1943 Game Reports / Alberta     



Playing their games in a brand new facility, Buffalo Park, during the 1944 campaign, this Calgary-based league consisted of eight teams, six of which were military.

Currie Army Barracks : Bentley Max SS, Bentley Reg C/3B/2B/OF, Bishop P, Carse Bob OF, Dahl Ollie 3B/C, Hanson 2B/P/SS, Harper 3B/2B/OF, Lane Doug 1B, Lee OF/C, Lewis Charlie OF/2B/P, McInnes 2B, McLeod V. OF, Nichol Charlie P/OF, Petrunia SS/C, Proulx OF, Saklofsky OF, Scott Hec P, Silverman Max P/3B, Smith P, Spicer OF, Stewart Ken C/2B/SS, Tomich P

Detroit Auto Body Bears : Cameron Hugh C, Carr Lorne SS/2B, Fath Gerry OF, Goldup OF, Latiff Alex SS, Lewis Art OF/P, Mack OF/P, Matheson Bill P/2B, McDonald Ward C, McGoldrick Joe 1B, Michael Johnny MGR, Moreland Dan C, Pereli/Perreli Harry 2B, Robinson Roy P/3B, Schriner Dave “Sweeney” OF/3B/2B, Stahl Roy OF/P, Starr “Lefty” OF/P, Uffelman Alex P, Wiggins C, Willis “Lefty” P, Yarrow Pete 3B

H.M.C.S. Tecumseh Indians (Navy) : Albin Harry OF/3B, Black Bill SS, Cairns 3B, Crellin Ab P, Crellin J. P, Ferry OF, Giacomuzzi “Moose” C/2B, Hides Norm C, Hobbs OF, Hopwood Jack OF/C, Kanik P, Kelly OF, Kubik J. OF, McDonald Ward C, Miller Hugh 3B/OF/SS, Ornest Leo P, Slowinski Eddie OF/P/3B, Stark 2B/3B/OF, Thompson 2B, Wares Eddie 2B/OF, Watson Bart P, Willis OF/2B, Wilson “Lefty” 1B, Yanoski OF

No. 3 Service Flying Training School Fliers : Baker C, Brownridge Bob OF/3B/C, Carpenter John P/1B, Charlton Ken 1B/C (playoffs only), Darrah Doug P, Dertell Bill OF, Dertell Russ SS, Frederking C, Gilbert 1B (playoffs only), Hansen Bill OF/1B/MGR, Humble Ray 1B (playoffs only), Lincoln SS, Maroniuk Johnny "Lefty” P, Marshall OF/1B, Merryowitz 3B, McLeod “Mac” C, Morrison 1B, Niskinen 2B, Ornest Harry 2B, Pechet Mitch OF, Pechet Morey 3B, Renauld Rene P, Stover Jack P/1B, Wilder Archie SS, Wynn Rusty 1B/P

No. 10 Repair Depot Fixers : Alexander OF/3B, Brearley OF/C, Broughton OF, Cody Trev 3B, Corbin Art SS, Empey Johnny P/1B, Grandi OF, Heron “Red” OF, Hodges Everett MGR, Jenion Clary OF/P, Malmo OF, McDonald C, McKay 3B, McMurty OF, Pausche P, Peterson P, Reimer OF, Richardson Vern P (playoffs only), Smale Jim 1B, Sparrow C, Storey OF/3B, Tripp Harlow 2B, Turner OF, Wilson Howie P, Wooldridge/Woolridge C, Wright OF, Zawisza C/3B

Ogden Vics : Aune Ivor 1B, Beddome Jimmy P/MGR, Buckowicki P, Deakin Tommy 2B/SS, English Ronnie SS, Gadsby Bill C, Harmon Fred P, Hawkins Don OF/P, Howell OF, Kennedy Gower OF, Kune 3B, Luft OF, McConnell Jack OF, McDonald Angus OF/C, Mosely OF, Neis Bernie P, Prokopy Bill 3B/P, Ramsay Ernie SS/2B, Riddell P, Ruckowicki P, Shannon Leo 2B, Uffelman Johnny OF/P, Wilson C

Shepard R.C.A.F. Wolves : Aydt Len MGR, Beland 3B, Bennett OF, Brown Ian SS, Collison Verne 1B/3B, Fernuik Walt 1B/P, Gorrey/Gorry 2B, Ireland 3B/C/SS, Johnston OF, Lees Tommy C, Marsch/Marsh P, McFadyen 2B, O’Donnell C, Osness OF, Oullette “Smokey” OF, Pylypa Pete P/OF, Richmond Les P/1B/OF/3B, Rubeleski OF, Summerfeldt P/1B, Tiller OF, Wallace OF, White Jim P/1B

