with a pair of two-baggers were the top offensive producers for the winners.

Allen (W) and Mills
Grossman (L) and Merk

(July 20)  The Liberty Eagles improved their position atop the Southern League with a 5 to 3 victory over the struggling Regina Red Sox. "Red" Haley was the leading hitter for the winners with three base raps. Harry O'Brien smashed a home run and double for the Crimson Hose.

Evenson (W), L. Johnson (7), Evenson (8), L. Johnson (9) and Ward
Logue (L) and Charlton

(July 21)  The league-leading Liberty Eagles had to settle for a split in their double-bill with the Moose Jaw Elks at Manitou Beach. The Mill City visitors eked out a 3 to 2 win in the first game while the Eagles broke an eighth inning tie with a three-run output to claim the second encounter 4 to 1.

The main factor in the Moose Jaw win in the opener was the stellar hurling of Tony Maze who sent 11 Liberty batters down swinging while limiting them to four hits, two of which came off the bat of losing hurler "Lefty" Johnson. Norm Larson had a home run and single for the Elks while "Butch" McDonald contributed a pair of three-baggers.

Maze (W) and Mills
L. Johnson (L) and Ward 

The ability to lay down well placed bunts paved the way for the Liberty triumph in the nightcap tussle. Bill Roney's three base rap production topped the hit parade for both clubs.

Molitor, Inkster (6) (L) and D. McDonald
Crooks, McLean (6) (W) and Bruker

(July 22)  The fast-improving Moose Jaw Elks, strengthened by some late-season acquisitions including Nick Metz of the latent Wilcox Cardinals, socked the ball for 9 hits to beat the Weyburn Beavers 13 to 9. Metz was outstanding in his first game with the Elks, hammering a triple, three doubles and a single plus driving in four runs. "Butch" McDonald belted a round-tripper for the winners.

Reynoldson (W) and D. McDonald
A. Walter (L), G. Shupe (8) and Campbell

(July 25)  The Regina Red Sox earned their first victory over Liberty's powerful Eagles in a 9 to 7 Park de Young encounter. Regina's Johnny Grossman was hit hard early but settled down to pitch carefully and extract the win from "Lefty" Johnson, the big colored Liberty chucker, who had been poison for the Sox all season. Regina's "Lefty" Logue picked up a pair of doubles in this game. Third baseman Katz had a double and single while the Eagles' Brown had a pair of hits which drove in three runs.

L. Johnson (L) and Ward
Grossman (W) and Kyle

(July 26)  Poor base-running prevented the Regina Red Sox from a win as the Weyburn Beavers took advantage of the mistakes and defeated the Reginans 3 to 2. Twice the Sox had runners picked off third base in the late innings including one in the ninth with nobody out. Gayle Shupe, making his first mound appearance of the season in the Queen City was hit hard, surrendering 13 hits, but the Scarlet Hose weren't able to do much with his offerings in the pinches. Clint Chute pitched well for Regina and gave up only five hits, the most damaging one being a homer by Weyburn outfielder Cliff Watt. The Red Sox' Bill "Red" Tilson was the night's batting star with five singles.

G. Shupe (W) and Thompson
Chute (L) and Charlton

(July 29) The Weyburn Beavers won the last scheduled game in the Southern League by defeating the Regina Red Sox 4 to 3 in a game that was called at the end of six innings due to darkness. Regina scored all of their runs in the top of the first off winner Ralph Hogg who then settled down and held the Red Sox to one hit thereafter. Archie Wilder's triple and double paced the Weyburn offense while Regina's "Lefty" Logue supplied a pair of raps which drove in two runs.

Logue (L) and Charlton
Hogg (W) and Thompson

Final  Standings*
                    W   L  Pct.
Liberty Eagles     13   7  .650
Weyburn Beavers    12   8  .600
Moose Jaw Elks      8  11  .421
Regina Red Sox      9  15  .391         

* records of withdrawn teams not included

The semi-final playoff pairings had the Liberty Eagles facing the Moose Jaw Elks and the Weyburn Beavers taking on the Regina Red Sox. Each series was slated to be a best three out of five.


(July 31)  The Liberty Eagles drew first blood in their playoff series with the Moose Jaw Elks, turning back their Mill City hosts 6 to 2 before a crowd of nearly 3,000 at Ross Wells Park.  The Elks played well enough to deserve a win as southpaw Tony Maze struck out 13 Liberty batters and his club out-hit the Eagles 9 to 5 but they simply didn't make the best of their chances while the Long Lakers did. First baseman Brown's two-run circuit clout off Maze was the turning point in the game. Moose Jaw's Norm Larson was the game's top swatter with three hits in four times up against winner "Lefty" Johnson. Nick Metz and Don McDonald picked up two hits apiece in a losing cause. For the Eagles, "Red" Haley blasted a triple and a single.  

