1940s-50s Notre Dame     

Padewski connects

No. 55, John Padewski, the Notre Dame catcher connects. Padewski (who later played under the name John Ross) played for the Hounds' Southern League team from 1952 to 1954. Coaching at third in the catcher's gear is Hounds' playing-manager Frank Germann. The catcher, umpire, base runner and third baseman remain unidentified.

Hank DornstauderWeyburn action

Above left - that's Hank Dornstauder in the outfield. Lane Field. Year?  So far we have Dornstauder playing for the Hounds in 1948-49-50. Right - game at Weyburn (see elevator). Batter? Catcher? Umpire? Year?

Dick KerleyFrank Germann

Above left - Pitcher Dick Kerley. We have him pitching for Notre Dame in 1947-48-49. (He's with Moose Jaw in 1950, so assume it's one of those years in the late 40s.)  Right - That's Frank Germann. Lane Field? Year?

Murray HuckBobby Donald

Left - No. 30, outfielder Murray Huck appears to have hit a popup in this game at Wilcox with the Hounds up against Weyburn sometime in the 1952 to 1954 period.  Right - Bobby Donald. Not sure how we'll pin down a date on this one. We have Donald playing for the Hounds in 1942-43-45 and then 1951 to 1960.

San Diego Hounds

Year?  Names of players?  The team is decked out in San Diego uniforms courtesy of Bill Lane, the then owner of the San Diego Padres of the Pacific Coast League.  Lane was quite a patron of Notre Dame. Lane Hall and Lane Field were named after him given his contributions to the school. What was the connection between Lane and the school?  Father Athol Murray is second from the right, and that appears to be Lane at the extreme right.

Mud slide

Mudslide.  That's Hugh Huck set for a phantom throw to nab an unidentifed Hound in this stunt which might occured on the road. Likely 1952 to 1954.

Wilcox action

Year?  Player?  Game is at Wilcox. Catcher?

Huck in the OF

Above - Murray Huck at Lane Field. Huck played for the Hounds 1948-1954.  The gazebo like structure behind Murray was called "Speaker's Corner" where impromptu rallies were held in support of the school teams.

Game action

Notre Dame playing Weyburn at Wilcox. Hitter? Catcher? Year?