U. S. Army Air Force Yanks : Auger Gene P, Barier/Berier OF, Berube C, Chavez 3B, Christoforo D. SS, Crumly Ivan C, Dorian OF, Dunn OF, Garano/Garonia OF, Gnagy G. 2B, Healy OF, Hilliard OF, Israel 1B, Karanski/Karansky P, Langstaff 3B/C, Locanto OF, Mitchell C. OF, Morris Stover “Smokey” OF, Mullen OF/SS/2B, Myers 1B, Pencikowski Stan P, Rivers J. SS/OF, Robertson SS, Romano Leo P/1B, Siccich/Sicich Vince 1B/OF, Simon 3B, Tannatt Ken 1B, Tobutt/Toubutt/Tubutt R. 2B/OF/SS, Vadala G. C/SS, Verrier OF, Walker P, Young OF

1944 Foothills Senior Baseball League Final Standings
                                                 W      L     Pct.
No. 3 Service Flying Training School Fliers     18      2    .900
Detroit Auto Body Bears                         14      6    .700
No. 10 Repair Depot Fixers                      12      7    .632
Currie Army Barracks                            11     10    .524
Shepard R.C.A.F. Wolves                          9     12    .429
U. S. Army Air Force Yanks                       7     13    .350    
H.M.C.S. Tecumseh Indians (Navy)                 6     14    .300
Ogden Vics                                       4     17    .190

Playoff Pairings - The pennant-winning No. 3 Fliers were pitted against fourth-place Army in one semi-final bracket while the runner-up Detroit Bears faced third-spot No. 10 Fixers in the other.

Regular Season Won – Lost Pitching Records  (Calgary Herald, August 29 1944 edition)

John Carpenter, Fliers         7 – 0   1.000
Alex Uffelman, Bears           2 – 0   1.000
Roy Stahl Bears                1 – 0   1.000
Rene Renauld, Fliers           1 – 0   1.000
Jack Stover, Fliers            7 – 1    .875
Roy Robinson, Bears            6 – 1    .857
Charlie Nichol, Army           6 – 2    .750
Doug Darrah, Fliers            3 – 1    .750
Pete Pylypa, Shepard           4 – 2     667
Pausche, Fixers                2 – 1    .667
Max Silverman, Army            2 – 1     667
Howie Wilson, Fixers           3 – 2    .600
Lefty Willis, Bears            5 – 4    .556
Johnny Empey, Fixers           5 – 5    .500
Les Richmond, Shepard          2 – 2    .500
Bernie Neis, Ogden             2 – 2    .500
Jim White, Shepard             2 – 2    .500
Bart Watson, Navy              1 – 1    .500
Bishop, Army                   1 – 1    .500
Jim Beddome, Ogden             1 – 1    .500
Leo Romano, Yanks              4 – 5    .444
Gene Auger, Yanks              3 – 4    .429
Hec Scott, Army                2 – 3    .400 
Eddie Slowinski, Navy          3 – 5    .375
Stan Pencikowski, Yanks        1 – 2    .333
Leo Ornest, Navy               1 – 2    .333
Walt Fernuik, Shepard          2 – 5    .286
Ab Crellin, Navy               1 – 4    .200
Fred Harmon, Ogden             1 – 6    .113
Charlie Lewis, Army            0 – 1    .000
J. Crellin, Navy               0 – 1    .000
Kanik, Navy                    0 – 1    .000
Marsch, Shepard                0 – 1    .000
Summerfeldt, Shepard           0 – 1    .000
Bill Matheson, Bears           0 – 1    .000
Don Hawkins, Ogden             0 – 1    .000
Buckowicki, Ogden              0 – 1    .000
Riddell, Ogden                 0 – 1    .000
Walker, Yanks                  0 – 1    .000
Karansky, Yanks                0 – 1    .000
Bill Prokopy, Ogden            0 – 2    .000
Johnny Usselman, Ogden         0 – 3    .000

Top (.300 or better) 1944 Foothills League Batting Averages  (Calgary Herald, September 6 1944 edition)

Lashing out a hit for every two turns at bat, Max Bentley, Currie shortstop, wound up with a spectacular .500 batting average to lead the 1944 Foothills Senior Baseball League in hitting. Bill Hansen of the No. 3 Fliers was second with a .410 average. Hansen’s 32 base hits topped the circuit while teammate Mitch Pechet scored the most runs, 33.