L. Johnson (W) and Ward
Maze (L) and Mills

(August 3)  Donnie and "Butch" McDonald furnished the fireworks when the Moose Jaw Elks inflicted a 12 to 2 drubbing on the pennant-winning Liberty Eagles at Ross Wells Park to even up their semi-final playoff series. The Elks hammered out two home runs, four triples and a double off losing pitcher Hugh Crooks. The game was virtually over after the Lodgemen plated a total of seven runs in their first two turns at bat, four of those as a result of catcher Donnie McDonald's grand-slam dinger. The game was not without controvery as Moose Jaw's "Butch" McDonald was ordered from the diamond in the sixth for disputing a third strike call. After McDonald's lengthy tirade went on and on, plate umpire George Joyner awarded the game to Liberty. Later, upon reconsidering his decision, Joyner allowed the game to go on but, by that time, the Eagles were so far behind that it didn't matter. Winning chucker Tony Maze held the Liberty batters at bay with a six-hitter while picking up a two-run homer and a single. Norm Larson ripped a brace of three-baggers for the winners while "Red" Haley's two singles topped the Liberty hitting chart.

Crooks (L) and Ward
Maze (W) and D. McDonald

(August 5)  The Weyburn Beavers took the first game of their best of five semi-final playoff series by defeating the Regina Red Sox 8 to 2 in the Soo City. Heavy hitting, smart base-running and the steady hurling of Ralph Hogg all contributed to the Beavers' one-sided victory. Hogg blew 16 Regina batters away on strikeouts while holding them to eight scattered safeties, two of which were a home run and triple by "Muttsy" Schmidt. Les Wilder paced the Beavers from the batters' box, slamming a home run, double and single, all of which drove in four runs.

Grossman (L) and Charlton
Hogg (W) and Thompson

(August 5)  Demonstrating once again their ability to capitalize on every opportunity, the Liberty Eagles pushed the winning run across in the ninth inning to take a 2 to 1 nail-biter from the highly competitive Moose Jaw Elks. Outfielder Maurice Woeppel's double in the bottom of the ninth drove home Denny Evenson with the winner. The Elks out-hit the Long Lakers 10 to 5 in this contest but had difficulty in touching winner "Lefty" Johnson with runners in scoring position. Ross Allen, Don McDonald and Don Mills all had two singles in a losing cause.

Reynoldson, Maze (5) (L) and D. McDonald
L. Johnson (W) and Ward

(August 6)  Art Walter and his southpaw slants were too much for the Regina Red Sox to handle as the Weyburn Beavers took a two-game lead in their semi-final series by dumping the Reginans 9 to 2. The Beavers laid into loser "Lefty" Logue and a pair of relievers for 12 safeties while Walter held the Reginans to four measly hits. Les Wilder of the Beavers cracked a homer over the right-field wall to account for one of his two base hits on the night. Gayle Shupe had the most base raps in this game, drilling three singles.

A. Walter (W) and Thompson
Logue (L), Chute (6), Grossman (7) and Charlton

(August 8)  The Regina Red Sox prolonged their semi-final playoff with the Weyburn Beavers by taking down the Weyburnites 4 to 2 right on the Beavers' home turf. Chris Gerein made his first appearance on the mound in Weyburn, muffling Beaver bats on only four hits. Gayle Shupe also pitched well in defeat, limitig the Sox to five safeties, but two costly errors in the seventh, coupled with three bunched hits, did him in. Weyburn outfielder Don Campbell had two hits, the only player on either side to do so.

Gerein (W) and Merk
G. Shupe (L) and Thompson

(August 9)  Diminutive Chris Gerein has popped up from nowhere to take personal command of one of the Southern League's playoff semi-finals. Gerein and his iron arm subdued the Weyburn Beavers for the second night in a row as the Regina Red Sox tied the series with a 10 to 3 pasting of the Soo Line visitors at Park de Young. Gerein stopped the Beavers on three hits while his mates were accumulating seven base raps off losing hurler "Lefty" Walter. The game was virtually over after the second frame when the Sox rang up eight runs. Regina third baseman Katz and shortstop Archie Wilder of the Soo Liners. both with two hits, had the highest production for all batters in this game. 

A. Walter (L) and Thompson
Gerein (W) and Merk

(August 9)  In spite of being only one win away from advancing to the Southern League finals, the pennant-winning Liberty Eagles have decided to walk away from any further play. The odds-on favorites to cop all the marbles were primarily disgusted with what they perceived as the league's bending over backward to accomodate the demands of the Moose Jaw entry which had finished far behind the Eagles during league play. The Elks, presented with this surprising gift, will now advance to play the winner of the Weyburn - Regina series in the league final.  

(August 12)  It was Ralph Hogg all the way as the Weyburn ace saw to it that his team would advance to the Southern League finals. Behind his superb tossing, the Beavers ousted the Regina Red Sox from further post-season play by blanking the visitors 7 to 0. Weyburn didn't give loser Chris Gerein, who had beaten them twice, a chance to get settled down to pitch when they smacked his offerings for five hits in the first inning to score five big runs and put the game in the bag. Hogg face only 25 batters in this all-important fifth game of the series, fanning eleven of them while surrendering only one hit, an eighth inning single by "Lefty" Logue. Art Walter's double and single led the winners at the dish. 

