1944 London Majors, Canadian Champions     

London Majors

Back rows (left to right) - Bill Knowles UTL, Bob Bloxam OF, Bill Brown C, Wilf Dippel OF, Bobby Rose 2B, Earl(Flat) Chase P, Gil Betzel Trainer, Duncan Galbraith C, Dick Watts OF, Ossie Swift 3B, Hank Biasatti 1B.

Front row (left to right) - Wallace Woods OF, Tim Burgess OF, Bill Farquharson President, Clare Van Horne OF/MGR, Tommy White P, Russ Evon SS, John Gillies P.  Mascot - Don Donahue.

[Photo from 1945 Official Guide, Sandlot and Semi-Pro]

And, another view of the 1944 London Majors.

Back row (second from the right) - Russ Evon. Middle row - Earl "Flat" Chase" in the middle. Front row - Hank Biasatti, Tom Burgess, Wallace Woods, Tommy White, xxx.

1944 London Majors