                               G      AB       R       H      AVE
Max Bentley, Army             15      62      21      31     .500   
Bill Hansen, Fliers           19      78      17      32     .410
Archie Wilder, Fliers         17      66      23      27     .409 
Morey Pechet, Fliers          14      55      10      22     .400
Mitch Pechet, Fliers          18      73      33      28     .384
McFadyen, Shepard             18      74      19      27     .365
Walt Fernuik, Shepard         19      80      16      28     .350
Hugh Miller, Navy             14      62      10      21     .339
G. Gnagy, Yanks               20      79      19      26     .329
Johnny Empey, Fixers          16      55      12      18     .327
Art Lewis, Bears              17      74      23      24     .324
Willis, Navy                  14      54      11      17     .315
Jack McConnell, Ogden         17      61      10      19     .311
Ian Brown, Shepard            17      59      14      18     .305
Trev Cody, Fixers             14      53      12      16     .302
Ireland, Shepard              19      70      21      21     .300 


Semi-finals (best-of-five series)

(August 29)  Burly Alex Uffelman turned in a masterful display on the Bruins’ knoll, hurling a five-hitter and fanning eight, as the Detroit Auto Body Bears put the hex on the No. 10 Repair Depot Fixers, taking a 7 to 4 decision at Buffalo Park as their playoff series got underway. A free-hitting third inning saw the Bears reach newcomer Vern Richardson for four hits and tour the sacks for six runs with the aid of three infield errors. “Lefty” Starr had three of the Bears’ eleven hits.

Richardson (L) and Wooldridge
Uffelman (W) and Wilson

(August 30)  Currie Army Barracks, playing without their star Max Bentley who is still on the sick list, appeared uptight as they committed no less than ten errors and were easy prey for the pennant-winning No. 3 Service Flying Training School in their semi-final lid-lifter. The Fliers prevailed 10 to 2 as John Carpenter breezed to a six-hit mound win. The big right-hander also laced three safeties including a double. Bill Hansen and Morey Pechet blasted home runs for the winners. Pechet also had a brace of singles. Flier first sacker Ray Humble, in his debut, came away with a trio of base blows.

Silverman (L), Scott (7) and Petrunia
Carpenter (W) and McLeod

(August 31)  After falling behind 2 to 0 in the second frame, the Detroit Bears clawed their way back and lengthened their playoff margin to two games by downing the No. 10 Fixers 5 to 2. Roy Robinson whiffed ten while tossing a five-hitter for the mound victory. Dave “Sweeney” Schriner led the Bears at the dish with three hits. Teammate Art Lewis drilled a round-tripper. Outfielder Reimer topped the Repair hitters with a triple and double.

Robinson (W) and McDonald
Wilson (L) and Wooldridge

(September 2)  No. 10 Repair Depot avoided elimination and got back into contention in their semi-final encounter by slamming the Detroit Bears 9 to 2. Breaking a 2 – 2 tie, the Fixers’ bats came alive in the late innings as the Airmen pulled away from the Bruins. “Red” Heron of the Repairmen and Art Lewis of the Bears clouted the horsehide out of the park for circuit clouts. Lewis also had a triple and double.

Richardson (W) and Wooldridge
Uffelman (L), Willis (7) and Wilson

(September 3)  Currie Army toppled the regular-season winning No. 3 Fliers 10 to 3 to square their semi-final showdown at a game apiece. Shortstop Hanson, filling in for the ailing Max Bentley, had three base blows for the Soldiers. Teammate Doug Lane had a four-bagger.

Stover (L), Darrah (7) and Brownridge
Nichol (W) and Petrunia

(September 4)  No. 10 Fixers evened their playoff set-to with the Detroit Bears at two games each by dropping the Bruins 5 to 1. Winning tosser Howie Wilson stymied the Bears on four hits, fanning seven along the way. He also rapped a pair of base hits as did clubmate Johnny Empey.

Matheson (L) and Wilson
Wilson (W) and Wooldridge

(September 5)  The No. 3 Fliers recovered their one-game semi-final margin with an exciting 1 to 0 victory over the Currie Army nine. The game’s only run occurred in the fifth inning and was of the unearned variety. John Carpenter limited the Khaki Clan to three hits in earning the whitewash win. Carpenter and outfielder Mitch Pechet both had two base knocks for the winners. Charlie Lewis ripped a pair of safeties for the Soldiers.