The Beavers now move on to tangle with the Moose Jaw Elks, who were awarded a tainted victory in the other semi-final series when the brain trust of the Liberty Eagles said that they had had enough of the shenanigans that had emanated from the Mill City camp. The final showdown series will be a best four out of seven affair.

Gerein (L), Logue (6) and Merk
Hogg (W) and Thompson. 


(August 14)  Gaining momentum as they travel down that familiar championship trail, the Weyburn Beavers hold a first mortgage on the Southern League baseball title after a successful invasion of Moose Jaw. The Beavers defeated and tied the Elks in a playoff doubleheader, coasting home in the afternoon contest 9 to 1 while settling for a 5 - 5 draw in the finale.

"Lefty" Walter breezed to victory in the opener as Moose Jaw played poorly, offering loser "Smokey" Reynoldson little in the way of support, both offensively and on defense. Shortstop Archie Wilder popped a triple and a pair of singles for the winners.

A. Walter (W) and Thompson
Reynoldson (L) and Mills

The second encounter was shortened to seven innings because of darkness and saw Tony Maze of the Elks emerge as the great equalizer with his four runs driven in of the five scored by Moose Jaw plus his clean single in semi-darkness being responsible for the tying counter. Shortstop Don Sherran of the Elks and Weyburn catcher Don Campbell both had home runs in this contest.

G. Shupe and Thompson
Maze and D. McDonald

(August 15)  Weyburn baseball fans were treated to the best game of the season when Ralph Hogg out-lasted Bill Vogeli in a pitcher's duel that saw the Weyburn Beavers take a 2 to 1 decision from the Moose Jaw Elks. The Beavers won in the bottom of the ninth when Archie Wilder singled home Blaine Shupe with the winning marker. Weyburn's Archie Wilder had a triple and single to pace all hitters.

Vogeli (L) and D. McDonald
Hogg (W) and Thompson

(August 19)  The Weyburn Beavers are still undefeated in the Southern League finals but, with five games played, the series is still undecided. The Beavers administered a technical knockout when the won the afternoon game of a doubleheader 4 to 3 and then, came from behind to tie the evening game 4 - 4.

Tony Maze's temporary wild streak in the third inning of the opener plus three costly errors by his teammates cost him the ball game which was unfortunate as he fanned 12 Weyburn batters in tossing a six-hitter, hit a triple plus a single, and deserved a better fate. Norm Larson hit a triple and single for the Elks off winner Art Walter.  

Maze (L) and D. McDonald
A. Walter (W) and Thompson

The second contest was a nip-and-tuck affair which saw the Beavers tie the game in the bottom of the seventh. Tony Maze then took the mound again for the Elks with one down and the potential lead run at third and proceded to strike out every batter he faced, two in the seventh and three in the eighth. Darkness then ended procedings for the evening. "Sandy" Thomson of the Elks proved to be the game's hottest hitter as he poked out a brace of doubles and a single.

Vogeli, Maze (7) and D. McDonald
G. Shupe and Thompson

(August 21)  The hustling Moose Jaw Elks scaled the baseball heights in Southern League playoffs at Ross Wells Park by sweeping a twin-bill from the Weyburn Beavers to move within one game of tying up the series. The Lodgemen took the afternoon event in a 2 to 1 noseout and then triumphed 5 to 2 in the owl encounter.

The Elks scored both their counters in the third inning of the early game and held on as winning pitcher Tony Maze and Weyburn's Ralph Hogg battled it out with seven-hit mound outings. Blaine Shupe and Elmer Ekdahl of the Soo Liners as well as "Curly" Boyce and Ross Allen of the Elks all poked out a pair of singles.

Hogg (L) and Thompson
Maze (W) and D. McDonald

Moose Jaw held a decided edge hitting-wise in the late game, out-bingling the visitors 10 to 2. John "Smokey" Reynoldson struck out six in posting the two-hit win. Norm Larson hit a bases-empty homer for the Antlered Tribe and also contributed a single. Tony Maze added a double and triple while Don Sherran and "Sandy" Thomson both singled twice.

A. Walter (L) and Thompson
Reynoldson (W) and D. McDonald 

(August 23)  The Weyburn Beavers won the 1940 Southern League baseball championship when they squeezed out a 4 to 3 seven-inning verdict over the Moose Jaw Elks. The Mill City crew had taken a 3 to 0 second inning lead only to have it disappear when the Beavers stormed back with a trio of third inning counters. Ralph Hogg came through with a two-out single off Tony Maze in the bottom of the last frame to drive home Elmer Ekdahl with the championship run. Gayle Shupe held Moose Jaw to six hits in recording the mound triumph with two of those, a double and single, coming off the bat of Maze. Hogg's game winning single was his third one-bagger of the night. 

Maze (L) and D. McDonald
G. Shupe (W) and Thompson


The 1940 Southern League, described internally as an "outlaw" loop, again produced a high quality, competitive and entertaining brand of baseball but, at the same time, it generated more migraine headaches in fifteen weeks of play than one could ever imagine.