1944 Victoria Navy, Victoria Senior Champions     

1944 Victoria Navy

Back row (left to right) - RPO Murray Belkin, assistant manager; Dick Latiff, Ted Parkins, Ken Van Hatten, Jack Walker, Gil Bruce, Al Duz and PO R.K. Travis, trainer.

Middle row - Morris Sparrow, Bob Wiegand, Cmdr. A. Wurtele R.C.N., sports officer; Capt. P.M. German, R.C.N., naval office in charge, Esquimalt; Lieut. Tony Hamilton, R.C.N.V.R. manager, Eddie Runge and John  Wright.

Front row - Cy Brown, Henry "Lefty" Pawluk, Jimmy Crosato, Johnny Crystal Mascot, Jimmy Ingamells, Frank Ball and Albert Johnson.

Missing - Jimmy Naughton.

1944 Victoria Navy

Navy at the annual wind-up banquet. Back row (left to right) - Ken Van Hatten, Moe Sparrow, Don Johnston, Cy Brown, Ted Parkins, RPO. Belkin, Master-at-Arms Waite, PO Croft, Jimmy Tang, Pete Sallaway and Mickey Bartko.

Middle row - Lou Mabbet, Navy transport; Cmdr. Wurtele, west coast sports officer; Johnny Crystal Bat boy; Capt. F.G. hart, chief of staff, Pacific command; Jack Walker, Capt. P.B. German, naval officer in charge at Esquimalt; Bobby Wiegand, coach; CPO Keil and Lieut. Tony Hamilton, team manager.

Front row (left to right) - Ray Moretti, Jimmy Ingamells, Jimmy Crosato, Lefty Pawluk, Johnny Wright, Gil Bruce, Eddie Runge, Dick Latiff and Al Duz.