Silverman (L) and Petrunia
Carpenter (W) and McLeod

(September 6)  The Detroit Bears clubbed their way to the Foothills League finals with a 13 to 9 triumph over the No. 10 Fixers. The Detroiters took the series three games to two. The game was essentially decided in the second frame when the Bears plated eight big counters. The Bruins blasted four hurlers from the Repairmen for 18 hits with Lorne Carr and  Joe McGoldrick accounting for three each. Harry Pereli had a two-run dinger for the winners.

Richardson (L), Wilson (2), Pausche (3), Empey (3) and Wooldridge
Uffelman (W), Robinson (7) and Wilson

(September 7)  A cluster of five crucial hits catapulted the No. No. 3 Fliers to a 5 to 2 decision over Currie Army and a series victory by a three games to one margin. The fateful group of solid knocks that boosted the Fliers to the Foothills League final came in the form of a rally in the second inning after the Soldiers had assumed a two-run lead in the first. Doug Darrah held the Army club to six hits with some steady mound work. Spearheading the Airmen at the dish were the Pechet brothers who both had two hits. Charlie Lewis led the Currie Clan offensively with a double and two singles.

Darrah (W) and McLeod
Nichol (L) and Petrunia

Finals (best- of-seven series) 

(September 9)  John Carpenter pitched a solid four-hitter as the No. 3 Service Flying Training School Fliers crushed the Detroit Auto Body Bears 17 to 3 in the first game of the Foothills Senior Baseball League final series. The Fly Boys pounded a trio of Bruin chuckers for 19 base blows in chalking up the easy victory. Playing-manager Bill Hansen of the Fliers stroked four safeties including a double. Carpenter and outfielder Mitch Pechet both picked up three hits. Joe McGoldrick of the Bears, with a homer and single, had two of the four hits that Carpenter yielded.

Matheson (L), Mack (4), Willis (8) and Wilson
Carpenter (W) and McLeod

(September 10)  Slapping down the runner-up Detroit Bears in another one-sided blowout for the second time on consecutive days, the pennant-winning No. 3 Fliers clearly established themselves as the team-to-beat in the Foothills League finals. This time they pinned a 20 to 9 setback on the Bruins in a game in which winning pitcher Jack Stover had an easy time of it even though he was touched for 11 hits. Errors abounded as the Detroiters continually shot themselves in the foot. Fliers’ Bill Hansen collected three more base raps in this game. Third baseman Morey Pechet also had a trio of safeties, one of which was a triple. Second sacker Harry Ornest slammed a brace of round-trippers for the winners. Teammate Ken Charlton, a new first baseman, pitched in with a solo circuit-shot. For the Bears, “Lefty” Starr with a double and a brace of one-baggers shone at the dish.

Stover (W) and McLeod
Robinson (L), Willis (4) and McDonald

(September 11)  The No. 3 S.F.T.S. Fliers swamped the Detroit Auto Body Bears for the third straight time, on this occasion by a 12 to 4 verdict. The Airmen now have a complete stranglehold on the best-of-seven series, holding a three games to none lead. It was a fairly even ball game until the bottom of the fifth when the Fly Boys sent ten batters to the plate, scoring six times. Mitch Pechet led the Flier assault with the willow, pounding out four base knocks while Harry Ornest kicked in with three safeties.

Uffelman (L) and Hides
Maroniuk (W) and Charlton

(September 12)  Completing a four-game sweep of their final series with relative ease, the No. 3 Fliers whipped the Detroit Bears 13 to 4 at Buffalo Park. While winning hurler Rene Renauld was holding the Bruins to just three bingles, one of which was a grand-slam homer by “Lefty” Starr, the Airmen were pounding loser “Lefty” Willis for ten base blows. The Fliers’ keystone combo were prominent with the stick, second baseman Harry Ornest leading the way with a double and a pair of singles while shortstop Archie Wilder connected for a brace of one-baggers. Each crossed the plate three times. Jack Stover also had a brace of base raps, one being a double.

Renauld (W) and Charlton
Willis (L) and Hides

An inter-city series with the Edmonton Senior League winners, the U. S. Army Air Force Yanks, was arranged following completion of the Foothills League finals. Initially a best-of-seven affair, the series was reduced to a best-of-five showdown after the opening game was rained out four successive evenings in Edmonton.

Player rosters used in Alberta Challenge Series

Edmonton U. S. Army Air Force Yanks : Crumly Ivan C, Dunn W. OF, Galvin John SS, Gray Johnny P, Hunter Forrest P, Locanto A. OF, Meyers P. 1B, Nelson Walter P, Robertson M. 3B, Ray Wilbur P, Roush Doug OF, Schumacher R. 2B, Valenti G. OF, Walker Albert P

Calgary No. 3 S.F.T.S. Fliers : Brownridge Bob OF, Carpenter John P, Charlton Ken C, Darrah Doug P, Dertell, Hansen Bill OF, Marshall OF, McLeod “Mac” C, Maroniuk Johnny “Lefty” P, Niskanen, Ornest Harry 2B, Pechet Mitch OF, Pechet Morey 3B, Stover Jack 1B, Wilder Archie SS, Wilson P

Provincial Challenge Series (best-of-five series)

(September 21)  After a change in venue from the Capital City to Calgary, the Alberta challenge series finally got underway at Buffalo Park and saw the Cowtown representatives, the No. 3 S.F.T.S. Fliers emerge as 4 to 3 winners over the Edmonton-based U.S.A.A.F. Yanks. Approximately 2,500 fans saw big John Carpenter extend his 1944 winning streak to 12 straight, relinquishing eight scattered hits. Losing flinger Forrest Hunter was nicked for 11 safeties. Four home runs were hit in this contest, two by each team. The two Amerk dingers, one each by Doug Roush and third sacker Robertson, were solo shots. Catcher Ken Charlton launched a solo blast for No. 3 and teammate Jack Stover had a two-run tater.

Hunter (L) and Crumly
Carpenter (W) and Charlton 

(September 22) Sterling two-hit chucking by Albert Walker and the ability of his mates to turn a brace of mental lapses into runs deadlocked the unofficial Alberta senior baseball final series at Buffalo Park as the U. S. Army Air Force Yanks from Edmonton beat Calgary’s No. 3 S.F.T.S. Fliers 2 to 0. Walker and Johnny “Lefty” Maroniuk of the Fliers hooked up in a pitching duel that gripped a crowd of about 3,200. The Yankees had the only earned run of the game. Robertson, the steady hot corner artist for the G. I.’s, had two of the seven hits off Maroniuk's offerings.

Maroniuk (L) and Charlton
Walker (W) and Crumly 

(September 23)  Gliding along with a 2 to 0 lead, the Edmonton U. S. Yanks broke open a tight game by scoring four times in the seventh frame and adding six more in the eighth stanza to overwhelm the No. 3 Fliers 12 to 4 and  forge ahead by one game in the de facto provincial senior finals. Walter Nelson limited the Calgarians to four hits in eight innings until forced to retire because of a sore arm. The Yanks 14-hit attack was spearheaded by shortstop John Galvin who laced four base blows and catcher Ivan Crumly who picked up a trio of base raps.

Nelson (W), Walker (9) and Crumly
Darrah (L), Wilson (7) and Charlton, McLeod 

(September 24)  The Edmonton-based U. S. Army Air Force Yanks captured the best-of-five Alberta challenge series by splitting a twin-bill with the Calgary No. 3 Service Flying Training School Fliers. The RCAF team took the opening game 11 to 5 while the Amerks rebounded and won a 5 to 4 eleven-inning decision in the fifth and deciding game of the series. The Canucks backed up John Carpenter’s effective nine-hit pitching in the matinee tussle with a 13-hit attack. Johnny Gray was charged with the mound defeat as the Airmen got to him for seven hits and seven runs in 3 2/3 innings. Morey Pechet had four hits and five runs batted in for the winners. One of his base blows was a circuit-clout. Teammate Jack Stover and Doug Roush of the Yanks also hit round-trippers.

Carpenter (W) and Charlton
Gray (L), Hunter (4) and Crumly

The finale was decided in overtime as burly catcher Ivan Crumly of the G. I.’s drilled an eleventh-inning single which plated outfielder Valenti with the go-ahead counter. Valenti had beat out an infield hit and swiped second to get into scoring position. The Yanks had a 10 to 9 margin in base hits. Wilbur Ray, acknowledged as the ace of the American’s pitching staff, struck out seven and endured over No. 3’s Jack Stover. Doug Roush of the Edmontonians with three hits was the game’s top batter.

Ray (W) and Crumly
Stover (L) and McLeod